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Chapter 604 - Fighting Liu Qingyun

“Mu Chen, I have come to halt your steps.” When Liu Qingyun spoke, an apathetic light shot from his eyes as he maintained an indifferent expression on his face.

Perhaps no one would find it inappropriate for Liu Qingyun to speak of such words since he did have the capability to back those words up. Although Mu Chen was the Numero Uno for the Elimination Round, everyone knew that the Final Battle and the Elimination Round were entirely different. All eight teams possessed peak-leveled strengths and every single one of the eight Captains wasn’t people to be trifled with.

No one could be guaranteed a hundred percent victory in this kind of battle since the slightest mistake they made would have them ended up as a stepping stone for their opponent.

Mu Chen smiled as he heard Liu Qingyun’s words and clenched his fist, following with the appearance of his Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear. A surge of Baleful Aura was unleashed from him as he slowly lifted his spear, pointing the tip of it towards Liu Qingyun.

“Then, we’ll have to see if Captain Liu is capable to achieve that.” Mu Chen lightly smiled. There weren’t any ripples in his voice and showed no signs of being enraged by Liu Qingyun’s words. His heart was as calm as an abyssal pool.

Liu Qingyun narrowed his eyes as the indifference on his face faded a little. He wasn’t stupid and he had witnessed the fight between Mu Chen and Ji Xuan. Thus, he had a little fear towards Mu Chen, since the latter’s strength could be seen as evenly matched to his.

The reason why he provoked Mu Chen was to attempt to break his calm since the slightest mistake made in this battle could make an entirely different result.

However, it was a pity that his small tactics weren’t useful.

“What a difficult opponent.”

Liu Qingyun smiled indifferently as his heart gradually calmed down. Whirling wind blew with the clench of his fist as the appearance of an azure light was rapidly gathering in his palm.


The azure light condensed into a halberd that was flickering in a similar azure luster in the hands of Liu Qingyun. As the halberd appeared, visible wind could be seen gathering around him.

The tip of the halberd was constantly devouring the violent wind, sweeping up a gale at the tip of his halberd. Even the surrounding space had fine trembles to it.

The might emitted from the halberd of azure light was even more ferocious compared to the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear in Mu Chen’s hand.

Mu Chen’s gaze flickered when he saw that the astonishing fluctuations emitting from Liu Qingyun’s halberd weren’t something a Spiritual Artifact could possess.

Mu Chen slowly inhaled a mouthful of air as a sharpened luster rose in his black pupils.

Longspear versus halberd.

The confrontation between those two was equal in comparison!

As the atmosphere between Mu Chen and Liu Qingyun seemed like daggers being drawn, ripples of Spiritual Energy were being unleashed from the other battle stages as mighty Spiritual Energy pressures were starting to spread out.

Outside the battle stage, students from the various Spiritual Academies held their breaths as they watched the battles. Unconcealable excitement rose in their hearts as the battle of the Best 8 would soon begin.

No one could be certain which team would emerge into the Best 4.


A clear and sharp bell rang out as it resonated between the heavens and earth.

The instant the bell rang, the gaze of Mu Chen and Liu Qingyun grew sharp and, along with it, gales of powerful Spiritual Energy swept out from the two of them.


The two silhouettes stomped on the ground as their figures flew out like specters. Everyone could only see their blurry figures and, in the next instant, the two figures clashed in the colossal Golden Battle Stage.


The Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear furiously stabbed forth, enveloped in a Baleful Aura. It was like a ferocious beast pouncing on its prey. Under the powerful Spiritual Energy, the gale pierced through the atmosphere.

On the opposite, the halberd lit in the azure light carried along the wind, and the tip of the halberd was flickering with ancient runes, giving a tint of mystery to it.


The tips of the long spear and halberd clashed with great precision, creating sparks and visible ripples of Spiritual Energy that swept out. In an instant, they caused explosions in the surroundings.

“Pretty good spear you have there.”

Looking at the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear held in Mu Chen’s hand, Liu Qingyun lightly smiled as the corner of his lips rose. “But, it’s a pity. You shouldn’t have clashed with me.”

“Divine Wind Halberd - Howling Winds!”

A deep roar thundered from Liu Qingyun as the runes on the tip of his Divine Wind Halberd flickered, creating a substantial gale as it swept out. The great power behind it forced Mu Chen to take a dozen steps back.

“Wind Thrust!”

As Mu Chen moved back, Liu Qingyun looked as if he was one with the wind as he pounced at rapid speed. The illusions of the halberd that filled the sky integrated into the wind and soundlessly aimed for all the vital points on Mu Chen.

Liu Qingyun’s attacks were sharp and ferocious, without the slightest bit of sloppiness.

Mu Chen’s gaze grew heavy as he rapidly vibrated his arm, causing the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear to sharply whistle as it turned into countless illusions of spears and shot forward, spreading throughout the space before him.

Ding ding dang dang!

Countless illusions of spears and halberds furiously clashed and each time they clashed, an ear-piercing noise rang out along with it as sparks blossomed. Although the sight of it was beautiful, the danger held in it was fatal.

Anyone could tell that neither Mu Chen nor Liu Qingyun held back in their attacks. Even if a Spirit Disaster expert were to be trapped in their attacks, that expert would probably be instantly pierced by them.

In that short instant, the illusions of spears and halberds had already undergone thousands of clashes, the speed of them simply made everyone else dumbfound.

However, those with exceptionally keen eyes had their brows furrowed together as they realized that with each clash, Mu Chen’s attacks were progressively being suppressed.

Accurately speaking, it could be perhaps the Spiritual Aura that was emitting the Baleful Aura in Mu Chen’s hand being suppressed by Liu Qingyun’s halberd.


Radiant azure light burst forth from the halberd illusions that abruptly filled the sky and a thirty meter-sized storm shot forth. It was like a hurricane as it sped towards Mu Chen.

The gaze of Mu Chen flickered as the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear in his hands exploded in a scarlet blood-like luster. That surge of Baleful Aura was strengthened to the limits as a blood river swept out.


The two attacks ferociously clashed, but at the moment of contact, the blood river collapsed as it was torn apart by the hurricane. Along with that, Mu Chen was also pushed back over a hundred meters.


It was a scene of a complete uproar outside the stage. No one imagined that the Numero Uno of the rankings, Mu Chen, would be suppressed by Liu Qingyun in the first round of their confrontation.

“How is Liu Qingyun so powerful?” Countless students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were exchanging looks, even the faces of Ye Qingling, Su Ling’er, and Yu Xi were filled with astonishment.

“Mu Chen’s weapon was too weak.” Ling Xi spoke with an indifferent voice.

With her keen eyes, she could naturally tell that the halberd in Liu Qingyun’s hands that could beckon winds was a Quasi-Divine Artifact, whereas Mu Chen’s Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear was only a Peerless Rank Spiritual Artifact.

In the confrontation of such a level, the perks from a Quasi-Divine Artifact weren’t insignificant enough to neglect.

“What’s there that can be done?” Sun’er spoke with a worried tone.

“What are you being anxious for? The show has just started.” Ling Xi lightly smiled as she patted Sun’er’s tiny head. Her gaze, however, was directed at the slender silhouette on the stage.

Standing on the Golden Battle Stage, Mu Chen gave a glance at the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear. It had been dulled and the Baleful Aura on it had also weakened. Evidently, it was damaged from their earlier confrontation.

Liu Qingyun lightly readjusted his halberd as he gave Mu Chen a smile. “Looks like I have the advantage this time.”

Finishing his speech, he flew up into the air as boundless Spiritual Energy swept forth from his body as he poured an earth-shattering amount of Spiritual Energy into his Divine Wind Halberd.

Buzzzz buzzzzzzz.

Hundreds of storms were seen forming behind Liu Qingyun, it was like a wind dragon issuing its roar, displaying its desire to rip the heavens and earth apart.

“Divine Wind Halberd - Sky Devouring Wind Dragon!”

Liu Qingyun’s gaze was cold as the halberd flew out of his hand, engulfed in azure light as it absorbed the storms and shaped them into a colossal wind dragon of about three hundred meters.

The wind dragon looked extremely realistic, with detailed scales that covered its colossal body and whirling hurricanes from its roar. Its savage appearance made the color of countless others change.

What was most shocking was the fact that there was a Dragon Aura being emitted from the Wind Dragon. Clearly, the reason behind it should be the Divine Wind Halberd, since the Blood Essence of the Dragon Clan must have been added during its forging.


Liu Qingyun stood midair as he pointed his finger down with a gaze covered in chill.


The azure Wind Dragon roared as its body flashed, the speed of it was unfathomable as a huge shadow had already descended upon Mu Chen.

A violent hurricane that looked as if it could tear apart the heavens and earth caused a distortion in the space around the stage.

Everyone’s hearts trembled from the sight of Liu Qingyun’s absolutely shocking attack. Is this the Finals? It is truly a tournament that only those extraordinary people could participate…

Would Mu Chen be able to hang on?

Every single gaze was looking at the tiny figure that was shrouded by the huge shadow of the Wind Dragon.

Under the countless gazes, Mu Chen raised his head as he looked at the incoming Wind Dragon. He deeply inhaled a mouthful of air as his gaze gradually turned cold.

“Quasi-Divine Artifact?”

He muttered as he formed seals with his hands in the next instant. A scarlet light swept out from the depths of his black pupils.


A sound like a roar of a detestable demon from the primordial resounded between the heavens and earth, everyone could see a black ray of light soaring into the skies from Mu Chen’s head.

In the black pillar of light, an enormous demonic pillar soared. Mu Chen took a step forth as he hugged the air, looking as if he was embracing the heavens and earth. Lightning flickered on his arms and his veins were wiggling like earthworms.

“Since the demonic spear doesn’t work, let’s try and see if my demonic pillar can suppress you!”

The demonic pillar, which was emitting an abyss amount of Baleful Aura, swept down at this instant. The Baleful Aura from the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear paled in comparison to this pillar.

At this instant, everyone had widened their eyes bit by bit.

The black-colored demonic pillar fell as it heavily struck against the Wind Dragon that was whistling over in its direction!

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