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Chapter 595 - Igniting the Academy Plaque

The lush green mountains stood towering on the ground as the mountain range extended to the end of one's sight.

In this region, the voices were a little noisy as all sorts of commotions gathered and soared into the sky. There were many teams gathered in this region to rest.

Although there wasn't any designated safe region in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, there was naturally rules and regulations set up in places with people. Taking this resting region, for example, a majority of those that came here would lay down their weapons to rest, putting a pause to their battle to prevent enraging everyone.

Every corner in this mountain peak was gathered with people talking among themselves. Even the atmosphere in this area was harmonious.

At this instant, those teams who were chatting amongst themselves earlier directed their gazes towards a mountain peak not far away. On that peak, there was roughly a group of ten.

Amongst that group, there was a slim and elegant figure that attracted most of their eyeballs. It was a girl dressed in a navy blue dress, she possessed a nearly perfectly charming face. Her silvery hair was gorgeous as it looked like a silver river, there wasn't any dust in her crystal-clear pupils that looked fascinating.

The girl quietly sat down, even her expression was calm and tranquil, not affected in the slightest from the gazes that were directed at her from all different directions. She gave off an air of beauty and elegance.

Within the gazes that were directed at her, every one of them had a smear of charmed emotions in the depths of their eyes. No one wouldn't be charmed by such an outstanding girl.

However, despite being intoxicated by her temperament and beauty, it was unexpected that no one dared to approach her. They were all well aware that this girl before them was the Numero Uno of the point rankings. She was a frightening existence that had defeated Fang Yun and surpassed Ji Xuan in the lead.

Luo Li.

Such a fragile and charming name was already the most dazzling star in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament in just a few days.

Some of the teams here had encountered the team led by the girl before them during these few days. However, the outcome was evident, the points that they managed to obtain through their hard work became the spoils of war for her.

Out of the ordinary, despite the fact that they lost their points, they weren't too furious about it in their hearts. On the contrary, a breathtaking figure was left behind in their hearts.

They were a little ashamed by the thought of it and could only constantly remind themselves of femme fatale. A beauty that could devastate a country… they were well aware of the wide gap between them and that girl. Her beauty and ability was proof of her brilliance in the future…

Just as they were in the center of all that attention, Luo Li still kept her eyes closed on the mountain peak as a breath of wind lifted her long hair, dancing along with the wind, emitting a faint fragrance.

"Luo Li, Ji Xuan's team pulled closer to us by another 2,000 points." Shen Cangsheng suddenly said behind Luo Li as he looked at the Academy Plaque.

"That fella has been tightly chasing after us." Li Xuantong furrowed his brows together. Ever since they surpassed Ji Xuan, the latter had been clearly moving in the dark as he worked hard to seize points in an attempt to surpass their rankings.

This was precisely why they were so busy these few days. Under Luo Li's leadership, they went around seizing points. However, it was fortunate that after defeating Fang Yun, Luo Li no longer went after those powerful teams and chose to go after those teams that wouldn't exhaust too much of their strength. Although this method was slow in terms of obtaining points, it was clearly a safe method. There wouldn't be another situation similar to Mu Chen, who had swept all the powerful teams beneath Rank 8 and experienced a huge exhaustion of his strength.

In this series of continuous battles, Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong's strengths grew. Using the one drop of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid that was given by Mu Chen, they managed to break through to Second Grade Spirit Disaster. As for Su Xuan and Xu Huang, the both of them were able to successfully break through their Spirit Disaster. Thus, their strength as a team grew to the pinnacle.

Right now, regardless of their Captain or members, all possessed strength comparable to those powerful pinnacle teams. The issue of having unequal strength in the team was gone.

Luo Li opened her eyes at this instant as she took a glance at the Academy Plaque. They still occupied the Numero Uno throne with points of 160,000. Ji Xuan stood at second with 153,000 points.

The difference between their points was extremely close.

"Then, let's keep moving." Luo Li stood up, her dress was perfectly outlining her slim waist. Her skin was similar to a jade as it reflected a lustrous light off when the sunlight shone onto her. It was hard for others to shift their gazes off her.

Hearing her words, Shen Cangsheng, Li Xuantong and the other two immediately stood up. After a brief moment of rest, the Spiritual Energy in their bodies had recovered.

In the past few days, they had personally witnessed Luo Li's strength and thoroughly understood how deep this girl that stood before them had hidden her strength.

The group stood up as they were prepared to move.


However, just when they were about to move, a screeching sound of wind came from the sky far away. Thereafter, two figures rapidly flew over at lightning speed.

Luo Li paused her step that she was about to take as she looked at the two figures flying over in the horizon. The whole time, her eyes were tranquil, without any ripples, but at this moment, there was joy surging in her eyes.

Everyone in this region saw the abruptly spirited, charming eyes of the girl as they couldn't control their eyes from lighting up. Shortly after, they shifted their gazes over to that direction with two figures approaching. Who was it that could make such a tranquil girl reveal joy from the depths of her heart?


Under the numerous gazes, two streaks of light rapidly appeared in the sky. When the lights dissipated, a male and female figure was revealed with a flash.

Mu Chen stood in the sky. His figure was slender with a handsome face. At this moment, he was smiling as he looked at the girl below him with a gentle gaze.

Beside him stood Wen Qingxuan. Her golden battle armor wrapped around her chest and her fine waist. Underneath her skirt, it was a patch of snow-white skin. Her appearance wasn't any inferior compared to Luo Li, her prideful temperament was being emitted from deep within her bones. Regardless of when it was, that temperament of hers never weakened.

"It's Mu Chen!"

Mu Chen's appearance wasn't unfamiliar to the majority of the teams in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. The moment those teams saw him, they exclaimed out with undisguisable jealousy in their tones. That jealousy was naturally directed at the smile revealed on Luo Li's face after Mu Chen had appeared.

That bewitching smile.

Mu Chen fell from the sky as he landed beside Luo Li. He looked at the smile hung on the face of the girl as his gaze became even more gentle. He extended his hand out and swept the hair on the girl's forehead as he said in a gentle tone, "You've worked hard."

"I am also a member of the team, it's my obligation." Luo Li said with a slight smile.

"But, since the Captain has returned, then you can have the spot of the Captain back."

Luo Li handed over the Academy Plaque to Mu Chen as she gave a rare charming blink to him. The scene made the hearts of all those that had their attention directed over to stop. In the past few days when they had encountered Luo Li, she did not have any expression on her face, even when she was facing off against an expert like Fang Yun. But, right now, she was looking so cute before a man which made them grieve and lament.

Mu Chen smiled when he heard her words as he extended his hand to grab onto the Academy Plaque. At the same time, he had grabbed onto Luo Li's hand as well.

Having her hand grabbed by Mu Chen, a faint blush appeared on Luo Li's face. She lightly struggled but it was ineffective. Thus, she could only stare at Mu Chen with a little anger.

Mu Chen looked around and noticed that there were many gazes that were staring at him. He was a little confused by the gazes. He wasn't aware that he had attracted so much jealousy from his actions.

"Let's go, you have worked hard for this rank. I won't let anyone else seize it." Mu Chen said as he looked at Luo Li.

Luo Li lightly smile as she nodded her head.


However, just when Mu Chen finished his speech, a buzzing noise came from the Academy Plaque in his hand as a brilliant light was unleashed from it. At the same time, all the Academy Plaques held by the Captains in this region also emitted a brilliant light.

Everyone was a little stunned as they lifted their Academy Plaques. However, when they looked at it, their faces drastically changed.

Ji Xuan who was Rank 2 in the point rankings soared at an astonishing speed. In an instant, they had surpassed Mu Chen with points soaring to a terrifying 200,000 from 150,000 points!

Their points increased by over 50,000!

"How is that possible?!" Someone exclaimed. They couldn't understand the reason behind the sudden spike in Ji Xuan's points because there wasn't any from the Top 8 falling out of the point rankings. If there wasn't any team dropping out, that implied that Ji Xuan did not defeat a team in the Top 8. But how did he get so many points?

An earth-shaking commotion covered the horizon as countless startled gazes were directed at Mu Chen.

The smile hung on Mu Chen's face slowly disappeared as he narrowed his eyes. But before he spoke, his pupils shrunk again.

He saw Ji Xuan's name suddenly ignite.

Even Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan's faces drastically changed as well.

Because they knew the reason for his name to be burning, that meant that Ji Xuan and his team had ignited their Academy Plaque…

Ji Xuan was intending to start the final battle!

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