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Chapter 594 - Disaster Success

The instant Mu Chen opened his eyes, crystal-clear flames seemed to be blazing within his pitch-black pupils, giving a pure and clear look from his pupils.


A lump of breath faintly containing a high temperature was slowly exiting Mu Chen's mouth. The high temperature even made the space around him show small signs of distortion as if a charred smell was released as well.

"I've finally succeeded!" The flames in Mu Chen's pupils quickly retreated as he returned to normal. His tightly tautened body loosened up as if he was relieved of a burden as he felt the intense burning pain from his Spirit also dissipating.

He had already succeeded his Spirit Disaster.


An idle voice rang out from his rear. Turning his head back, Mu Chen saw a charming face with a jade-like hand supporting it on the stone stairs staring at him with a full smile.

Mu Chen was slightly startled when he saw Wen Qingxuan. However, he quickly recovered from his shock as he understood the reason why she was there. "Thanks."

When he was submerged in his cultivation, Wen Qingxuan must have been by his side, guarding him.

Wen Qingxuan waved her jade-like hands as her phoenix-like eyes glanced at Mu Chen, "How's the feeling of Spirit Disaster?"

Mu Chen slowly clenched his fist as he smiled, "Very powerful."

He could feel the powerful surges of Spiritual Energy in his body. Compared to before he underwent the Spirit Disaster, it was definitely much more powerful. Earlier, when he was sweeping those powerful teams, it would have been so much easier if he had the cultivation of Spirit Disaster. After all, no matter how powerful his fighting power was, there was a limit to how powerful his Spiritual Energy could get. If he compared Spiritual Energy from when he was at Spiritual Energy Disaster, it was naturally way inferior to opponents like Ji Xuan and Fang Yun, who were powerful Spirit Disaster experts.

"My Spirit has grown stronger as well…"

Mu Chen willed in his mind, spiritual light surged around his head as a similar-looking Spirit appeared above his head. The current state of his Spirit had clearly undergone a huge transformation. Its small body became even more sparkling and translucent as if it was made from glass. The hands of his Spirit made a seal with a solemn expression, having a sacred appearance.

Mu Chen's Spirit opened his eyes as he waved his small arm. In an instant, the Spiritual Energy that existed between this heaven and earth rapidly gathered. The Spirit was extremely sensitive towards Spiritual Energy. Thus, the stronger the Spirit, the stronger control, and senses one would have towards Spiritual Energy.

Cultivating to this point, the Spirit was nearly an essence as it was no longer illusory in appearance and the cultivation of their Spirit could be considered as a small success. Even if their physical body was destroyed, as long as their Spirit managed to escape, they would have a chance of reforming their physical body and be reborn.

Naturally, the Spirit Disaster was the most important turning point in the path of cultivation, as it was a bedding a foundation for the Sovereign Realm. As long as the Spirit was sufficiently powerful, only then can one become a true Sovereign.

There were three grades of the Spirit Disaster, which implied the existence of three tribulations. However, they were all preparations for the Sovereign Realm.

Mu Chen's Spirit was flickering in the spiritual light as it returned to his body. He stretched his body. Hearing the crackling sound from his body, he involuntarily comfortably breathed out.

The sensation of going through levels upon levels of tribulations and becoming stronger was too bizarre.

Mu Chen stood up as he looked around. After a brief moment, he asked in doubt, "Where's Luo Li? Isn't she together with you?"

"Congratulations, the team lead by you is the Numero Uno in the point rankings." Wen Qingxuan flicked her fingers as an Academy Plaque flew towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen received it in a little astonishment as he swept his glance over. He was stunned when he saw the Numero Uno on the point rankings.

Rank 1 - Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, Captain Mu Chen. [150,000 points]

Rank 2 - Saint Spiritual Academy, Captain Ji Xuan. [140,000 points]

"This is Luo Li's doing?" Mu Chen was stupefied.


Wen Qingxuan made a lovely chuckle as her hand supported her chin, her charming gaze locked on Mu Chen. "She defeated Fang Yun and seized half of his points. Thus, she successfully surpassed Ji Xuan and replaced the Numero Uno. Right now, Luo Li is the most dazzling person in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Probably even you and Ji Xuan are incomparable to her in this factor."

As she spoke, she continued speaking with a teasing tone, "How is it? Luo Li achieved something that you never managed to accomplish. Are you feeling affected by it?"

Mu Chen looked at the Academy Plaque for a brief moment, before smiling. "At the very least, I'm not affected by it. With her talents, it was natural for her to be dazzling. I have never requested for her to restrain herself."

"Perhaps she was well-aware of how dazzling she was. Thus, ever since she entered the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, she has been trying her best to restrain herself and quietly stood beside me. However, I hope that she can reveal herself as she pleases at times."

Wen Qingxuan looked at Mu Chen, whose gaze was exceptionally gentle at the moment. She felt the deep affection Mu Chen had for Luo Li and on the spot, she went silent for a brief moment, before saying, "She restrained herself out of concern for your feelings. She did not want to bring any unnecessary troubles for you."

Mu Chen lightly nodded his head. He raised his head as he looked at the glimpse of the light ray shooting from the tiny crack in the forest, and extended his hand as it passed through the light. A heavy voice, along with unswerving determination and self-confidence, rang out.

"I know how dazzling is she. Perhaps in the future, there might be an even more powerful figure standing between us. But no matter what, I will never give up. I have promised her that one day, I will become an absolute expert. At that time, no one will be able to obstruct me from holding her hands!"

The heavy and faint voice spread out in this forest, making Wen Qingxuan stunned. She lifted her head up and looked at the slender figure. The handsome youth had sunlight shining on his body, covering him in a layer of light. There wasn't any fear or hesitation in his eyes. He was like a warrior that would blaze a new trail, pacing forth and would neither regret nor hesitate.

"Absolute expert…"

Wen Qingxuan's slender fingers were fiddling with her hair as she muttered to herself. Her gaze was a little complicated. There were too many talented people in this world, but how many of those were able to become an absolute expert, intimidating the entire Great Thousand World?

However, the unswerving gaze from the youth before her slightly shook her heart as she became a little stunned. After that, she felt Mu Chen's gaze looking over at her direction and stopped at her face.

Wen Qingxuan sobered up as a rarely seen smear of redness surfaced from her charming face. She immediately avoided Mu Chen's gaze as she cast her lips aside. "Talk about becoming an absolute expert after you defeat Ji Xuan, that fellow isn't that simple."

Mu Chen smiled as he nodded, "Indeed, he isn't simple. However, it isn't a simple matter for him to defeat me as well."

"Self-confidence, I like it." Wen Qingxuan gracefully stood up as she chuckled, patting her hand on Mu Chen's shoulders.

"You like guys as well?" Mu Chen said in amazement. However, the instant he spoke those words, he had a bad feeling.

Just as expected, Wen Qingxuan that stood before him had her brows narrowed as she grabbed Mu Chen collar and stuck her ice-frost expression over as she gritted her teeth, "What did you say?!"

Mu Chen dryly laughed as he drifted his sight away.

"Your mother, I only dislike being close to guys. If I meet a guy I like, I will naturally follow him obediently. It's not as if I have a problem!"

Looking at the blushing Wen Qingxuan, Mu Chen awkwardly rubbed his nose. He had stepped onto Wen Qingxuan's Achilles heel. Otherwise, how would someone like her to use 'your mother, I' as a form of addressing herself?

"Okay, fine, I'm in the wrong."

Mu Chen raised up his hand. He gave Wen Qingxuan a glance and was a little curious about her earlier words. He was very curious, how charming would such a prideful girl like Wen Qingxuan be if she was quiet and sweet when she fell for a guy?


Wen Qingxuan coldly snorted as she calmed down. However, when she realized that she was pulling onto Mu Chen's collar and nearly stuck up to him, she hastily released her grip and pushed him away. However, the redness on her face was much denser and her heartbeat increased. She could only curse at this damnable fellow that broke her calmness.

"Let's go as well."

Mu Chen no longer dared to provoke Wen Qingxuan as he suggested with a dry laugh.

Wen Qingxuan snorted again as she no longer bothered about Mu Chen and flew out first.

Mu Chen wryly smiled as he moved as well, appearing in the sky over the forest. Thereafter, he formed seals with his hands and a colossal ring of light spread out from his palm and rapidly expanded.

Whooooosh! Whooosh!

As the green ring of light expanded, the spike trees in the forest beneath him turned into black rays of light as they flew up into the light halo in his hand.

A few minutes later, more than half of this forest was emptied.

Seeing the scene, Mu Chen finally stopped as the dark-green halo disappeared. He breathed out a long breath as he shifted his gaze towards the northwest direction, a chill circulated in his black pupils.

He had a premonition that it will soon be the finals.

Let us fight for real this time, Ji Xuan!

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