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Chapter 596 - Beginning of the Final Battle

Ji Xuan had ignited his Academy Plaque!

An uproar exploded in this region, every team's Captains were blankly staring at the Academy Plaques in their hands. Their eyes were fixed on the flaming Numero Uno ranking as there were all kinds of expressions written on their faces. 

According to the rules, as long as half of the Top 16 ignited their Academy Plaques, the Finals would begin in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. At that time, those in the Top 8 would proceed to the next round.

But, generally speaking, only those teams that were confident in their points would ignite their Academy Plaques. The moment they ignited their Academy Plaques without the coordination of the other teams, their points would be fixed. That way, they might be easily surpassed by the other teams. If they were careless, they might even drop out of the Top 8.

Thus, unless they were confident, they would not ignite their Academy Plaques so easily. Now that Ji Xuan had taken the initiative, was he certain that his spot as Numero Uno was unshakable?

Many teams were looking amongst themselves. Although they were unaware of how Ji Xuan had a sudden surge of 50,000 points, that wasn't sufficient as a guarantee, right?

"What is Ji Xuan doing?" The faces of Shen Cangsheng and the rest had heavy expressions as they voiced their questions when they saw the scene.

Mu Chen narrowed his eyes as he slowly said, "I'm afraid that there will be more follow up…"

When Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan heard his words, they narrowed their gorgeous eyes as well. They were staring at the Academy Plaques. Roughly ten minutes later, the Rank 6 Xue Tianhe, Liu Qingyun and Fang Yun's teams turned red as if they were burning on the plaques as well.

This region shook again.

Even Xue Tianhe, Liu Qingyun, and Fang Yun had ignited their Academy Plaques!

"Now that there are four Academy Plaques that have ignited, as long as there are four more amongst the Top 16, the Finals will begin!"

"That's some patience from Ji Xuan, he was probably waiting for this moment!"

Hearing the commotion that sounded throughout this wilderness, the faces of Shen Cangsheng and the rest turned ugly. It wasn't easy for them to climb up to Numero Uno and then, all of a sudden, the Numero Uno was taken away from them. 

Furthermore, they were a little sullen as they had no idea about how Ji Xuan suddenly got the 50,000 points. There wasn't much change in the Top 16 so, evidently, the 50,000 points did not come from anyone amongst the Top 16.

The faces of Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan grew cold as Mu Chen slowly rubbed his Academy Plaque. No one knew what he was thinking from the unknown light flickering in his black pupils.

"Another two Academy Plaques ignited!" Another exclamation resounded. Amongst the Top 16, another two Academy Plaques lit up as well. Those two Academy Plaques belonged to Rank 16 and Rank 14. Generally speaking, those teams would not ignite their plaques so easily as it would deny their entry to the Finals. But, at this moment, such a scene was displayed before them.

Anyone with discerning eyes could tell what was going on. This was definitely the work of Ji Xuan. Otherwise, there wouldn't be so many teams igniting their Academy Plaques at the same time. Everyone could tell that Mu Chen was tricked by Ji Xuan at such a crucial time.

As long as there were two more Academy Plaques lighting up, the Finals would start.

Furthermore, the only way for Mu Chen and his team to obtain another 50,000 points was to defeat a team in the Top 8. However, amongst the Top 8, Ji Xuan, Xue Tianhe, Liu Qingyun and Fang Yun could no longer increase their points or have their points taken. Thus, his remaining targets could only be Wen Qingxuan, Wu Ling, and Wen Busheng. However, those three teams had a good relationship with Mu Chen. If Mu Chen placed his target on one of those three teams, his fame would be in a complete mess.

This move from Ji Xuan truly was vicious.

"That bastard!" Shen Cangsheng clenched his teeth as his voice became filled with anger. Clearly, they had uncovered Ji Xuan's vicious plans. He was trying to force Mu Chen into a corner.

"What should we do now?" Li Xuantong's face was dark as he spoke and shifted his sight to Mu Chen and Luo Li at the same time.

Luo Li was slightly clenching her fists, but she did not speak. She looked at Mu Chen with a hint of worry in her eyes.

However, Mu Chen looked as if he had not heard their words, because he was still staring at his Academy Plaque.

Wen Qingxuan lifted a strand of hair to her ears as she quietly looked at Mu Chen. Thereafter, she extended her hand with an Academy Plaque flickering with light in her palm.

"Take the points from our team. Even if we lose half of them, we will still be able to stay within the Top 8. Furthermore, these points don't mean much to us as the genuine Champion will be born in the Finals."

Shen Cangsheng and the rest blankly stared at Wen Qingxuan as they never expected the latter to willingly give half of her points.

"This…" They exchanged looks as the present was simply too expensive, which they did not dare to receive.

Luo Li bit on her rosy lips as well as she looked at Mu Chen. The latter was also in shock as he raised his head, looking at Wen Qingxuan.

"Hey, being indecisive at this time isn't good, right?" Wen Qingxuan had her brows furrowed as she looked at Mu Chen, "Perhaps you might feel that these points aren't too honorable. But isn't it your capability as well for me to willingly give you half of my points?"

"Thus, if you are going to reject me for your so-called 'pride', I will feel that you are not mature. And I do not like having such friends."

Hearing her words, Mu Chen rubbed his nose as he bitterly laughed as a trace of being touched was shown in his eyes.

Those around him did not speak as they looked at Mu Chen, waiting for his decision. As long as he nodded his head, he would be able to surpass Ji Xuan once again, giving a slap to Ji Xuan's face as he reclaimed the Numero Uno.

However, a smear of a smile rose from the youth's handsome face under all the gazes as he lightly shook his head.

"You!" Wen Qingxuan was enraged as she couldn't help stomping her feet on the ground as she furiously looked at Mu Chen.

"Sorry, I'm not denying your points for my pride. I have still not fallen so low as to take that step yet." Mu Chen said softly.

Wen Qingxuan crossed her arms as she tilted her head with a cold expression. At this point in time, what method do you still have? Perhaps, are you going to sweep those powerful teams once again?

If Mu Chen showed any slight intentions, those in the Top 16 would immediately ignite their Academy Plaques.

Seeing her reaction, Mu Chen helplessly smiled as he replied, "I believe I know where Ji Xuan got his points from."

Luo Li and the rest looked over at his direction, even Wen Qingxuan as well.

"They used temptations and threatening means to keep a bunch in storage." Mu Chen said lightly as he continued, "Those in storage could provide Ji Xuan with a large sum of points at the last minute. However, he had it deeply concealed this whole time and has never revealed them."

The so-called "storage" was similar to raising livestock, butchering them the moment they were fattened. However, it wasn't flesh that was butchered, but points.

"Storage?" The eyes of Luo Li and the rest changed a little. They never imagined that Ji Xuan would resort to such a dishonorable method. It wasn't easy to have storages in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. There wasn't any meaning to it if it was a small amount and it would easily lead to a rebound as well. The moment hundreds of teams began to fight back, no one could withstand it. The moment there was a large number of casualties, they would have their qualifications in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament stripped from them as well.

"How did you know about it?" Wen Qingxuan questioned in puzzlement. If Ji Xuan had resorted to such methods, he should have concealed himself deep enough that he wouldn't reveal it.

"Because I know him too well. No matter what he does, he would leave a backup plan. Thus, I had someone secretly investigate and, fortunately, there were results of the investigation." Mu Chen replied with a smile.

"Even if you know that he had resorted to such methods, right now…" Shen Cangsheng spoke with a helpless voice. With the current situation, it wasn't an easy task to make a comeback.

"You have also made your preparations, right?" Luo Li's crystal eyes were quietly looking at Mu Chen.

"Pretty much."

Mu Chen smiled with a smear of charming confidence. Thereafter, he flicked his fingers as a pillar of Spiritual Energy soared up to the sky as it emitted an enormous radiance.

Everyone in this region was looking at him in astonishment.

The atmosphere was still tranquil, but after about ten minutes, the peace was smashed. Everyone raised their heads as they saw streaks of light in large amounts across the horizon.

Whoooooosh! Whooosh!

The streaks of light finally stopped in the sky as hundreds of teams were gathered.

Seeing those teams, those that were sharp seemed to have sensed something unusual as astonishment surged from their hearts. Overwhelmed with shock, they looked at Mu Chen.

Amongst the teams, a figure stepped out as he looked exceptionally familiar. He was the Captain of the Desolate Spiritual Academy that was once rescued by Mu Chen, Lin Zhou.

"Haha, Brother Mu, all the teams gathered here were saved by you in the past. We will return the favor we owed you back then.

Lin Zhou cupped his hands towards Mu Chen as his laughter roared in the sky, luring countless startled gazes onto him.

Who could have expected that when Ji Xuan had such a backup plan, Mu Chen had one of his own as well?!

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