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Chapter 59 – Arrival


The Devouring Spirit Bees’ unique buzzing sounds echoed within the valley. It made everybody feel horrified. Especially since there were 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts struggling within the black torrent.

Because of the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts’ resistance, the valley floor was covered with corpses of Devouring Spirit Bees. Moreover, the Devouring Spirit Bees did not show the slightest signs of retreating and their scarlet eyes stared crazily at the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts. Waves and waves of attacks continued to charge over at them.

The black torrent seemed to form into a gigantic storm and anywhere that storm passed by, only white bones would remain for any living creature.

The two groups of men hidden in the valley shivered as they stared at the scene in front of them. At this moment, no matter which party was involved, they would probably be completely annihilated.

Mu Chen’s body was also hidden in the crack inside the body of the mountain. He peered through the gaps and stared inside the valley. The Spirit Bug Flute and the black liquid with a strange fragrance were already returned to his Mustard Seed Bracelet. He did not dare reveal it all. If it attracted the Devouring Spirit Bees over, there was truly no way out for them.

The black storm inside the valley lasted for approximately ten minutes. The original fierce and powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations gradually weakened until it finally disappeared completely.

When the 3 Spiritual Energy fluctuations disappeared, everybody knew that the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts were also wiped out by the Devouring Spirit Bees…This made Mu Feng and the others smack their lips. Although the Devouring Spirit Bees were quite weak individually, they became one of the most deadliest creatures within the Black Eerie Swamp.

After the enormous swarm of Devouring Spirit Bees eliminated the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts, it circled the valley once before quickly disappearing with its buzzing sound.

As the Devouring Spirit Bees left, Mu Feng and the others drilled out from the fissure and gaze at the center of the valley. Only bones remained of the 3 originally majestic High Rank Spiritual Beasts. Traces of blood cling onto the white bones, making it look particularly cold.

At this moment, Mu Chen walked over leisurely and obtained the 3 abnormally dazzling Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences from within their cranial. He did not show any restraint and placed it within his Mustard Seed Bracelet.

This was a High Rank Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence. Its value far surpassed the ones that they obtained earlier in the Northern Spiritual Field. This level of Soul Essence would even make Spirit Stage powerhouses moved.

After collecting the Spiritual Beasts’ Soul Essences, Mu Chen smiled and raised his head. He stared at the mountain cliff and said: “What other schemes do you have? You want to continuing leading the High Rank Spiritual Beasts over? I don’t mind luring the Devouring Spirit Bees over again.”

In the cliff, the Liu Territory’s men all had exceptionally ugly expression. Liu Qingtian’s eyes also narrowed and he fixed his eyes at Mu Chen as he said with an incredulous tone: “You lured the Devouring Spirit Bees over?”

“You think that you were the one who did it?” Mu Chen’s smile turned cold and said: “I think that you guys should hurry and get out of the Black Eerie Swamp. Otherwise, you might end up having the same fate as them when the swarm of Devouring Spirit Bees appears again.

The Liu Territory’s men were slightly in a mess. Liu Zong, Liu Ming and the others’ expressions all changed. They had personally seen how powerful the swarm of Devouring Spirit Bees was. If they fell inside of the swarm, they would definitely die.

“You immature and inexperienced brat, you’re still too inexperienced if you want to intimidate me!” Liu Qingtian recovered from the shock and let out a cold sneer as he said: “You might have lured the Devouring Spirit Bees over, but it was obvious that you do not have the ability to manipulate them. The black mist that you sent over before was probably the reason why the swarm of Devouring Spirit Beast would attack the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts, right?”

Mu Chen smiled. However, he was shocked at how sharp Liu Qingtian was. He was able to see his earlier actions clearly.

“Mu Feng, you have a good son!”

Liu Qingtian stared coldly at Mu Feng. They should have been able to severely injure the Mu Territory today, yet they were stopped by a boy. This made them feel wrathful flames within their hearts.

“Ohoho thank you for the praise.” Mu Feng also laughed and said: “Liu Qingtian, so what other schemes do you have? Are you going to fight personally now? That’s great, it’s been a while since I sought advice from you. Why don’t we have a fight here?”

Liu Qingtian turned gloomy. Although he was quite furious, he still understood that it wasn’t the time for them to fight against the Mu Territory. Otherwise, they would suffer too much damage and would not be able to obtain the Nine Nether Bird.

“Let’s see how long you can act proud!”

Liu Qingtian’s voice was cold as he spoke. Then, he no longer said anything and waved his hand. He gathered the Liu Territory’s men and headed quickly to the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp. Right now, they did not want to waste time to stop Mu Feng and the others. This is because they knew that it would end up all in vain.

“Let’s go, we’ll follow them!”

Seeing this, Mu Feng let out a cold cry. His body charged out and led the Mu Territory’s men as they followed behind Liu Qingtian. After the Liu Territory’s plan failed, they were not able to get rid of the Mu Territory’s men anymore.

The two groups of men quickly entered the Black Eerie Swamp one after another. This time, Liu Qingtian and the others became more honest. They no longer dared to cause any more trouble since they were afraid of getting involved in it as well.

Along the way, the two groups of men cautiously headed forward and did not dare to disturb the other Spiritual Beasts. This rapid pace lasted for approximately half an hour.

After half an hour since the two groups of men advanced vigilantly, the black color in the valley began to subside and their vision widened up.


Mu Feng’s team stepped out of the valley and appeared on top of a high slope. He gazed in front and his expression became serious.

In front of him was a vast basin. The ground at this place seemed to be burned by flames, causing it to show a charred color. Of course, the thing that frightened them the most wasn’t this, but the white bones within the basin.

From the sizes, these bones were probably from Spiritual Beasts. They assumed a posture where they are crazily running towards the front. From their appearance, it seemed that something had attracted them and made them unable to free themselves.

Mu Chen stared at the white bones on the ground and sucked in cold air. Just what happened over here? Why did so many Spiritual Beasts die…

His eyes slightly went up and stared in front. Then, he saw it. In the center of the basin, there is a large black volcanic mountain. The dark zone on the very peak of the mountain seemed to be like a demon’s gigantic mouth and would devour everything.

“This place…”

Mu Chen’s eyes turned serious. The scene in front of him was somewhat familiar. He pondered for a moment before he remembered. This scene was exactly the same as the one inscribed on the copper piece!

Mu Chen tilted his head and exchanged glances with Mu Feng. He could tell from the other person’s eyes that he was surprised and delighted.

It was apparent that this place is where the Nine Nether Bird was located at!

It was also where their goal was located at!

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