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Chapter 58 – Luring Bees

Mu Chen gripped on the icy cold Spirit Bug Flute and he contemplated for a while. Then, he no longer hesitated and placed the flute at his lips. The Spiritual Energy within his body surged out and was blown into the Spirit Bug Flute.

Mu Chen wasn’t a Spirit Bug User. He naturally did not have the ability to activate the Spirit Bug Flute. However, he knew the basic method of using it. If it was an experienced Spirit Bug User, they would be able to lure over the Spirit Bugs that they wanted with their Spirit Bug Flute. However, Mu Chen could not do this. But luckily, the most massive population within the Black Eerie Swamp was the Devouring Spirit Bees. It should be feasible for him to lure them over if he blew the Spirit Bug Flute at this place.


As the idea flashed through Mu Chen’s mind, the Spirit Bug Flute also emitted a faint light. The engravings on it also activated and a strange sound wave came out from the Spirit Bug Flute. Then, it spread out far away.

The sound wave wasn’t particularly loud. It was even to the point where it would be easily overlooked if you do not listen to it carefully. However, Mu Chen knew that the Spirit Bugs were extremely sensitive to this kind of sound wave.

Mu Chen continued to pour Spiritual Energy into the Spirit Bug Flute and allowed the sound waves to spread out endlessly. Moreover, he took the time to watch at the sky in the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp. At that location, the Spiritual Energy fluctuation was gradually become more violent. It seems that his dad and Uncle Zhou had already began to fight against the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts.

He must hurry!

A hint of anxiety passed through Mu Chen’s eyes. The 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts aren’t weaklings. For his dad and Uncle Zhou, every minute that they are entangled with the Spiritual Beasts means a minute of consumption. When their strength is consumed to a certain extent, the men from the Liu Territory hiding in secret would definitely attack.

And that scene was something that Mu Chen did not wish to see.

The sound from the flute leisurely spread out. However, there wasn’t much movement occurring in the distance. This made Mu Chen’s palms sweat. Was his method useless?

Although he said it confidently in front of Mu Feng and the others, that was only comforting them. Mu Chen knew the struggle occurring in Mu Feng’s heart. Since Mu Feng didn’t want to leave like this and let the Liu Territory obtain the Nine Nether Bird, but at the same time, he did not want the Liu Territory to stealthily attack them, Mu Chen could only think of this plan to break through this extremely unfavorable situation.

If he was unable to lure the Devouring Spirit Bees over, his method of seizing an opportunity would be useless.

“Brothers, please give me some face!” Mu Chen muttered in his heart.

While Mu Chen was waiting anxiously, the time quickly passed. In a blink of an eye, nearly ten minutes had passed. The Spiritual Energy fluctuation in the valley was getting even more violent. Even the earth started to tremble, it was evident that the battle was becoming more intense.

He didn’t have much time left!

Mu Chen gritted his teeth and was prepared to turn around. The gaze he stared at the distant suddenly became serious and joy filled his face.

“It’s coming!”

In a distant location, a black cloud covered the sky and swiftly approached. A unique buzzing sound came from afar.

The Devouring Spirit Bees were finally lured over!

Mu Chen endured the joy within his heart and put away the Spirit Bug Flute. He immediately turned and scurried back towards the valley.


In the valley, a violent Spiritual Energy exploded forth. It caused the cliffs to tremble and a few boulders rolled down from the cliff.

Duan Wei and the others stared nervously at the two battle circles. At that location, there were 2 Humans and 3 Beasts. They had already collided fiercely with each other and the lights from Spiritual Energy surged out. It turned the rubbles within the valley into powder.

“Damn it!”

Seeing this stalemate, Duan Wei looked at the certain location on the mountain cliff again. At that place, a cold gaze stared downwards. It was obvious that this situation was what the Liu Territory intended it to be.

“The Little Lord hasn’t come back yet?” Someone looked behind and could not help but speak.

Duan Wei shook his head with a bitter smile. He did not know what Mu Chen had gone to do. However, from his earlier appearance, he probably did this because he had some sort of idea. However, he did not know whether or not Mu Chen’s idea would be able to help them break out of this predicament.

“Just wait a little longer. If the Liu Territory dares to attack, we would not let them have an easy time!” Duan Wei grinded his teeth and said.

The other people nodded as well. Their eyes flashed fiercely.

Just when they were beginning their preparations, a sudden sound rang out from behind. They hastily turned their heads back and saw Mu Chen’s figure quickly approaching.

“Little Lord!” Seeing this, Duan Wei and the others were happy.

“Dad, Uncle Zhou, retreat.” Mu Chen stared at the two battle circles and shouted out.

Mu Feng and Zhou Ye, who had always been waiting for news from Mu Chen, instantly retreated backwards. However, the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts were hot in pursuit.

Mu Chen stared at the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts as they chased over and gripped his palm. A bottle emerged and he opened the bottle. A strange fragrance emitted out from within it.


Mu Chen smacked the bottle and the black liquid within flew out. Mu Chen’s palms moved and his Spiritual Energy was like the wind as it spread the black liquid apart. It turned into black moist air and smashed into the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beast’s body.

The black moist air stuck itself on the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts’ body. However, they did not give the slightest reaction to it. They did not even care about Mu Chen, who was like a weak ant-like existence in their eyes, and continued chasing after Mu Feng.

Duan Wei and the others were also confused when they saw Mu Chen’s strange actions.

“Enter that fissure!” Mu Chen pointed at a mountain crack nearby and quickly shouted.

Duan Wei and the others looked at each other. However, they immediately gritted their teeth and nodded their head. They charged straight into the crack within the mountain. Mu Chen also quickly followed them. In the rear, Mu Feng and the others were at the back and they caused the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts to retreat by erupting out a dense amount of Spiritual Energy.

“What are they doing?”

The Liu Territory’s men watched the Mu Territory’s men enter the crack within the mountain and were stunned. If they did this, isn’t that just cutting off all paths of escape? When did these guys become so stupid?

Liu Qingtian also frowned. With Mu Feng’s intelligence, how could he do such a stupid thing?

“Big Brother?” Liu Ming whispered. It was obvious that he was unsure of this situation as well.

Liu Qingtian narrowed his eyes. Then in the next moment, his face suddenly changed. He lifted his head and stared at the outside of the valley. A buzzing sound suddenly became louder.

“This is…Devouring Spirit Bees?”

Liu Ming and the others also noticed it. They hurried lifted their heads and they saw a black cloud enshrouding the sky within their sights. A buzzing sound echoed in the valley.


The 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts in the valley also noticed the Devouring Spirit Bees approaching. They instantly let out uneasy growls. Against such a terrifying amount of Devouring Spirit Bees, even High Rank Spiritual Beasts would be in a predicament.

The black cloud finally poured into the valley like a black torrent. They did not stop at all and rushed in like a flood. Then, under the gazes of both Mu Feng and Liu Qingtian’s men, they charged straight towards the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts.


After being surrounded by the black cloud, the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts instantly struggled fiercely. The violent Spiritual Energy constantly erupted out and they squashed thousands of Devouring Spirit Bees. However, following this, they were surrounded by even more Devouring Spirit Bees.

Mu Feng and the others watched as the roaring sounds became increasingly faint within the black clouds. They could not help but shiver. Afterwards, they slowly turned their heads towards the boy, who was smiling brilliant, and their faces turned stiff.

Could this…be the plan that Mu Chen mentioned?

But how did he attract all these Devouring Spirit Bees over and made them attack only the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts?

The scheme he devised was too incredible!

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