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Chapter 60 – The Strange Rock

Inside the black basin, a cool breeze blew and the numerous dense bones trembled slightly. This scene made everybody shiver.

“This place is where the Nine Nether Bird is located at!”

In this area, the eyes of the two groups of men lit up. The gazes they used to stare at the black volcano were mouth-watering and filled with heat.

Liu Qingtian’s eyes were burning. He immediately turned around and stared at Mu Feng. Then, he let out a sneer as his dense Spiritual Energy surged out and he charged straight towards the volcano.

Behind him, Liu Zong, Liu Ming, Liu Mubai and the others also immediately follow.

“Let’s move!”

Mu Feng also let out a deep shout. The dense Spiritual Energy erupted out from within his body and formed into a huge flame bird. The Dragonfire Bird’s wings shook and turned into a flash of light. Afterwards, Mu Feng jumped onto the back of the Dragonfire Bird.

The human and bird charged out. This violent Spiritual Energy directly caused a storm to appear in midair.


Seeing Mu Feng head over, Liu Qingtian’s eyes turned cold. He let out a low cry and a Silverlight erupted out from within his body. A giant silver beast emerged soon after.

This giant beast was like a giant ape. However, the entire body was filled with silver scales. On the scales, lightning flashed across them. Moreover, lightning rumbling sounds actually burst out as it howled.

“This is…the Lightning Scale Beast?” Mu Chen stared at the gigantic silver beast behind Liu Qingtian and was slightly surprised. This was a powerful Spiritual Beast ranked at the 133th place in the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking. Although it had not reached the Heaven Rank Spiritual Beasts, it was still a top existence amongst the High Rank Spiritual Beasts.


The Lightning Scale Beast stopped on the ground and lightning surged out. It carried Liu Qingtian as it stopped Mu Feng.

“Haha, Liu Qingtian, you finally couldn’t resist on fighting? Then let me see, how much we’ve both improved over the past year!” Seeing this, Mu Feng was not afraid and instead laughed. The Dragonfire Bird beneath him let out a sharp cry and charged towards Liu Qingtian as it released out a violent, fiery red Spiritual Energy.


The two massive monsters collided fiercely with each other in midair. The violent Spiritual Energy impact caused many of the bones below to shatter.

The Territory Lords from the Mu Territory and Liu Territory had already begun their fight. The men from both sides naturally would not be polite with each other and their eyes were filled with viciousness as they charged at each other.

“Leave Zhou Ye to me!”

The Liu Territory’s second master, Liu Zong, stared darkly at Zhou Ye, who was leading the Mu Territory’s men over. With a cold cry, a green light emitted out and a illusionary giant beast formed behind him.

It was a giant scorpion who was completely green. A faint fragrance came out from its body and it was obvious that it was poisonous.

“Jaded Venomous Scorpion, ranked at the 204th place in the Myriad Beast Record’s Earth Ranking.” Mu Chen immediately recognized the jaded scorpion when he noticed it.


The men from both sides had finally fought with each other. The sounds from the fight also broke the silence within this place and the Spiritual Energy endlessly emitted out along with murderous intent.

Under Duan Wei and the others’ protection, Mu Chen also collided against the Liu Territory’s men. However, he quickly rushed past and did not hesitate to shoot off like an arrow towards the black volcano.

“Mubai, stop him!”

Seeing this, Liu Ming, who was fighting against Duan Wei, instantly cried out.

Liu Mubai nodded his head when he heard this and turned around. He quickly chased after Mu Chen.

When Mu Chen heard the sounds of winds breaking behind him, the corner of his eyes twitched and he frowned slightly. He immediately circulated the Spiritual Energy within his body and infused it into his legs, causing his speed to accelerate again.

“You want to run away?!” Seeing this, Liu Mubai snorted and accelerated as well in order to pursue him.

The two of them quickly jumped into the black basin one after another and approached the black volcano. They climbed up the steep mountain cliff like a nimble monkey.


Just when Mu Chen was rapidly arriving at the peak, Mu Chen suddenly felt a fierce wind shooting out from behind him. He immediately lunged forward and pressed onto the ground with his palms. His body rotated in midair.


A sharp dagger fiercely inserted itself at the location where Mu Chen would have landed on. It directly pierced through the hard volcanic mountain.

Swish Swish!

Liu Mubai gripped his hands again and a couple of daggers were fired out again. This time, he directly aimed it in front of Mu Chen. It was obvious that he was trying to drive Mu Chen to retreat.

Feeling the sounds of wind breaking, Mu Chen gripped his hand and numerous Spiritual Seals quickly emerged. Then, it shot out and quickly integrated itself into the air.

Chi Chi!

Numerous light beams emerged. The air became distorted and Spiritual Energy fluctuations stormed out from the beams of Spiritual Energy. It directly blocked out all the daggers.

When he arranged the tiny Spiritual Array for defense, Mu Chen did not plan on letting Liu Mubai have an easy time. He passed through a pile of sharp volcanic rocks and let out an whirlwind kick with one feet as he stepped on the ground with the other.

The sharp volcanic rocks instantly covered the sky as it fired off towards Liu Mubai, who was behind Mu Chen.

“Bang Bang!”

Seeing this, Liu Mubai clenched his hands into a fist and punched out. The fiery red Spiritual Energy mixed with the violent winds shattered the volcanic rocks that were shot over.

Although Liu Mubai blocked the attack, his speed was reduced slightly. He watched as Mu Chen took advantage of this gap and scurried away like a nimble monkey. He could not help but grit his teeth before hurriedly chasing after Mu Chen again.

The two of them continued to display various means to block the other. Anything that could be utilized was used by them. This scene seemed quite lively. However, only the two of them could feel how dangerous it was. They had never shown any mercy when they attacked.


After a few minutes while one chased and the other ran, Mu Chen was a step earlier to reach the peak of the black volcano. The peak was a sunken crater. However, it was quite dark so Mu Chen was not able to see what was inside.


Mu Chen’s eyes swept across the crater of the volcano. Behind him, the fist winds bombarded over from behind. He hesitated for a moment before dropping straight down into the volcano’s crater.

Liu Mubai followed him in hot pursuit. He noticed Mu Chen entering the dark volcano’s crater and hesitated for a moment as well. However, he soon gritted his teeth and followed.

The two of them quickly slide into the crater of the volcano and landed vigorously inside of the volcano’s crater.

Inside the volcano’s crater, the lights were dimmed and it was filled with black volcanic rocks.

Mu Chen’s gaze quickly scanned across. But to his surprise, he did not see any traces of the Nine Nether Bird. There were only many black volcano rocks here caused by the volcanic impact at this location.

As Liu Mubai entered the crater, he did not immediately attack Mu Chen. He also scanned the surroundings to search for traces of the Nine Nether Bird.

The two of them scanned the surroundings, yet their eyes were filled with doubt.

Mu Chen frowned. He carefully moved around the bottom of the crater and continued to search.

At the same time, Liu Mubai also glanced at Mu Chen before moving away. It was apparent that he had the same idea as Mu Chen.

The bottom of the volcano’s crater wasn’t too spacious. The two of them quickly went in a circle, but they did not have any harvest. This made the doubt within their eyes grow even further.

Could what the copper piece mentioned be fake?

Mu Chen curled his lips and searched the surroundings. At this moment, he had unconsciously walked to the center of the bottom crater. At this location, there were a couple of gigantic, black volcanic rocks that had been pushed out by the volcano in the surroundings.

He stared at these gigantic, black volcanic rocks, yet he did not see anything. He sighed helplessly in his heart and was about to turn around. However, he suddenly stopped and gripped his palms within his sleeves. Then, the ancient copper piece emerged within his palms. At this moment, the copper piece emitted out a faint heat.

“This copper piece…Can it sense the location of the Nine Nether Bird?”

An idea appeared in Mu Chen’s mind. He immediately looked quietly at Liu Mubai, who was searching at another direction, before heading quietly towards the gigantic, black volcanic rocks.

He touched each of the black rocks as he passed by. Shortly after, he stopped moving and stared at the slightly shining, gigantic black rock in front of him. As he stood here, the copper piece within his hand turned exceptionally hot.

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