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Chapter 571 - Lightning God's Technique VS Divine White Bone Physique

Bang Rumble.

The low rumbles of thunder resounded across the reddish yellow desert, causing even the azure blue sky to seemingly turn dim.

Standing in the air, black lightning bolts sparkled crazily across his body. As the black lightning bolt rippled out in halos, they caused the surrounding space to warp and distort.

As of now, Mu Chen's Lightning God's Physique, had already been cultivated to the level of Hexa Rune Lightning Physique. It's said that when one's Lightning God's Physique reaches the Ennea Rune Lightning Physique, one's physique would be able to rival that of a Sovereign realm expert.

If was able to reach that level, a casual punch from Mu Chen would be truly able to shatter space apart. With a wave of his palm, he would be able to wipe out mountains, showing how exceedingly powerful it was.

While Mu Chen was activating his Lightning God's Physique in complete effect, Lu Tian swept his gloomy gaze over from the skies above. Looking at the lightning sparkling across Mu Chen's body, the corner of his eyes started twitching slightly.

Clearly, he could sense how tyrannical Mu Chen's physique was.

"I don't believe that your physique's even stronger than my Divine White Bone Physique!"

Lu Tian roared out as a gloomy shade filled his eyes. With the entire situation already progressed to this stage, he naturally could no longer under estimate Mu Chen anymore. However, he was similarly extremely confident in his Divine White Bone Physique. This was due to him having crossed hands with Ji Xuan before. Although it had result in his defeat in the end, the strength of his Divine White Bone Physique had caused even Ji Xuan to feel shocked and astonished. This point was more than sufficient for Lu Tian to feel proud about himself.

Therefore, faced against Mu Chen now, he did not feel any dread or fear.

The chilling white spiritual glow continued to radiate out from Lu Tian's body. Bones white to the point of causing people's hearts to palpitate appeared to have grown out from Lu Tian's body. Forming a dense bony armor, it encased Lu Tian's body within, appearing to have to be indestructible.

Under the white bones, a sinister looking gaze shout out. With a furious stomp, the space below his feet rippled, before his figure instantly disappeared.

"Such a quick speed!"

Upon seeing this, the faces of Lin Zhou, Xu Huang and rest involuntarily changed. Lu Tian's speed was such that they were seemingly unable to observe him with their bare hands, with them only being faintly able to discern slight traces of Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

Due to them being unable to chase up to Lu Tian's figure with their eyes, their gazes instantly turned towards Mu Chen. After all, regardless of how fast Lu Tian was, his goal would always be to attack Mu Chen.


Just as their gazes locked on to Mu Chen, they noticed ripples appearing in the space behind Mu Chen. In the next instant, a figure glowing with white light appeared in a flash. Bringing along a frightening force, the white bone encased fist rumbled heavily towards Mu Chen's back without the slightest bit of mercy.

Such a speed was akin to that of lightning.


THe white bone fist pierced right through Mu Chen's body. However, despite that, there was not a single trace of blood spurting out.

"A remnant shade?"

A faint smile appeared on Lu Tian before swinging his right leg towards the back of Mu Chen in a whip like fashion. Chilling white Spiritual Energy appeared to form into a gigantic Spiritual Energy gale, chopping down furiously like a battle axe.


A palm suffused with lightning patted out heavily from behind, slamming straight against the white bony leg.


A loud bang rang out,as energy ripples visibles to the naked eye rippled out, causing the space to split apart. Unable to endure the impact from the collision, the air present in the surroundings exploded apart, sending shockwaves surging out. 

A faint shutter shook through the two people. However, in the next instant, both of them shot out in spectre like fashion.

Lightning and white brilliance erupted in the air. However, what's peculiar was that everyone was unable to notice their figures, with them only being able to see the two clumps of brilliance smashing against each other time and time after again. Every single time they collided, frightening energy shockwaves would sweep out, causing berserk sandstorms to swirl up from the desert below.

"Indeed, that Lu Tian possessed some ability, to be able to contend with Mu Chen with his physique." said Xu Huang and the others as their faces grew solemn. They were extremely clear how strong Mu Chen's physique was. However, from the looks of it, Lu Tian was unexpected able to not be in a disadvantage when contending against Mu Chen on this aspect. From this, one could tell how powerful the latter was.

"The Bone Sect is similarly a powerful regional influence within the shattered continent in the ancient antiquity. Their inheritance, the Divine White Bone Physique's naturally not weak."

Wen Qingxuan spoke out. "It's said that this Lu Tian had crossed hands with Ji Xuan. Despite his eventual loss, by relying on his Divine White Bone Physique, he was able to cause some trouble for Ji Xuan. If not, the latter would not hold the former that strongly in regard and allow the former to join the latter's alliance."

"Furthermore, Ji Xuan's Spiritual Energy is stronger than Mu Chen's by a notch. Although he has yet to breakthrough to Second Grade Spirit Disaster, by relying on the strength of his physique, he's able to put up a fight even against experts of Second Grade Spirit Disaster." said Luo Li with a faint smile.

"That strong?"

Shock and astonishment appeared on the faces of Xu Huang and the rest. As of now in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, although the strength of various groups have all been increasing at an astonishing rate, there were still extremely few people that have managed to breakthrough to Second Grade Spirit Disaster. These people possessed absolute qualifications to enter the final match. From the looks of it, this Lu Tian's unexpectedly able to possess the strength to contend against those at Second Grade Spirit Disaster, clearly more than sufficient to show his might. 

Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li nodded towards one another, before raising their slender and snow white necks, casting their beautiful eyes towards the extremely intense fight happening in the air. Both of the knew that although Mu Chen can be said to be crossing hands with Lu Tian, truthfully, this could also be said as another way he was employing to pit himself against Ji Xuan.

Lu Tian had already suffered defeat in Ji Xuan's hands, before being subdued by the latter. On the other hand, although Mu had no interest in subduing Lu Tian, he had all the interest in the worlds to forcefully break the high place Ji Xuan had in Lu Tian's heart.


Yet another gigantic bag rang out in the skies, a frightening energy shockwaves rushed out under of the gazes of everyone present. Two glowing figures abruptly shot out, retreating a dozen steps in the air, with every step they take causing the air below to shutter and explode apart.

Everyone's gaze instantly turned over towards them.

In the air, two figures surfaced from within the dazzling brilliance.

At this moment, charred patches were scattered around the white bone encased body of Lu Tian. Clearly, those were injuries brought about by the berserk Black Divine Lightning coming from Mu Chen in their earlier head on confrontation. 

Comparatively, Mu Chen appeared to be somewhat in a better state. With the black lightning encasing his body, it had result his body becoming as strong and resilient as metal. Although there were white scratches present on his skin, all of these couldn't even be counted as anything in the presence of Mu Chen's tyrannical physique.

The previous crossing of hands which had causing people's scalps to turn numb had unexpectedly not causing any significant injuries for the both of them.

This scene caused the corner of quite a few people's eyes to twitch. Aren't the physique of these two fellows too overpowered…

"Quite a powerful physique."

Lightning flowed around the surface of Mu Chen's body as he stared at Lu Tian in the air, his eyes sparkling with the same lightning radiance. Every since the start of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, the person before his eyes, Lu Tian, might just be the strongest fellow he had met so far.

"From your expression, could it be that you believe that you've already gotten the advantage?" said Lu Tian with a sneer. In the next instant, chilling white radiance circulated around his body, before the charred clumps rapidly dissipated away.

The white bones around his body shone in a luster brimming with power once again.

"However, you being able to train your physique to such a degree have exceeded my expectations. However, I'm very sorry to inform you that there's still quite a big disparity between you and Ji Xuan!"

With a cold sneer, Lu Tian shot words of ridiculement out. Despite that, what he had thought was different from the words he had spoken. That's due to him knowing how hard it was to train and temper one's physique. If not for that bone pond present within the remnant of the Bone Sect, he might not have been able to cultivate his Divine White Bone Physique to such a level. He had originally assumed that there won't be many people within the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament that would be a comparable physique to him. However, who would have expected that person before his eyes, Mu Chen would possess one that wasn't weaker than his own.

Being able to be heavily regarded Ji Xuan, this fellow indeed possess some ability.

Hearing that. Mu Chen gave a faint laugh in response, before replying in a voice that appeared to be accompanied by the roars of thunder. "Activate your Divine White Bone Physique to the limits. Otherwise, your arrogance won't last much longer."

Hearing that, a chilling expression appeared on Lu Tian's face as he stared at Mu Chen. However, upon seeing the calm, exceedingly abstruse black pupils of his that appeared to have not the slightest traces of ripples, for some unknown reason, he felt a chill surface within his heart.

This chill caused Lu Tian to sink into silence for a while. Extending his hands out slowly, his eyes staring chillingly at Mu Chen, before abruptly changing his hand seal. As his hand seal changed, the white bones on the surface of his body started to slowly radiate with a gem like luster, just like sparkling diamonds. However, everyone could sense that the might of Lu Tian's physique had risen once again.

"Your tone's quite arrogant. I've already cultivated my White Bones Divine Physique to the point of transforming bone into jade. When I cross hands with Ji Xuan some time ago, although I lost in the end, he was unable to break my White Bones Divine Physique. As for now, what about you?" the increase in power erupting out from his physique causing the chill within Lu Tian's heart to rapidly dissipate away, while his voice become gloomy and sinister once again.

Lightning flowed within Mu Chen's black pupils, with not a single trace of any emotion seemingly present within. Slowly clenching his hands, roars of thunder akin to those of a furious dragon erupted out from his body.

Bang! Rumble! Rumble!

The roars of thunder grew increasingly loud, before resounding across the entire region, causing even the hurricanes wreaking havoc within the desert to become suppressed by them.

The skies started to grow dim.


Due to the spectacle unfolding before him, Lu Tian narrowed his eyes slightly. In the next instant, as a chilling glint flashed within his eyes, a dazzling splendor erupted furiously from his jade like body.


Akin to a jade coloured ray of light, his figure shot across the horizon, hurtling straight at Mu Chen. Clearly, he could sense some threat from the latter. Thus, he did not want to allow Mu Chen to successfully activate his strength to his maximum capability.

"White Bones Divine Physique, Jade Bones Divine Fist!"

A loud roar resounded from Lu Tian, before his figure appeared right before Mu Chen seemingly in an instant, before a jade like fist rumbled heavily out.


The surrounding space started to ripple, while all of the air in a hundred metre radius exploded apart. Gigantic fissures started to appear on the desert below, before rapidly expanding out.

Dumbfounded shock and terror immediately gushed out of the eyes of countless people.

They turned their gazes towards Mu Chen, only to see that the black lightning bolts  that were sparkling crazily on the surface of his body had rapidly retracted within his body. Such a scene appeared as though he had been suppressed. 

"That's not right!"

However, there were some people who were quick to discuss that something wasn't quite right. That's because the saw that as those lightning bolts retracted within Mu Chen's body, lightning like patterns had suddenly appeared on his arm, before rapidly extending out.

Within a short instant, seemingly half of Mu Chen's body had already been covered by the lightning patterns that were sparkling with a black radiance.

This scene gave somewhat of a malevolent flavor.

While the glowing lightning patterns had covered half of Mu Chen's body, lightning finally erupted out from his jet black eyes, appearing just like the awakening of a lightning dragon.


The arm covered in black lightning patterns started to move at a slow, yet unavoidable speed as it sent an attack out.


In the next instant, the lightning fist and the jade bone fist smashed heavily into each other.

At the instant of the collision, Lu Tian noticed faint twitching at the corner of Mu Chen's mouth, before an indifferent voice that caused his entire body to turn cold started to slowly ring out.

"Since Ji Xuan's unable to break your White Bones Divine Physique, I'll be the one to break it."

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