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Chapter 570 - Black Tortoise Force Field


As the dark-green stone seal appeared within Mu Chen's palm in flash, it immediately started expanding, instantly expanding to an approximately 1 metre big size. Extremely powerful gravitational force started to radiate from it, causing even warping and distortions to appear in the surrounding space as a result.

This stone seal was naturally the Quasi-Divine Item Mu Chen had obtained from the Divine Wood Palace, the Black Tortoise Seal.

After going through a period of refinement, Mu Chen was clearly able to properly activate it now.


The stone seal within Mu Chen's palm rotated, before accompanying Mu Chen's palm as it smashed against Lu Tian's malevolent-looking white bone gauntlet without the slightest bit of mercy.


A low bang resounded as everyone saw an incomparably powerful shock wave wreaking havoc as it traveled. The air within a few hundred metre radius instantly exploded apart, while some unlucky fellows who were near to the point-of-origin were sent flying back and spurting blood.

As the Spiritual Energies wreaked havoc, a fierce shutter shook through Lu Tian's body, only for him to shoot back in a miserable fashion. He took a dozen steps back in the air, before finally stabilising himself. Despite that, his face had already turned ashen. 

Upon seeing this, the faces of the Captains on the same boat as Lu Tian involutarily changed, their eyes brimming with shock as they looked towards Mu Chen. Clearly, they felt somewhat inconceivable that Mu Chen was actually able to gain an advantage in this first round of exchanging blows. 

Stabilising himself, Lu Tian shot a dark look at the white bone gauntlet on his hand. At this moment, some of malevolent-looking bone spikes present on it had actually shattered apart. The dense white light around it had appeared somewhat dimmer. Clearly, the previous collision of attacks had caused damage to it.

"So that's why you dare to challenge Ji Xuan. So it turns that it's due to you having a Quasi-Divine Artifact in your hands, huh?" said Lu Tian as he chillingly stared at Mu Chen, with ridicule and disdain present within within his tone.

"However, if you believe that you can contend against Ji Xuan just by relying on a Quasi-Divine Artifact, I truly believe that you're just a lunatic raving about his mad dreams."

With a calm gaze present in his eyes, Mu Chen extended his palm. As the Black Tortoise Seal slowly revolved within his palm, he looked straight towards the ashen-faced Lu Tian. With a faint smile, he said, "You really give off the vibe of a henchman…"

"The goal I've come here for… is for the sake of breaking this henchman of Ji Xuan."

Hearing that, Lu Tian's face started to slightly twitch. As he staring straight towards Mu Chen, dense killing intent gushed from his eyes. In the next instant, a chilling smile appeared on his face as he replied, "Since you're seeking death, you can't blame me for it. I'll capture you before tossing you right before Ji Xuan's face."

"Take action!"

As his voice rang out, he gave an abrupt wave of his hand.

Seeing this signal, the hundreds of groups hovering in the air hesitated for a bit. Finally, Spiritual Energies started to condense within their palms, before powerful fluctuations started to radiate from them.


As low rumbling noise made by Spiritual Energies gushed out, figures started to abruptly shoot out, rushing straight towards Mu Chen like a swarm of locusts. Fierce Spiritual Energy attacks enveloped Mu Chen akin to a rainstorm. Such a formation was exceedingly astonishing.

Although these people might not have reached the First Grade Spirit Disaster, with such numbers grouped together, such might would force even an expert in the First Grade Spirit Disaster to retreat or evade.

Nevertheless, Mu Chen did not retreat at all. Hovering in the air, the Spiritual Energy attacks heading towards him like a rainstorm started to be reflected within his black pupils.

Behind him, Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan and the others did not take action, with the only thing they did being quietly watching the scene unfolding before them.

Suddenly, a faint shuddering noise rang out from the Black Tortoise Seal in Mu Chen's hand. Hoisting his hand out, the Black Tortoise Seal instantly rushed towards the sky. Dramatically expanding in size as it did so, it transformed into a gigantic hundred-plus version if its former size.

Surfacing in the air, the Black Tortoise Seal appeared just like a mountain, being unable to budge.

The Black Tortoise Seal came to a stop in the air above Mu Chen's head, casting its shadow down below. Faintly, one could discern a low tortoise's roar as it furiously resounded.

"Mysterious Tortoise Force Field!"

As the ancient tortoise's roar resounded, a dim glowing green screen abruptly descended from the stone seal. This glowing screen was approximately a hundred metres in diametre, instantly enveloping the same radius around Mu Chen.

Bang! Bang!

Powerful Spiritual Energy attacks howled, before all of them smashed against the dim glowing green screen. The spectacle that happened next was an especially peculiar one. At the instant when those attacks struck the glowing screen, they instantly cracked apart, shuttering like dying flames as they rapidly vanished without a trace. 

This peculiar scene instantly caused the faces of those who had taken action to instantly contort, before shades of shock and astonishment flashed within his eyes.

"This is the might of a Quasi-Divine Artifact, huh…"

Seeing this, a shiver of shock had also flashed within the eyes of Mu Chen. After acquiring the Black Tortoise Seal, this was the first time that he had truly activated it. Thus, the might displayed by the Quasi-Divine Artifact caused him to feel rather astonished.

The glowing screen seemed to act like a force field. Anything that tries to intrude within its radius would get suppressed and crushed into bits by the force field. Even Spiritual Energy was of no exception. This was the absolute combination of offense and defense in one ability. With such a treasure, Mu Chen need not worry just one bit about the encirclement from those people.


With a change of his hand seal, the Black Tortoise Seal started to revolve. In the next instant, the gigantic dim glowing green screen proceeded to envelop over a few groups.


As the glowing halo came enveloping over, those bodies of those people that were unable to evade abruptly froze, before terror and dread gushed from their eyes. In the next instant, their faces rapidly turned red, appearing as if they were unable to breath.

The bodies appeared to have a mountain pressing down on them, causing them to be unable to revolve the Spiritual Energy present within their bodies.



Within the radius of the glowing halo, figures continued to spurt out successive mouthfuls of blood, with their bodies flying akin to birds with their wings broken. Dropping right out of the sky, all of them plopped completely into the yellow sands below.

As the glowing halo swept out, dozens of people instantly dropped out of the sky, causing a patch of emptiness to appear within the packed sky.

In an instant, an extremely ugly expression appeared on the face of Lu Tian, while a shadow of astonishment flashed across his eyes. He never imagined that the ancient and strange stone seal in Mu Chen's hand would actually be that formidable.


Sweeping his gaze, Mu Chen's hand seal changed once more. In the next instant,  the Black Tortoise Seal revolved once again, before the glowing halo enveloped straight over Lu Tian.


Seeing this, Lu Tian's face instantly changed. Giving a furious stomp of his feet, Spiritual Energy completely blasted out from him, before he shot backwards like a bolt of lightning, which just so happened to bring him out of the radius of the glowing halo.

"There's some flaws in its speed."

Mu Chen muttered as he slightly nodded his head. Although the Black Tortoise Seal's force field was able to combine both offensive and defensive capabilities, it didn't possess a quick movement speed. When met against an opponent with extremely quick speed, the latter would be able to flee from it. 

Thinking about this, Mu Chen gave a laugh. With a thought, the dim green glowing halo shot out once again towards Lu Tian.

Seeing this, the only thing Lu Tian could do was to retreat once again.

Mu Chen seemed to be planning on using Lu Tian to test out the capability of his Black Tortoise Seal. At this moment, he had diligently focused on controlling the Black Tortoise Seal. Therefore, despite some comical scenes appearing, the dim green glowing halo continued to pursue behind Lu Tian's back. Not daring to become enveloped within its radius, the latter could only continue to evade in a somewhat miserable fashion.

After suffering the big loss earlier, a few of Lu Tian's compatriots did not dare to take action again. Only at this moment did they understand why Mu Chen and his group would suddenly appear to knock on Lu Tian's doorsteps. The key factor was the assurance of victory. After all, from the looks of the current situation, Wen Qingxuan had not take action since that initial blow. When the time comes for both parties to truly take action against each other, despite them having the numerical superiority, they truly did not possess any confidence at all within their hearts…

"Mu Chen, is your only ability being to use your Divine Artifact to suppress people?" After being forced to move about in a miserable fashion, Lu Tian's face grew increasingly ashen as he roared in a fierce voice.

"If you really possess true ability, you should use your true power to defeat me!"

With a clench of his hand, the Black Tortoise Seal rapidly strunk down, before transforming into a ray of light that shot straight into Mu Chen's palm. Raising his head, he sent a faint smile towards Lu Tian before saying, "I know that you're using such 'I'm not up to the standard' remarks to provoke me. However, regardless of what method I use, there won't be much change to your final ending."

"Let me see you try!"

"Technique of the White Bones, Divine White Bones Physique!"

With a malevolent laugh, Lu Tian took a fierce step forward. A greyish-white radiance started to radiate from him. As this radiance started to congeal around his body, it started to gradually transform into a thin-layered white bone armor.

As the white bone armor encased Lu Tian's body, a chilling luster started to suffuse on its surface. Faintly, extremely tyrannical energy fluctuations started to radiate from him. Lu Tian appeared to have activated some sort of a body-tempering technique.

The so-called "Divine White Bone Physique" was precisely what Lu Tian had obtained from the Bone Sect and possessed extraordinary might. Regardless of defense or offense, it was incomparably tyrannical. Lu Tian's cultivation can be considered to be at the Pinnacle First Grade Spirit Disaster, with him not yet passing through the second level. However, by relying on this so-called "Divine White Bone Physique", he was able to engage in intense fights against experts at Second Grade Spirit Disaster without suffering defeat. 

Upon seeing this, the faces of the various groups alongside Lin Zhou's who had been encircled by Lu Tian's gang all slightly changed. From the looks of it, they too have heard about how tyrannical Lu Tian's "Divine White Bone Physique" was.

"This is the Bone Sect's Divine White Bone Physique?"

At this moment, Mu Chen had also raised his head, his black pupils focusing on Lu Tian, who was now encased in white bones. In the next instant, an indifferent laugh rang from him, before he slowly clenched his hands, only for black lightning to immediately gush from his body.

Low rumbles of thunder resounded across the entire region upon the appearance of that black lightning.

The black lightning bolts appeared to form lightning patterns on the surface of Mu Chen's body as they quietly congealed together.

 Clearly, Mu Chen was extremely interested in testing exactly which one was stronger, the Bone's Sect's Divine White Bone Physique, or his Lightning God's Physique.

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