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Chapter 572 - Great Harvest


In this instant, bright and resplendent lightning accompanied by astonishing peals of thunder resounded across the horizon. Akin to giant pythons, bolts of lightning wreaked havoc crazily around as they blanketed the surrounding skies.

A myriad of lightning bolts surged around under the dim skies, causing a exceedingly terrifying spectacle for everyone around.

Figures retreated in miserable fashion on the desert below. At this moment, everyone's ears were filled with the peals of thunder, with some unfortunate people having flood starting to flow out from their ears. Clearly, they were injured by the roars of the thunder ringing out from the skies.

Below the epicentre of the collision, the desert had collapsed down, with gigantic fissures extending out like a spiderweb, while sand flowed down within like waterfalls.

After evading the lightning roars, everyone raised their heads to look towards the origin where they had raidated out from.

Signs of warping and distortions had appeared space surrounding there, appearing to have formed an entire stretch of empty space, with the air a hundred metres in radius around having completely exploded apart.

In the empty space, two figures still maintained their stance, their fists pointed against each other, while their frozen bodies appeared statuesque.

The frightening energies that have been gushing out from the two people had completely dissipated away quietly. The only movement present on them was the gentle breeze blowing at their robes, causing them to flutter slightly.

Every sound within the region had turned quiet, as every single gaze latched on tightly towards the the two figures present there. 

Under the attentive gazes of everyone in the surroundings, a faint shudder shook through Mu Chen's body, before the lightning originally sparkling within his black pupils completely vanished away.

Looking calmly towards Lu Tian standing right before him, he proceeded to slowly release his clenched fist. As his finger quivered slightly, he gave a gentle flick towards the layers of jade like bones covering the surface of the latter's body.


This appeared to be a gentle flick that possessed not even one bit of power behind it. However, it had brought about astonished and shocked responses in the people around. Following a minute cracking sound ringing out, everyone's eyes hastily contracted as cracks suddenly started to extend out from the surface of the jade like bones.

Crack! Crack!

The minute sounds grew in frequency. As their gazes shot over, they saw dense cracks have unexpectedly appeared quietly on the bright jade like bones encasing Lu Tian's body.

At astonishing speeds, the cracks extended out, completely covering every spot of the jade like bones in a short span of a few breaths.

At this moment, Mu Chen slowly lowered his fist. As he did so, the faint trace of blood surfaced on his finger tip. Shooting an indifferent glance over, he gave it a light rub to clean it off.


Suddenly, the bright jade like bones on the surface of Lu Tian's body shattered apart. As the jade like bone fragments shot out, Lu Tian's originally frozen body appeared to have suffered a strike by lightning as he abruptly shot backwards.

Bang! Bang!

As Lu Tian's body flew out, clumps of blood mist spurted crazily one after another from his mouth. In the short span of a few breaths, everyone could feel the Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating out from the former started to decrease at an astonishing rate.


Yet another mouthful of blood spurted out from him. Finally, being unable to endure any much longer, Lu Tian dropped straight down from the skies, before burrowing head first into the sand below under the terrified and dumbfounded gazes of everyone around. As blood clumped up the sand as it landed on the desert surface, Lu Tian gave of an exceedingly miserable sight.

As Lu Tian's body drilled deeply into the sand, the wind devastated deserted turned deathly silent once again. Regardless of the various groups that had gathered around Lu Tian, or those groups like Lin Zhou who were encircled by them, at this moment, all of them were at a loss for words.

The suppressive feeling coming from Lu Tian was truthfully too heavy for them. Therefore, upon seeing this person, who was standing high up in the sky, collapse with such a loud rumble, the shock surging out within them was truly quite huge.

"He's won." happiness erupted from the faces of Xu Huang and the others, while their tense hearts started to relax.

Noticing this, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan both gave a smile without much of any other expression. Clearly, they did not feel much of a surprise with Mu Chen being able to defeat Lu Tian.

The lightning patterns sparkling on the surface of Mu Chen's body had already completely disappeared away. Shooting down, he landed on the sands below, before appearing right by the exceedingly miserable looking Lu Tian.

At this moment, the latter was covered with blood as he continued to gasp painfully for air. Clearly, he had suffered heavy injuries from the confrontation earlier.

As blood flowed out from Lu Tian's mouth, he stared right at Mu Chen's with his eyes wide open, brimming with inconceivable feelings. He's White Bones Divine Physique was unexpectedly defeated by Mu Chen using the strength of his own body…

This was something that Ji Xuan was unable to accomplish them.

"Looks like your White Bones Divine Physique isn't as strong as you've thought." said Mu Chen faintly as he stared at Lu Tian.

Shooting a vicious glare at Mu Chen, gloominess and malevolence still remained within Lu Tian's eyes. Cracking his mouth open to give a chilling laugh, he spoke out. "Mu Chen, you're formidable. This time, I've indeed made an error in judgement. However, so what if you've defeated me! Even you will be hard pressed to imagine how strong Ji Xuan is now! Being treated as his enemy will be the most sorrowful thing you'll ever experience in your life!"

"You still never forget to be a good henchman even at such a time."

Mu Chen spoke out with a laugh, before squatting down. Looking calmly towards Lu Tian, he replied in a slow manner. "I've never treated defeating you as anything big. In the future, you'll see the showdown between me and him, am I right?"

Mu Chen's voice appeared exceedingly calm, with not so much as a fluctuation present within. However, when Lu Tian stared at him, he was unable to say any ridiculing remarks back. That's because he could feel as though there was a lion hiding within the depths of the calm black eyes of the youth before him, causing his heart to palpitate in fear.

With a clench of his hand, a ray of brilliance shot out from Lu Tian's bosom, before landing within his palm. This was precisely the Academy Plaque of Lu Tian's group.

The quantity of points present on it had reach a high number of 20 thousand.

"You!" seeing this, Lu Tian's face instantly contorted.

"Spoils of war." replied Mu Chen with a faint smile.

Flicking his hand, yet another Academy Plaque appeared in a flash. After transferring half of the points that Lu Tian's Academy Plaque has, the points on his group's Academy Plaque had risen to approximately 13 thousand.

This was a quantity that Mu Chen and his group had never reached before. However, at this moment, it wasn't even enough to catapult them into the top 16 rankings.

Mu Chen tossed Lu Tian's Academy Plaque back. Seeing this, the latter clenched his teeth, with his gaze appearing to contain some hatred and resentment.


Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan, Xu Huang and the rest of the groups had shot over at this moment. As Wen Qingxuan walked close, she gently fluttered her gaze towards the numerous groups in the air that had launched attacks at Mu Chen earlier, before speaking out, "How to deal with those fellows?"

Toying with the Academy Plaque in his hand, a chilling shade flashed through Mu Chen's eyes, before he replied. "Since they had taken action, they naturally have to pay some price. Having followed Lu Tian for the past few days to snatch points from quite a few people, they had only themselves to blame for such a result." 

Hearing that, Xu Huang was instantly shocked as he spoke out. "There's at least a hundred groups present her. If we are to take action against them, I'm afraid that will be some trouble in doing so."

In the air, the numerous groups that had taken action against Mu Chen seemed to have discovered the gaze filled with ill intent shooting out from the latter, causing a chill to run through their hearts. They proceeded to quietly gather close to one another. WIth so many groups converged together, no matter how formidable that Mu Chen was, he shouldn't dare to anger the masses, right?

Clearly, Mu Chen had also sensed their actions, causing a ridiculing smile to curl up at the corner of his mouth, before turning to look at Lin Zhou and his group.

Noticing Mu Chen gaze shooting towards him, Lin Zhou immediately gawked, before his eyes started to sparkle. He had immediately picked up on Mu Chen's plan. This resulted a chilling smile cracking open from his mouth as he nodded his head.

"Everyone, those bastards had snatched our points so happily just moments ago! Now, we can't just let them go like that, am I right?" leaping up, Lin Zhou stared at the dozens of groups that were encircled by Lu Tian and his gang earlier before roaring out in a fierce voice.

Hearing his roar, the dozens of groups became restless, while anger and hatred surfaced within their eyes. Nevertheless, with their disadvantage in numbers, they did not dare to carelessly take action.

"Everyone, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. That's the basic rule for the heavens and earth. If there's anyone that doesn't accept that, I'll help you." said Mu Chen with a faint smile on his face.

"You're vicious, Mu Chen!" some people roared out.

However, as those people roared out in anger, rays of brilliance had already erupted from the eyes of the dozens of groups that were encircled earlier. With a furious clench of their teeth, they rose in to the skies, forming an encircling formation, trapping the hundreds of groups within.

"You dare!"

Seeing this, the hundreds of groups instantly roared out in fury. Those groups that they had encircled earlier had actually dared to take action against them.


However, as their roars rang out, a cold snort followed suit, before golden light erupted out, only for everyone to see Wen Qingxuan holding her golden war spear in her hand as she stood in the air. As a chilling gaze swept out from her beautiful eyes, those groups under her gaze started to shiver, while their eyes started to fill up with terror and dread."

"Hand over your points obediently, and I'll remain courteous. If any of you continue to remain stupid and pigheaded, I'll make sure that you'll not be able to participate in the next Great Spiritual Academy Tournament." Wen Qingxuan's sweet sounding voice rang out, yet the icy cold intent present within causing the hearts of quite a few people to shudder in fright.

"Take action!"

Seeing this, Lin Zhou gave a loud roar, taking the lead as he shot out.

"Take out points back from them!" behind him, the dozens of groups shot out in succession as their roars resounded out.

Instantly, the surrounding skies became chaotic. Although the hundreds of groups had the numerical advantage, their morale had seemingly collapsed completely. Added with Mu Chen, Wen Qingxuan and the others shooting out covetous gazes from the side, they were utterly defeated in a moments worth of time, all of them suffering miserable defeat. The few that attempted to fellow were all forced back by Luo Li.

Therefore, within a short span of ten minutes, the hundreds of groups were completely defeated, with figures dropping down in miserable fashion, before being forced to hand over their Academy Plaques.

Stepping out, Lin Zhou collected all of the Academy Plaques, before carrying them and walking towards Mu Chen. Handing all of them over the latter, a smile cracked open from his mouth as he said, "Although I know Brother Mu's character, the rules are the rules. Only you can take the majority of these points.

Looking at the hundreds of Academy Plaques present before him, Mu Chen could not help but to gawk out.

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