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Chapter 56 – A Vicious Scheme


Within the Black Poison Marsh, huge black poison bubbles rise up and burst apart. A smelly stench of poison gas rises up and further adds onto the deathly miasma enshrouding the air.

At this moment, above the Black Poison Marsh without many living creatures, a small boat wrapped with Black Poison Crocodile’s skin was being paddled over cautiously.

Everybody on the boat was extremely tensed up. They did not dare to make the slightest sounds as their eyes remained fixed on the swamp. Moreover, the Spiritual Energy within their bodies quietly surged.

This group of men was the Mu Territory’s men who naturally used Mu Chen’s method to pass through the Black Poison Marsh. Although Mu Chen’s confidence gave Duan Wei and the others a little bit of confidence, they were still in a dangerous location. The feeling of how the slightest mistake would make the boat to capsize and turning them into the swamp’s mud did not make them feel good.

Compared to them being tensed, Mu Chen’s face was a lot calmer. However, his eyes still remained fixed at his surroundings. This tiny boat contains many experts of the Mu Territory. It they were to have any loss here, it would be a severe blow for the Mu Territory.

Mu Feng stood beside Mu Chen and had a seemingly calm face. However, it still carried a sense of seriousness. His entire body was tense and he would immediately act if he noticed that the situation was off.

As everybody on board was tensed up, the small boat gradually entered the depths. A little bit of movement appeared in the swamp and the swamp filled with poison gas shook. Then, numerous hideous Black Poison Crocodiles’ heads emerged in the swamp and slowly swam towards the boat.

Everybody on board had their eyes twitch when they saw this. Their heartbeat also accelerated.

Amongst the silent boat, dozens of Black Poison Crocodile were around the boat’s surroundings. The pair of scarlet eyes brutally scanned across the black mud.

Everybody immediately became alert.

Under Mu Chen’s control, the boat continued to maintain a slow and steady pace as it quietly crossed the swamp. Instead, Mu Feng and the others were able to feel relieved as the Black Poison Crocodiles did not attack them. From their scarlet eyes, they were able to see some sort of confusion in them.

It was evident that the Black Poison Crocodile, who weren’t highly intelligent, could vaguely sense that something was wrong, yet they were not able to figure out the reason of it.

The small boat eventually passed through the Black Poison Crocodile’s encirclement smoothly. However, everybody on board still did not dare to breathe. Only after half an hour later, when they finally saw the edge of the swamp, they finally spat out the foul smell that had been within their hearts.

“Heh, we really crossed over. The Little Lord is really amazing!”

The atmosphere on the boat suddenly relaxed. Duan Wei and the others had a happy expression and could not help but praise Mu Chen.

“Dad, how is this? I didn’t disgrace you, right?” Mu Chen secretly let out a sigh of relief and clapped his hands as he directed a smile at Mu Feng.

“You damn brat.”

Mu Feng scoffed at him. However, he could not hide the pleasure within his eyes. This boy had finally grown up and was able to help him share the burden. At least it wasn’t in vain for him to separate his father and mother over all these years.

“Little Mu really isn’t the same now.” Zhou Ye also let out an emotional sigh. Ever since Mu Chen came back from the Spiritual Road, he had changed too much. If he was an understanding boy with talent before, now, he was someone who could take up some of the responsibilities.

Mu Feng nodded his head slightly. His hand rubbed Mu Chen’s head and moved. He directly landed on the edge of the swamp and said: “We should also hurry; otherwise, we’ll be too far behind the Liu Territory.”


Duan Wei and the others all replied and came onto the shore one after another. After slightly reorganizing themselves, they kept alert and accelerated as they headed towards the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp.

The instant that Mu Feng and the others passed through the Black Poison Marsh and headed to the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp, a cold gaze looked down from above at them from a mountain cliff far away.

“These guys, they actually made it through the Black Poison Marsh safely! How is that possible?!” Liu Ming stared at the figures at the distant and immediately turned pale.

“It seems that the Mu Territory came prepared.” Liu Zong frowned. He originally planned on taking them easily after the Mu Territory’s men were thoroughly exhausted through their trip across the Black Poison Marsh. However, he never expected them to have passed through without any efforts.

A cold chill flashed through Liu Qingtian’s eyes. The more prepared the Mu Territory was, the greater the obstacle it was for them. These guys must be eliminated and the Nine Nether Bird must belong to the Liu Territory. As long as they have the Nine Nether Bird, the Liu Territory will become the overlord of the Northern Spiritual Realm. And he, Liu Qingtian, will not be a Territory Lord anymore, but instead the Lord of the Northern Spiritual Realm.

This raging ambition was burning within Liu Qingtian’s eyes.

“Big Brother, what should we do now?” Liu Ming asked. Based on this scene, the Mu Territory’s men would soon catch up to them.

“There’s no need to be impatient.” Liu Qingtian said with a smile: “How much time have we used to prepare for this plan? We had surveyed the Black Eerie Swamp since a long time ago. The Mu Territory still wants to fight against us recklessly without any preparations?”

Saying this, he stared at the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp again and a cold chill surged through his eyes again.

“Let’s go. At that place, I’ll prepare a big gift to welcome them.”

Because they were gradually entering the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp, Mu Feng and the others were getting more and more careful. In the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp, there were genuine traces of High Rank Spiritual Beasts. If they were targeted by these vicious individuals, it would be particularly troublesome. After all, Mu Feng and the others would still have to be careful about the Liu Territory’s men at all times.

The party quietly passed through the dark jungle. Even when they met some Spiritual Beasts, they did not dare to attack them. Instead, they would go around them and swiftly depart.

This sort of torture lasted for half an hour before Mu Feng and the others finally walked out from the jungle. After passing through the jungle, there was a black mountain cliff.  On the body of the mountain, there was an enormous crack that spread out from within it. It made it seem like a demon’s giant mouth.

Mu Feng and the others stared at the black mountain abyss. They frowned and their eyes carried a sense of seriousness.

“We are gradually approaching the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp…” Mu Feng said slowly: “The area in front should be considered the true Black Eerie Swamp. Inside this place, High Rank Spiritual Beasts exist.”

“High Rank Spiritual Beast.”

Duan Wei and the others turned solemn. These Spiritual Beasts are equivalent to Spirit Stage powerhouses.

“Along the way, we will not kill any Spiritual Beasts. The High Rank Spiritual Beasts here are all extremely bloodthirsty. A tiny smell of blood would be able to attract them over to look. If it attracts more than two High Rank Spiritual beasts, we would have to pay a great price.”

Mu Chen nodded. This place was a lot more dangerous than the Northern Spiritual Field.

“Let’s go, all of you should be careful.”

Mu Feng waved his hand and he led the way as he charged towards the dark crack on the body of the mountain. Behind him, Mu Chen, Zhou Ye and the others were cautiously following.

Because the sky was often shrouded by the deathly miasma, the deepest part of the Black Eerie Swamp was quite dark and damp. From time to time, a variety of muffled and bloodthirsty roars would come from the distance.

Mu Feng and the others cautiously walked in the shadows and avoided all places where traces of Spiritual Beasts appeared. Moreover, Mu Chen could feel the surging Spiritual Energy from Mu Feng and Zhou Ye’s bodies. It was evident that they were prepared to deal with any emergency situations.

However, they did not meet with any obstacles along the way. This smoothness made Duan Wei and the others quite relieved. According to the speed that they are going at, they would soon reach the deepest part of the Black Eerie Swamp.

But Mu Chen frowned instead of feeling relieved like the others. This smoothness made him feel uneasy instead.

Just when they turned once at the mountain path, Mu Chen exchanged gazes with Mu Feng. He could also see a sense of vigilance within the latter’s eyes. It was obvious that the latter had the same feeling.

As the mountain path turned, their visions widened up in front. It was a vast mountain space. This area was the intersection point between the three mountain peaks and was surrounding by very steep cliffs.

Mu Feng looked at this area and his eyes suddenly became serious. He lifted his head and remained fixed at a secluded location on a cliff. At that location, a few figures slowly emerged.

“Ohoho, Mu Feng, you’re really not that slow.” On the cliff, Liu Qingtian stared down at Mu Feng and the others with a smile.

“It’s the Liu Territory’s men, be careful!”

Seeing this, Zhou Ye let out a cry and a dense Spiritual Energy surged out from his body.

“Liu Qingtian, what are you planning to do?” Mu Feng let out a deep cry. The Liu Territory seemed to be completely aware of this Black Eerie Swamp, while they knew nothing about it. This undoubtedly made them to be quite passive.

“Seeing you be this careful, it really makes us not that happy. This is why I want to find you to help us out.”

Liu Qingtian smiled, but it was a hideous smile. Then, he waved his hand and the Liu Territory’s men threw a big jar down.


The jar burst open when it hit the ground and a black red liquid instantly spread out. The jar was actually filled with sticky, fresh blood. Moreover, with the fresh blood spreading out, a thick stench of blood emitted outwards.

Seeing this scene, Mu Feng and the others’ expressions became disgusted.

“The effects of just animal blood aren’t that great.” Liu Qingtian smelled the stench of the blood and a hint of coldness surged through his eyes again. He suddenly waved his sleeves and dozens of Liu Territory’s men were blasted out. Shrill screams emitted out instantly.


Liu Qingtian had an expressionless face and flicked his fingers. Numerous Spiritual Energy lights erupted out and fiercely bombarded the dozen individuals.


A deep cry rang out. The dozen individuals actually exploded in midair and a mist of blood poured down. This scene was extremely bloody.

Mu Feng and the others’ eyes turned quite gloomy and dark.


Just when their eyes turned gloomy, numerous roars finally rang out from the depths if the Black Eerie Swamp. The roars were filled with violent Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

High Rank Spiritual Beasts!

Mu Feng’s face finally turned completely pale. Liu Qingtian’s scheme was really ruthless!

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