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Chapter 55 – Plan

When they saw the smiling boy in front of them, Mu Feng and the others exchanged looks. A hint of joy and uncertainty appeared within their eyes. Even with their experiences, they were not able to deal with this. However, this boy could resolve it?

“Then let’s hear you explain it. If you say any nonsense, I won’t forgive you.” Mu Feng smiled and asked.

Mu Chen stared at the vast Black Poison Marsh and said, “Even birds will find it difficult to cross the Black Poison Marsh, once they step in, as it will be difficult for them to escape. It is impossible for one to leap through the sky filled with deathly miasma. However, if we were to have a floating object at the landing point, we would be able to progress forward. But soon after that, the numerous Black Poison Crocodile within the Black Poison Marsh would drag us down and rip us into shreds.”

“We all know about this.” Mu Feng chided.

“Actually, it’s not that difficult to pass through. In the Black Poison Marsh, what is able to freely pass through it?” Mu Chen asked with a smile.

“Freely pass through?” Mu Feng was slightly stunned and thought for a moment before saying: “The Black Poison Crocodile?”

“Yes. As long as we capture a few of the Black Poison Crocodile and use its crocodile skin as a boat, we will be able to pass through the Black Poison Marsh without being obstructed. Moreover, the smell emitting from the Black Poison Crocodile’s skin will help us avoid attacks from the other Black Poison Crocodiles.” Mu Chen said.

“It’s that simple?” Mu Feng and the others frowned. This method wasn’t too difficult to execute, but would it be able to pass through the Black Poison Marsh just with this? Although the Black Poison Crocodile’s skin would have some effect, it would not completely allow them to be safe.

“Ohoho, there is indeed another step.” Mu Chen smiled and replied. The Black Poison Crocodile wasn’t highly intelligent, but it wouldn’t be easy to muddle past them.

“As for the final step, we should get the earlier steps completed first. Dad, Uncle Zhou, we’ll leave the matter of killing the Black Poison Crocodiles up to you two.”

When everybody heard this, they all looked at each other. They weren’t sure what Mu Chen wanted to do.

“Boy, you better not be messing around!” Mu Feng gritted his teeth. As of now, they really didn’t have any ideas. Moreover, they could not afford delaying the time. Otherwise, they would be thrown far behind the Liu Territory.

“Zhou Ye, we will attack. The others should prepare making boats. Mu Feng waved his hand and made an order.


Although others were suspicious of the method that Mu Chen was talking about, they still immediately responded due to Mu Feng making it an order. They instantly spread out and began hacking at trees.

Mu Feng and Zhou Ye glanced at each other. A dense Spiritual Energy suddenly erupted out from within their bodies. Mu Feng’s body moved and appeared in the skies above the Black Poison Marsh. A fiery red Spiritual Energy swept out from behind him and directly formed into a flame bird. The flame bird’s body was filled with fiery red scales and had wings like a dragon. It seemed to be filled with power and an enormous Spiritual Energy pressure emitted out. Furthermore, it caused the Black Poison Marsh below to tremble and numerous Black Poison Crocodiles appeared out as the swamp shook. They stared in alert at the flame bird in the sky.


Zhou Ye was also suspended in the sky and a mountain-like, brown rhinocerous emerged behind him. This heavy weight seemed to cause even the air to vibrate.

The Spirit Stage powerhouses, who ingested a Spiritual Beast’s Soul Essence will all possess some of the distinct characteristics and strength that the Spiritual Beast had when it was alive. For example, Mu Feng’s Dragonfire Bird granted Mu Feng speed, while Zhou Ye’s Mountain Spirit Rhinoceros granted him pure strength.

Mu Chen stared at the majestic Spiritual Beasts behind Mu Feng and Zhou Ye. A burning passion could not help but pour out from his eyes. It seemed that the Spirit Stage was so powerful, that they far surpassed the Spiritual Rotation Stage.

Zhou Ye’s hand clenched into a fist and with a cry, a punch was blasted out. A deep yellow Spiritual Energy that seemed to be mixed with the power of being heavy like a mountain roared out like a pillar of light and bombarded into the swamp.


The earth seemed to have trembled at this moment. A deep crater was directly formed from the punch in the swamp. This enormous Spiritual Energy caused dozens of Black Poison Crocodiles to fly out into the sky due to the tremor.

Mu Feng also acted at this moment. The Dragonfire Bird behind his back let out a long roar at the sky. A violent and dense light of flame erupted out and directly wrapped around the dozens of Black Poison Crocodile.


As the Spiritual Energy wriggled around, the dozens of Black Poison Crocodile that had the strength of a Spiritual Rotation Stage strength instantly died. Then, Mu Feng waved his hand and threw them at the edge of the Marsh.

When Mu Feng and Zhou Ye attacked, a couple of men suddenly stopped at a certain cliff path that was slightly away from the Black Poison Marsh. It was the Liu Territory’s men that Mu Feng and the others met earlier.

“This Spiritual Energy fluctuation…”

Liu Zong’s footsteps suddenly paused and he stared at the distance: “It’s Mu Feng and Zhou Ye…It seems that they met some sort of trouble.”

“They should be trapped at the Black Poison Marsh. Ohoho, with Mu Feng and Zhou Ye’s strength, they could forcibly pass over. However, they will consume a large amount of strength. As for the others, they do not have the ability to pass through.”

Liu Qingtian, who was in front, said: “If that’s the case, they would basically be injured individuals when they reach the deepest part of the Black Eerie Swamp. Would they even have the courage to fight with us then?”

“Big Brother sure is thoughtful. If we have the chance at that time, we should not let them escape. Once the Mu Territory does not have Mu Feng and Zhou Ye, heh, won’t that territory be easily and freely obtained by us, the Liu Territory?” Liu Ming said with a sneer.

Liu Qingtian gave a faint smile and nodded. A tiny bit of killing intent surged through his eyes. If they have the opportunity, he naturally would not let it go. Right now, they only have to wait for the Mu Territory’s mentally tired and injured individuals at the deepest part of the Black Eerie Swamp.

“Mu Feng, you could have enjoyed a happy life in the Mu Territory, yet you do not want that. You just had to come and try to fight against my Liu Territory for the Nine Nether Bird. Then, don’t blame me…”


The earth trembled as Mu Chen stared at Mu Feng tossing over a dozen of Black Poison Crocodiles. He could not help but smack his lips. Every single Black Poison Crocodile had the strength of a Spiritual Rotation Stage Initial Phase. However, they were completely powerless against his dad and Uncle Zhou.

Mu Chen let out a sigh of praise. Then, he called a couple of the experts to peel off the crocodile skin from the Black Poison Crocodile. At the same time, a simple boat was already finished at the side. Mu Chen allowed them to wrap the crocodile skin around the tiny boats.

If they were to throw the tiny boat into the Black Poison Marsh, it would probably sink immediately. However, the Black Poison Crocodile’s skin had a bit of Spiritual Energy fluctuation in it when they were still alive. It was just enough to let the boat float on the swamp.

After everybody had finished doing this, eyes began to stare at Mu Chen again. Would this method really allow them to pass through the Black Poison Marsh?

“It’s your turn now.” Mu Feng looked at Mu Chen with a serious expression and said: “Don’t fool around. If trouble appears after we enter the Black Poison Marsh, there won’t be many that will be alive.”

“Dad, relax.”

Mu Chen smiled instead and pointed at the swamp: “Our primary problem is to avoid the attacks from these Black Poison Crocodiles. The Black Poison Crocodiles are Middle Rank Spiritual Beasts. But because they lived in the swamp for so long, their sensing abilities are extremely weak. Moreover, they do not have sharp eyes as well. As long as we are able to disrupt their vision, we would be able to mix in and pass over with the aura from these crocodiles’ skin.

“How would we disrupt their visions?” Mu Feng inquired with a frown.

“That’s all thanks to dad allowing me to learn about Spiritual Arrays over this period of time…” Mu Chen smiled and gripped his palms. Eight Spiritual Seals soon emerged at his fingertips.

“You are already able to arrange a Spiritual Array?” Seeing the Spiritual Seals at Mu Chen’s fingertips, Mu Feng and Zhou Ye were shocked. The other Mu Territory’s men were also surprised as they stared at Mu Chen.

“It’s only a tiny Spiritual Array.”

Mu Chen said with a smile: “I will be arranging a “tiny Spiritual Array” known as the “Soul Confusion Array”. It will be able to cause a slight confusion. Although it will not have much effect, it is perfect to use to deal with the Black Poison Crocodiles with low sensing abilities.”

Mu Feng and Zhou Ye exchanged glances at each other. They never imagined that Mu Chen’s understanding about Spiritual Beasts surpassed even veterans like them.

After saying this, Mu Chen ignored them and his face turned serious. He flicked his fingertips and the 8 Spiritual Seals vanished at the surroundings of the small boat. Then, everybody was able to faintly feel the air vibrating slightly and emitted out a strange fluctuation.

Mu Chen’s hand seals changed and finally let out a sigh of relief after a while. He wiped off the sweat from his forehead and said: “It’s done.”

Everybody hurriedly glanced over. They really saw that a faint mist emerged on the boat and enshrouded the majority of it away.

This cover would be broken immediately if a human were to see it. Fortunately, the Black Poison Crocodiles did not possess such high intelligence.

“There’s really more to the Little Lord than what meets the eye.” Duan Wei and the others could not help but let out a cry of admiration. They had always treated Mu Chen as a child before. However, now they discovered that this boy wasn’t that simple.

Although they weren’t sure whether or not this method would work this smoothly, they still had a little bit of confidence after seeing this.

“Why are you praising him so early? It’s only good if it works. Otherwise, we would have wasted all this effort and harmed others instead.” Although Mu Feng had traces of satisfaction appearing on his face, he did not let out any praises. This was done so that the boy wouldn’t be too proud of himself.

“Whether it is mule or a horse, you’ll know soon.” 1

Mu Chen pouted his mouth. He directly pushed the tiny boat into the Black Poison Marsh and was the first to jump onto it.

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