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Chapter 57 – Seizing an Opportunity


When the bloodthirsty roars rang out from a distance away, Mu Feng and the others had turned pale. They actually fell for the trap that the Liu Territory designed this time.

“Mu Feng, how is it? Do you like this big gift?” Liu Qingtian stared down from above at Mu Feng. The sounds of laughter had a bit of sarcasm within it: “Just how much time do you think we, the Liu Territory, had spent on this Nine Nether Bird plan? You think that you’re qualified to compete with us just because you earned a little bit of information?

“Forget it, since you came, you’ll have to pay a price. Just treat it as buying a lesson.”

Mu Feng stared coldly at Liu Qingtian. However, he did not plan on arguing with him. His eyes flashed and he was constantly thinking for a method. From the Spiritual Energy fluctuations within the roars earlier, it was definitely High Rank Spiritual Beasts. If they were entangled by these High Rank Spiritual Beasts, they would definitely be gravely injured and thoroughly consume their strength even if they manage to resolve it. At this moment, Liu Qingtian and the others would not give up on this opportunity.

However, if they were to leave now, they would follow the Liu Territory’s intentions. They would not be able to stop them from obtaining the Nine Nether Bird. And once the Liu Territory obtains the Nine Nether Bird, the Mu Territory would be in great danger.

In this situation, they were forced into a great dilemma.

“What should we do now?” Zhou Ye could not help but ask.

“We’ll first look at the situation.” Mu Feng whispered with a pale expression.

Beside him, Mu Chen also frowned. The bastards from the Liu Territory sure are disgusting and are always trying to trouble them.


While the Mu Territory’s men remained on alert, a beast’s roar resounded again from the distant. Then, everybody heard the sound of the winds breaking approaching quickly. Soon, three lights quickly charged over from the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp and appeared around the mountain cliffs.

“3 High Rank Spiritual Beast!” Seeing the three lights, Mu Feng could not help but grit his teeth.

Under everybody’s nervous gazes, the three lights swiftly revealed their huge bodies above the cliff. Their scarlet beast eyes were filled with bloodthirstiness and brutality.

On the left mountain cliff, there was a blood-red, giant lion. A pair of sharp, purple wings was on the back of the lion and it looked extremely majestic.

On the right mountain cliff, there was a completely black, giant beast and it seemed to be made of steel. The sunlight shone down on its body and made it extremely dazzling. It was as if it was a killing machine.

“Purple Winged Lion!”

“Blacksteel Beast!”

When Duan Wei and the others saw the two giant beasts, their faces changed and they exclaimed loudly. It really is a High Rank Spiritual Beasts. These two Spiritual Beasts probably possess the strength of a Spirit Stage Initial Phase.

“That is an “Aquablaze Crane!”

Mu Feng’s eyes swept pass the two High Rank Spiritual Beasts and landed on the final one. His eyes instantly turned serious. It was a huge black crane. However, the wings of the crane revealed different colors. One was a blue like the flowing water, while the other was fiery red like a flame. When they flapped, it was quite beautiful as it was like fire and water rushing out.

However, a deadly force was within this brilliance.

The Aquablaze Crane was the strongest amongst the three High Rank Spiritual Beasts. Its strength had reached the Spirit Stage Middle Phase!

“Mu Feng, it seems that you’re quite unlucky. Even the Aquablaze Crane was lured out. It seems that we’ll be able to witness a good fight between men and beast.” Liu QIngtian stared at this formation and could not help but laugh. Then, he waved his hand and his men secretly hid in the cliff. Right now, the High Rank Spiritual Beasts were lured by the blood below and were not aware of them.

“Assholes!” Zhou Ye gritted his teeth and his eyes were filled with fury.

“Territory Lord, what should we do? If we were to fight against the three High Rank Spiritual Beasts, we would probably suffer sneak attacks from the Liu Territory after we dealt with them.” Duan Wei said with a worried expression.

Mu Feng’s eyes turned grim. At this moment, the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts had already targeted them. If they were not going to fight, they must retreat. However, he really wasn’t willing to retreat now.

Seeing Mu Feng’s flashing eyes, Duan Wei and the others did not dare to disturb him. They could only stare at the 3 eagerly High Rank Spiritual Beasts as their palms began to fill with cold sweat.

Mu Chen also understood the situation that they were in. He frowned and an idea flashed through his head. Shortly after, he narrowed his eyes and a light seemed to have passed through the night-like black eyes of his.

“Dad.” Mu Chen said out quietly.

“Eh?” Mu Feng responded absently. He was showing a troublesome expression and had a headache due to thinking too much.

“Can Uncle Zhou and you block off these 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts?” Mu Chen asked.

Mu Feng glanced at him and nodded his head helplessly as he said: “But this way, your Uncle Zhou and I would both consume a great deal of strength. Once the two of us are weakened, Liu Qingtian would definitely attack.”

“You don’t have to kill these 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts. It’s fine as long as you block them off while allowing yourself to consume the least amount of energy.” Mu Chen said.

“Entering into a stalemate like that would not benefit us.” Mu Feng frowned and said: “If we cannot kill these 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts, we can only go away.”

“I have a plan to get rid of them.” Mu Chen hesitated as he spoke.

Mu Feng’s body trembled at this moment. He looked in surprise at Mu Chen. Beside him, Zhou Ye and the others also had an incredulous expression as they stared at Mu Chen.

These were 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts. They are comparable to Spirit Stage powerhouses. How is it possible for Mu Chen, who is merely a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase, to get rid of them?

“You don’t necessarily have to rely on your fists to get rid of them.” Mu Chen curled his lips and said with a smile: “There’s something calling seizing the opportunity. It’s something I enjoy doing the most. In the Spiritual Road, it saved me many times.”

“What are you ultimately planning to do?” Mu Feng could not help but ask. Could this boy really have a way of dealing with it?

“There’s no time to explain. You should stall them while I go prepare.” Mu Chen stared at the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts that would lunge over at any time. There was no time to explain it in detail, so he could only urge them to do it.

Hearing this, Mu Feng and Zhou Ye exchanged glances and gritted their teeth as they nodded. Right now, Mu Chen truly made them feel assured. Since he said this, then, he really should have some sort of plan.

“I’ll leave this place to you.”

Mu Chen did not say anything more and immediately turned around. He quickly vanished as he rushed towards the outside.

“Someone ran?” Seeing Mu Chen escape, Liu Qingtian, who was concerned about the movements of Mu Feng and the others, frowned and spoke.

“The one that ran away was Mu Chen. What is he planning to do? Is he planning to escape by himself?” Liu Mubai whispered in confusion. He did not know why, but he always felt a slight unease coming from Mu Chen.

“Forget it. We should not care about him. He is only a boy at the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. Without Mu Feng and the other’s protection, he probably wouldn’t be able to escape the Black Eerie Swamp.” Liu Qingtian was not too concerned. Compared to the pillars of the Mu Territory, Mu Feng and Zhou Ye, who would care about a measly Mu Chen?

Liu Mubai also nodded. He had indeed overestimated Mu Chen. How is it possible for him to reverse the situation they are in? What nonsense.


While they were talking, a dense Spiritual Energy erupted out from below. They saw Mu Feng and Zhou Ye charging out in the lead as they headed straight towards the 3 High Rank Spiritual Beasts staring at them.

Mu Feng stopped the Aquablaze Crane and the Blacksteel Beast. After all, he was at the Spirit Stage Late Phase. He would not be disadvantaged even if he was fighting against two by himself.

On the other hand, Zhou Ye was only at the Spirit Stage Initial Phase. He was neck and neck against the Purple Winged Lion.

This amazing confrontation instantly set off bursts of Spiritual Energy impacts. Every time they fought against each other, the air seemed to tremble.

Liu Qingtian let out a playful smile as he stared at the fierce battle. However, his eyes remained cold. Mu Feng, just attack with all your strength. Since you’re unwilling to leave, then leave your life behind here!

When the fierce battle broke out in the valley, Mu Chen quickly scurried out.  Then, he leapt onto a hill and his eyes looked at a vast black forest. He hands instantly turned over and a flute covered with engravings appeared in his hand.

This item was the Spirit Bug Flute that he had obtained before!

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