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Chapter 559 - Breaking the Array

"Thank you."

Thinking back, this was the first time that Mu Chen had heard Wen Qingxuan say such gentle words towards him, causing him to instantly gawk upon hearing her. In the past, regardless of the situation, Wen Qingxuan had always appeared like a phoenix standing high in the skies, with her beautiful eyes brimming with soul-stirring arrogance. This was especially true when faced against the opposite gender, when her strength and unwillingness to admit defeat would be displayed to the extreme.

Therefore, faced against this absolutely stunning figure before him, Mu Chen clearly wasn't feeling quite at ease.

Nevertheless, his stunned state didn't last too long, before noticing the familiar prideful smile appearing on Wen Qingxuan's exquisite face. Flinging a look at Mu Chen, she replied, "You're too disappointing to come over to do the 'hero saves the beauty' act with such little ability. Don't put yourself in the role of a hero."

Mu Chen could not help twitching the corner of his mouth upon hearing that. Staring at this discriminating girl with an ill gaze, an impulsion of wanting to arrange an array and tossing her into it seemed to gush within him.

Spotting the ill gaze coming from Mu Chen, the beautiful smile present on Wen Qingxuan's exquisite face grew even more sweet, before turning her eyes around. Looking straight towards the ashen and dark-faced Xiao Huang, the smile on her face started to slowly dissipate away, with a soul-chilling cold replacing it.

Looking at the chilling face of Wen Qingxuan, Xiao Huang could not help letting a shiver shake through his body.

Outside of the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array, everyone immediately cast sympathetic gazes towards Xiao Huang and his group, as they were able to clearly feel the flames of fury concealed underneath Wen Qingxuan's ice-cold face.

Looking towards Mu Chen, Wen Qingxuan spoke in a soft voice, "Can you let me handle him from here on, Mu Chen?"

Shooting a look at Wen Qingxuan, he was able to spot the dense flames of fury present within those soul-stirringly beautiful eyes. Nevertheless, he shook his head and replied, "This Spiritual Array's not simple. Since you're not an expert in Spiritual Arrays, it would consume an extreme amount of your strength, even if you were to break it. Therefore, you should conserve your strength to deal with those troubling matters that will happen after this. They won't be any simple matters to deal with."

Xiao Huang and his Academy Alliance were indeed extremely strong. Nevertheless, though, they weren't that strong to the level of daring to challenge Wen Qingxuan. However, from the looks of it, they had truly dared to take action. Mu Chen would absolutely not believe that anyone would say there wasn't anything strange in this place.

Mu Chen's words contained a deeper meaning within them, causing a tremble to shake through Wen Qingxuan's heart. Nevertheless, knitting her slender and crescent moon-like eyebrows, she slightly moved her red lips. Although Mu Chen was a Spiritual Array Master, she was extremely clear about how formidable Xiao Huang's "Heaven Binding Spiritual Array" was. From the looks of it, without talking about Mu Chen, even she would have to pay some price to break it apart.

Therefore, faced against such a formidable Spiritual Array, even Mu Chen would feel rather pained to deal with it. By the off-chance that she was to make a miscalculation, it would become a matter of them losing face. Although Wen Qingxuan would usually not give any face to Mu Chen, under the attentive gazes of everyone in the surroundings, she did not wish for Mu Chen to lose face in such a manner.

"Could it be that you're actually worried about me losing face?"

Mu Chen seemed to be able to spot the thoughts swirling within Wen Qingxuan's gaze, causing him to raise his eyebrows in response. Giving a laugh, he raised his head to look towards Xiao Huang in the distance while saying, "However, don't worry. Since I've said those words, I naturally have my assurance. Although his Heaven Binding Spiritual Array isn't weak, I'm afraid that he doesn't have the qualifications to trap me."

As he said those words, a smile surfaced on Mu Chen's face. This wasn't a smile of satisfaction, but arcs of confidence. One had to say that his smile possessed a considerable amount of charisma and charm.

"As if I care about you dying or not."

Looking at the smile present on Mu Chen's handsome face, a faint ripple appeared within Wen Qingxuan's beautiful eyes. Nevertheless, turning her gaze away upon spotting Mu Chen looking over, she slightly flung her red lips, before replying, "You males always love to show off."

"Okay, okay. Seeing that you've ran such a long way to help me, I won't snatch this from you. You better hurry up and deal with this lousy array. I'm already unable to endure wanting to give that fellow a heavy beating," said Wen Qingxuan as she waved her hand.

Hearing that, Mu Chen gave a laugh and stopped continuing to speak. Slowly walking forward, his gaze grew increasingly cold and fierce, before it locked right on Xiao Huang.

Seeing Mu Chen's actions, Xiao Huang instantly knew what Mu Chen wanted to do. This caused a shadow of fury to flash within his eyes as he sneered, "What's the matter? Having a person to support you has given you quite a bit of confidence, is it?"

"I'm just gunning for those 20,000 points." replied Mu Chen with a smile.

"I afraid that you don't have the ability to back that up!" Noticing the ice-cold expression present on Wen Qingxuan's exquisite face, dread and fear appeared within his eyes as he roared back in reply, "It's best that you two take action together. Wanting to break my array by yourself is nothing but nonsense."

An ambiguous smile appeared on Mu Chen's face as he looked towards Xiao Huang and replied back, "If you're afraid, just say so. There's no need to use such words to provoke us. However, fret not. I, myself, am more than enough to break your array."

"Such shameless boasting! I really want to see exactly what ability you have to backup your words!"

A faint sparkle appeared within Xiao Huang's eyes, while a chilling shadow of happiness flashed within. From the looks of it, their Academy Alliance already possessed no advantages left. If Mu Chen had collaborated with Wen Qingxuan, even with his "Heaven Binding Spiritual Array", it was simply impossible for him to hold them back. Fortunately, though, that rampant Mu Chen fellow had actually dared to make such a bold claim.

If he was able to capture Mu Chen, they would hold the advantage in this situation once again.

Mu Chen gave a laugh in response, naturally knowing what Xiao Huang was thinking in his mind. Nevertheless, without speaking anymore words, he slowly clenched his hands tightly. Black lightning started to abruptly gush from his body, crackling as they encased his entire body.

At this moment, exceedingly tyrannical energy fluctuations started to radiate from his body.

As the black lightning continued to condense together, they seemed to congeal into what seemed like a lightning liquid, before slowly flowing around the surface of Mu Chen's body. This caused Mu Chen to appear akin to a lightning god standing within the lightning, possessing extraordinary might and power.

At this moment, Xiao Huang could also sense the tyrannical fluctuations radiating from Mu Chen's body, causing him to narrow his eyes. Not daring to show anymore neglect, with a change of his hand seal, boundless Spiritual Energy howled from within the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array. As the Spiritual Energy-formed giant snakes appeared once again, they hissed and flicked their tongues while coldly glaring at Mu Chen.

Raising his head, Mu Chen extended his feet, before fiercely stomping the ground.


As the sole of his feet landed on the ground, spider web-like cracks immediately extended out rapidly. The heavy force present by his stomp appeared to have caused even the entire mountain to tremble.


As the ground shook, Mu Chen's figure explosively shot out in a spectre-like fashion, while the black lightning present on his body crazily sparkled. At the same time, his black and white fusion Spiritual Energy started to gush forth akin to a flood.

Following his successful crossing of his Spiritual Energy Disaster, the Spiritual Energy present within Mu Chen's body had undergone a drastic increase in quantity. Coupled with his fleshly body, the amount of power he could erupt with was something that was even comparable to experts in the realm of the first level of their Spirit Disaster.

Mu Chen activated his power to his maximum might. Not choosing to recklessly launch an assault, he shot straight towards a certain location of the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array. That was precisely one of the three possible locations where the central area might be.

Being a Spiritual Array Master, Mu Chen was naturally clear that forcefully breaking a Spiritual Array apart would be the most stupidest decision. Only by finding the central area of the Spiritual Array would one be able to break it in the easiest fashion.

"You truly are dreaming if you want to break the central area of my Heaven Binding Spiritual Array!"

Upon seeing Mu Chen's actions, Xiao Huang's expression instantly sunk, before turning into a sneer. With a wave of his sleeve, dozens of gigantic hundred-metre long Spiritual Energy-formed giant snakes split apart the air as they swept towards Mu Chen without the slightest bit of mercy.


Bringing along boundless Spiritual Energy, Mu Chen sent a fist rumbling out, causing black lightning to explode the air, before smashing against the bodies of those Spiritual Energy-formed giant snakes.

Bang! Bang!

As the lightning howled out, it instantly shattered multiple Spiritual Energy-formed giant snakes. However, those Spiritual Energies started to condense together in an extremely quick fashion. As they did so, they transformed back to their initial form of giant snakes before crazily rushing forth once again.


Astonishing shock waves wreaked havoc as they swept out from the collisions between the black lightning and the giant snakes, causing the entire mountain range to endlessly shake.

Seeing such a confrontation of attacks, Wen Qingxuan's eyebrows started wrinkling up. Being able to activate all of the Spiritual Energy within his Heaven Binding Spiritual Array, Xiao Huang was not one bit afraid of the possibility of him consuming his strength. However, why would Mu Chen choose such a head-on confrontation?

If this continued, it wouldn't do any good for Mu Chen.

Seeing Mu Chen shatter one of his Spiritual Energy-formed giant snakes after another, Xiao Huang was not one bit flustered. On the contrary, a sliver of ridicule surfaced within the depths of his eyes. He knew that if he continued this, Mu Chen would definitely suffer a defeat within his Spiritual Array.

"Since you're so happy killing my snakes, I'll add a bit more difficulty for you." Xiao Huang's ridiculing voice softly rang out, before proceeding to give a flick of his finger. In the next instant, Spiritual Energy suddenly condensed towards the flicked direction. Transforming into dozens of giant snakes, their giant tails starting to smash down akin to falling meteors.


Still not falling back, Mu Chen sent a fist out, rumbling heavily towards those Spiritual Energy-formed giant snakes. In the next instant, frightening Spiritual Energy fluctuations exploded, the shock waves instantly formed sending him flying back. Such was the impact that signs of disorder even appeared in the Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from his body.

Seeing this, the faces of Xu Huang and the others standing outside of the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array grew taut.

"What a fellow, he doesn't know the immensity of the heavens and earth!" Seeing this, Xiao Huang could not help deepening the chilling smile present at the corner of his mouth.


However, this smile didn't continue for long as his pupils furiously contracted. That's because he noticed Mu Chen making a sudden turn around, rushing straight towards the western side of his Spiritual Array. Spiritual light radiated from the air present there, with array patterns being concealed behind the bright and resplendent spiritual light.

That place didn't seem eye-catching at all. However, Xiao Huang's expression instantly turned ugly, while shock and horror gushed from his eyes.

That's because Xiao Huang knew that that was the place where the true central area of his Spiritual Array lied. However, he never expected Mu Chen to have actually long discover where its location was. He had purposefully launched a fierce offensive in another direction for the sake of lowering Xiao Huang's guard.


While Xiao Huang's face violently contorted, he hastily activated the might of his Spiritual Array, only for giant Spiritual Energy-formed snakes to instantly rush in a crazily pursuit of Mu Chen.

However, relying on the element of surprise, Mu Chen had already appeared before the array patterns sparkling with spiritual light. In the next instant, an ominous glowing pillar rushed towards the sky from the top of his head.

As a gigantic demonic pillar appeared in a flash, Mu Chen gave an illusionary hug before him. Without the slightest bit of hesitation, he grasped onto the demonic pillar, before violently swinging it down on the spiritual light below.

Seeing this, Xiao Huang's face instantly turned deathly pale.

As he waved the demonic pillar down, Mu Chen's indifferent-sounding voice rang out alongside whooshing sounds of air being split apart.

"After suffering losses two times in a row, you truly are extraordinarily stupid."

"I'm sorry. From the looks of it, those 20,000 points are mine now."


Bringing about an ominous aura that blotted the skies, the demonic pillar rumbled down, before finally heavily smashing on the top of the array patterns glowing with spiritual light.

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