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Chapter 558 - Rescuing the beauty


When Wen Qingxuan's beautiful figure appeared within the Spiritual Array, clamoring noises instantly erupted across the entire region. Everyone's gaze shot over, only to see what seemed to be glowing Spiritual Energy lines wrapped around her body. Those glowing lines appeared to be binding her, causing her to be unable to extricate herself.

However, at this very moment, those glowing spiritual lines that were originally shining extremely bright had become much more weak and dim.

Present behind Wen Qingxuan's back were a dozen other figures, all of them having the appearance of lovable and dainty young girls. Clearly, they were the group members of the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy, 

Gazes converged on the body of Wen Qingxuan. When everyone noticed the drastically weakened glowing Spiritual Energy lines, a wave of shock suddenly gushed from their hearts, before instantly turning their eyes towards Mu Chen…

Only at this did they realise exactly what Mu Chen's plan was! He had actually made the latter purposefully use all of those methods to force Xiao Huang to activate the entire might of his Spiritual Array to deal with him.

That's because not only was he trapped within the Spiritual Array, Wen Qingxuan and the others from the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy were trapped in it, too.

Clearly, Xiao Huang had wanted to trap Wen Qingxuan. To accomplish that, he would require to expend an extreme amount of energy to suppress the latter. However, with that power being forced to the point to be used to deal with Mu Chen, it was inevitable that Xiao Huang wouldn't be able to attend to Wen Qingxuan. This had allowed for the bindings around Wen Qingxuan to become weak.

What kind of person was Wen Qingxuan? The former Numero Uno of the point rankings, and the current Ranked 3. The strength she possessed was on a level such that even the Numero Uno on the rankings, Ji Xuan would not dare to neglect one slight bit. This time, a large reason why she could be trapped was absolutely due to Xiao Huang's scheme to use her group members to bind her. If not, there was no one that would believe that Xiao Huang would truly be able to deal with Wen Qingxuan by himself.

Therefore, once Wen Qingxuan had broken out of the array, the incoming situation from Xiao Huang would definitely be considerably tragic.

Clearly, from the very beginning, Mu Chen already had such a plan in mind.


A sliver of fury as well as heart-palpitating fear finally gushed from the cold and indifferent face of Xiao Huang. This move by Mu Chen's was truly somewhat vicious, seemingly destroying all of his footing in an instant.

He seemed to be able to clearly sense the cold gaze shooting over from Wen Qingxuan's beautiful eyes. Clearly, the latter's hatred for him was not one bit weak at all.

Feeling that, Xiao Huang shot a fierce glare at Mu Chen, before changing his hand seal in haste, wanting to activate the strength of the Heaven Binding Array to trap Wen Qingxuan once again. After all, compared to her, it was easier to deal with Mu Chen.

However, at this moment, most of the Spiritual Energy of his Spiritual Array had been trapped by the Spiritual Arrays arranged by Mu Chen. Even though they were battered to the brink of collapse, Xiao Huang wasn't able to instantly break them apart.

As Xiao Huang hastily activated his Spiritual Energy, Wen Qingxuan shot a chilling glare towards him with her beautiful eyes. In the next instant, with a move of her soul-stirring figure, bright and resplendent golden light started to blossom, while a clear cry of a phoenix seemed to resound across the horizon from within her body.

As the golden light blossomed, the snake-like golden lines present around Wen Qingxuan's alluring figure started to rapidly dissolve away.

Seeing this, Xiao Huang's face instantly became abnormally ugly, before hastily changing his hand seals. In the next instant, the Spiritual Energy trapped within Mu Chen's Spiritual Arrays started to grow even more rampant as they battered within their prisons. At this very moment, Xiao Huang needed to activate the might of his Spiritual Array once again.

Bang! Bang!

However, after splitting up and trapping the Spiritual Energies of the Heaven Binding Array with much difficulty, how could Mu Chen let Xiao Huang recondense the might of his Spiritual Array that easily? With a sneer, Mu Chen activated his Spiritual Arrays, trying his best to drag the time on. Only by doing so would he be able to let Wen Qingxuan smoothly extricate herself from her bindings. 

With the two people activating the might of their respective Spiritual Arrays, they were deadlocked for a short amount of time.

Under this deadlock, Xiao Huang's face grew even more ugly.

"Xiao Huang!"

As the glowing Spiritual Energy lines around Wen Qingxuan's body grew even thinner and thinner, Xiao Huang finally reached his limit, causing him to send a low roar.

Upon hearing that low roar, a chilling glint instantly flashed within the eyes of the cold and fierce-looking Xiao Wang by his side. Clenching his hand, a fiery-red horn bow appeared in his hand. Instantly cocking it, he aimed the arrowhead straight at Mu Chen. As flames started to rise on the arrow tip, extremely fierce and scorching-hot fluctuations started to radiate from it, causing it to appear as if they wanted to shatter the space before them.


However, without waiting for Xiao Wang to draw his bow, an incomparably fierce sword light suddenly rushed towards the sky. In the next instant, a shadow sword was condensed from the sword light, fiercely chopping down right on the head of Xiao Wang.


As the shadow sword chopped down, even the air beneath it was sliced into two. Sensing the sharp and incisiveness that couldn't be blocked, the faces of everyone instantly changed.

Xiao Huang's eyes slightly narrowed as his figure retreated. Tilting the arrow tip horizontally, he relaxed his fingers, instantly sending a fiery-red shadow arrow howling out. As rampant Spiritual Energy encased its body, it shattered the air apart as it travelled.


As the shadow sword heavily smashed against the shadow arrow, rampant shock waves instantly exploded, with the surrounding mountain peaks shaken to the point of collapse. On the ground, deep fissures were carved on the earth below by the Sword Aura that blossomed.

As the two attacks gradually dissipated, a dark expression appeared on Xiao Wang's face as he raised his head to look at the absolutely beautiful young girl standing not far in the air. At this moment, a long sword rippling with light was present in her hand, while a chilling shadow appeared within the pair of ice-cold pupils as they locked onto him.

"The previous rule does not allow for you to take action."

"You don't have the qualifications to care about whether I take action or not," replied Xiao Wang with a sneer, his gaze brimming with evil intent as he stared right at Luo Li. Although the latter had an absolutely beautiful appearance, something that would cause the hearts of the majority of males to stir, Xiao Wang still remained indifferent towards her. On the contrary, his hands clenched tightly around the fiery-red bull horn bow in his hands. Flames start to bunch up on its body as scorching-hot Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiated from it. Clearly, this fiery-red bull horn bow was a rather powerful Spiritual Artifact.

Shooting an indifferent look at him, Luo Li didn't choose to give a reply. Slowly raising the Luo God Sword in her hand, extremely powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations started to slowly sweep out. Water-like rippling patterns started to surface on the body of the Luo God Sword, while Sword Aura condensed on its edges, lengthening and contracting indefinitely.

Everyone was able to sense the fierce fluctuations radiating from Luo Li's body. Faced against it, the faces of quite a few experts could not help changing as they stared in shock at Luo Li. At this moment, they were able to sense a dense flavor of danger radiating from the latter's body.

At this moment, Xiao Wang also could not help puckering his face as he tightly clenched the giant fiery-red bow in his hands. Green veins started to squirm along his arm as he tightly stared at Luo Li. However, at the very end, he didn't take action, as he could feel a great threat coming from the latter.

Not only did the young girl before him possess an absolutely beautiful appearance, her strength was equally terrifying…

"Truly worthy of Queen Luo."

On the mountain peak in the distance, Wu Ling tightly stared at the elegant figure of Luo Li as he spoke, a look of admiration surfacing on his delicate-looking face. At this moment, even he could faintly feel piercing pain on his skin, caused by the incomparably fierce Sword Aura quietly roaming from the latter.

"She's extremely formidable," said Wu Yingying as she cast her little mouth to the side. Although she had a haughty and arrogant character, faced against such an outstanding figure like Luo Li, it was inevitable for her to not have taken much confidence in herself.

"Haha. During the final point of the Spiritual Road, if not for her purposefully aiming for Ji Xuan, Wen Qingxuan might not have been able to obtain the championship," said Wu Ling with a smile. "She's an astonishingly talented girl. In the future, even within the Great Thousand World, her splendor would radiate far and wide. That fellow, Mu Chen's truly lucky with women."

As he reached the end of his words, even with Wu Ling's character, he could not help sighing in admiration. After all, girls like Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan were truthfully too outstanding.

"A toad can't always eat the flesh of swans," snorted Wu Yingying softly as she gave not the slightest bit of care for Mu Chen's face.

"Mu Chen's not a toad…"

Wu Ling said with a smile. Looking at the thin figure standing within the Heaven Binding Array, he muttered, "How can a person that's able to cause fear and dread in Ji Xuan be normal? Haha, this is truly getting interesting. When the two fellows who absolutely can't tolerate each other at all were to bump into each other once again, who knows which one would be able to laugh at the very end."

"That fellow, Ji Xuan's someone that's not good to deal with."

Wu Ling's forehead slightly wrinkled as he spoke about Ji Xuan, with a rarely seen solemness, as well as dread surfacing on his delicate-looking face.

Bang! Bang!

Incomparably rampant Spiritual Energy wreaked havoc within the Heaven Binding Array, causing more and more cracks to appear on the small-scale Spiritual Arrays, due to the increasing assault. Being of quite low ranks, faced under such rampant Spiritual Energy shock waves, the small-scale Spiritual Arrays weren't able to endure for much longer.

This was something that Mu Chen was clear about. Therefore, he had an extremely simple plan, which was to do his best to drag on as long as possible to allow Wen Qingxuan and the others to smoothly extricate themselves from their bindings.

"Break for me!"

A malevolent expression appeared on Xiao Huang's face. With a change of his hand seal, a fierce roar rang from his mouth, rumbling like the crack of thunder.


Rampant Spiritual Energy gushed out like a fierce tiger leaving the mountain, something which the small-scale Spiritual Arrays could no longer endure anymore. With a final bang, they were forced to the point of exploding apart. Instantly, astonishingly vast Spiritual Energy swept out like a tsunami, before condensing together once again.

Bang! Rumble.

A storm started surging once more within the Heavenly Binding Array as the frightening Spiritual Energies started to condense together. Faced against this, even Mu Chen could not help turning solemn. A Rank 5 Combination Diagram was not easy to deal with.

However, it's fortunate that he had already achieved his goal.

Raising his head, Mu Chen looked into the depths of the Heaven Binding Array to see Wen Qingxuan, with a cold expression on her beautiful face as she extended her jade-like hand. Grabbing onto her golden war spear, she took a heavy step forward. As golden light swept out, the glowing Spiritual Energy lines surrounding her alluring figure instantly melted away completely.

As the glowing Spiritual Energy lines dissipated away, the Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from Wen Qingxuan instantly increased drastically. Extending her palm, she patted with lightning speed towards Pin'er, Le'er and the other girls present behind her.

Bang! Bang!

As gales smashed against their bodies, golden light flashed, completely shattering the glowing lines present around their alluring figures. Furthermore, the power from her blows had also sent them flying, shooting right out of the radius of the Spiritual Array's boundary.


Seeing this, Xiao Huang's face instantly turned dark, before viciously glaring towards Mu Chen. As an ominous glint flashed within his eyes, he gave a wave of his sleeve, causing all those rampant Spiritual Energies that were about to trap Wen Qingxuan again to condense together. Transforming into a dozen Spiritual Energy-formed giant snakes, they rapidly shot towards Mu Chen at lightning speed.

Since Wen Qingxuan has already broke through her bindings, let's capture Mu Chen and make him a hostage.

Seeing that Xiao Huang had changed his target to him, Mu Chen's eyes instantly contracted. With a clench of his hand, the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear appeared in a flash. With a shake of its body, the spear explosively shot out. As it transformed into a demonic dragon, it smashed head-on against the incoming giant snakes.

Bang! Bang!

Astonishing Spiritual Energies wreaked havoc as they swept out like a storm. The demonic dragon that transformed from the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear was sent flying back, transforming back into its spear form as it headed back to Mu Chen.

Extending his hand to grab it, a violent tremble shook through Mu Chen, causing him to fly back. In this furious move by Xiao Huang, he had seemingly activated the entire might of his Heaven Binding Array. In a head-on confrontation, even Mu Chen was forced into a disadvantage.

As Mu Chen shot back, before he could forcibly stabilise himself, a delicate fragrance gushed from his back, before he felt a soft, boneless jade-like hand pressing down on his back, helping him completely defend against the impact that had sent him flying.

Panning his head around, he immediately noticed the beautiful face of Wen Qingxuan that was able to cause the downfall of countries. Shrugging his shoulders in helplessness, he said "This doesn't seem right. It's clearly me, the hero, saving the beauty. How did the roles change?"

Hearing that, Wen Qingxuan could not help letting a smile surface on her originally ice-cold face as she raised an eye towards Mu Chen. However, compared to the haughtiness and arrogance that was usually present, it was replaced by a somewhat gentle shade.

Hesitating for a moment, a pinkish shade appeared on her exquisite face, while her red lips slightly parted, allowing for her voice to ring out.

"Thank you."

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