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Chapter 560 - Hidden Cards


The gigantic demonic pillar brought about a billowing Baleful Aura as it violently smashed against the Spiritual Array sparkling with dazzling spiritual light. As the two smashed against each other, astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations instantly swept out. 

Bang! Bang!

As fluctuations swept out, even the air around it was sent exploding apart, sending deep muffled rumbles ringing continuously within people's ears.

Spiritual Energy crazily gushed out within the Spiritual Array as it attempted to defend against the assault from the demonic pillar. However, due to it having used the absolute might of its strength to attack Mu Chen earlier, it was unable to muster its entire might to muster its defenses.

A fervent sparkle flashed within Mu Chen's eyes as he sensed a boundless attack crazily sweeping out from behind him. Fueled by his rage, Xiao Huang had activated all of the might of his Spiritual Array in an attempt to launch an attack towards him.

However, at this very moment, Mu Chen clearly couldn't fall back. If he did, the Heaven Binding Array would fall into the complete control of Xiao Huang once again. After suffering the earlier losses, the latter would absolutely activate a gigantic amount of Spiritual Energy to protect the central area of his Spiritual Array. When that happens, it would undoubtedly add difficulty for Mu Chen if he still wanted to break the Spiritual Array.

Therefore, at this very moment, he absolutely couldn't get frightened into retreating from the terrifying attack coming from his back.

As an ominous glint flashed across Mu Chen's eyes, a Baleful Aura started to crazily condense within their depths. A low roar fiercely rang out from his mouth, only for the gigantic body of the Great Meru Demonic Pillar to inflate by a notch. Asurlike roars ringing from the purgatory seemed to resound from it as killing intent gushed from it, blotting the skies.

"Break for me!"

An explosive roar rang from Mu Chen's mouth like the roar of thunder as the Great Meru Demonic Pillar smashed down once again.


As Mu Chen activated his Lightning God's Physique to the extremes, he had also pushed the circulation of the Spiritual Energy within his body to the very limit. In fact, he had also pulled out the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. Using such ab ominous weapon to launch such a frightening attack, even the Heaven Binding Array would not to be able to endure it. As the demonic pillar descended, cracks started to extend like a spiderweb.

At this moment, the Heaven Binding Array was on the verge of collapse.


At this moment, Xia Huang could no longer remain calm, his face turned ashen as he roared in a fierce voice. With a change of his hand seal, a mouthful of blood essense spewed from his mouth.

As this mouthful of blood essense shot out, the dozens of gigantic Spiritual Energy-formed snakes chasing behind Mu Chen suddenly raised their heads and howled towards the skies, before devouring that blood essence. In the next instant, a bloody light erupted from their bodies, before starting to fuse together at an astonishing rate. As spiritual light blossomed, a colossal snake approximate a thousand metres long appeared.

As the gigantic snake hovered in the air, its shadow enveloped a radius spanning a couple dozen hundred metres. Under it's shadow, even the giant mountain peak started to tremble. Clearly, Xiao Huang and been forced to a point of complete fluster by Mu Chen.


As the colossal snake took shape, it flung its gigantic tail about while it penetrated through space. Akin to a fierce divine spear that was impossible to block, it was thrust straight towards the back of Mu Chen at lightning speed. 

Such speed caused others to feel unfeigned palpitations in their hearts.

Upon seeing this, a faint change appeared on Luo Li's exquisite face. Tightly clenching her Luo God Sword, she took a half-step forward.

However, just as she did that move, Xiao Wang, standing not far away, immediately drew his giant flaming bow. Scarlet flames rose at the arrow tip, causing distortions in the surrounding space.

He aimed the tip of his arrow right towards Luo Li, but he did not release the bowstring. However, once the latter took any strange actions, he would immediately take action to obstruct her.

Although Xiao Wang knew how extremely formidable the girl, Luo Li, standing before him was, he still possessed some confidence in his capability to stop the latter if he was to take complete action.

Although she shot a frosty look at Xiao Wang with her beautiful eyes, Luo Li did not take action. Rotating her eyes around, she looked straight right into the storm-filled Spiritual Array.


The pressure that came from behind was similarly detected by Mu Chen. However, not a single bit of panic was present in his eyes. On the contrary, it was filled with a chilling shadow.


Staring at the Spiritual Array before him, the extension of the cracks grew increasingly rapid.


The whooshing sounds ringing from behind rang ear-piercingly within Mu Chen's ears, whilst piercing pain faintly radiated from his back.

Everyone immediately raised their attentiveness, their eyes not even blinking one bit. 


Taking a half-step forward, a chilling glint sparkled within his black eyes as the demonic pillar violently descended.

Crack! Crack!

The Heaven Binding Array, which had already reached its limits, was finally unable to endure such an assault. As the cracks exploded apart, a clear sound finally extended and perfused across the entire Spiritual Array at an astonishing rate.


As spiritual light explosively blossomed, the Spiritual Energy instantly exploded apart.

Incomparably powerful Spiritual Energy shock waves swept out like a hurricane, while a violent tremble shook through Mu Chen's body.


Exceedingly fierce whooshing sounds rang from behind Mu Chen's back, the robes behind him quietly split apart. However, just as the sharp divine spear-like snake tail had shot right at Mu Chen's back, it abruptly froze, while the boundless Spiritual Energy originally present in it immediately dissipated away. At this instant, the colossal snake exploded apart, transforming into glowing Spiritual Energy dots that blotted the skies.

At that instant the colossal snake, which was originally enveloping and about to suppress Mu Chen, had instantly dissipated completely. The glowing dots that blotted the skies descended from around him, appearing exceedingly magnificent.

This spectacle caused everyone present to let out uncontrollable breaths of relief, as if a heavy weight was lifted off their shoulders. Although the one that had received the attack wasn't them, the suppressive feeling from the depths had made them somewhat unendurable.

While they took breaths of relief, everyone looked at the thin figure standing within the glowing dots that blotted the skies. Exclamations of admiration surfaced within the eyes of quite a few people. Who would have guessed that Mu Chen would actually rely on his own strength alone to destroy the Spiritual Array that was thorny for even someone like Wen Qingxuan…

"Truly worthy of the Blood Calamity."

Standing in the distance as he took in this spectacle, a faint smile appeared on the face of Wu Ling. Looking at the figure of the youth, a heavy regard brimmed within his eyes. When Mu Chen was ousted halfway during the Spiritual Road, it was undoubtedly an extremely heavy blow towards him, as this had seemingly stopped the one-plus year of training that was extremely important to him. In the eyes of people with talent like him, this year of bitter training was more than sufficient to toss other people far, far behind.

With Ling was originally worried that Mu Chen would receive a serious injury from doing so. If that happened, it was inevitable that he would lose an opponent that he treated with high regard. However, from the looks of it, in the end, Mu Chen's truly the Mu Chen he knew…

"Looks like there will indeed be a good show to watch in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament," muttered Wu Ling. As of now, there was no one that could obstruct the path of Ji Xuan. Similarly though, Mu Chen's momentum wasn't weak. With the extremely deep grudges and grievances between the two of them, there would definitely be a huge battle if they were to bump into each other. Furthermore, if these two similarly dazzling people were to bump into each other, even people like Wu Ling would feel curious in anticipation to the spectacle that would happen. 

"However, the matter today might not be that simple. Other than that fellow, who could have such a way to cause those few fellows to take action together?"

A deep intent glowed within the eyes of Wu Ling as he swept his gaze out towards a few locations. After quietly pausing for a moment, an ambiguous glow sparkled within his eyes.


Within the air, Xiao Huang stared blankly as his Spiritual Array broke apart, while paleness gushed from his face. Instantly, a mouthful of blood fiercely spewed out as he staggered back multiple steps, the Spiritual Energy within his body appeared to be in much chaos and disorder.

Clearly, he had suffered quite a bit of injury due to his Spiritual Array being broken.

"That's not possible…" Xiao Huang didn't bother about the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth, only blankly looking at the broken Spiritual Array before him. At this moment, a feeling of inconceivably gushed from his eyes. He was somewhat unable to believe that his powerful Spiritual Array, which was more than sufficient to trap an expert of First Grade Spirit Disaster to death, would actually be destroyed by a person with a cultivation merely at the realm of Spiritual Energy Disaster.

"From the looks of it, your Spiritual Array isn't as strong as you think." Turning his body around, Mu Chen looked right towards the pale-faced Xiao Huang as he spoke with a faint smile.

Xiao Huang locked his stare right at Mu Chen, his eyes appearing fierce and malicious akin to a wolf. However, as of now, an additional shadow of extreme dread was present within. With his Spiritual Array that he had meticulously arranged being broken, he was forced to truly regard Mu Chen with seriousness.

"Since you've lost, according to our bet, you should hand over your 20,000 points honestly," said Mu Chen as he sent a smile towards Xiao Huang.

Hearing that, Xiao Huang's face slightly twitched as a cold and dark shadow appeared within his eyes.

"From the looks of it, you indeed aren't willing to admit your defeat." Seeing Xiao Huang's actions, Mu Chen shrugged his shoulders in slight helplessness. Panning his head across to Wen Qingxuan, he said, "I'll leave the rest to you."

Hearing that, Wen Qingxuan nodded her ice-cold face. Turning her beautiful eyes towards Xiao Huang, her jade-like hands tightly gripped her golden war spear, while faint killing intent flashed within her long and narrow phoenix-like eyes.

Seeing this, Xiao Huang's face instantly changed as he retreated two steps back, his eyes brimming with vigilance and dread.

Seeing Xiao Huang's reaction, Mu Chen could not help shaking his head, his voice cold and indifferent as he said, "Xiao Huang, is there any need to act like that? Take out whatever method you guys have prepared. Do you truly think we're here to watch a show of you hiding and concealing your hand?"

Upon hearing Mu Chen's words, Xiao Huang's pupils finally contracted, while the vigilance on his face started to slowly dissipate away. Staring at Mu Chen, only after quite a while did he start to slowly say, "How did you sense it?"

"That's because you guys aren't as strong as you think. The lot of you don't possess the qualifications to challenge us just by yourselves," replied Mu Chen in a calm voice.

"Haha. Truly worthy of the Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road, Mu Chen," said Xiao Huang with a sneer. Panning his head around he stared right at Mu Chen, before saying, "Nevertheless, you truly have quite some courage, actually daring to head over even though you know that this isn't a good place to rush into."

The only reply Mu Chen gave was to continue staring indifferently at Xiao Huang.

Seeing Mu Chen's gaze, the smile at the corner of Xiao Huang's mouth grew somewhat chilling. With a wave of his hand, he said, "Gentlemen, since you've been discovered by him, what's the use of hiding anymore?"

Hearing that, the various groups present in this region started to exchange glances with each other.

"Haha. I originally assumed that we wouldn't have the chance to take action. Indeed worthy of the Bloody Calamity." While the various groups were in doubt, a faint laughing voice finally rang out from a certain location in the sky.


Countless gazes immediately shot over, only to see spiritual light suddenly surface from a mountain peak. In the next moment, figures started to appear one after another under the gazes of everyone present.

Upon spotting the faces of those figures, the faces of seemingly everyone instantly contorted as shock appeared in their eyes.

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