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Chapter 557 - Neglecting one while attending the other

The three Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Arrays sparkled with dazzling brilliance as they floating around Mu Chen. Wave-like Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiated from them, unexpectedly squeezing much of the glue-like Spiritual Fog in the surroundings to scatter apart. At this moment, Mu Chen appeared to have an area carved out especially for him alone by the three Spiritual Arrays that was helping him resist against the "Heaven Binding Spiritual Array".

Upon seeing this spectacle, the people present outside of the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array could not help exclaiming in admiration. Who would have expected that Mu Chen would actually be able to arrange three Spiritual Arrays that possessed rather powerful might in such an astonishingly quick manner?

Darkly staring at Mu Chen, who was under the protection of the three Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Arrays, Xiao Huang finally said after a while with a sneer, "Do you think that you'll be able to contend against my Heaven Binding Spiritual Array with your three Spiritual Arrays? Could you be that naïve to believe that you'll be able to rely on quantity to supplement the disparity in the ranks between our Spiritual Arrays?"

Although Mu Chen's move was somewhat unexpected by Xiao Huang, it didn't cause him to feel flustered. After all, although the three Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Arrays were quite powerful, he was able to sense that they had yet to reach the realm of a Rank 5 Spiritual Array. If Mu Chen believed that he would be able to break his Rank 5 combination Diagram just like that, he would truly be indulging in a fantasy.  

"How will anyone know without trying it out?"

Replied Mu Chen with a faint smile, while an incisive shadow rapidly condensed within his black pupils.

"Oh really?" Shooting a look at Mu Chen, Xiao Huang abruptly changed his hand seal, instantly causing spiritual light to blossom from the gigantic Spiritual Array. In the next instant, Spiritual Energy-formed giant snakes rapidly condensed from it, with the quantity being close to ten times the number that was previously formed. Upon their appearance, those Spiritual Energy-formed giant snakes instantly opened their giant maws as they started to crazily devour the Spiritual Energy present in the three Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Arrays arranged by Mu Chen.

Clearly, he had planned to devour all of the Spiritual Energy within Mu Chen's Spiritual Array's to cause them to lose their Spiritual Energy support. This way, those Spiritual Arrays would dissipate and scatter apart, no matter how strong or powerful they were.

Seeing this, Mu Chen extended his finger and gave a light tap of the space before him.


The three Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Arrays started to revolve. As the black demonic lotuses revolved, astonishingly rampant Spiritual Energy fluctuations instantly swept out.


A soft roar suddenly rang from Mu Chen's mouth, before the black lotuses within the three Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Arrays transformed into rays of black light and shot out. They didn't shoot straight towards a single location, instead splitting up into three directions. Although there were bright and resplendent spiritual lights present in all three of these directions, by relying on his Heart's Eye, Mu Chen was able to sense an emptiness present there underneath this brilliance.

Clearly, Xiao Huang was purposely attempting to conceal something. If Mu Chen had guessed correctly, those three points should be where the central area of the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array was. However, there should only be one central area of a Spiritual Array. But, from the looks of it, there were now three. Clearly, this was something done purposefully by Xiao Huang, attempting to use such a method to mislead the probing of others towards his Spiritual Array.

Being real or faux was the hardest thing to get right.

However, he never imagined that those three suspected points for the central area had all been successfully probed out by Mu Chen. Although the latter was unable to differentiate which was the one where the real central area was present in, it did not matter as the latter had sent his attacks to every one of them!

Upon seeing this, Xiao Huang's face instantly contorted, with shock and astonishment flashed within the depths of his eyes. This Mu Chen's indeed hard to deal with. He has actually found out the central area of the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array that I've spent so much time concealing! The Heart Eye State's indeed extremely formidable.

"However, wanting to break my array's central area is not as easy as you think!"

As a dark expression filled Xiao Huang's face, he waved his sleeves, only for the Spiritual Energy-formed giant snakes to howl one after another from within. Rushing at lightning speeds, they heavily smashed against the glow from the beams of light formed by the black lotuses.

Boom! Boom!

Waves of rampant Spiritual Energy shock waves swept out. Faced against the battering from the Spiritual Energy-formed giant snakes, the speed of the black lotus-formed beams of light immediately became slower, with the Spiritual Energies present within them rapidly melting away. Although the dual lotuses from the Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Arrays were formidable, compared to the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array, a Rank 5 Combination Diagram, there was still some disparity present.


Looking calmly at the black lotuses, which were not hard pressed to gain any ground, a faint glint flashed within Mu Chen's eyes, before abruptly clenching his hands.


As his voice softly rang out, minute glowing cracking patterns instantly appeared on the surface of the six lotuses, before growing larger and increasing in number. Finally, reaching their limits, the lotuses furiously exploded apart under the dazzling radiance shining from within.

Bang! Bang!

Storm-like shock waves swept out, instantly shattering every Spiritual Energy-formed giant snake along the way.

Seeing this spectacle, Xiao Huang's gaze grew increasingly dark, while fury and angry rose within his eyes. Did this fellow truly think that my Heaven Binding Spiritual Array's that easy to deal with?!

"Break for me!" Mu Chen's overbearingly aggressive assault was something that Xiao Huang couldn't endure. If Mu Chen truly broke the central area of his Spiritual Array, it would suffer severe damage to the point where collapse might become a possibility. Therefore, at this moment, he was unable to continue remaining calm and collected anymore. 

Rapidly changing his hand seals, the Spiritual Energy-formed giant snakes abruptly converged together, before transforming into three gigantic snake disks. As spiritual light blossomed out, powerful fluctuations started to radiate from them.


Bringing about frightening shock waves, the exploding lotuses viciously smashed against the three gigantic snake disks.

Spiritual Energy storms swept out, with the Spiritual Energy contained within them wreaking havoc and destruction to the point of causing the entire mountain peak to faintly tremble.

The powerful energies present from both sides violently collided together.

At this moment, a solemn expression had appeared on Mu Chen's handsome face. Black and white Spiritual Energies in fusion with one another gushed from his body like a flood, before sweeping towards the collision points in a wave-like fashion, attempting to destroy the gigantic snake disks that were obstructing the way of his exploding black lotuses. 


At this moment, Xiao Huang had already stood up, a cold and dark expression hanging on his face, while a chilling glint sparkled within his eyes as he stared right at Mu Chen's figure. With a thought, astonishing sounds erupted from the "Heaven Binding Spiritual Array", only for the dense Spiritual Fog present within the entire array to hide the skies and cover the earth as they gushed straight towards Mu Chen.

He wanted to activate the entire strength of the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array to suppress Mu Chen!

Bang! Bang!

As all of the strength of the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array started sweeping towards Mu Chen, everyone was able to see that the attacks from the black lotuses were unable to gain any ground. In fact, faced against the Spiritual Energy pressure that hid the sky and covered the earth and suppressed over, they were sent retreating back in succession.

Some people started sighing in regret. Even though Mu Chen had arranged three considerably powerful Spiritual Arrays, from the looks of it, he was still unable to contend against Xiao Huang's Heaven Binding Spiritual Array.

The faces of Xu Huang and the rest were covered in solemn expressions, with their eyes brimming with anxiousness and worry.

Luo Li's beautiful eyes was locked onto the confrontation happening within the Spiritual Array, before her eyes started to faintly sparkle.

"Mu Chen's unable to hold on any longer." Noticing this scene, Wu Yingying said as she bit her lips.

Wu Ling's eyes narrowed as he stared into the Spiritual Array. After deeply pondering for a while, he proceeded to shake his head, though he did not say any words.


The attacks from the black lotuses were finally suppressed by the boundless Spiritual Energy, before finally forced to exploded in an overbearing fashion. A violent shiver shook through Mu Chen's body at the same moment as he hastily took a dozen steps back, with slight signs of his Spiritual Energy being thrown into disorder.

"Looks like you're indeed naïve to use this little ability to contend against my Heaven Binding Spiritual Array." Seeing this, Xiao Huang could not help sneering, while a sliver of satisfaction gushed out from his heart.

"Oh really?"

Hearing this, Mu Chen raised his head and gave a laugh, his smile appearing somewhat strange.

Humm! Humm!

Just as Mu Chen's smile surfaced, dazzling brilliance suddenly erupted in the region. As everyone looked over, they could see Spiritual Arrays approximately a dozen metres in size surfacing from within. The ranks of these Spiritual Arrays weren't high. However, what was different was their considerably large numbers. Rapidly enveloping over, they appeared to form small-scale prisons, encasing the boundless Spiritual Energy within the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array.

Within a short span of a dozen breaths, the Spiritual f

Fog within the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array had rapidly dissipated. The considerable number of small-scale Spiritual Arrays had actually sealed the Spiritual Energy of the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array.

"What a good method!"

The eyes of the countless experts watching this spectacular fight from the outside furiously lit up while being unable to bear crying out in astonishment.

The three Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Arrays Mu Chen had arranged seemed to be just a distraction. He had purposefully lured Xiao Huang to use the Spiritual Energy of the Heaven Binding Spiritual Array to encircle and trap him, while arranging those small-scale Spiritual Arrays in the dark. They didn't possess much power, and would not deal much damage if they were to be used to launch attacks. Yet. Mu Chen had used them in an ingenious manner. Instead of using them in offense, he had miraculously used them as a prison, ones that locked up Spiritual Energies within them...

Shock appeared on Xiao Huang's face as he took in the scene before him, with terror even surfacing within his eyes. However, he quickly regained his clarity, before fiercely clenching his teeth while coldly growling, "Do you think you can split up and dissipate the Spiritual Energy within my array? You're simply making a vain attempt!"

With a wave of his sleeve, the trapped Spiritual Energy instantly grew rampant, rushing crazily against those small-scale Spiritual Arrays. Under the rampant battering, those small-scale Spiritual Arrays started to rapidly teeter on the verge of collapse. Clearly, they were unable to endure for much longer.


Seeing this, Mu Chen didn't put up any resistance at all. On the contrary, he gave a light laugh in response. Staring right at Xiao Huang, he said, "I never planned to break your array in such a fashion. However, you might have neglected something while attending to me."

As he spoke, Mu Chen extended his finger and gave a light tap towards the depths of the Spiritual Array.

Seeing this, Xiao Huang appeared to have thought about something, causing his expression to furiously contort. He hastily turned his head around, before his entire body started trembling uncontrollably. That's because the dense Spiritual Fog that was originally present within the depths of his Spiritual Array had unexpectedly thinned out. As this happened, the figure of an absolutely beautiful girl dressed in golden battle armor with a golden war spear in her hand started to slowly become clear. 

At this moment though, a chilly expression that caused people's hearts to palpitate had covered the entirety of the face that could cause the downfall of countries.

That was Wen Qingxuan!

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