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Chapter 556 - Challenging Array with Array

"Your array within an array is still lacking."

When Mu Chen's indifferent-sounding words rang out, Xiao Huang's gaze rapidly turned dark as he coldly stared at the figure of Mu Chen. Giving a ridiculing laugh, he said, "It's too early for you to get happy. Wait till you truly break my Heaven Binding Spiritual Array before speaking again."

Upon hearing that, Mu Chen gave a laugh, though he didn't continue speaking any more words. He knew that the Spiritual Arrays that he had broken were merely the auxiliary killing move secretly arranged by Xiao Huang.

If he wasn't able to break this array, he wouldn't be able to extricate himself from within. Once the Spiritual Energy within his body gets completely consumed, he would become a fish on the chopping board and be under the total mercy of Xiao Huang. 

Raising his head, Mu Chen focused his gaze towards the gigantic Spiritual Array around him, The array patterns sparkling with radiance was complicated to the point of causing him to become dazzled. Such a pattern was unfathomable for him. This "Heaven Binding Spiritual Array" was considerably mysterious and profound. Generally speaking, the most important part of a Spiritual Array would be in its central area. However, despite Mu Chen using his Heart's Eye to deeply stare at it, he wasn't able to sense the exact location of it. 

If one wasn't able to break the central area of a Spiritual Array of such a rank, even Wen Qingxuan would require to pay quite a high price if one wanted to break out using pure brute force.

Thinking about this, Mu Chen's eyes faintly sparkled. Suddenly, brilliant radiance condense within his eyes, while his black pupils appeared to turn dazzling like the sparkling of gems. As his gaze slowly swept out, his vision appeared to be able to penetrate through the fog that covered all of his surroundings.

"Heart's Eye?"

At this moment, upon noticing the gem-like sparkling eyes of Mu Chen, shock could not help appearing within Xiao Huang's heart, while his face grew increasingly dark. Only at this moment did he understand why Mu Chen was able to astutely discover the offensive Spiritual Array he had concealed. So it turns out that this fellow has actually managed to comprehend the Heart's Eye State.

Being a Spiritual Array Master, Xiao Huang was naturally extremely clear about how formidable the Heart's Eye State was. This was a state he had touched, yet was still unable to completely master as of now. However, from the looks of it, Mu Chen was actually able to comprehend and master this Heart's Eye State. This caused an unconcealable shadow of jealousy to flash within his eyes. 

"Wanting to search and destroy the central area of my Spiritual Array?" A chilling shadow appeared within Xiao Huang's eyes. With a sneer, his hand seal suddenly changed.

Hum. Hum.

Following the change of his seal, spiritual light suddenly blossomed from within the Spiritual Array. In the next instant, the Spiritual Energy radiating from within the gigantic Spiritual Array seemed to have turned glue-like. Rapidly howling out, those strands of glue-like Spiritual Energy started to encase Mu Chen's body in a storm-like fashion.

As the glue-like Spiritual Energy rapidly spun around, not only did it interfere with Mu Chen's probing with his Heart's Eye, he was also shocked to discover that the Spiritual Energy within his body had appeared to have been extracted, unexpectedly showing signs of leaving his body and scattering away. Clearly, Xiao Huang was currently activating this "Heaven Binding Spiritual Array" to its full might.

"Since you want to battle with me on the aspect of Spiritual Arrays, I'll accompany you to the very end!" As Xiao Huang focused his cold gaze on Mu Chen's figure, his indifferent voice resounded.

Bang! Rumble! 

As the gigantic Spiritual Array sparkled with dazzling radiance, complicated array patterns wriggled like snakes as they interweaved into an abstruse orbit. This sudden eruption of frightening fluctuations lead the the unconcealable change on the faces of quite a few powerful groups present in the surroundings. If they were to enter a Spiritual Array of such might, they might be completely unable to extricate themselves.

Looking at the Spiritual Array that had been completely activated, Mu Chen took a deep breath, before the gem-like luster within his eyes grew increasingly bright and abstruse. In the next instant, array patterns started to shoot into his eyes, all of them bringing about layers of unpredictable brilliance.

He had let the tyrannical suction strength absorb the Spiritual Energy from within his body. From the outside of the Spiritual Array, everyone could see Spiritual Energy endlessly streaming out from within Mu Chen's body. As those Spiritual Energies gushed out, they were absorbed by the Spiritual Array, causing the radiance of it to grow increasingly dazzling, with its Spiritual Energy fluctuations growing increasingly tyrannical.

Noticing this spectacle, a sliver of worry flashed within the eyes of Xu Huang and the other two. The depletion of Spiritual Energy from Mu Chen's body was happening too fast. If this continued, he might not be able to endure much longer.

As they came to this conclusion, the three of them shot a look at Luo Li. However, the exquisite and porcelain-like face of the young girl appeared exceedingly calm. Nevertheless, upon noticing her jade-like hand that was tightly grasping the Luo Shen Sword, they instantly understood the presence of a sliver of worry within Luo Li's heart. After all, this Xiao Huang wasn't like the opponents they had bumped into in the past. This fellow possessed a level of strength that absolutely warranted such regard and importance.

Under the focus of various kinds of gazes, Mu Chen still didn't move a single inch at all. With his hands drooping by the side and retracting into his sleeves, his abstruse eyes sparkling with gem-like luster swept across the interior of the Spiritual Array time and time again.

He was able to sense that there were two spots within this Spiritual Array where the Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from were the densest. One of which was right where he was, while the other was at an even deeper region. Over there, the Spiritual Fog was dense to the point of turning glue-like, completely obscuring everyone's vision. Clearly, deep within there was where Wen Qingxuan and the others were being trapped.

"The central area of this Spiritual Array should be uniquely concealed …"

Despite the probing of Mu Chen, he was still unable to achieve much of an effect in locating the central area. This caused him to slightly narrow his eyes. Indeed, this Xiao Huang had much experience in arranging Spiritual Arrays, to actually know how to use unique methods to conceal the central area of the Spiritual Array. This way, it became difficult for him to locate the central area of the Spiritual Array, even after searching for quite some time.

As a glint flashed within his eyes, Mu Chen abruptly extended his palms from within his sleeves. With a flick of his finger, a Spiritual Seal abruptly shot out, before rapidly merging with the air. Instantly, the air rippled, before a glowing array that was approximately ten metres surfaced around his body. As the glowing array surfaced, the air around Mu Chen's body instantly became blurry, while his figure started to slowly be concealed within the blurry radiance.


Upon seeing this, Xiao Huang's eyes instantly narrowed. Mu Chen had actually arranged a Spiritual Array within his Spiritual Array. However, the rank of the latter's Spiritual Array wasn't high, resulting in one that didn't possess much strength. However, that Spiritual Array seemed to have some protective effect. Not only did it conceal Mu Chen's figure, it had even lowered the rate of absorption of the Spiritual Energy from within his body.

"Do you think that you can last a bit longer by doing this? What nonsense. My Heaven Binding Spiritual Array's a Rank 5 Combination Diagram," muttered Xiao Huang, while a ridiculing smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. With a wave of his sleeve, boundless Spiritual Energy instantly surged from the gigantic Spiritual Array like a storm. As Spiritual Energy crazily converged together, they transformed into numerous giant Spiritual Energy-formed snakes. These giant snakes wrapped around the exterior of the Spiritual Array arranged by Mu Chen. Opening their giant mouths, suction forces swept out akin to a whale gulping down water, completely sucking away all of the Spiritual Energy present within the Spiritual Array.

Following the crazy devouring from those giant snakes, everyone could see that the Spiritual Array protecting Mu Chen had started to rapidly teeter on the verge of collapse. 

Clearly, the Spiritual Array that Mu Chen had hastily arranged was completely unable to endure under to assault from Xiao Huang's "Heaven Binding Spiritual Array."

As gazes tightly locked on the commotion within the gigantic Spiritual Array, the faces of Xu Huang and the other two grew taut. At the same time, an anxious shadow appeared within the beautiful eyes of Wu Yingying in the distance while she tightly clenched her jade-like hands.

Bang! Bang!

The Spiritual Array that was protecting Mu Chen grew increasingly weak and thin. Clearly, it was already reaching its limit.

Seeing this, the smile at the corner of Xiao Huang's mouth grew increasingly cold and callous.

"It ends here," muttered Xiao Huang with an indifferent smile as he gave a furious clench of his hand.


Finally, all of the Spiritual Energy within the Spiritual Array had been completely sucked clean. Losing the support from its Spiritual Energy, the Spiritual Array instantly collapsed apart. The brilliance that was originally radiating started to rapidly turn dim, while the thin figure within appeared once again within everyone's sight.

The youth was still sitting there quietly, his robes fluttering in the air. However, his handsome face appeared exceedingly calm, with his eyes sparkling with gem-like luster, giving off a mysterious and abstruse sight. 

"Now, how much more can you last?" Staring at Mu Chen, who had reappeared, Xiao Huang gave a smile as he spoke, his voice containing a somewhat ridiculing tone.

At this moment, Mu Chen slowly raised his head. Looking straight towards Xiao Huang, an arc slowly curled up at the corner of his mouth.

Seeing this, Xiao Huang's heart started to unknowingly sink down, while a feeling of unease started to gush from within.

"Since you wish to see, I'll use Spiritual Arrays to break yours."

As Mu Chen spoke with a faint smile, he gave a furious wave of his sleeve, only for boundless spiritual light to gush from within. Countless Spiritual Seals started to fly from the spiritual light akin to butterflies. Such vast numbers instantly caused quite a few people to become dumbfounded.

Humm! Humm!

Numerous astonishing Spiritual Seals swept out, before merging in the air around Mu Chen's body at an astonishingly rapidly speed. Instantly, frightening Spiritual Energy fluctuations started surging, causing even those Spiritual Energy-formed giant snakes to immediately fall back.

The bright and resplendent array patterns started to interweave like snakes, while a spherical radius of a hundred metres around Mu Chen had been completely flooded with spiritual light.

Under the blossoming of the spiritual light, everyone was able to see a gigantic Spiritual Array surfacing once again before Mu Chen. Two gigantic black lotus were slowly revolving within the Spiritual Array, all while radiating with astonishing fluctuations.

That was the Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array.

"You want to use something that's not even a Rank 5 Spiritual Array to break mine?" Upon seeing the black lotus Spiritual Array, Xiao Huang gave a chilling laugh as he said.

"If one's not possible, let's add another one."

Said Mu Chen with a laugh. As his voice rang out, everyone was shocked and astonished to see that yet another black lotus Spiritual Array had surfaced on the right hand side of Mu Chen.

"He had actually managed to arrange two Spiritual Arrays in such a short span of time!" cried some people in astonishment. All of them understood the need of time that a Spiritual Array Master required to arrange a Spiritual Array. However, Mu Chen had only prepared for a short moment before doing so. Such a speed was simply astonishing.

Seeing this, Xiao Haung's expression turned slightly dark.

Looking towards Xiao Huang, a faint smile appeared once more on Mu Chen's face as he said with a soft voice, "I'm still not done yet."

Extending his thin finger, Mu Chen gave a tap towards the empty space before him, only for spiritual light to blossom once more behind him. In the next instant, yet another black lotus Spiritual Array appeared in a flash before everyone's shocked and astonished gazes.

Three Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Arrays!

Looking at the appearance of the third Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array, Xiao Huang's expression finally turned extremely ugly.

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