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Chapter 54 – Black Poison Marsh


A loud sound suddenly resounded out among the tree shades. A storm-like Spiritual Energy impact spread out and shattered the numerous leaves on the ground. The large trees also vibrated intensely and leaves appeared in the sky.

As the leaves were falling down from the sky, the two figures that collided with each other trembled fiercely. Then, their body staggered backwards.

Mu Chen’s feet grazed the ground and he staggered backwards a dozen steps. He took a fierce stomp and stabilized his stature. At this moment, his palms were still trembling slightly. The overly powerful impact caused his palms to ache.

Although his hands hurt, he still forcibly received Liu Mubai’s fierce offensive. It was evident that the might of the two Limitless Death Seals was finally revealed.

Ever since he formed the two Limitless Death Seals, Mu Chen was never able to truly unleash it completely. This is because the two opponents that he faced, Xue Tu and Ji Zong, far surpassed him in strength. With this difference in power, it was impossible to make up for it even if he activated the two Limitless Death Seals. Therefore, Mu Chen never knew how powerful the two Limitless Death Seals were.

But right now, he finally knew.

Although Liu Mubai had advanced into the Spiritual Rotation Stage, he was probably still in the Initial Phase. This had surpassed Mu Chen, but the gap wasn’t impossible for him to make up for unlike with Xue Tu and Ji Zong.

Thus, in this level of battle, the might of the two Limitless Death Seals were finally displayed completely.

Compared to Mu Chen’s expression, Liu Mubai had a somewhat ashen face. His eyes remained fixed at Mu Chen. It was apparent that he did not understand how his opponent was able to fight against him like this by relying on the strength of a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase. Although he still had some moves that he hasn’t displayed yet, he was still in the Spiritual Rotation Stage. This strength surpassed Mu Chen who knows how many times. But even with that, he was still not able to obtain the upper hand. How could he accept this?

“Was your prediction regarding me off? You originally thought that I am someone that you can just step on, but now it seems that it’s different than what you expected.” Mu Chen stared at Liu Mubai’s ashen expression and said with a smile.

The veins on Liu Mubai’s forehead twitched. He immediately sucked in a deep breath and suppressed the rage within his heart. His eyes gradually turned abnormally dark and chill was felt within his voice: “You really surpassed my expectations, but…Do you think that you have the right to act arrogant because of this?!”

When the final words filled with chill exited Liu Mubai’s mouth, the fiery red Spiritual Energy surged out again from within his body. His eyes were filled with a rich murderous intent.

It was clear that Liu Mubai had finally revealed a true killing intent towards Mu Chen.

No matter what he had to do, he decided that he must wipe out this loathsome fellow.

Seeing this, Mu Chen’s eyes narrowed. The corners of his lips slowly rise up and formed a cold smile. Although it would be a bit troublesome to deal with Liu Mubai right now, Mu Chen would not let him get any benefits if this guy continues to pester him.

Under the tree shades, the two of them confronted each other with razor cold eyes. The leaves drifted down between the two of them endlessly as the atmosphere became tenser.


However, just when the two of them had tensed their body up like a fully arched bow, a faint sound rang out from the forest behind. This strange sound caused the tense atmosphere to stiffen.


The sound was getting closer and closer. Then, a dozen or so individuals suddenly came out from the forest and were behind Liu Mubai.

“Little Master, we finally found you!” Seeing the figures rushing over, Mu Chen frowned for a bit. This is because they were all Liu Territory’s men.

Seeing this, Liu Mubai secretly let out a sigh of relief. He immediately sneered at Mu Chen and said: “It seems that you’ve used up all your luck.”

“That might not be true.”

Hearing this, Mu Chen smiled and his eyes glanced behind him. A few familiar figures rapidly appeared from there. From their statures, it was Duan Wei and the others.

It was clear that Duan Wei and the others were aware of the early commotion. Thus, they hurried over. Moreover, their expressions changed when they saw Liu Mubai’s group. They instantly protected Mu Chen and stared vigilantly and unkindly at the other group.

Mu Chen shook his head and relaxed his tense body. Since both side’s men had rushed over, there was no way of fighting again. Otherwise, the degree of the fight would probably attract a few of Black Eerie Swamp’s Spiritual Beasts over. At that time, both sides would be troubled.

Liu Mubai also seemed to have thought about this point and gritted his teeth as if he was unwilling. He stared at Mu Chen again and said: “It seems that you’ve survived again.”

“It’s useless if you only say it. You should say these words to me when you manage to completely step on me.” Mu Chen said with a calm expression.

“There will be a chance when that happens. I really want to see if you will still have such an annoying expression at that time.” Liu Mubai took a deep glance at Mu Chen before waving his hand. He did not say anything more and brought the Liu Territory’s men back into the forest.

Duan Wei and the others were relieved when they saw Liu Mubai’s group leave. Then, he looked at Mu Chen and asked: “Little Lord, are you alright?”

Mu Chen smiled and shook his head. His black eyes still had a hint of coldness as he stared at Liu Mubai’s departing figure. Only after a while did he rushed out in the other direction.

“We should go as well. Let’s hurry and reunite with my dad.”

This is an extremely vast, black swamp and a black deathly miasma was above it. The deathly miasma at this place was exceptionally strong. If anyone dares to charge into it, they would not be able to last for long even if they were at the Spiritual Rotation Stage strength.

In the black swamp, a faint poisonous gas emerges whenever the bubbles explode. From time to time, black mud would roll down. Under the black mud, scarlet and vicious eyes would emerge and slowly sweep around the surroundings.

At this edge of the swamp, a group of men were a bit worried. The one leading them was Mu Feng. At this moment, he was frowning as he stared at the endless black swamp.

“Territory Lord, the Black Poison Marsh is too dangerous to pass. It is impossible for us to pass through the deathly miasma in the skies above. If we were to cross the swamp, not many of us would be able to survive from the Black Poison Crocodile’s attacks.” A Mu Territory’s City Lord said with a wry smile beside Mu Feng.

“Can we enter the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp from another location?” Zhou Ye frowned and asked.

“There is a way, but we would have to go around for quite the distance. If we waste this much time, we would probably be far behind the Liu Territory.” A man replied.

“Those guys, they really came fully prepared!” Zhou Ye gritted his teeth. It was apparent that the Liu Territory had investigated everything carefully. They might have sent a few men to investigate it before. Since they did not head down this way, they must have found another passageway to the depths of the Black Eerie Swamp.

Mu Feng secretly’ sighed. Then he asked: “Is there any news from Little Mu and the others?”

“Not yet, should I bring some men to search?” Zhou Ye asked.

Mu Feng thought for a moment. But just when he was about to speak, his expression changed and he said with a smile: “No need, I’ve said it before, you should not underestimate that boy…” As he said this, he turned around and looked at the forest behind them. He saw the bushes shake and a dozen figures quickly dashed over. The one leading was a handsome boy. It was Mu Chen.


Mu Chen stared at the men around the edge of the swamp and immediately smiled. He had finally caught up.

“Are you alright?” Mu Feng smiled at Mu Chen and asked.

Mu Chen shook his head and walked forward. He scanned the vast swamp and jokingly said: “Dad, it seems that you’ve found trouble.”

It was evident that Mu Chen also noticed the crisis that Mu Feng and the others were currently facing.

Mu Feng could only shake his head sourly and let out a helpless sigh. He and Zhou Ye could rely on their Spirit Stage strength and forcibly leap over the swamp. However, it was impossible for the other men.

“If we continue to drag this out, the Nine Nether Bird would probably be captured by the Liu Territory.” Zhou Ye also said with a bitter smile.

“Uncle Zhou, relax. The Nine Nether Bird probably isn’t that easy to obtain either.” Mu Chen shook his head. Although he had never seen that Nine Nether Bird before, he knew that the Nine Nether Bird wasn’t that simple to obtain through the information left behind by the skeleton.

“Moreover…It isn’t impossible for us to pass through the Black Poison Marsh safely.” Mu Chen’s gaze swept through the poisonous swamp in front of him and suddenly said with a smile.


Hearing these words, Mu Feng, Zhou Ye and the others were surprised. Their eyes brightened up as they stared at Mu Chen. At this moment, the boy was leisurely patting his hands and was at ease.

“You have a plan?”

Mu Chen nodded his head when he saw the eager expressions. In the Spiritual Road, there were many places even more dangerous than this Black Poison Marsh…

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