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Chapter 53 – Collision

Under the tree shades, Mu Chen stared at Liu Mubai as Liu Mubai stared down from above at him. He did not expect to encounter him at this place. It seems that the Liu Territory’s men were also separated by the Devouring Spirit Bees’ swarm earlier. Moreover, from this guy’s appearance, he also noticed the subtle flute sound and came over. Unfortunately, he reacted a step too slow as Mu Chen was there first.

Since Liu Mubai wanted to make him hand over the item, Mu Chen gently let out a mocking smile.

“This isn’t the Northern Spiritual Academy. If I were to kill you, it will not cause any trouble. Therefore, I hope that you can accept reality right now. I think that with your personality, you would not do any foolish and desperate attempts.” Seeing Mu Chen ignoring him, a touch of darkness surged through Liu Mubai’s eyes as he slowly spoke.

“I was not afraid even when Xue Tu was chasing after me. Just who do you think you are, Liu Mubai?” Mu Chen smiled and replied.

“That idiot, Xue Tu, was probably unlucky and met with the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon within the Northern Spiritual Field, right? You’re quite lucky since that kind of thing occurred.” Liu Mubai had a hint of ridicule within his eyes. They had actually investigated it after the incident occurred and found traces of a fight within the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon’s territory. At that location, scraps of Xue Tu’s clothes were found there. This discovery made them understand why Mu Chen was able to escape from Xue Tu.

“So since Xue Tu died against the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon, how is it related to you? You are still naive if you think that you can frighten me with this.”

Liu Mubai smiled coldly. They had predicted the events that had happened on that day. However, they thought that the appearance of the Silver-Horned Panther Dragon was just a coincidence. They did not imagine that a boy had meticulously calculated all these steps in order to send Xue Tu to death.

Mu Chen smiled. He did not get hot-headed and argue with Liu Mubai. He was fond of the individuals that tried to act smart.

“Right now, will you hand over the item to me by yourself?” Liu Mubai extended his hand out again. However, a faint Spiritual Energy surged out faintly through his palms this time.

Mu Chen gave a slight smile and shook his head.


The instant that Mu Chen shook his head, Liu Mubai’s eyes turned completely cold. He swooped straight down like a hawk chasing its prey and the Spiritual Energy within his palms mercilessly gushed out towards Mu Chen.

Mu Chen’s toes inserted itself into the leaves. He lifted the leaves into the sky and retreated quickly.


The fiery red Spiritual Energy gushed out and directly shattered the leaves dancing in the sky. Liu Mubai’s body was like lightning and his hands were like claws. The fiery red Spiritual Energy emitted a boiling fluctuation as it headed straight towards the vital points of Mu Chen’s chest.

When Mu Chen noticed the fierce offensive of Liu Mubai, his eyes also turned cold. A dark black Spiritual Energy surged out from his fist and a Limitless Death Seal appeared.

A punch was blasted out!

The Limitless Death Seal flashed on the surface of Mu Chen’s fist. As the black Spiritual Energy wrapped around it, an overbearing fluctuation was unleashed.


Mu Chen’s fist collided with Liu Mubai’s sharp claws. A sound rang out and a wave of Spiritual Energy that could be seen with the naked eye spread out. This made the leaves under their feet blast out into the air.

Mu Chen’s body trembled slightly and retreated a few steps backwards. His eyes remained fixed on Liu Mubai. This guy really had reached the Spiritual Rotation Stage.

“Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase?” Liu Mubai’s body also shook for a bit and a hint of surprise appeared in his eyes. When Mu Chen was fighting against Liu Yang, he had just reached the Spiritual Movement Stage Middle Phase. He never imagined that Mu Chen would be able to reach the Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase after such a short period of time. This cultivation speed wasn’t slow at all.

Moreover, what surprised him the most was Mu Chen blocking one of his attacks head-on. Although Mu Chen did not gain the upper hand, it was still extremely surprising for him to be able to fight against him like this with the strength of a Spiritual Movement Stage Late Phase.

“You have a bit of skill. No wonder you also had this annoying appearance. I originally planned on making you lose completely in a formal competition during the fight for the space in the “Five Great Academies”.  However, I really dislike you so it seems that I shouldn’t give you that chance.” Liu Mubai said heartlessly. Then, he took a step forward and the fiery red Spiritual Energy gushed out from within his body. This Spiritual Energy pressure directly enveloped Mu Chen. From his appearance, it seems that he really planned on killing Mu Chen here.


Liu Mubai did not hesitate at all as his Spiritual Energy gushed out to shapeshift his palms into claws. The fiery red Spiritual Energy seemed to have formed into a shape of a fire eagle and the claws combined with the fire eagle as he swept towards Mu Chen fiercely.

Seeing this powerful offensive come from Liu Mubai, Mu Chen did not directly confront it again. Liu Mubai was indeed stronger than him. If he was to face him directly, it would fit Liu Mubai’s intention.

Mu Chen’s toes touched the ground and he jumped back vigorously. As he retreated backwards, a dark black light flashed on his fingertips.

Liu Mubai immediately chased after him. He let out a sneer as he watched Mu Chen constantly retreating and dodging his fierce attacks: “Weren’t you always so prideful? Why are you dodging here and there like a loser dog now?”

Mu Chen’s reply was a sneer as well. However, he still did not plan on engaging in a frontal confrontation.

“Let’s see where you can hide!”

Liu Mubai’s eyes flashed and he lunged out. As the dense Spiritual Energy burst out, his claws turned into fists and he blasted out a punch from above towards Mu Chen.

“Hawk Inferno!”

A fiery red Spiritual Energy gushed out like flames when the punch was fired out. The winds formed by the fist within the flames erupted out like a matchless fire hawk. It completely surrounded all paths of retreat for Mu Chen.

Mu Chen suddenly stopped and his eyes remained fixed on the fierce offensive that was approaching. In an instant, he placed his hands together and a cold cry came out from his mouth: “Form Array!”


The air within him shook slightly when the words were shouted out. Beams of Spiritual Energy erupted out from the air and actually binded Liu Mubai’s four limbs.

This sudden binding made Liu Mubai’s body stiffen. He immediately let out a hint of surprise: “Spiritual Array?”

However, the surprise only lasted for a moment. He already noticed how weak the binding ability of this Spiritual Array and let out a sneer: “So it’s only a tiny Spiritual Array.”


A dense Spiritual Energy gushed out and severed the beams formed by Spiritual Energy. Liu Mubai’s offensive remained unchanged and he fiercely blasted it towards Mu Chen. However, the momentum of his offensive had weakened due to the tiny Spiritual Energy.

This time, Mu Chen did not continue to dodge Liu Mubai’s fierce offensive. A hint of chill gushed out from his black eyes.

The dark black Spiritual Energy surrounded Mu Chen’s arms and he immediately charged forward. His hands were placed together and two Limitless Death Seals emerged quickly from between his palms.

“So you finally won’t escape?”

Seeing this, a murderous intent surged through Liu Mubai’s eyes. Above the winds formed by the punch, the fire hawk that was devouring the fiery red Spiritual Energy let out an abnormal fluctuation as it blasted out towards the center of Mu Chen’s chest.

“Limitless Death Seal!”

With a low cry, a sound rang out from within Mu Chen’s heart. The Spiritual Energy within his body flowed through his meridians like a flood. His palms were drawn back in towards his body and them it exploded outwards.

The two Limitless Death Seals let out a domineering glow within the center of his palms.

Under the two vicious and cold gazes, the fist and palms swept over and finally collided with each other.

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