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Chapter 533 - Intimidating with Violence

Mu Chen and his group of three left the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard and quickly sped through the path that they entered on.

The people of the Academy Alliance were long gone. Thus, they were not obstructed along the way. In addition to the three of them being able to use Spiritual Energy, after roughly ten minutes, they had already passed through the spike tree forest and smoothly exited the shadows.

When they walked out of the shadows that were formed by the spike trees, they felt as if their bodies had instantly lightened. The sluggish Spiritual Energy within their bodies surged and in an instant, powerful ripples of energy spread throughout their limbs.


When their powers were restored, the three of them felt relieved. The feeling of having their Spiritual Energies suppressed was too uncomfortable.

“What a beautiful feeling.”

Wen Qingxuan exhaled as her charming eyes gazed upon the clear sky and earth. After experiencing the feeling of not being able to use any Spiritual Energy, only then did she realise that the Spiritual Energy that flowed between this heaven and earth was so enchanting.

“Why are you being like this? In the Spiritual Road, it was an entire two years that we were not able to use any Spiritual Energy.” Mu Chen smiled.

“Because it was too long in the Spiritual Road, I had already forgotten the sensation of using Spiritual Energy back then.” Wen Qingxuan smiled in reply.

Mu Chen deeply nodded his head and shortly after, his expression changed. He raised his head and looked beyond the distance of this forest, then realised that there were many other Spiritual Energy ripples in this region…

Both of his eyes were narrowed as he gazed into the distance. There were figures of people appearing in his sight. There seemed to be several teams that were looking at their direction. In the depths of their eyes was a dense amount of greed and fire.

“What’s going on?” Luo Li had also noticed this scene and in an instant, she furrowed her brows. She tightened her grip on her Luo God Sword as she felt that something was amiss.

Wen Qingxuan lightly snorted as a golden warspear flickered with golden light in her hand. Her gaze brought along a chill as it swept through and all those that exchanged contact with her could not help shifting their gazes away.


Not far away, there was a noise caused by the wind from extreme speed that resounded. Mu Chen and his group turned their gazes over and saw a few figures flying over, before landing by their side. It was Xu Huang and the rest that had been waiting outside of the forest.

When Xu Huang and group saw that Mu Chen’s group of three had smoothly come out, only then did they feel relieved.

“You guys finally came out,” said Xu Huang.

“What’s going on?” Mu Chen took a glance at the surrounding movements as he asked. Previously, when they entered here, there weren’t so many people around here.

“Half a day ago, the group from the Academy Alliance came out.” Xu Huang glanced at Mu Chen’s group of three as a smear of astonishment could be seen in his eyes, “You guys were the ones that chased them out?”

Mu Chen nodded his head in acknowledgement.

“What monsters.” Xu Huang and the rest were speechless. They had clearly seen the amount of people from the Academy Alliance. They had nearly two hundred in number and all of them had refined their physical bodies in the past. Even if they could not use any Spiritual Energy in the forest, they would still be hard to deal with. However, despite so, the three of them chased them out like stray dogs.

“After the group from the Academy Alliance came out, their facial expressions were ugly. We hid ourselves for the time being. Thereafter, those fellows started to spread some news…” Xu Huang said helplessly, “They announced that there was a Hidden Spiritual Courtyard which contained Sovereign Spiritual Liquid that the Divine Wood Palace had been storing for countless years. There were at least tens of thousands of drops…”

The brows of Mu Chen furrowed. Those people of the Academy Alliance wete indeed vicious. Seeing as they could not obtain the stuff from the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard, they decided to spread the news so Mu Chen and his group could not have any peace.

Tens of thousands of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, those fellows had quite a wild imagination. However, Mu Chen knew that once this news was released, it would still bring them quite a bit of trouble, even if it was false. The Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was simply too precious. Everyone knew that if the amount had really reached tens of thousands, even Sovereign realm experts would be fighting over it.

Not many Sovereign realm experts had accumulated such an amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Tens of thousands of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid could allow a Sovereign realm expert to be suddenly wealthy.

“Furthermore, they further declared that the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid stored in the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard was taken by the three of you.” Xu Huang bitterly smiled, “Now, all these teams that are staring at you guys are coming for the three of you. Although they do not dare to do anything to the three of you, the amount that they have gathered is quite troublesome.”

“Hmph, just some average fellows. If they have the capability, then come and snatch. If any of them could win against me, I will give them all the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in my possession. Just that they will probably die from that appetite of theirs.” Wen Qingxuan coldly snorted as her face was covered in frost.

Xu Huang dryly laughed as they thought in their hearts, She is indeed, worthy of being someone that has gotten first place once, such dominance…

When Mu Chen was speaking with Xu Huang, there were nearly ten figures that flew among the black patch of people, before stopping roughly a few hundred feet away. The ten figures had powerful Spiritual Energy ripples around them. All of them were actually someone that had gone through Spiritual Energy Disaster. Clearly, they were Captains from a few decent teams.

Behind them, there were nearly ten teams that were staring at Mu Chen and his group.

“Captain Mu Chen, I am Chen Ya from the Spiritual Cliff Academy.”

The one leading was an azure-clothed youth with fair skin. His looks were rather handsome but his eyes were filled with greed.

Mu Chen glanced at him in indifference as he turned his head towards Xu Huang and the rest without paying any attention, “Let’s go.”


When Chen Ya saw how Mu Chen ignored him, his face changed as a smear of rage flashed across his eyes as he said in a solemn voice, “Captain Mu Chen, we are all well-aware of how powerful your group is. However, there are nearly a hundred teams here waiting for you. If all of us were to fight, you guys might not take it well.”

“What do you want then?” Mu Chen finally took a glance at him as his tone was apathetic.

“Haha, we only want Captain Mu Chen to give every one of us ten drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid and we will not make things difficult for your group.” Chen Ya quickly said when he heard Mu Chen’s reply.

“Ten drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid? Who are you?” Wen Qingxuan said with a chilled face.

She took a step forward as her golden warspear dazzled with brilliant golden light that spread out. In an instant, a fearsome Spiritual Energy pressure began to expand and under the pressure of that Spiritual Energy, the faces of Chen Ya and everyone else could not help changing as astonishment filled their eyes.

“Spirit Disaster?”

“Wen Qingxuan has actually reached Spirit Disaster!”

“No wonder she was once first in the points ranking…”

Feeling the boundless pressure from Wen Qingxuan, all those staring teams could not help having their faces changed as fear flashed across their eyes.

“Do not be afraid. With so many of us here, even if she is a Spirit Disaster, we could still defeat her with all of us here!” Chen Ya saw those people behind him starting to show signs of fear and he immediately declared. He knew that if they did not make use of their advantage of numbers, no one would dare to obstruct the path of Mu Chen, Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li.

“Trash not knowing the meaning of death!”

Wen Qingxuan’s eyes were filled with cold. Just when she was about to act, she saw Mu Chen smiling as he waved his hand. A streak of light flew out, which rapidly grew, turning into a huge greenish wooden statue, it was the Divine Wood Guard.

“Cripple him.”

Mu Chen pointed towards Chen Ya as he said in indifference.


The Divine Wood Guard stomped as its huge figure charged forward, causing a shadow to immediately shroud Chen Ya.

As the shadow shrouded over, Chen Ya’s face changed. The Spiritual Energy in his body swept out as it turned into a powerful force that shot towards the Divine Wood Guard.

The Divine Wood Guard threw its huge fist out and instantly shattered that force before heavily landing on Chen Ya’s body.


A deep clash resounded as Chen Ya’s figure flew away like a cannon, before heavily shooting into the ground. The ground instantly crumbled as a deep crater appeared with Chen Ya lying in it. He was covered in fresh blood, no one knew if he was still dead or alive.

“You dare!”

The nine other Spiritual Energy experts that came with Chen Ya yelled as their faces changed from the situation.


However, just when they had finished yelling, a golden light had already reached them. Wen Qingxuan’s exquisite figure appeared before them as powerful spear images followed.

Rustle! Swish!

As the spear imagines swept past, three Spiritual Energy Disaster experts were instantly defeated. Blood holes appeared on their bodies as they fell.


At the same time, a clear sword cry resounded. A sword river whistled out as it brought forth a strand of fresh blood. Three other Spiritual Energy Disaster experts held onto their hands as they retreated. Their faces were filled with fear as fresh blood flowed down from their arms.

Boom! Boom!

Mu Chen’s figure had also appeared before the three remaining Spiritual Energy Experts. Black lightning frantically flickered as he threw his fist out in indifference. The wind exploded under his fist as it struck the chests of those three at lightning speed.

As an explosion resounded, the chests of those three caved in as they flew away, shrieking before being deeply impaled into the mountain.

The entire region was filled with silence at this instant.

Ten Spiritual Energy Experts were instantly defeated by Mu Chen’s group of three in just an instant.

The lightning momentum was so fast that the other teams behind those ten could not react in time.

Mu Chen stood in the air as he dusted his hands without any expression. Thereafter, he glanced at those teams behind and declared with indifference, “Anyone else?”

He knew the thoughts of the Academy Alliance and, therefore, he did not lay his hands as he knew that if he were to lay his hands in such a situation, it would only become troublesome and there would be more and more people who would gather. Therefore, he had chosen to exhibit his power, displaying intimidating might.

Only then, could he suppress the greed in the hearts of those fellows.

Faced with such greedy people, he could only use violence.

Faced with Mu Chen’s indifferent tone, the momentum of the few hundred teams slugged. Some people held fear in their eyes and, at this moment, no one dared to speak.

Up in the sky, Mu Chen, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan stood with the huge Divine Wood Guard behind them. The impact from their formation made others not dare to oppose them.

At this instant, only then did everyone else realised how big of a gap they had with those three…

“If you are eyeing on the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in my hand, then come at me. However, I have to issue a warning first. Although killing is a little problematic, I have the means to cripple you here…” Mu Chen’s cold voice resounded in the sky as it brought along chilling intent.

Everyone was trembling in that coldness.

Mu Chen coldly glanced at them, before sweeping his gaze turned towards the surroundings as his cold voice resounded, “As for the cowardly Academy Alliance, this method was too substandard. Next time, do it yourself.”

When he finished his speech, he waved his hand as he stored the Divine Wood Guard. His figure moved as he flew towards the distance with Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan, Xu Huang and the rest closely following after. No one dared to obstruct them and could only allow them to leave as they pleased.

Looking at Mu Chen’s leaving group, the other teams gathered here powerlessly sighed, before exchanging glances and dispersed. They had ultimately underestimated the two teams…

Concealed in a region here, Mo Yu and his party was looking at Mu Chen’s departing group. Mo Yu’s face was pale as he firmly stomped his foot, before his cold voice resounded…

“Mu Chen, don’t be too proud of yourself. I will get you to spit out the things that belonged to me!”

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