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Chapter 532 - Spiritual Condensing Bowl

Time rapidly went past in the hall.

Three dazzling lights occupied three corners as light intertwined with powerful Spiritual Energy ripples being emitted.

Under the envelopement of the three dazzling lights, those small fishes that were swimming in the air were constantly being hunted. Turning into sparkling Sovereign Spiritual Liquid with every single drop of it containing majestic Spiritual Energy.

The three people spent half a day’s time to capture them.

As more and more greenish small fish were being captured, the green lake in the center of the hall suddenly made a fine ripple. Thereafter, it was as if a suction force was being emitted as the small fish that were swimming in the air escaped into the lake.


The instant they entered the lake, their bodies rapidly liquified as they merged into it and disappeared.

The hall became empty once again.

Because of the disappearance of the small fish, the three dazzling lights gradually faded away as Mu Chen, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan’s figures appeared. They were a little confused as they exchanged looks. Their eyes were still filled with discontent as they were clearly not satisfied yet.

“What’s going on?”

Mu Chen stared at the green lake as he furrowed his brows.

“All that Sovereign Spiritual Liquid withdrew. There must be a limit to how much Sovereign Spiritual Liquid one can obtain at a time.” Luo Li muttered.

“But I am still not satisfied!” Wen Qingxuan stared at the green lake in unhappiness as she snorted, “If you want to obstruct me, then I’ll take you as well.”

As she finished speaking, she swept her hands as countless golden feathers shot out, towards the green lake.


However, when the golden feathers came in contact with the green lake, it had dissipated the golden light at a rapid speed as the Spiritual Energy contained within it was rapidly being sucked away by the lake.

“Hm?” Wen Qingxuan exclaimed as her face turned grave. She stared at the lake before her as her eyes flicked and yelled in a startled tone, “It’s actually a Spiritual Artifact?!”

Mu Chen’s heart was also jolted when he heard her voice. The lake that could hold so much Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was actually a Spiritual Artifact? Didn’t that mean that if he could take this Spiritual Artifact, he would have obtained a large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?

Mu Chen’s figure flew out as he stopped at the edge of the lake. He focused his gaze over and realised that there seemed to be an ancient text within the lake.

“This is… Spiritual Condensing Bowl?”

Mu Chen stared at the ancient text as he murmured.

“Spiritual Condensing Bowl? How is that possible?!” When they heard that name, Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li’s faces changed. They quickly sped over with their gazes filled with astonishment.

“Why? What is a Spiritual Condensing Bowl?” Mu Chen asked in astonishment when he saw the reaction from the two girls.

“Hmph, ignorant guy. In the Ancient Antiquity, there was a special race. They were known as the Spiritual Condensing Race as they possessed a special ability. The Spiritual Artifact that they created would possess the effect of condensing spiritual Energy. Their pinnacle masterpiece was the Spiritual Condensing Bowl. Activating the bowl could shadow the vast heavens and earth. Any form of Spiritual Energy would be sucked into it and would automatically turn into Sovereign Spiritual Liquid,” said Wen Qingxuan.

Mu Chen’s face changed. Any form of Spiritual Energy would be turned into Sovereign Spiritual Liquid? There was such a fearsome treasure in this world? Didn’t that mean that the one whi possessed this treasure would be equivalent to obtaining an inexhaustable amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?

If that was the case, then this Spiritual Artifact is even more fearsome than a Divine Artifact.

If such an item was placed in the Great Thousand World, even those powerful forces would fight over it.

“The price of a Spiritual Condensing Bowl is something that even my Luo God Sword could not be compared to. It is not a Divine Artifact, but it’s at a higher level compared to that, a Primordial Saint Artifact.” Luo Li said softly.

The unfamiliar name of Primordial Saint Artifact brought an unspeakable pressure to Mu Chen. Such an item was not something that he could imagine.

“The origin of this thing is so huge?” Aside from being startled, Mu Chen was feeling troubled in his heart. If this Spiritual Condensing Bowl was so frightening, it was not something that he could possess. If even the slightest news of such an item was leaked out, he could guarantee that he would not have peace.

A coarse fellow was not guilty, but in possession of a treasure, he was.

Before he possessed absolute strength, such a treasure was not something that Mu Chen would lay his hands on.

“However, this Spiritual Condensing Bowl is not genuine!” Wen Qingxuan said firmly.

“A counterfeit?” Mu Chen was blanked.

“Correct. Although the Divine Wood Palace possessed great power, it could not be considered as a pinnacle force in the Great Thousand World back then. Even in this Shattered Continent, the Divine Wood Palace could only proclaim monarchy to a corner of it. Such a Primordial Saint Artifact was not something that the Divine Wood Palace could undertake.” Luo Li also nodded her head.

“Therefore, this Spiritual Condensing Bowl before our eyes should be a counterfeit.”

“Even a counterfeit is so powerful.” Mu Chen licked his lips. His heart that was suppressed before blazed. If this Spiritual Condensing Bowl was the genuine good, he would naturally not have any thoughts about it and would only remember it in his heart, till his strength was powerful enough before he come to take it away. Since it was a counterfeit, the price of it would drop a lot more and it would be worth the risk for him.  

“There are many counterfeit Spiritual Condensing Bowls. Some pinnacle force would be in possession of such an item. Therefore, it was not too unbelievable for the Divine Wood Palace to have it,” said Luo Li.

“Then, can we take it away?” asked Mu Chen.

Only now did he understand that the most valuable item in the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard was not the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, but this counterfeit Spiritual Condensing Bowl.

Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li exchanged a glance as they nodded their heads. Their background wasn’t weak, but they still could not help but to be tempted by this Spiritual Condensing Bowl, since the amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquids that they had obtained was only a small portion compared to the amount contained in the Spiritual Condensing Bowl.

Majestic Spiritual Energy swept out from Mu Chen’s palm as it twined towards the lake that was formed by the Spiritual Condensing Bowl. However, the instant his Spiritual Energy approached the Spiritual Condensing Bowl, the Spiritual Energy was sucked into it.

His figure jolted as his gaze turned grave.

“The Spiritual Condensing Bowl would automatically absorb any approaching Spiritual Energy. I’m afraid that with our strength, it’s impossible for us to take it.” Luo Li said helplessly.

Wen Qingxuan also sighed in pity. The treasure was just before her, but she couldn't take it away. It had really made her feel unwilling.

Mu Chen pondered when a light flickered. His expression changed as an ancient tree rune appeared from his forehead.

“Earlier, the Courtyard Spirit mentioned that I was the Successor. Since I’m the Successor, then I will naturally have the qualifications to inherit the things here.” Mu Chen pointed at the rune on his forehead as he continued, “Let me try moving it.”

Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li nodded. Since they did not have any other methods, why not let Mu Chen give it a try?

Mu Chen’s gaze gathered and the ancient tree rune on his forehead flickered with a faint luster. A moment later, the rune burst forth with green light as it spread out and enveloped the greenish lake.

Buzz. Buzz. 

As everything became enshrouded by the greenish light, the originally calm lake started to ripple as a faint light was shot from the lake.

At the sight of this scene, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan felt excited. It was indeed useful!

The light in the lake became more dense and, thereafter, the lake had started to shrink. A few minutes later, the huge lake had turned into an antique greenish jade bowl as it flew over, swaying before landing on Mu Chen’s palm that was extended.

Mu Chen, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan had directed their gazes over.

The ancient jade bowl had quietly rested on Mu Chen’s palm as complicated veined patterns could be seen around the bowl. The patterns were a little scarlet-red. It was said that during the creation of the Spiritual Condensing Bowl, aside from various countless materials, there was also an ingredient, blood of the Spiritual Condensing Race.

Within the jade bowl, it was as if there was boundless liquid swaying about. However, it was unable to escape from the mouth of the bowl.

“Quick, look at how much Sovereign Spiritual Liquid is there!” Wen Qingxuan couldn’t endure it as she asked.

Mu Chen nodded his head as he controlled his intent into the Spiritual Condensing Bowl. However, as he probed, the Spiritual Condensing Bowl emitted greenish light that blocked off his probe. At the same time, a boundless light appeared from the mouth of the bowl as an ancient rune could be seen in that light.

Mu Chen’s face turned stiff at this instant.

“The Spiritual Condensing Bowl is sealed.” Mu Chen bitterly smiled.

“Let me try.” Wen Qingxuan refused to believe as she extended her hand and grabbed the Spiritual Condensing Bowl. She controlled her Spiritual Energy and realised that it was impossible to look into the Spiritual Condensing Bowl. She also could not extract the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid within it. The light possessed powerful defense and the seal was not something that they would deal with.


Wen Qingxuan was enraged as she threw it back to Mu Chen with hatred, “It only benefited you.”

Mu Chen awkwardly scratched his head as he received it. A jade bottle appeared in his hand, it was sparkling and translucent as drops of liquid could be seen in it. “I have taken a total of one hundred and twenty four Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. I’ll give it all to you.”

He knew how precious the Spiritual Condensing Bowl was, since it was not something that slightly more than a hundred Sovereign Spiritual Liquid could be compared to. However, he did not have the intention to monopolise it.

“Forget it, it was something that was obtained by you. I don’t want it.” Wen Qingxuan cast her lips aside as she continued, “However, the Spiritual Condensing Bowl is yours. But me and Luo Li have a share in the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in it. Take note of it and give back to us double the amount in the future.”

Although Wen Qingxuan said those words, she was clearly just rambling.

“Thanks, consider it as me owing you a favor.” Mu Chen said in a serious tone.

With Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan’s backgrounds, perhaps this counterfeit Spiritual Condensing Bowl wasn’t an inseparable treasure. However, to Mu Chen who did not have any background, it was an important item.

“Rest assured, although your favor isn’t worth anything, I will still remember it.”  Wen Qingxuan said as her rosy lips rose.

Mu Chen smiled before looking at Luo Li. The latter gently smiled. With their relationship, there wasn’t a need to divide things so clearly between the both of them.

“Let’s go. It’s almost time and perhaps, Xu Huang and the rest are also anxiously waiting.” Luo Li said gently.

Hearing her words, Mu Chen smiled as he nodded. Since he had already obtained the Spiritual Condensing Bowl, there wasn’t a need to stay here anymore.

“Let’s go.”

Mu Chen waved his hand and he turned around without any hesitation. Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan followed his pace. As the three of them left, the gate of the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard slowly closed as it returned to its original quiet state.

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