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Chapter 534 - Blood Figure

In the azure-blue sky, a wind slowly drifted amongst the loose clouds. The entire heavens and earth had an antique peace.


The sharp piercing sound of wind that resounded from afar suddenly broke the peace. Thereafter, ten light figures streaked across. In a flash, they appeared in this horizon, along with powerful winds tearing apart the loose clouds.

“There doesn’t seem to be anyone chasing after us.”

Xu Huang turned his head and glanced at the distance. When he saw that no one chased after them, only then did he feel relieved. Although the strength of Mu Chen and the other two was powerful, the other party had an advantage in numbers. Even if they had to kill, they would go limp from the exhaustion itself.

Mu Chen nodded as he waved his hand and lowered his speed. Thereafter, he grasped his hand and a sparkling translucent jade bottle appeared in his hand. Within the jade bottle, there was Sovereign Spiritual Liquid flickering with a luster. Vaguely, there were pure Spiritual Energy ripples emitted from it that could cause one’s heart to race.

“This is…”

Xu Huang and the rest stared as their eyes instantly widened, “Sovereign Spiritual Liquid?”

Speaking of this name, even their voices turned a little heated. After all, they clearly knew how precious the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was. Although it was something that only Sovereign realm experts would perfectly enjoy, it still had a large amount of benefit for them at their current stage.

Mu Chen smiled as he nodded his head. Thereafter, forty Sovereign Spiritual Liquid flew out from the bottle towards Xu Huang and the other three with a flick of his finger. “Ten drops per person. After this trip in the Divine Wood Palace ends, you guys should be able to aim for Spiritual Energy Disaster.”

“For us?”

Xu Huang and the other four were a little at loss as they stared at the ten drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid floating before them. In that instant, they still had not recovered from the shock as they knew how precious the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was. Forty Sovereign Spiritual Liquids was something that not even a 1-Stage Sovereign realm expert could produce, even if that expert was to constantly refine for a year.

“We are a team, I would also benefit if your strength grew.” Mu Chen smiled.

Xu Huang and the other three exchanged looks as they could see the excitement within each other’s eyes. Thereafter, they looked at Mu Chen with gratitude as they nodded their heads, “Thanks.”

Seeing as Xu Huang and the other three had stored the Sovereign Liquid, Mu Chen redirected his gaze towards Pin’er and her group of three that were anxiously waiting as he smiled. “In this trip to the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard, I have received the biggest harvest. Therefore, I will fork out your shares as well.”

He had obtained the Spiritual Condensing Bowl in the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard. Although it was only a counterfeit, the price of it could still not be estimated. Furthermore, there was still quite a lot of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in the Spiritual Condensing Bowl. Although it was sealed and Mu Chen had no idea how much there was, it should not be a small amount. Generally speaking, Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li also had a share in those Sovereign Spiritual Liquids… 

However, due to the reason as it could not be unsealed, there was no way for Mu Chen to divide their shares at the moment and could only wait till the seal was undone. However, at that time, the two girls would probably not be by his side anymore…

Mu Chen’s finger flicked as another fourty Sovereign Spiritual Liquids flew towards Pin’er’s group. The four girls were a little startled at how generous Mu Chen was. However, they did not immediately accept it as they directed their gazes over to Wen Qingxuan, since she was the Captain to their team.

“Take it, this is something that he should fork over. Fortunately, you’re not that petty.” Wen Qingxuan took a glance at Mu Chen before nodding towards her teammates.

When Pin’er and the rest heard her words, only then did they feel excitement as they stored the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, before sweetly smiling to Mu Chen, “Thank you, Big Brother Mu Chen.”

Mu Chen smiled as he looked at the remaining forty Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. He helplessly sighed in his heart. It wasn’t easy for him to obtain those Sovereign Spiritual Liquids and in an instant, he had already lost at least half of them. Although he had the Spiritual Condensing Bowl with him, it was sealed at the moment. He also did not dare to get someone to help him with such a precious item, as he was clear that something that could absorb Spiritual Energy and condense it into Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was a miraculous treasure and the temptation it had to Sovereign realm experts.

“Where are we going next?” Wen Qinxguan asked towards Mu Chen. After the two trips with Mu Chen taking the lead and obtaining a huge harvest, she no longer had any opinion with Mu Chen taking the lead.

“Although these Divine Wood Palace ruins are vast, the amount of people that came here to look for treasures is large as well. I’m afraid that most of the places that contain treasures have already been searched.” Mu Chen said with pity as he knew that aside from the Spiritual Treasure Mountain and the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard, there were still many places that contained treasures. However, they had spent quite an amount of time in the two places that they had gone to before.

Although he felt pity, Mu Chen was rather optimistic. After all, not all the benefits had been taken. The taboo was being too greedy.

“Let’s go to the Divine Wood Academy…the most important place in the Divine Wood Palace.” Mu Chen said after some pondering, before raising his head towards the distance, “I believe that all those teams with decent strength are already making their way over. I’m afraid that this struggle will be even more intense compared to the other two.”

“I want to see who has the capability to snatch treasures from me.” Wen Qingxuan’s phoenix-like eyes narrowed and within her eyes, there was a blazing fire.

“Let’s go, then.”

Mu Chen smiled as he knew that Wen Qingxuan’s character was as prideful as a phoenix. It was impossible for her to lower her head or to admit defeat to anyone.

As he spoke, his figure had flown away like a streak of light. He was as fast as lightning as he streaked across the horizon like a meteor towards the distance.

Just when Mu Chen was speeding towards the Divine Wood Academy, the most important area of the Divine Wood Palace, there was a commotion coming from another corner of the ruins.

It was an ancient huge palace built on top of the mountain. The huge palace was built from huge wood as it seemed exceptionally firm. At this moment, there were powerful Spiritual Energy impacts coming from the great palace. Powerful Spiritual Energy ripples swept out, making the mountain seem as if it was trembling.

In the sky around the ancient palace, there were several teams at the mountain peak as they glanced towards the palace from afar with fear in their expressions.

The palace was the most perfectly maintained building within this region. Judging from the scale, it was clearly an important location in the ancient times of the Divine Wood Palace. Therefore, there should be treasures in this area.

This was something that everyone knew.

However, they discovered that when many teams had charged into it in impatience, they quickly came out in a miserable state as fear filled their eyes. No one could have expected this palace to be so dangerous.

Furthermore, they even discovered a guardian with the strength comparable to Spirit Disaster within it.

Facing such obstacles, no other team could successfully enter the palace. It wasn’t until half a day later that a team of roughly a dozen that wore red robes appeared.

That team gave off a chilling aura, making no one dare to carelessly approach them. Furthermore, when they reached here, they did not pay any attention to anyone else and charged straight into the palace. Till now, they had yet to return. However, everyone knew that they were not buried in it as they could feel the violent bloody Spiritual Energy ripples.

There should be an intense fight inside the palace.

This fact made everyone else startled as they were well-aware of how dangerous the palace was. However, that red-robed team with unknown origin could actually last so long inside…


There was an ear-piercing booming sound coming from inside. Thereafter, the gate of the palace was suddenly shattered as a huge figure shot out, crumbling this mountain. As huge stones fell, it buried half of the figure within. Everyone directed their gazes over and their faces drastically changed, that huge figure was actually that guardian that possessed the strength comparable to Spirit Disaster…

And right now, that guardian was clearly defeated.

Rustle! Rustle!

In the time that they were startled, there were sounds of water flowing from the palace. A bloody river was suddenly seen charging out of the palace, before turning into a dozen blood-robed figures.

At the head of the group, stood a youth with charming features as his forehead emitted a chill. He indifferently glanced at the shattered guardian before licking his scarlet lips and smiled, “There is indeed some treasures in the Divine Wood Palace, our trip here is not in vain.”

As he finished his speech, his gaze suddenly moved as a bloody light flickered in his palm. He narrowed his eyes and a smear of an indifferent smile rose from the corner of his lips.

“That Mu Chen was indeed quite capable… to actually plunder the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard of the Divine Wood Palace… they should be currently heading for the Divine Wood Academy, right?”

“Indeed interesting, if he could obediently hand over all his Sovereign Spiritual Liquid to me, I suppose that I can spare his life.”

The youth furrowed his brows as he shook his head shortly, “Forget it, since he dared to be so close to Luo Li, let’s just kill him… Otherwise, when he meets that fellow, wouldn’t all my merits be taken away?”

“Let’s go, towards the Divine Wood Academy. I also intend to meet that unfavourable fellow.”

The youth coldly smiled as he waved his hand. His figure turned into a streak of bloody light as he flew away. Behind him, those blood-robed figures closely followed behind him.

As they left, the surrounding teams looked towards the great palace, contemplating if they should go in and take a look. Suddenly, cracks appeared on the palace and under their astonished gazes, it crumbled…

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