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Chapter 520 - Hidden Spiritual Courtyard


Ten streaks of light flew across the horizon up in the sky of the lush green forest. Sharp gales of wind that was ear-piercing swept out.

The ten streaks of light were naturally Mu Chen and his group that had left the Spiritual Treasure Mountain. As he had obtained the information of the Divine Wood Palace from the white-haired elder, it saved Mu Chen the time to search around aimlessly. He had directly brought his group towards the location where some treasures were located.

Just like the place that they were going to next, a place called the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard.

The Hidden Spiritual Courtyard was extremely important in the Divine Wood Palace. It was not at all inferior to the Spiritual Treasure Mountain. Within the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard, there were large amounts of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid left behind. Generally speaking, it was the most tempting part of a large force.

The Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was a bizarre item. Even in the vast Great Thousand World, it was still something that wad used to measure the strength of a force. 

The Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was something that only Sovereign realm experts could refine. A Rank 1 Sovereign could only refine one drop of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid in one month. One could tell how precious the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was.

When a person’s strength passed through the Three Sovereign Disasters, the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid would be crucial. After all, if one wished to step into the realm of Sovereign, they would require a large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. Only the powerful and pure energy of the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid could allow someone to thoroughly change and step into the realm of Sovereigns.

This realm was a huge game changer in the path of cultivation.

Only by truly stepping into the realm of Sovereigns, could one possess the qualifications to travel the Great Thousand World. Only those of that level could be called experts and receive the respect of others!

Therefore, countless people have had the Sovereign realm as their target. However, who knew how many of those talented youths were stopped before their step towards that realm. That realm didn’t only need talent, it needed a large amount of resources, and a large amount of those resources meant the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

Ordinary forces could not nurture Sovereign realm experts. Only those powerful forces could create a Sovereign realm expert.

Among the Great Thousand World, even some Sovereign realm experts would serve those powerful forces for the sake of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, becoming the servants or Elders. They were using their own strength to trade for the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, an essential resource.

Furthermore, the symbol of a Sovereign realm, the Sovereign’s Celestial Body also required a large amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid. The more powerful the Sovereign’s Celestial Body, the requirement of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid would also increase. It was said that amongst the ninety-nine Sovereign’s Celestial Bodies, the last one would already require thousands of drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid.

A thousand drops of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, if it was a Rank 1 Sovereign Realm expert refining it, it would take ten years to produce that amount.

Therefore, Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was something that could not be lacked.

That was precisely the reason why the moment Mu Chen knew of the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard with the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid left behind from the Divine Wood Palace, he did not hesitate to rush over. He was already at Human Body Disaster at this moment, a step closer towards the Sovereign realm. Furthermore the place that his mother originated from was extremely frightening and he could not get any help from that place. So much so that if he was discovered by someone of that place, his outcome would definitely not be good. Otherwise, his mother would not have left him when he was young.

Mu Chen turned into a streak of light as he flew across the horizon. Looking afar, he deeply inhaled a mouthful of air. His hands slowly clenched tightly. He, who was without any background, could only rely on himself.

Behind him, Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan and the rest of the group closely followed. Wen Qingxuan had shown more interest to the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid compared to the Spiritual Treasure Mountain. Clearly, she was also well-aware of the importance that the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid held. Therefore, she did not have any objections towards Mu Chen’s leading this time around. On the contrary, she even hurried the rest to speed up, incase there was nothing left for them if they were late.

The group of people increased their speed as they streaked across the horizon.

Along the way, they saw quite an amount of shining spiritual lights. Those were clearly treasures that had been found and there were people fighting over them. However, Mu Chen and his group did not pay any attention to them as they maintained their speed towards the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard.

Compared to the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid, those things were not as attractive.

As Mu Chen and his team were speeding up, they gradually slowed their speed after about twenty minutes. Mu Chen’s figure dove as he headed for a mountain peak. Thereafter, his gaze was shifted up ahead of him. It was a patch of lush green spike trees. Those spike trees were black in colour and they were filled with extremely sharp spikes. The looks of it gave others a sensation of chill. There were also purple lights flickering off the spikes. Those were clearly poisonous.

Mu Chen’s line-of-sight passed through the towering spike trees and towards the depths. Vaguely, he could see traces of an ancient hall. However, that ancient hall was surrounded by the dense spike trees, similar to a hedgehog.

“The Hidden Spiritual Courtyard should be in the deepest part of this spike tree forest…” Mu Chen pointed towards the depths of the spike tree forest as he spoke.

“Let us hurry, then.” Xu Huang and the rest were overwhelmed by their excitement as they intended to fly over the spike tree forest.


Mu Chen however, stopped them as he frowned, “There seems to be something wrong about this place.”

He could vaguely sense that there was a peculiar ripple coming from the vast spike tree forest. The ripples belonged to someone familiar to him.

Mu Chen wrinkled his brows as he muttered to himself. Suddenly, his palm clenched and a longsword Spiritual Artifact appeared in his hands. He transferred his Spiritual Energy into it, before he shot the longsword forward. The longsword that contained his Spiritual Energy flew towards the skies of the densely packed spike tree forest.


Just as the longsword Spiritual Artifact shot towards the skies, Mu Chen and his group saw that the Spiritual Energy that was within the longsword instantly disappeared. Thereafter, the longsword Spiritual Artifact fell from the sky, since it had lost the support of Spiritual Energy, falling into the forest. Thereafter, it was pierced by the spike trees.

“Hissss.” Xu Huang and the rest inhaled a mouthful of chilled air. Those spike trees were too sharp. Although that sword was just a Low Rank Spiritual Artifact, it was not made of tofu… Furthermore, why did the Spiritual Energy on the Spiritual Artifact suddenly disappear?

“What’s going on?” Wen Qingxuan asked with her brows wrinkled.

Mu Chen frowned as he looked towards the distance. There was a group that was looking over at this direction without any idea what was going on. He waved his hand as Spiritual Energy swept out and forcefully captured one of the people in that team.

“What is going on here?”

When that youth saw that Mu Chen had easily captured him, he raised his hand immediately and spoke, “We don’t have any malicious intent, we were just taking a look here… Furthermore, this region could not be easily entered by anyone. The moment one steps into the region, their Spiritual Energy would disappear…”

Mu Chen released him as he narrowed both his eyes and said softly, “So that’s the case. This region should be covered by a Sealing Spiritual Array.”

No wonder he felt that the ripples were familiar, so it was the Sealing Spiritual Array.

“Sealing Spiritual Array?” Luo Li was a little astonished as she continued, “From the type of Spiritual Array, the grade is definitely not low. Looks like it should be left behind by the Divine Wood Palace.”

Mu Chen nodded in agreement. A Sealing Spiritual Array of such a range was probably something that could be done with several Spiritual Array Grandmasters. All of them that had participated in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament absolutely did not have the capability to accomplish such a feat.

“Seems like we can’t fly over it. Otherwise, we would fall the instant our Spiritual Energy disappears. Our outcome would probably be no different compared to that Spiritual Artifact,” said Mu Chen.

“But from the looks of it, we would not be able to use any Spiritual Energy the instant we enter the forest.” Wen Qingxuan said with her brows frowned. The power that she took the most pride in was her powerful Spiritual Energy. The instant she lost that advantage, her strength would fall by seventy to eighty percent.

Mu Chen nodded and shortly after, he was a little dazed. Doesn’t that mean that this was something similar to the Spiritual Road…? Except that the Spiritual Road was definitely way more dangerous compared to this area.

“Erm… I’d advise you guys not to enter.” The youth from before spoke.


“This region was already occupied by the Academy Alliance. They had the advantage of numbers. You guys definitely can’t win against them.” That youth sneaked a few peeks at Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li before continuing, “Perhaps they do not dare to provoke you guys outside of here. But if you enter, then you can’t say for sure.”

“There were a few batches that came before you, but they were defeated by the Academy Alliance. They seemed to be prepared, since they chose several fellows that cultivated their physiques. Even if they lose their Spiritual Energy, they are still powerful.”

Mu Chen furrowed his brows. Those fellows from the Academy Alliance…

Xu Huang and the rest that stood by the side had ugly expressions on their face. They did not excel at the cultivation of physiques. The instant they lost their Spiritual Energy, they would land in a pretty bad situation if they were to face those fellows that were more powerful than them.

This damnable place is truly troublesome.

Luo Li also looked at Mu Chen. From the situation, their advantage from their valiant formation had decreased. If they still insisted on entering, they would fall right into the trap of the Academy Alliance.

Mu Chen looked at the pitch-black spike trees as he pondered for a brief moment, before he opened his mouth, “I’ll enter alone, the rest of you remain outside.”

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