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Chapter 521 - Moving in Stealth


Hearing Mu Chen’s words, the faces of Xu Huang and the rest changed. The Academy Alliance had the advantage in numbers that could even be seen outside. With their advantage in numbers, even Mu Chen would have to hide, not to mention that the region was under the Sealing Spiritual Array. Losing the power of Spiritual Energy, even something that had went through the Spiritual Energy Disaster or Spirit Disaster would suffer a great drawback in strength.

“No.” Luo Li’s brows frowned as she held onto her Luo God Sword, “I will go with you. Although my physique isn’t as strong as your own, it is much stronger compared to a normal person’s.”

Clearly, Luo Li wasn’t too assured to let Mu Chen enter the region that had sealed Spiritual Energy all alone by himself.

“Me and Luo Li will go in with you. Otherwise, our efforts would have been in vain if you were to take all the Sovereign Spiritual Liquid for yourself.” Wen Qingxuan said softly.

Mu Chen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he was helpless towards Wen Qingxuan’s pride.

When Mu Chen saw the expression of the two girls, he knew that it was impossible for him to convince the two of them. Luo Li wasn’t assured to let him go alone and, clearly, Wen Qingxuan was haunted by her pride. She could not watch as she gains the benefits by relying on Mu Chen. Therefore, she would definitely not allow Mu Chen to take the risk alone and split the harvest thereafter.

However, Mu Chen had to admit that Wen Qingxuan’s pride truly was something admirable.

“Then, the three of us will go in and try our luck.” Mu Chen did not waste anymore time to convince them. Perhaps the three of them were a little weak, but they were not ordinary people. He believed that despite the fact that the Academy Alliance had the advantage in numbers, with them being able to come and go as they wished, it should still be possible.

Seeing as Mu Chen agreed to her suggestion, only then did Luo Li smile.

“You guys will wait for us out here.” Mu Chen said as he glanced towards Xu Huang, Pin’er, Le’er.

The three of them nodded. Although they did not wish for Mu Chen to take the risk, they might not be able to help them or they might even be their burden if they were to follow.

Pin’er, Le,er and An Ya looked at Wen Qingxuan. Seeing as the latter had nodded her head, only then did they agree to it.

“Let’s go. The Academy Alliance actually wants to monopolize the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard with their numbers.” Mu Chen looked at the pitch-black forest as a chill flashed across his pupils. He did not have any positive opinion of the Academy Alliance. Therefore, he was not willing to let them have the Hidden Spiritual Courtyard.

He waved his hand and jumped down the mountain peak, then appeared before the pitch-black forest.

The forest was so black that it was emitting faint chill that could be felt on the skin.

Mu Chen’s foot touched the ground as his figure charged in without any hesitation. When he charged in, he could feel that the Spiritual Energy within his body abruptly stopped, as if it had been frozen.

Mu Chen’s expression was grave. He tried to move his intent, but there was no response from his Spiritual Energy. The faint spiritual light on his body dulled down. The boundless energy that could shatter mountains with a fist also disappeared. It felt as if he had been suddenly weakened, the feeling was hard to bear.

“Indeed worthy of being a Sealing Spiritual Array.” Mu Chen muttered as he furrowed his brows.

Behind him, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan closely followed. They both had grave expressions hung on their faces as well. Clearly, they also felt the changes in their body.

In this area, the usage of Spiritual Energy was lost.

“Doesn’t it feel familiar?” Mu Chen slowly clenched his fist as he smiled towards Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan.

Luo Li lightly smiled in response as reminisce surged within her clear pupils. The feeling here was indeed, similar to the Spiritual Road. At that time, they could not use any Spiritual Energy and could only rely on genuine methods…

Perhaps she was thinking of the life-and-death battle that she had with Mu Chen as her gaze that was staring at Mu Chen gradually turned gentle.

“Those methods could be used now.”

Mu Chen retrieved a black robe that he passed to Luo Li. The black robe was similar to the surroundings as it had the effect of hiding one's figure. Perhaps this method did not have the slightest usage when they were outside, but it was useful to this region that had lost the usage of Spiritual Energy and vision became the main method of scouting.

Luo Li took the black robe and wore it. Instantly, her fine figure was covered by the black robe, only her exquisite face was revealed.

“Here.” Mu Chen passed another black robe towards Wen Qingxuan.

“It’s ugly.” Wen Qingxuan said in hesitation. She had quite a bit of mysophobia and thus, she did not have much contact with the opposite sex. Not to mention the robe that was given to her by Mu Chen, god-knows if he had worn them before.

“You’re too eye-catching.” Mu Chen took a glance at the girl before him. Her yellow battle armour wrapped onto her graceful figure and her curves could be seen. This scene alone could make many people stare inyo blankness, not to mention at this monotonous area.

Wen Qingxuan seemed to have noticed Mu Chen’s looks and instantly glared at him. She snatched the black robe and wore it over. She was, after all, not a reckless person. She would not bring unnecessary trouble for her companions just because of her own preferences.

Mu Chen smiled as he took out another black robe and wore it over his clothes. Thereafter, he waved his hand as he turned around and charged into the pitch black forest with the two girls closely following him.

Within the pitch-black forest, light rays were extremely dull. The spike trees had expanding branches that seemed like blades as they drew sinister-looking shadows. They were like the figures of demons as they wiggled to the point that could make one’s hair stand on end.


Under the shadows, three figures flashed across at high speed, using the shadows to cover themselves.

The three of them were well-known figures in the Spiritual Road. The environment that they had been through was more ferocious compared to this place. Therefore, they were very skillful as they stealthily moved. They were skillfully using the cover of shadows to hide their figures. At the same time, their gazes were as sharp as an eagle’s as they swept through the dark places.

As their figures moved, Mu Chen’s gaze suddenly flickered as he hid his figure behind a spike. When his advancing steps stopped, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan hid themselves towards the left and right at the same time.

Mu Chen’s line-of-sight passed through the spike as he glanced towards the darkness not far away. The shadows were a little distorted as a chilling light flickered in the darkness. Those were the luster of blades.

“Six people.”

Mu Chen said softly as he discovered the six figures in the darkness. Those six people had concealed themselves well. However, they had forgotten to hide the cold luster of their blades.

Mu Chen extended his hand and made a signal.

Seeing his hand signal, Luo Li shot forth from the right. She and Mu Chen already had extremely high rapport back in the Spiritual Road. She could understand every single hand signal that Mu Chen used. Wen Qingxuan, however, was a step slower. But ,she was, after all, more intelligent compared to others and very quickly, she understood the meaning in Mu Chen’s actions and shot forth from the left.

Seeing as the two girls had taken action, Mu Chen tapped his foot as he appeared like a spiritual monkey, flying up the tree that was filled with spikes.

In the darkness not far away, there were six alert gazes that were constantly looking around, tightly gripping their blades and swords. They also had some experience hiding as they remained still on the ground, being covered by the shadows so that they would not be discovered by others so easily. The intersect point of their gazes sealed off this region as any movements would not be possible to avoid their monitor.

Amongst the six, the hands of one of them that was used as support against the spike trees slightly moved. He seemed to have sensed a fine movement that made him startled. A smear of suspicion flashed through his eyes, but he did not discover anything unusual.

After sweeping his eyes around, he shook his head in the end as his tensed body started to relax.

Just when his body was relaxed, he instantly sensed a chill surging forth. Thereafter, an intense pain came from the back of his head and his eyes darkened. His figure gradually went limp. However, just when his body was about to fall, a hand held onto his body that made him seem normal.


In front of him, another companion sensed that something was wrong. That person turned his head and looked at his companion in the shadows as he spoke with a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

Within the darkness, he was replied with a shake of his hand and a hand was extended over.

He looked at his companion’s hand in suspicion. However, he did not notice anything else. However, before the suspicion in his eyes deepened, a hand traveled at lightning speed and grabbed onto his throat, causing the voice that was about to exit his throat to be pushed back down.

Mu Chen walked out from the shadows as he looked at the person whose throat was grabbed by him. The person’s face was red but was not able to speak a word. Mu Chen placed his finger on his lips and made a silent gesture.

That person could see the chill in Mu Chen’s eyes. Instantly, sweat dripped down as he trembled with fear and stopped his struggles. He believed that if he were to continue struggling, he would not be able to keep his life.

When Mu Chen saw that he had obediently quietened down, he smiled. He looked towards the left and right, since there was movement from those two directions. After a brief moment later, this area retained it's peace as two slender figures walked over.


Luo Li said softly.

Seeing as the two girls were fine without any injuries, Mu Chen nodded. He smiled with his eyes narrowed as he spoke towards the pale youth, “You’re from the Academy Alliance, right? Tell me the how many of you entered this place. Their rough positions, as well as the position of those three fellows…”

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