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Chapter 519 - Striking Gold

Mu Chen flew off of the stone platform under the countless gazes that were filled with fear. He returned to the side of Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan as he smiled towards the two girls, “By luck, I was able to accomplish it. I suppose that I was not too embarrassing, right?”

Luo Li smiled as she nodded.

“So-so, there’s nothing to smirk about. If it was me who was in your position, there was no way that the puppet could force me to such an extent.” Wen Qingxuan’s lips rose. Her pride wouldn’t allow her to admit that Mu Chen truly was powerful. Although he was still somewhat capable for being able to defeat the puppet.

Mu Chen helplessly smiled. After all, there was still some distance between his cultivation and Wen Qingxuan. If he possessed the strength of Spiritual Energy Disaster, it would be much easier for him to deal with the puppet.

“So are you guys going to try out as well?” Mu Chen looked towards Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan, Xu Huang and the rest. According to the rules of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, he had already succeeded his challenge and obtained the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi. Therefore, he could not challenge again. However, Luo Li and the rest still had a chance. There were still quite a bit of rare Spiritual Treasures in the Spiritual Treasure Mountain. If they could obtain them, their strength could have quite a bit of increase.

Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li nodded without hesitation. Since they were already here, they could not return empty-handed. Although Mu Chen had already taken the best that the Spiritual Treasure Mountain could offer, the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi, there were still other precious treasures that are worth quite a decent amount.

“We can as well?” Xu Huang, and the other two hesitated as they exchanged looks. After all, the consequences to their failure was too dire.

“Challenge according to your strengths. As long as you guys don’t aim too high, it should still be possible for success.” Mu Chen smiled.

“Good!” Xu Huang and the other two grounded their teeth. Wen Qingxuan and her team of girls did not plan to give up. If they were scared of it, it would be too shameful for them.

When Mu Chen spoke, the atmosphere outside the Spiritual Treasure Mountain became lively. The miserable situation that they had seen seemed to have been dulled by a lot when Mu Chen took his victory. Some people regained their rationality. Although they did not dare to challenge rashly, they started to obtain some Spiritual Treasures.

“Let’s go.”

When Mu Chen saw that the mood of the other teams was recovering, he smiled as he urged.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan nodded their heads. Shortly after, their figures turned into streaks of light and charged towards the eighth level of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain. Only this level was something that they could consider, since the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi had already been taken.

Seeing as Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan had acted, Pin’er, Le’er and An Ya had also acted. They chose the sixth level, since the puppets on that level possessed the strength of Spiritual Energy Disaster. With the sufficient amount of methods that they had, there was nothing that they would fear.

Xu Huang and the other two, however, were slightly weaker compared to them. Therefore, they could only choose the fifth level, since the puppets there possessed the strength of Human Body Disaster. It was something that they could manage.

Their actions had broken the atmosphere in this region as the other teams could not hold back and also turned into streaks of light as they flew into the Spiritual Treasure Mountain.

Among those groups, the speed of Wang Zhong and Wu Yingying was the fastest as they entered the eighth level. Clearly, they had confidence in their strength.

Thereafter, the atmosphere in the Spiritual Treasure Mountain became heated up.

Ferocious battles broke out from the stone platform. However, the current situation was much better. After estimating the strength of the puppets, the chances of victory rose. Aside from a few unfortunate fellows that could not perform in the battle, a majority of them clenched victory and obtained a Spiritual Treasure of their choice.

Gales swept out from the stone platform from the many joyful faces. Outside the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, the entire region was filled with celebration. Naturally, there were some who were dejected and depressed. The faces of those pale-faced teams lost their teammates without being able to obtain any Spiritual Treasures and had lost them to imprisonment. So as to say, their steps in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament were halted.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan also returned with victory. Although the puppets that they faced were powerful, they did not possess the strength of First Grade Spirit Disaster. Therefore, it was easy for them to clench their victory. It was two complete situations, compared to Mu Chen’s.

“What did you guys get?” Mu Chen was a little curious.

Luo Li smiled as light gathered in her hand. A jadestone lotus platform appeared and within it was a fiery-red vine. The vine was like a scarlet dragon, since there were small scales one the surface on the vine. Within the vine, there was lava flowing in it, emitting blazing ripples from it.

“This is a Scarlet Dragon Vine that lives in the lava. The lava fluid of it possesses the usage of refining the Spirit. If it is refined, it could enhance the Spirit, allowing one to have more success when undergoing the Spirit Disaster,” said Luo Li.

“Mine is a Iceberg Snow Spiritual Fruit. Mine is in contrast to Luo Li’s Scarlet Dragon Vine. However, it also possesses quite a bit of benefit for the Spirit. It is definitely a good item for Spirit Disaster.” Within Wen Qingxuan’s jade-like hands, there was a fruit that was as white as a jade. It seemed to be wrapped by ice and snow as if there was a chill flowing inside.

“Not bad.”

Mu Chen praised. It was definitely beneficial for them to obtain powerful Spiritual Treasures that enhanced the Spirit.

Not long after Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan had returned, Pin’er, Xu Huang and the rest had also past through their challenges. Looking at the joy in their eyes, clearly they had a decent harvest, which made Mu Chen smile. It seems like they have struck gold in their visit to the Spiritual Treasure Mountain.


The intense battle of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain had come to an end. Wang Zhong and his group had also returned. Traces of battle could be seen from his body. Clearly, he had undergone an intense battle.

“Let’s go!”

The moment Wang Zhong came out, he gave Mu Chen a dark glance. There was caution in his eyes and shortly after, he waved his hand and left at a rapid speed, along with the two groups of the Saint Spiritual Academy. They also had quite a bit of harvest. Adding on to his weakened situation after his battle, Wang Zhong was not worried that Mu Chen would attack them. After all, there was only one chance in entering the Spiritual Treasure Mountain. Which also meant that if they did not rob the treasures that the other teams had obtained, one team could only obtain five.

Mu Chen glanced at their leaving back figures and faintly smiled. He did not obstruct Wang Zhong as the latter had expected. Many people had complicated gazes about the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi that he had previously obtained. Therefore, many people were hiddenly coveting after it. Although their formation was so strong that those fellows would not easily attack them, the instant his flaws were captured by them, perhaps they would cause a decent amount of trouble for him.

Therefore, this was not a time to act. After obtaining the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi, Mu Chen was not too concerned about the other treasures.

Behind Wang Zhong, Wu Yingying and her team returned. She glanced at Mu Chen as she softly snorted. Thereafter, she rapidly left with the members of the Martial Spiritual Academy.

Looking at her leaving figure, Mu Chen helplessly shook his head. He did not have any malice with Wu Yingying. But it seemed that the girl had rather ill-feeling towards him.

“What? You don’t bear to part with her?” Wen Qingxuan chuckled as she continued, “Do you know who Wu Yingying’s older brother is?”

“Her older brother?” Mu Chen was stunned and shortly after, a person’s name came out from his mouth, “Wu Ling?”

Mu Chen wasn’t a stranger to Wu Ling. He had fought with him in the Spiritual Road. Therefore, he was well-aware that Wu Ling was very powerful. Speaking from a certain angle, Wu Ling wasn’t inferior to Ji Xuan. Such an opponent was someone that even Mu Chen did not wish to provoke. Thus, even if Mu Chen had fought with Wu Ling in the Spiritual Road, it was just a small scuffle compared to Ji Xuan. So there wasn’t any huge grudges between them.

However, he had never expected that Wu Ling would be the older brother of Wu Yingying. This made him feel a headache. If Wu Ling knew that his younger sister was teased by him before, god-knows what he would do.

“You’re really unlucky. All those difficult people from the Spiritual Road have all become your enemy.” Wen Qingxuan took joy in Mu Chen’s misfortune as she said.

“Yeah, but you, the most dazzling champion of the Spiritual Road is my biggest opponent.” Mu Chen smiled as he stared at Wen Qingxuan.

What he meant was not the peculiar thoughts that Wen Qingxuan had shown for Luo Li, what he meant was another matter. Although they were currently working together with Wen Qingxuan, when the final battle comes, he and Wen Qingxuan would probably be enemies. Furthermore, the fear that Mu Chen had for her wasn’t inferior compared to Ji Xuan, Wu Ling and all those powerful figures from the Spiritual Road.

“That is indeed, a regret. If I have the chance, I would definitely not hold my hands back.” Wen Qingxuan’s mouth curled up.

“What should we do next?” Luo Li looked at the two of them opposing each other, she helplessly smiled as she shifted the topic.

Mu Chen rubbed the center of his brows. There was the tree rune that was left behind by the white-haired elder. Within the tree rune, Mu Chen had obtained quite a bit of news of the Divine Wood Palace. Therefore, he was now well-aware of the location that the inheritance of the Divine Wood Palace.

He raised his head and looked towards the southwest direction as lush green spread through the horizon.

According to the information that he had obtained from the rune, there was a special location in this remnant. At that direction, it was one of the important places of the Divine Wood Palace. It was said that a huge amount of Sovereign Spiritual Liquid was hidden there.

The Sovereign Spiritual Liquid left behind by an ancient force was something that could make every Sovereign realm expert tempted by it.

Therefore, Mu Chen was not an exception.

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