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Chapter 518 - Harvest

Up in the sky, the huge green wood light wheel disappeared as lush green light fell from the sky. Completely shrouding the figure below.

There was complete silence outside the Spiritual Treasure Mountain as the faces of those teams were ugly. The scene before them seemed to have surpassed their expectations. It should’ve been a situation where Mu Chen died. But the facts were twisted as the powerful puppet was split into two.

What was with the green wooden light wheel? Didn’t Mu Chen’s attack miss and why did it appear again?

Daze was shown on the faces of those people. Clearly, they had not recovered from the sudden change of events.

Wen Qingxuan’s slender eyes focused onto the figure and softly said, “Purposely throwing the green wooden light wheel into the ground, how smart. After that finishing move, there was actually another finishing move buried below.”

When that green wooden light wheel missed, Mu Chen did not immediately take any action, but had hidden in the ground as he was well-aware of how frightening the speed of the puppet was. If it was instantly exposed, it would probably still be impossible to attack that puppet. Thus, he waited for a chance and, at the same time, he removed his defences to bait the puppet. Only at the moment when the puppet attacked, he would have his chance to kill it.

From that method alone, it contained his courage and unwavering spirit. Perhaps it could also be called “self-confidence”. However, it was something that made others astonished.

After all, from the looks of his earlier attack, it was already as fast as lightning. Perhaps, at that time, even Mu Chen had not expected that the puppet could avoid that attack that he had been planning for so long. Despite that, he was not being complacent in the slightest. Beyond his finishing move, there was another one which dealt with his opponent.

“It could not be said to be on purpose. It was just a habit of his to be safeguarded.” Luo Li said softly. However, Wen Qingxuan could see the chest of the girl slightly rising up and down and within her tone, there was an ease in it that was hard to detect. Clearly, the girl’s heart was not serene when Mu Chen fought with the puppet earlier.

“Indeed, worthy of his fame as the Spiritual Road’s Blood Calamity.” Wen Qingxuan sweetly smiled as she continued, “If he was not expelled from the Spiritual Road, the current him would be even more powerful. Perhaps I would not be the final champion of the Spiritual Road.”

The strength that Mu Chen had shown made Wen Qingxuan more or less startled. The courage and self-confidence that he had shown in the battle made her eyes light up.

At the back, Wang Zhong’s eyes were solemn as he watched. Although the twists and turns in the battle were brilliant, what he wanted to see wasn’t that. He would be more happy to see Mu Chen being defeated by the puppet and imprisoned.

Furthermore, from the methods that Mu Chen had revealed, a layer of cautiousness and fear rose in his heart as he knew that if he was the one fighting with the puppet, he would definitely not be able to accomplish what Mu Chen did.

“That fellow…”

His eyes were dark as he stared at Mu Chen. Why is this new generation so hateful? Even that fellow Ji Xuan is the same.

Compared to Wang Zhong’s darkness, Wu Yingying’s eyes, however, were complicated. She stared at Mu Chen with her teeth clenching. Hatred filled her oval face and vaguely, there were some other emotions that were hard to sense. Perhaps she would not admit that she admired him. Although that fellow did all those hateful things to her, she had to admit that he was exceptionally outstanding.

Back then, in the Spiritual Road, Wu Yingying nearly went crazy from all those things that Mu Chen had done to her. Thus, she searched around for Mu Chen after that to take revenge for her shame. However, the Spiritual Road was oo vast and she could not accomplish what she wished. When she heard of Mu Chen’s name again, he was already removed from the Spiritual Road.

However, she further found out that Mu Chen had the title of Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road. When she found out about that calamity, she was undoubtedly startled as Mu Chen did not commit such frightening acts when she encountered the latter. Otherwise, she would not have been released after being teased.

She had also clearly not expected that she would encounter that hateful fellow here. Also, that fellow had also changed a lot over the years. He was no longer the soft and immature guy that she met back then. When he was serious, there was a blade-like chillness that made his originally charming face even more charming.


As her thoughts travelled to this point, Wu Yingying’s face flushed red and immediately spat. She could not help wishing that she could tear that fellow to shreds. How can I have such thoughts?!

Behind her, when Deng Tong and the rest saw the change of expression on the girl before them, they exchanged looks, but did not dare to interrupt her.

Mu Chen stood on the stone platform as he looked at the puppet that was split in two and lightly breathed out in ease. He wiped the trace of blood off the center of his brows. The puppet was, indeed, strong. However, it was still just a puppet. Although it could rely on its instincts to fight, it was still unable to be compared to a normal human.

However, Mu Chen had to admit that the damnable puppet was hard to deal with.

“However, I have finally dealt with it.”

Mu Chen curled his lips as he kicked the puppet away. Thereafter, he raised his head and looked at the brilliant light at the end of the stone platform. Within that jadestone lotus, there was the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi. Its branch and leaf were swaying with penetrative sparkle. It was like a sun as it slowly wavered, emitting extremely frightening Spiritual Energy ripples.

The Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi.

The Spiritual Treasure that he had been yearning for was finally his.

He stepped out as he approached the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi.

However, just when he was about to approach the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi, a light suddenly gathered at the side of the jadestone platform. This sudden change instantly made Mu Chen startled. Could it be that despite him defeating the puppet, he still could not obtain the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi?

Light slowly gathered under Mu Chen’s cautious gaze. Shortly after, the light formed into that white-haired elder.

Mu Chen looked at that white-haired elder in alert as he cupped his hands, “Senior, I have defeated the puppet so I believe that the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi should be mine, right?”

Although he knew that the white-haired elder was only a spiritual image left behind that did not possess any intelligence, he still maintained being courteous.

That white-haired elder did not speak and only looked at Mu Chen.

Mu Chen frowned his brows and shortly after, he saw the eyes of the white-haired elder narrow as he realised that within the eyes of the white-haired elder, there seemed to be something else there. He was no longer the dead person without any emotions that he was before.

“I never thought that I would see someone that could utilise the Divine Art of our Divine Wood Palace again.” The white-haired elder’s mouth trembled. Shortly after, a hoarse voice resounded.

Mu Chen’s face changed as he looked at the white-haired elder that stood before him in astonishment. When the elder spoke this time, there were actually emotions in his voice. The current him was no different than a living person!

The white-haired elder actually still possessed intelligence?!

“Don’t panic. You have awoken a strand of my conscious when you used the Divine Art of our Divine Wood Palace. This conscious of mine will soon disappear.” The white-haired elder said softly.

Mu Chen then felt relieved and asked, “May I ask the name of yours, Honorable Senior?”

“Even the Divine Wood Palace is gone. There’s nothing good to remember my name bu.” The white-haired elder sighed. His voice contained age as he continued, “You are a pretty decent sapling. Pity that you are not a disciple of my Divine Wood Palace.”

He felt pity. His conscious was awakened when Mu Chen used the Divine Wheel of the Heavenly Wood. Likewise, he had also seen the battle between Mu Chen and the puppet.

Mu Chen was stunned. He could tell that there was something hidden from the white-haired elder’s words. His eyes quickly blinked twice and smiled, “If this Senior is willing, I can be a disciple of the Divine Wood Palace in the records.”

The white-haired elder smiled as he stared at Mu Chen, “You truly are a smart little fellow.”

Mu Chen chuckled. The white-haired elder was clearly a stubborn old man. Now that the Divine Wood Palace was gone, there was no issue in him becoming a disciple in the records of the Divine Wood Palace. Clearly, Mu Chen’s words were to the taste of the elder. Otherwise, no matter how much he admired Mu Chen, he would not show any signs.

The white-haired elder brushed his beard as he made a flick with his fingers. A green light shot out from his fingertips and shot into the center of Mu Chen’s brows. Shortly after, the runes of an ancient rune appeared in the center of his brows and quickly disappeared.

“Your Divine Wheel of the Heavenly Wood must have been obtained from the Divine Wood Quota. Similar Divine Arts are also present in the other Divine Wood Quotas.”

Mu Chen nodded his head as it was one of his guesses.

“If chances surface, perhaps you can obtain the five other Lesser Divine Arts that are in the five other Divine Wood Quotas. The thing that I gave you earlier could help you combine them. At that time, you will get a little surprise.” The white-haired elder smiled as he spoke.

“Many thanks, Senior.”

Mu Chen was overjoyed in his heart as he immediately cupped his hands.

The white-haired elder waved his hand and his palm lightly pat onto the jadestone lotus. He saw a brilliant light being emitted from the lotus platform. That gigantic lotus platform rapidly shrank along with the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi within it. In a few breath’s time, the lotus platform turned into the size of a palm with a Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi inside.

The white-haired elder waved his robes and the jadestone lotus platform flew towards Mu Chen. The latter received it excitedly as he had finally obtained the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi.

“Go, if you want to obtain the true inheritance of the Divine Wood Palace, you will have to depend on your strength.”

The white-haired elder inhaled a deep breath as he closed his eyes, “How reminiscing.”

Mu Chen could see that the eyes of the white-haired elder quickly dulled as it restored the emptiness that was originally inside. Clearly, the remnant conscious of the elder disappeared.

Mu Chen stored the jadestone lotus platform before bowing towards the white-haired elder and flew off of the stone platform.

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