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Chapter 517 - Divine Wheel of the Heavenly Wood

The lush green Spiritual Energy that covered the entire sky flew out from those colossal trees that filled the region. They whistled through the horizon before gathering in the center of Mu Chen’s palm.

The lush green luster was like a huge vortex. Although it seemed gentle, it was emitting a ripple that could make others nervous.

“This is a… Divine Art?”

Staring at the lush green Spiritual Energy of Mu Chen, Wen Qingxuan could tell that those energies were not cultivated by Mu Chen himself, since they originated from the countless trees. What Mu Chen did was simply borrow their strength. Generally speaking, only Divine Arts could borrow such peculiar energy that existed in the world.

“It should be a Lesser Divine Art.” Luo Li replied softly.

The so-called “Divine Art” was also further categorised. There were roughly three categories for it. Lesser Divine Art, Great Divine Art and Perfect Divine Art… Accurately speaking, such a method could only be utilised by genuine Sovereign realm experts. However, once a person’s strength had reached the Three Sovereign Disasters, they could actually use it. However, it was just weaker and the might could not compete with Sovereign realm experts.

“This Divine Art seems to be from the Divine Wood Palace.” Wen Qingxuan thoughtfully watched. Such a method that utilised the strength among the tens of thousands of threes seemed to be a method from the Divine Wood Palace.

Luo Li lightly nodded her head. It seems that, not knowing when, Mu Chen had obtained a Lesser Divine Art that originated from the Divine Wood Palace. Furthermore, looking at him, he had also actually succeeded in cultivating it.

“But… although the might of a Divine Art is pretty good, it requires time to execute it. However, I fear that the puppet will not give him the time to do so,” said Wen Qingxuan. Judging from the fight from before, that puppet possessed plentiful amount of fighting experience. Furthermore, it did not fear nor did it possess any emotions, so it would fight according to its fighting instincts.

Sometimes, an existence like this that fights based on instincts are more fearsome.

Ommm! Ommmm!

The lush green luster was like an ocean as it rippled around Mu Chen. The huge lush green vortex rapidly revolved in his palm. At the edge of the vortex, it seemed that there were faint traces of space being dragged along.

Purple light flashed within the eyes of the puppet. Clearly, it could sense the danger that harbored in Mu Chen’s palm from the lush green vortex. It did not hesitate further and with a grasp of his palm, the black longspear shot over from behind the puppet and landed on its hand. In the next instant, it flew out like lightning without any hesitation.


The body of the spear trembled as it pierced the space. The spearhead was shrouded in black light as it seemed extremely sharp.

Just as Wen Qingxuan had expected, the puppet did not wait till Mu Chen was fully ready with his move. It did not hesitate and acted, intending to kill Mu Chen before he was done.

The speed of the puppet was extremely fast and, in a flash, it appeared before Mu Chen. The spearhead shot out and was pointed towards Mu Chen’s heart.

The black light spear was growing before Mu Chen’s pupils as light flickered among them. The light contained a trace of ruthless.


The light spear shot over.

However, what they did not expect was that Mu Chen did not avoid the attack, nor did he activate any defences. He extended his palm and on his palm, there was black lightning violently flickering about. That arm of his turned brilliant and silvery.

Chhhiiii! Chiiiii!

In the instant the spear was about to reach, Mu Chen’s hand grabbed onto that sharp spearhead as ear-piercing squeaking sounds rang out. Thereafter, blood constantly flowed down from Mu Chen’s palm.

Even if Mu Chen’s Lightning God's Physique had reached Penta Rune, he did not have the ability to ignore the attack of the puppet.

Outside the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, there were continuously cries of surprise. Many people had their faces slightly changed as no one had imagined that Mu Chen would use his hand to block the attack of the puppet. Does he not fear that his arm would be crippled?

“Now, he has enough time.”

Luo Li faintly spoke. However, Wen Qingxuan’s slender brows slightly trembled.

“He was indeed, firm and decisive.” Wen Qingxuan nodded as she commented.

Mu Chen’s hand that was covered in blood grabbed onto the spearhead as pain came from his palm. The cold and sharp aura nearly destroyed his entire arm. Fortunately, just when he had utilised his Lightning God's Physique to his limits, his arm had become the strongest part of his body for that instant. Otherwise, his entire arm would have been turned to shreds in that instant.


On his right palm, the huge green vortex was rapidly turning. Mu Chen looked at the puppet before him as he suddenly smiled, “I’ll let you try the good stuff from your Divine Wood Palace.”

“Lesser Divine Art - Divine Wheel of the Heavenly Wood!”

A cold voice rang out from Mu Chen’s heart.


The lush green vortex rapidly turned and under the high-speed rotation, it had tore through space. The edge of the vortex started to solidify as it turned into a huge green wood light wheel that was nearly a hundred feet tall. The edge of the light wheel was filled with sinister sawblades. Because of the rapid speed, it was as if a serene light ray was rotating.

An indescribable sharpness was being emitted from it.

Mu Chen’s eyes were cold. His hand that was dripped with blood was still tightly holding onto the spearhead. Shortly after, his palm suddenly locked down. The sinister and hair-tingling green wood saw turned into a green light as it tore through space and appeared above the puppet, sweeping down.

The green light brought along a sharpness that could destroy anything as it swept down. That atmosphere that could not be blocked made everyone in the Spiritual Treasure Mountain hold their breath. They all knew that if the puppet was hit by this fearsome attack, even if the puppet was made of metal, it would still be instantly sliced into half.


The wooden green light wheel was moving down at a rapid speed. In the next instant, it had appeared above the head of the puppet. However, just when it was about to sweep past the head of the puppet, dazzling black light burst out from the puppet. There was a metallic wing that appeared behind the puppet that abruptly shot out.

The metallic wing trembled as the puppet strangely disappeared.


The green wood light wheel swept across the air before hitting the ground. There wasn’t any cracks on the ground, it only left behind a long, slim and deep mark on the ground. That mark was extremely smooth, as if the depths of it could not be seen. Aside from the smooth surface, it was emitting a frightening penetrative power.

This ultimate move of Mu Chen’s had landed empty.

Outside the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, the heart of every team heavily jumped. The intense battle had unknowingly sucked their attention. Just when they thought that Mu Chen had failed in his attack, they felt as if they were in Mu Chen’s shoes in their hearts, it was hard to bear.

“What a pity.”

Someone sighed. The control of Mu Chen’s move earlier on could be described as perfect. However, no one had expected that the puppet would also save something. How is that a puppet was simply more frightening compared to a warrior that had gone through a hundred battles?

Clearly, after losing this chance, Mu Chen’s victory would become much lower.

The faces of Xu Huang and the rest turned pale.

Wen Qingxuan softly sighed. Only Luo Li maintained her silence.

Under the countless gazes of pity, Mu Chen stood on his actual spot. His face smeared across with paleness. His gaze swept around and the figure of the puppet had already disappeared. However, Mu Chen could sense a trace of black line travelling about. The speed was too fast for his eyes to follow.

Even if the puppet possessed the strength of First Grade Spirit Disaster, it could be considered as the hardest to deal with.

Mu Chen’s muscles tensed up tightly, as if it was a fully pullen bow. He could sense the a faint cold killing intent from his surroundings. He knew that the puppet would unleash its killing move next.

Both of Mu Chen’s eyes were tightly shut. He could sense the flow of the wind from the outside. Thereafter, the hurricane-like Spiritual Energy that was around his body started to retract, little by little, because he had actually removed his defences.

Looking at his actions, even Wen Qingxuan’s face changed. Under these circumstances, the instant Mu Chen’s flaw was grasped by the puppet, the attack that would be coming towards him would definitely be extremely astonishing. That move would probably end Mu Chen.

“What is he doing? Is he seeking death?” When Wang Zhong and his group saw Mu Chen’s actions, they frowned their brows.

Wu Yingying’s charming eyes were closely fixed onto that figure as she clenched her teeth, “Why did that bastard suddenly become a fool?”

Wooooo. Woooooooo.

The sounds of the wind became even more rushed on the stone platform. There was a small amount here that could vaguely sense that faint shadow. Even people like Wang Zhong and Wu Yingying could only vaguely sense a black streak of light. However, they could not tell the direction of that shadow.


The sounds of wind became even more rushed as fine cracks appeared on the space.

Formless air rippled before Mu Chen as a black figure had appeared before him as if it was teleporting. It straightened both its fingers as Spiritual Energy surged. It was like a dagger that was emitting heavy killing intent and pointed towards the center of Mu Chen’s brows.

That attack was too fast and too sudden. At such a distance, even an expert of Spirit Disaster could not avoid it.

One blood trace flowed from the center of Mu Chen’s brows as if it was caused by the sharp gale.

“It’s over…” The faces of Xu Huang and the rest turned pale.

Everyone else also sighed in pity.

Wen Qingxuan’s jade-like hands tightly grasped. Veins popped on her fair skin as a golden light could not help flowing around.

The puppet’s finger wind was so close to the middle of Mu Chen’s brows, he could have his brains penetrated the next instant.

However, in this instant, Mu Chen’s closely shut eyes abruptly opened. There wasn’t any panic in his eyes, but a ridiculing smile, as if he was looking at a prey.

Under the countless gazes, his hand rapidly formed hand signs.


The ground under his feet suddenly trembled. Shortly after, there was a lush green light that abruptly burst out. It was like a light saw that shot out in front of Mu Chen. It had also wiped across the body of the puppet…

The body of the puppet froze as the sharp wind that was formed on its fingertips dissipated.


Although its fingers were on the center of Mu Chen’s brows, there was no strength behind it as the body of the puppet was split into two. The cut was as smooth as A mirror.

Up in the sky, the ferocious wheel lightly trembled before it disappeared.

Mu Chen looked at the puppet with no light as he faintly smiled, “This is the real attack.”

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