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Chapter 516 - Battling the Puppet

Boundless Spiritual Energy was like gale as it swept out on the stone platform. Vaguely, there was the sound of thunder rumbling.

Mu Chen held onto the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear as both of his eyes fixed onto the puppet that stood before him. His body flickered with lightning. Under his muscles was a powerful energy. The moment he moves, he would be able to instantly unleash astonishing destructive power.

Faced with Mu Chen’s alerted glare, the eyes of the black metallic puppet flickered with purple light. There was a pressure that wad slowly being emitted from those eyes.

On the platform, the puppet and person did not make any movements as they stared at each other.

However, the situation only lasted for a brief moment.

The puppet did not have any wisdom. Therefore, it did not know the meaning of fear. It stood before Mu Chen. Whether the opponent it was facing was a Human Body Disaster or at Sovereign realm, it would not hesitate to unleash all of its power. Therefore, the puppet took the initiative to break the silence.


The ground slightly trembled as the puppet stepped out. The purple runes on its body instantly burst forth with dazzling light. The frightening Spiritual Energy ripples were like tidal waves as it exploded.


The puppet’s charging figure disappeared in an instant.

Mu Chen’s facial expression changed as he knew that the puppet did not disappear. The speed of that puppet was too fast for the naked-eyes.

That puppet possessed extremely frightening speed.


Although Mu Chen was startled by the puppet’s speed, he was, after all, someone that possessed plentiful fighting experience. A shadow dragon appeared beneath his feet and as the dragon roared, an afterimage appeared in his location and he retreated.


Wind was humming by his ears. As Mu Chen retreated, he focused his expression. The Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear in his hands brought along torrential killing intent as it became like a demonic python wrecking destruction. It flashed like lightning as it shot behind him.

Bang! Bang!

The space was torn apart under his spear as it left behind faint marks at the empty space.


The Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear pierced towards an empty space. A metallic sound rang out as a black longspear shot forth to meet it. The tip of the spear was extremely precise as it clashed against the tip of the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear. Black light surged and stopped Mu Chen’s spear from moving any further forward.


Black lightning surged from Mu Chen’s body. His body seemed as if it had become taller. The five lightning runes on his body instantly appeared with power travelinh throughout his muscles like waves.

Rustle! Rustle!

Mu Chen’s expression was sharp as his arm trembled. Roars burst from the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear. Spear images that filled the entire sky rained down like frightening lightning without the slightest bit of restraint of strength.

Clearly Mu Chen did not hold himself back as he had utilised the Penta Rune Lightning Physique. Furthermore, borrowing the might of the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear, even Spiritual Energy Disaster experts would not dare to take Mu Chen’s storm-like attacks and could only hide.

However, Mu Chen’s opponent wasn’t a Spiritual Energy Disaster. It was a fighting puppet with the strength of Spirit Disaster without any fear nor emotions.

Ding! Ding!

Therefore, even when the puppet faced the attacks of Mu Chen, there weren’t any traces of yielding. The spear in the puppet’s hands was like a dragon as the spear images spread out. Every single image of the spear was like a light python as it clashed against the incoming attacks.

This was simply a method of force meeting force.

The storm of attacks from both sides clashed. Thereafter, it was silent again as the two attacks canceled out.

Outside the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, the faces of Wen Qingxuan, Luo Li and the rest were grave as they exchanged looks between themselves. Although both sides appeared to be equal, Mu Chen was the one that attacked first. However, every single one of his attacks were blocked by the puppet without being able to take any step forward. Clearly, Mu Chen’s battle would definitely be extremely intense.

Ding! Ding!

Seeing the spear images canceling each other out, Mu Chen’s gaze turned even sharper. The hand that was holding onto the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear trembled. There was an impact from every single clash. If the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear was not a Peerless Rank Spiritual Artifact and not for his physical body reaching the height of Penta Rune Lightning Physique, he would have already been wounded from the earlier exchange.

The strength of a First Grade Spirit Disaster was not on the same level compared to Spiritual Energy Disaster!


The earth-shattering amount of spear images disappeared as the two spearheads accurately clashed.


A strong gale broke out and one could vaguely see the traces of an air explosion.

The purple light within the eyes of the puppet suddenly flickered as the puppet suddenly let go of the spear. With a flash of black light, its figure appeared before Mu Chen like ghost. Thereafter, the puppet sent out a palm towards Mu Chen’s chest, causing even the space around it to faintly ripple.

The puppet had finally started to seize the initiative as it unleashed a powerful attack.

The control of the fight that the puppet had was truly shocking. In the next instant, Mu Chen’s attacks were thoroughly canceled out.

Mu Chen’s face slightly changed. The dragon’s image appeared beneath his feet again as he let go of the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear and flew away in a black light.

The puppet pursued as it's palm was fixed onto Mu Chen as it came closer.

There was no way Mu Chen could avoid that light palm.

Faced with the undying pursuit, ferocity surged within Mu Chen’s eyes. Since he could not avoid it, then face it!


Boundless Spiritual Energy swept forth from Mu Chen’s back. Starry skies appeared as four huge beasts rapidly appeared as Mu Chen threw his palm out.

“Four Gods Constellation Scripture!”

As Mu Chen barked, the four beast images roared as they turned into light and shot towards the puppet.

Purple light flickered in the eyes of the puppet as the palm that had turned into a black light, rustled as rampant Spiritual Energy clashed against the light seal.


Heavy clashes resounded as a surge of Spiritual Energy gale swept out from the point of the collision, wreaking havoc. The light seal that seemed huge and sharp only lasted for a brief instant, before it was destroyed. The black palm broke the light as it clashed against Mu Chen’s chest.


Mu Chen’s figure flew back as a heavy sound rang out from the palm.

Outside the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, clamor broke out.

Mu Chen heavily landed on the ground as his figure rapidly retreated back. Both of his palms were heavily grasping the ground, causing the stone platform to crack. After drawing cracks of a hundred feet on the ground, Mu Chen stabilised his body.

When he raised his head after stabilising his body, there was a trace of blood leaking from the corner of his mouth. However, a chilling light flashed through his black pupils.


The Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear appeared behind the puppet as killing intent surged. The sharp spearhead thrust towards the back of the puppet with a tricky angle.

However, just when the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear was about to stab the puppet, the puppet abruptly turned around. It swept its leg out like a hammer, which caused the air to crack before it hit against the spearhead like lightning.


The air trembled and the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear was sent flying away with a kick from the puppet. However, the leg of the puppet was penetrated by the spear. Clearly, even though the body of the puppet was as hard as metal, it could not neglect the sharpness of a Peerless Rank Spiritual Artifact.

The Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear turned into a streak of light as it flew across the sky before stopping behind Mu Chen, floating. Torrential aura was unleashed from it as it was like a ferocious python, unleashing its angered roar towards the puppet.

Outside the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, everyone held their breath as they watched the intense fight of those two. The slightest mistake could end up in heavy injuries. As shown, the puppet clearly had the advantage, since it had defeated all of Mu Chen’s attacks. At the same time, the strength of a First Grade Spirit Disaster was revealed.

“Mu Chen must have been injured a little from the fight. If this goes on, he will definitely lose. Compared to Spiritual Energy Disaster, Spirit Disaster is way too powerful. Furthermore, with the metallic body of the puppet, it far surpasses the physique of humans.” Wen Qingxuan said softly.

Mu Chen’s earlier performance was also exceptionally perfect. Facing such a powerful puppet, he could still advance and retreat. However, he could not counterattack. Although it was all blocked by the puppet in the end, he could already pretty much accomplish such feat with the cultivation of Human Body Disaster.

“It truly is not easy.” Luo Li also nodded her head. She did not admit that Mu Chen was in the disadvantage. Shortly after, she smiled, “However, before the result is concluded, who knows who is in the advantage.”

“Let’s hope so.” Wen Qingxuan faintly replied as she watched Mu Chen’s slender figure slowly stand up.

“Indeed, First Grade Spirit Disaster is really hard to handle.” Mu Chen stood up as he said, wiping the traces of blood off the corner of his mouth.


The eyes of the puppet were still flickering with purple light. There still wasn’t any expression in its eyes as it looked at Mu Chen with indifference. The puppet stepped forward again, causing the ground to tremble when it was about to begin attacking again.


The ground cracked as the puppet turned into a streak of black light, along with the aura of death.


Up in the sky, not knowing when, a rampant Spiritual Energy swept out as the sky turned a little more dark. Everyone could see two black light lotuses forming into a huge Spiritual Array. Shortly after, the light shrouded down, covering the entire region.

“Spiritual Array?” Wen Qingxuan’s eyes narrowed as she continued, “However, I’m afraid that a Spiritual Array of this level could not obstruct the First Grade Spirit Disaster puppet.”

Two black lotuses quickly rotated as black light shot from the heart of the lotuses and converged together. It was like a cannon as it shot towards the puppet.

However, facing with the attack of the Spiritual Energy, the body of the puppet stopped as it threw a punch out. The black light was like an untrained horse as it exploded from the punch that destroyed the black light along with the Butchering Demonic Lotus Spiritual Array.

When the fist of the puppet destroyed the Spiritual Array, it's eyes lit up with dazzling purple light as it could sense a dangerous ripple. When it lowered its head, it saw that Mu Chen was forming peculiar seals single-handedly. As the seals formed, brilliant light burst forth from the countless colossal trees on the Spiritual Treasure Mountain. Green lights shot out as they gathered towards Mu Chen’s hand.

Everyone was startled by the huge change of events, since they could sense a frightening ripple rapidly forming.

“The Spiritual Array was only a pretense. What’s coming next is the real game.” Luo Li softly said as she looked at the figure that was covered in green light.

Up in the sky, a peculiar ripple appeared in the empty eyes of the light-figured elder as he watched Mu Chen absorbing the energy from thousands of trees.

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