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Chapter 515 - Three Grades of the Spirit Disaster

A streak of light drew across the horizon and under the countless gazes, it flew into that layer of light screen. Thereafter, Mu Chen’s figure landed onto the stone platform’s ninth level.

When his feet touched the ground, Mu Chen raised his head as he gazed towards the end. There was a jade stone lotus layer with endless light being emitted off of it. It was like a brilliant sun as Mu Chen’s gaze penetrated through the dazzling light and onto the item within.

It was a brilliant perfect object that made others unable to open their eyes.

It had a jade-like stone torso that was sparkling and translucent. As the fine branch and leaf swayed, nine light balls faintly trembled as if they were nine suns that rose up. Even the light in the sky was inferior compared to it.

A pure Spiritual Energy ripples that could make the heart of others palpitate were being released from the nine blazing suns and were constantly flow out like waves.

Around the jade stone lotus layer, even the space was twisted from the pure Spiritual Energy.

That was the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi.

Mu Chen was yearning to get that treasure even in his dreams.


Mu Chen looked at the Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi as he inhaled a deep breath. Thereafter, he forcefully shifted his gaze as he suppressed the surge in his heart. He knew that if he wanted to obtain that Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi, he would have to undergo an earth-shaking battle.


Just when Mu Chen was suppressing the tidal waves in his heart, a light that was hundreds of feet high shot out from the other end of the vast stone platform. That light looked as if it penetrated through the Spiritual Treasure Mountain that could be seen within a hundred miles.

Mu Chen’s line-of-sight was fixed on that light as faint pressure slowly emitted off of it.

That pressure was not strong, but the pressure was something that could not be seen through, which caused the hearts of others to spread out and, in the end, affect one’s spirit. Causing the fighting intent to dissipate.

Majestic Spiritual Energy surged out of Mu Chen’s body. Black lightning flickered as it covered Mu Chen’s body. Vaguely, there were sounds of thunder booming. Clearly, Mu Chen had used his Lightning God’s Physique.

Facing with an opponent of this level, he did not dare to be the slightest bit lax.

Outside the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, there were gazes that shot towards his direction as they raised their heads in expectation. They all wanted to know how powerful the puppet of the ninth level would be.

As countless gazes attentively watched, the dazzling light started to disappear. As the light disappeared, there was a fuzzy figure that also vaguely appeared.


A black figure walked out of the dissipating light.

It was a puppet that was pitch-black, as well as flickering with a metallic luster. However, compared to all those previous puppets, this puppet was clearly much more perfect. It’s figure was as slender as a human figure and a sharpness was being emitted off of it.

On its body, dark purple runes flickered with faint light as the eyes of the puppet were also glowing in faint purple luster, emitting the smell of danger.

There was a pitch-black longspear being wielded in its hand. The rather simple spear tip had a blade. Clearly, it was a weapon used to kill.

The puppet was a size smaller compared to all the previous ones. However, anyone could sense the fearsome power contained in its slender body.

“This is the puppet of the ninth level?” Someone muttered with a pale face.

“Judging on the pressure from the puppet, perhaps it possesses the strength to rival Spirit Disaster experts?”

“It is indeed powerful. However, I wonder, what is the exact rank of Spirit Disaster strength it possesses?”

Outside the Spiritual Treasure Mountain, there were people discussing with voices that could not cover up their astonishment.

Mu Chen closely stared at the puppet before him. As it clearly appeared before him, Mu Chen could sense the threat  getting heavier. As a cause, the muscles in his body were tensing up as the Demonic Dragon Devouring Spear appeared in his hands.

This puppet really did possess the perfect strength of a Spirit Disaster.

Spirit Disaster was the last gateway towards Sovereign Realm. It was also the hardest amongst the Three Sovereign Disasters. Be it the Human Body Disaster or the Spiritual Energy Disaster, there was something that one could depend on. However, the Spirit refers to a cultivationer’s Spirit. Condensing the Essence, Aura and Spirit were the most important factors. The instant something went wrong with the Spirit, it would be fatal.

Accurately speaking, there were three Grades in the refinement of the Spirit. First grade was refining the human body through blood-fire, second being the refinement of Spiritual Energy through the spiritual-fire and lastly, refining the Spirit through soul-flame. That was basically expanding the Human Body Disaster and Spiritual Energy Disaster, and experiencing it with the Spirit once again.

Experiencing the three Grades of refinement again, the Spirit would grow stronger. After fully experiencing the three refinements, the Spirit would start to change, laying down the best foundation for Sovereign Realm.

Judging from the strength of this puppet, it probably possessed the strength of First Grade Spirit Disaster.

“First Grade Spirit Disaster.”

The gaze of Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan and the rest turned grave. Although they had guessed earlier on, when the truth fell, they could not help feeling shakened in their heart.

Through the remnants that were left in the continent, all the teams in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had a shocking growth in strength. But even till now, the majority of the pinnacle participants in this tournament had yet to step into Spirit Disaster. Take Wang Zhong, and Wu Yingying for example. Although they stood at the peak of the Spiritual Energy Disaster and possessed the qualifications to come in touch with the Spirit Disaster, they were waiting for a chance so that they could successfully step into the Spirit Disaster. But that was in the future, not the present.

In this tournament, those that dared to say that they possessed the strength to fight this puppet would not surpass three.

“This Divine Wood Palace really did leave something behind.” Wen Qingxuan said softly.

Luo Li nodded.

“What if he loses?” Wen Qingxuan looked at Luo Li.

Mu Chen’s strength was only at Human Body Disaster. Even if he possessed many means, trying to defeat a First Grade Spirit Disaster puppet was definitely not a simple matter. However, the instant he fails, he would be imprisoned for half a year.

“I believe in him.” Luo Li lightly smiled as she paused for a brief moment before continuing, “If he loses, I will lead the team and enter the finals. After I have killed Ji Xuan, I will return here to wait for him.”

“Wait half a year for him?” Wen Qingxuan’s brows twitched.

Luo Li nodded as she helplessly smiled, “Half a year, I still have that amount of time, at least. Although that might be the last period of time for my last bit of freedom.”

Her last sentence was extremely soft that not even Wen Qingxuan could clearly hear it.

“What’s so good about that fellow for you to treat him so good?” Wen Qingxuan was a little helpless. With how outstanding Luo Li was, in the future, even in the Great Thousand World, she would definitely shine. However, she was willing to be by Mu Chen’s side, hiding her brilliance.

Luo Li lightly smiled as her charming eyes glanced towards the slender figure. Wen Qingxuan only saw the current her, but not the her before she entered the Spiritual Road. Or to say, the her before she had met Mu Chen. Her world was dark and when she was young, her father died in battle. The one that was originally her solid ground had fallen. Her mother was too heartbroken that her health gradually fell. The other royalties of the Luo God Clan had no achievements, they were like insects that ate into the wood. The heavy burden of the clan could only fall onto her shoulders. Her grandfather had temporarily carried it for her, but she was well-aware that she had to shoulder it one fine day.

However, she had no confidence. Back then, she even thought that when that day came, it might be the day that she collapsed.

Thereafter, she met him in the Spiritual Road and learnt confidence. In her darkest moments, he was like a sun that shined on her and slowly expanded, finally lighting her world up.

Ever since she returned from the Spiritual Road, her changes made her grandfather shocked. Perhaps this was the reason that he compromised and gave her two years of freedom.

All the changes was brought to her by him. Therefore, she had no reason not to love him so much.

“Mu Chen is exceptionally outstanding. I believe that if you spend enough time with him, you will fall for him as well.” Luo Li smiled as she looked at Wen Qingxuan.

Wen Qingxuan glanced at the figure in the distance as she said with no expression on her face, “This joke is not funny at all. I have seen too many talented people. Furthermore, aside from the five Great Spiritual Academies, the Great Thousand World is very vast.”

Luo Li did not retort as she gave a smile, “Seems like your background is not that simple as well.”

Wen Qingxuan indolently spread her fine arms out as her golden close-fitting armour shaped her prideful curves. She did not comment any further on the topic as she suddenly glanced towards the peak of the Spiritual Treasure Mountain. There were frightening Spiritual Energy fluctuations that surged through the skies from that direction.

“Are they finally fighting?”

Wen Qingxuan closely stared at the slender figure as her rosy lips rose into a prideful smile. Mu Chen, let me see how you are so worthy of Luo Li’s evaluation.

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