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Chapter 508 - Wu Yingying

Looking at the leaving silhouette of Wang Zhong and his group, Wen Qingxuan chuckled towards Mu Chen, “Looks like you have another enemy… Sorry about that, I have brought troubles for you.”

Although it was an apology, Mu Chen did not feel any sincerity from her words. On the contrary, he sensed more of her taking joy in his calamity. This made him stare at her in a foul mood as he cast his lips aside, “Our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy did not have a good relationship with the Saint Spiritual Academy to begin with. Even without this rub, the battle would definitely break out between us after entering the Divine Wood Palace.”

He, on the other hand, had seen through it. Although he did not have any grudges with Wang Zhong in the past, based on his character that the latter had shown, there shouldn’t be any possibility of them being able to coexist. Therefore, even if Mu Chen had not offended him, as long as Wang Zhong had the chance, this person would definitely not be lenient towards him.

Therefore, Mu Chen did not feel that if it wasn’t for Wen Qingxuan, they could coexist peacefully.

Wen Qingxuan’s brows slightly jumped. Clearly she was a little astonished by Mu Chen being able to get over it so easily. She smiled, “Since you are so magnanimous, it would make me seem like a troublemaker instead.”

“How would I dare?” Mu Chen rolled is eyes at her, before pulling Luo Li’s slender hands and said with contentment, “After all, not everyone would be so good at understanding others like my Luo Li…”

Hearing his words, Wen Qingxuan could not help having her brows twitch. Shortly after, she extended her hand out to pull onto Luo Li’s other hand and smiled, “Indeed, this is why I’m fond of Luo Li as well. Why don’t you stinking men move far away from her. No matter what the condition is, I will also agree to it.”

“Really any condition?” Mu Chen smiled as he checked out Wen Qingxuan’s elegant and seductive figure.

From Mu Chen’s gaze, the smile on Wen Qingxuan’s face became even more charming as she replied, “Why don’t you try and tell me? If you don’t say, how will I know if I will agree to it?”

Staring at Wen Qingxuan, Mu Chen could tell that there were hints of slyness and jokes. On the spot, he shook his head. This girl was not a nobody. Who knew when she would dig a hole for him to jump into. If he was not cautious, he feared that not even his bones would be left.

“Coward.” Seeing as Mu Chen did not fall for her trick, Wen Qingxuan cast her lips to the side as she said in disdain.

Seeing as the both of them are constantly against each other, Luo Li could not help smiling helplessly.

Mu Chen disregarded Wen Qingxuan’s provocation as he shifted his gaze towards his surroundings. As time passed, the amount of teams gathered at this area increased. The majestic scene did look spectacular.

“Six Divine Wood Quotas. I believe that the three other parties are in possession of one each.” Mu Chen looked towards Xue Tiandou, the Academy Alliance, as well as Wang Zhong. As he himself is in possession of one, he could vaguely sense the familiar ripples coming from them.

Shifting to a serious topic, Wen Qingxuan no longer fought with Mu Chen as she swept her gaze around. “Including the one you have, there is a total of four here. If we want to disable the layer of Spiritual Array around the Divine Wood Mountain, we still require two other Divine Wood Quotas.”

“I wonder, who has the last two?” Mu Chen said solemnly. Those with the capability to obtain a Wooden Divine Quota were definitely not weaklings.

“Wait and we’ll find out. Since they fought for the Divine Wood Quota, they would definitely come here. Otherwise, the Quota would be useless.” Luo Li smiled.

Mu Chen nodded and spoke no further as he quietly waited for the owner of the other two Quotas to appear.

As time passed, this location became more and more bustling. All the teams were staring, waiting for the colossal Divine Wood Mountain to be unlocked.

Mu Chen stood on the peak of a huge tree with both of his eyes closed. Roughly ten minutes later, his expression changed as his tightly shut eyes opened, directing his gaze towards the west and east. There were two sonic booms that resounded from the two different directions.


Under the countless gazes, two streaks of light shot towards this region as they slowed down upon approaching. The lights weakened as two groups of people were revealed before everyone.

On the left side, there were roughly four teams with different Academy Emblems on their chests. Clearly, they were not from the same academy. However, the shocking fact was that every single one of them were emitting rather powerful Spiritual Energy ripples.

“It’s the Four Seas Spiritual Academies.”

When Wen Qingxuan saw the four teams, her eyes flashed with astonishment.

“Four Seas Spiritual Academies?” Mu Chen was startled as astonishment was reflected on his eyes as well. The so-called “Four Seas Spiritual Academies” was not one Spiritual Academy. They were four collective Spiritual Academies. The four academies were named North, South, East and West Sea, respectively. Thus, they were known as the Four Seas Spiritual Academies by others.

There was something special about the four academies. Individually, they have not reached the level of pinnacle Spiritual Academies. However, when the four academies combined together, they could compete with the five Great Spiritual Academies.

That was because the founder of the Four Seas Spiritual Academies was the same person.

The cultivation techniques had similarities. Therefore, if they were to join hands, their power would absurdly increase.

All along, the Four Seas Spiritual Academies have not been participating the Great Spiritual Academy Tournaments because of internal reasons. However, no one expected them to appear this time around…

“This Great Spiritual Academy Tournament truly has hiding dragons and couching tigers…” Mu Chen sighed. As time passed, all those powerful teams that were concealing themselves started to appear. God-knows how many black horses there would be when the final battle comes.

“This round of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament could be considered the most intense in the recent years.” Wen Qingxuan also nodded in acknowledgement. In the past, although the tournaments were harsh, the five Great Spiritual Academies could still have obvious advantages. But this time around, their advantages were much weaker.

“I’m afraid that the five Great Spiritual Academies won’t be able to be obtain the top five ranks this time round.” Luo Li said softly.

In previous Great Spiritual Academy Tournaments, aside from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the four other Great Spiritual Academies all clenched the top positions. Perhaps in this tournament, it would no longer be the same, since the strength of the teams participating were simply too powerful.

Mu Chen nodded his head as he turned towards the west. The team that was approaching from the rest had also shown themselves.

When that batch appeared, Mu Chen could not help being stunned for a brief moment. The leader of that team was a girl that wore a scarlet-red dress, and was holding onto a crescent blade that was even bigger than her height. The scarlet blade’s body looked as if it was drenched in blood. The girl had a fair and charming oval-like face, long hair that was tied into a ponytail and under her waist, was her swaying bottom.

It was a girl that appeared to have quite the personality, from her looks.

“Mhm? It’s her?” When Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li saw that girl, they exclaimed in surprise, as if they had met her before.

“It’s her?”

Mu Chen also cried out in surprise. However, compared to Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li, his tone was a little weird. Furthermore, his face turned ugly when he saw that girl…

“You have seen her before?” Luo Li was curious as she looked at Mu Chen. That red-dressed girl was someone she had met in the Spiritual Road and it was towards the end of it. At that time, Mu Chen was already expelled from the Spiritual Road. So how would he know that red-dressed girl?

The corner of Mu Chen’s lips twitched as he dryly laughed, “I knew her way earlier than you… She was the first person I saw in the Spiritual Road…”

Mu Chen’s gaze was hidden and he slightly slanted his body as he seemed to be avoiding the gaze of that red-dressed girl.

How could he forget the person that he had first met in the Spiritual Road? Or perhaps, the crazy girl called Wu Yingying that was his first opponent. His memories of her were deep. When he first appeared, it was a stream before him, with no fishes in it. However, there was a beautiful mermaid that was not wearing any clothes…

It was Wu Yingying that was bathing.

What happened after that was not hard to guess. When he sensed the killing intent exploding from the stream, although Mu Chen’s first reaction was to run, he had underestimated the speed of that girl. She had only draped her clothes on and chased after him with her blade.

Mu Chen was tangled up with her for an entire day, suffering two wounds from her blade. However, he had won in the end. At that time, the Mu Chen that had just entered the Spiritual Road was not so ruthless yet. When he won, he had pressed that hot pepper onto the ground and gave several slaps to her bottom. Thereafter, he stripped that girl and threw her into the stream and left under that girl’s ashamed gaze.

From there on, Mu Chen had not encountered that hot pepper anymore. However, he was well aware that based on the latter’s character, if she were to meet him again, she would definitely continue to chop at him…

Furthermore, he could not tell Luo Li what he did to Wu Yingying.

Thus, he felt his scalp tingling at this moment and could only hide his figure before Wu Yingying noticed him.

However, things would come the more you fear them. Just when Mu Chen was hiding, Wu Yingying, who was not very far away, had turned her gaze over and, as expected, her gaze was focused on him.

In that instant, Mu Chen could practically feel that Wu Yingying had fallen into a daze.

As a result, Mu Chen raised his head and glanced at that girl that wasn’t far away. The latter that had her face filled with cold had instantly turned red. A volcanic eruption could be seen exploding from her bright eyes.


Just when Mu Chen had a stiff smile on his face, that girl’s roar had resounded throughout the heavens and earth.

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