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Chapter 507 - Wang Zhong

Dozens of figure walked on the sky under the countless gazes as they approached and hovered above this region, which attracted countless amount of attention.

Mu Chen’s line-of-sight was also directed over. Shortly after, his attention was focused onto a human figure, it was a youth that wore a white gown. His longer hair was fluttering in the wind. His white gown and black hair made him confident and at ease. A brilliant smile hung on his charming face, which made him look especially friendly.

“He should be that Head Holy Son of the Four Holy Sons in the Saint Spiritual Academy, Wang Zhong, right?” Mu Chen stared at that person as he spoke. He could sense a decent amount of Spiritual Energy ripples from the latter. The ripples were much more powerful compared to experts that had gone through their Spiritual Energy Disaster.

This person was definitely powerful.

Wen Qingxuan, who stood by the side, gave a glance at this person before nodding her head, “Yeah, he is Wang Zhong. Among the Four Holy Sons of the Saint Spiritual Academy, his fame is the strongest. Furthermore, he is the oldest amongst them. Prior to this, I have cooperated with him once.”

“Oh?” Mu Chen was startled, as he never expected Wen Qingxuan to cooperate with Wang Zhong before.

“Then, is he consider as one of your cooperation partners?” Mu Chen smiled.

“For the sake of benefit, it was only that period of time that we cooperated.” Wen Qingxuan gave an alluring smile towards Mu Chen, “What about it? You’re not feeling too comfortable in your heart? Rest assured, I am your cooperating partner now. Even if you started a conflict with him, I will help your team.”

Mu Chen rubbed his nose, “What you say now is what made me feel uneasy. Doesn’t that mean that if you were to cooperate with other people after this, you would say the same thing to them?”

When Mu Chen finished his speech, Wen Qingxuan’s brows instantly knitted together. But very quickly, her brows eased out. She maintained her smile as she looked at Mu Chen, except that there was obviously a blade hidden in her smile, “That’s for sure. At that time, you would be worthless to us. Not only will I say the same thing, I will still chop you up, do you believe me?”

“Save it for the Finals.” Mu Chen felt his hair stand up on the end from Wen Qingxuan’s gaze as he gave a dry smile. Shortly after, his expression changed as he sensed a gaze that was filled with bloodlust coming from the direction of Wang Zhong. Shifting his gaze, he found a familiar figure.

Behind Wang Zhong, there was a familiar team. The leader of the team was Xia Hou, the one that was gravely injured by him back then in the Divine Wood Palace.

“That fellow is really fortunate to be still living.”

He couldn’t help smiling from Xia Hou’s cold gaze. However, he was not worried about it. Before he passed the Human Body Disaster, Xia Hou could still cause some trouble for him. But now, if they were to fight again, Mu Chen would definitely let him know how huge the difference between them is.

Only then, did Mu Chen realise that there were three teams from the Saint Spiritual Academy.

Aside from Ji Xuan, the other three of the Four Holy Sons had gathered here. From the force that was gathered by them, it was quite decent.

Just when Mu Chen and Xia Hou were exchanging looks, Wang Zhong shifted his head over as he directed his gaze towards Mu Chen’s direction. When he noticed Wen Qingxuan, his eyes lit up in an instant. Instantly, the smile on his face turned even more brilliant as he approached Mu Chen together with Xia Hou.

“Haha, I never expected to see you here, Qingxuan.” Wang Zhong approached as he smiled towards Wen Qingxuan. Within his tone, there was joy and gentleness.

When Wen Qingxuan heard how Wang Zhong had addressed her, her brows slightly wrinkled, before nodding her head.

“You’re here for the Divine Wood Palace, right? From the looks of it, there are many experts here. If one wishes to obtain a treasure here, it would definitely not be easy. Why don’t we cooperate again?” Wang Zhong smiled. His smile contained confidence. It was the confidence that he had towards his strength. Even with so many experts gathered, Wang Zhong was not an easy target.

Mu Chen helplessly smiled as he was disregarded. He could notice, at least, that Wang Zhong was obviously interested in Wen Qingxuan. However, it was not unexpected, as he knew that with Wen Qingxuan’s charms, it was not easy for guys to disregard her.

Whereas this Wang Zhong really was a confident person. He should be well-informed that he and Wen Qingxuan are working together. However, he paid no mind to it and said it before his face. With their formation, no matter how you looked at it, they were stronger then Mu Chen. If Wen Qingxuan chose to join them, it would greatly boost their success.

Wen Qingxuan was also startled by Wang Zhong’s words and her brows were immediately wrinkled together. If it was based by strength, Wang Zhong was indeed a much more suitable partner for her. However, if it were to be based on her feelings, she would rather prefer Mu Chen and Luo Li. After being together for some time, she had some understanding towards Mu Chen. Although that fellow appeared to have just passed through his Human Body Disaster, he was still quite reliable. The crucial point was that she did not need to worry that in face of benefits, she would be betrayed.

Within the Remnants of the Divine Wood Palace, that would definitely be an extremely attractive treasure. It was not that she had not seen betrayal before the temptations of treasure. Although she was not afraid of it, but constantly being cautious was tiring. Not knowing why, she did not have such worry or cautiousness towards Mu Chen.

Therefore, she was in a difficult position from Wang Zhong’s suggestion. Then, she shifted her gaze towards Mu Chen. However, Mu Chen had his head turned and was joking around with Luo Li at the moment. He was not the slightest concerned about this matter, which made her grit her teeth.

“That bastard!”

Wen Qingxuan gritted her teeth as she shifted her gaze. Shortly after, a bashful smile appeared on her face as she pointed towards Mu Chen with her jade-like fingers, “Sorry about it. I am currently working together with Mu Chen and his team. Furthermore, he was the leader in our cooperation. So if you want to work together, you have to look for him.”

Mu Chen and Luo Li’s smile instantly froze as they turned their heads over in astonishment, and looked at Wen Qingxuan, who had an innocent look on her face.

Wang Zhong’s smile instantly froze on his face. He had worked together with Wen Qingxuan in the past and was well-aware of the latter’s character of dealing with matters. She had a strong character that, even when she was working with other people, she would want to take the lead. But Mu Chen was actually leading in her cooperation with him?

Wang Zhong inhaled a mouthful of air in his heart, before looking at Mu Chen with a brilliant smile, “I suppose this must be Captain Mu Chen? Haha, I have long heard of your name. Knowing your reputation truly is uncomparable to meeting you in person.”

Mu Chen forced a smile in return as he could not wish digging out Wen Qingxuan’s eyes, who put him in a difficult position and was currently looking at him.

“Captain Mu Chen, I wonder what do you think of my suggestion?” Wang Zhong smiled, “We are of the Five Great Academies. If we three parties joined hands, I believe it would definitely benefit us.”

Mu Chen took a glance at Wang Zhong, before looking at Xia Hou, whose face was filled with a cold look towards him. The Saint Spiritual Academy was in such a miserable position that was caused by them. He refused to believe that Wang Zhong was unaware of such facts. And if he was aware of such an incident, it was impossible for him not to have any barriers in his heart. But even so, he still put down his pride to seek cooperation with them. Such a person had a deep scheming heart, definitely not the kind of comrade that he could entrust his back to.

Mu Chen did not wish to be concerned of having his back stabbed while facing an enemy.

He could only smile and answer, “Captain Wang Zhong, the formation of your group is too luxurious, your strength is too powerful. Your group attracts too much attention and we only wish to take a look in the remnant. With your powerful group, it would not be beneficial to us instead.”

Wang Zhong’s face could not help twitching as a chill flashed deep in his eyes. Mu Chen’s excuse was simply unbelievable. That fellow did not even bother to think of a convincing excuse to refuse. It was already obvious that Mu Chen was unwilling to work together with them.

“You simply do not know how death is written!” Xia Hou said with a chill. The members of the Saint Spiritual Academy also looked at Mu Chen with a chill in their eyes.

When Mu Chen heard his words, he could only smile in reply, “It seems that the lesson from before was not enough for you.”

Xia Hou’s expression changed as his eyes grew colder.

Wang Zhong waved his hand to obstruct Xia Hou as he stared at Mu Chen. The brilliant smile on his face gradually dulled, “It seems that Captain Mu Chen is looking down on our Saint Spiritual Academy?”

Mu Chen helplessly exclaimed as he looked at Wang Zhong, “I do not have any thoughts of working together with you. If your group could pull away, I have no complaints nor would I obstruct you from doing so.”

Wang Zhong stared at Mu Chen as chill rushed forth in the depths of his eyes. Faint killing intent was being emitted from his body and behind him, the three teams of the Saint Spiritual Academy filled their surrounding bodies with majestic Spiritual Energy. Clearly, they had the intention for battle.

When Luo Li, Xu Huang and the rest saw that, they took half a step forth with icy faces as well.

The atmosphere of both parties turned hostile. This caused a considerable amount of attention to be directed towards their direction. A majority of them were looking as if they were watching a movie. After all, both parties were not nameless nobodies. The moment they fought, the scene would definitely be extremely interesting.

Wang Zhong stared at Mu Chen and suddenly smiled. He extended his hand out and patted Mu Chen’s shoulders, “Since Captain Mu Chen does not wish to work with us, then I will not force you. I hope, Captain Mu Chen, that this trip will go smoothly for you. However, it would be extremely dangerous in this round of treasure hunting, I hope that Captain Mu Chen will be cautious.”

“I thank Captain Wang Zhong for your reminder.” Mu Chen nodded with smile on his face.

Wang Zhong shook his head and left. However, when he turned around, the smile on his face completely disappeared and raging killing intent flashed in the depth of his eyes.

Mu Chen looked at the leaving figures of Wang Zhong’s group, before narrowing his eyes. Shortly after, he saw Xue Tiandou, who was coldly watching by the side, taking joy in his calamity. The Academy Alliance could not help flinging their mouths aside. That’s just great, all of them are his enemies.

It seems that this trip of theirs to the Divine Wood Palace would be quite exciting.

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