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Chapter 509 - Lecher

When that girl’s furious roar resounded throughout the heavens and earth, countless people were dazed as they stared at Wu Yingying, who had her fair face turn red in an instant. The latter’s eyes seemed as if her anger would pour out and could burn people into ashes.

Multiple gazes started to shift and landed on Mu Chen, who was not far away and had awkwardness on his face.

Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan both looked at Mu Chen in doubt, as well. Clearly, they had no idea why Wu Yingying would have such a reaction when she saw Mu Chen…

“What’s wrong with her?” The twins behind Wen Qingxuan widened their eyes from shock.

“She must be feeling unwell…” Mu Chen dryly laughed.


Majestic Spiritual Energy along with rage swept out from Wu Yingying’s body. Her jade-like hands wielded the scarlet crescent blade as she tapped the air using her feet with killing intent in her eyes and shot out. She made a slash, which turned into extremely sharp blade light that chopped down towards Mu Chen.


As the unrivaled blade-like lighr swept over, it brought along Wu Yingying’s enraged roar. The current her was like a man-eating leopardess.


Wen Qingxuan and the rest widened their eyes as they looked at Mu Chen. Shortly after, Wen Qingxuan covered her mouth and smiled, “Tsk, tsk, seems like you still have a love debt that is uncleared. From the looks it of, it should be an incident behind Luo Li’s back, right?”

Mu Chen awkwardly smiled as she looked at Luo Li. The latter lightly gave him a glance as her eyes flashed with hints of a smile and yet not a smile at the same time, which made Mu Chen become covered in cold sweat.

“Let’s deal with her before explaining.” Mu Chen could only dryly laugh and moved. From the looks of it, Luo Li and Wen Qingxuan had no intention of helping him. Therefore, he could only rely on himself…


Black lightning spread out from Mu Chen as the center. With a grasp of his hand, a black longspear appeared in his hand as Spiritual Energy rippled off of it. As the spear flash shot out, it had clashed together with that blade of light.


A metallic crash resounded as erratic gales exploded.

The blade of light and spear flash spread out and Mu Chen’s figure lightly trembled. The hand that was wielding the Demonic Dragon Devouring Spear felt numbness. Shortly after that, astonishment could not be concealed as it flashed past his eyes. Wu Yingying’s strength had far surpassed his expectation. From his estimation, Wu Yingying’s strength was not any inferior compared to the three leaders of the Academy Alliance.

“What luck.”

Mu Chen could not help sighing in his heart. Who could have expected that his first opponent that he met in the Spiritual Road was actually not weak?


Wu Yingying was also a little shocked that Mu Chen could take her attack. She issued a cold snort as her figure shot out, a blade of light turned into a tornado as she unleashed a rampant attack towards the latter.

“Hey, aren’t you done?!”

Mu Chen immediately retreated as he barked. He was also frightened by Wu Yingying’s attack that she had used as if she was fighting him with her life on the line.

“It’ll end when I kill you!” Wu Yingying nearly cracked her teeth from her clench as she stared at Mu Chen with hatred. Her attacks became more ferocious as the light blades were wreaking havoc that nearly split the space apart.

Mu Chen was helpless as he stepped on the empty air. Majestic Spiritual Energy rippled from his longspear as it drew flashes and blocked Wu Yingying’s frantic attacks.

Boom! Boom!

Everyone raised their heads looking at the Spiritual Energy tornado that exploded. Two figures flashed past each other like lightning. The strength that Wu Yingying had shown surprised many teams. Who could have thought that such a petite girl could be so ferocious?

“Hey, that fellow’s enemy is a little too much. Seems like this trip to the Divine Wood Mountain remnants will be fun for him.” When the three leaders of the Academy Alliance saw the scene before them, they could not endure their laughter, which contained joy in Mu Chen’s calamity.

The second leader known as Mo Yu also slightly smiled as he narrowed both his eyes, while looking at the battle up in the sky.

No one got themselves involved in this fight, sijce they remained on the sidelines to watch the show as they could tell that the companions of Mu Chen and Wu Yingying were not weak. Therefore, they would be very happy to watch the two of them fight to the death.


The blade and spear, once again, clashed, which erupted majestic gales that seemed as if they were going to cause a tear in space.

Mu Chen’s figure retreated as he looked at the ferocious leopardess, Wu Yingying, and helplessly said, “Do you really wish to fight to the death here with me? Those people in the surroundings are looking at us like monkeys, do you like that?”

Wu Yingying blankly stared as her approaching steps halted. She stared at Mu Chen and coldly laughed, “Why? Aren’t your guts pretty big? Only now do you know fear?”

“Back then was a misunderstanding…” explained Mu Chen.


Before he finished his speech, a sharp light blade hacked over. He quickly blocked it with his spear as he raused his head, looking at Wu Yingying’s erupting pupils.

“What do you want?” Mu Chen felt a headache.

“To kill you!” Wu Yingying answered as she clenched her teeth.

“Please, I am not that hateful. It’s not as if you are not aware of the situation in the Spiritual Road. Even if I were to kill you back then, it would not be too much. See, didn’t I let you off back then?” Mu Chen explained.

“You call that letting me off?” Wu Yingying was angered to the point that her face turned red. This bastard stripped me naked and touched every single part of my body before ruthlessly throwing me into the stream. It was harder to accept than to be killed for a girl.

Mu Chen guiltily laughed. Back then, when he did it, he had the intentions to tease Wu Yingying. After all, she had caused two blade wounds on him, which made him dripping with blood…

“Kill yourself on the spot and I will forgive you.” Wu Yingying said hatredly.

Mu Chen rubbed his face as he smiled bitterly, “Am I that stupid?”

“Then let me kill you!” Wu Yingying widened her eyes as she was about to attack again.

“Yingying!” A bark abruptly resounded from the back. There was a muscular guy that was with the group that Wu Yingying had come with that blocked her. He first looked suspiciously at Mu Chen, before helplessly saying towards Wu Yingying, “We’re here for the remnants. If we were to fight here, it will not be worth it.”

Wu Yingying coldly snorted and no longer bothered him as she stared with hatred at Mu Chen.

At this moment, Wen Qingxuan and Luo Li flew over and stood beside Mu Chen. Wen Qingxuan, however, was looked at both Wu Yingying and Mu Chen with interest.

“I believe that this must be Captain Mu Chen of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?” That robust youth looked at Mu Chen and gave a friendly smile, “I am Deng Tong of the Martial Spiritual Academy.”

Mu Chen was dazed as he looked at Deng Tong and Wu Yingying with astonishment. If he comes from the Martial Spiritual Academy, doesn’t that mean that Wu Yingying also comes from there?

“Haha, so it’s Captain Deng Tong.” Mu Chen smiled as he cupped his hands in reply.

“Yingying, you know Captain Mu Chen? How did he offend you? Who knows if it might be a misunderstanding. Why don’t you talk about it and we’ll work a way out.” Deng Tong looked towards Wu Yingying and asked in doubt. Wu Yingying’s anger didn’t look fake. Although she usually had a hot pepper temperament, it was still the first time that he had seen her so furious.

“You should ask him!” Wu Yingying’s jade-like fingers pointed at Mu Chen as she clenched her teeth.

Mu Chen was dazed as he rubbed his nose, “Then I’ll say it?”

“You’re not allowed to say it!” Wu Yingying stared with her eyes.

Mu Chen awkwardly smiled. Deng Tong and the rest on the side twitched their lips. Clearly, they had no idea what happened between those two…

Wu Yingying saw everyone’s expressions as her face flushed red. Shortly after, she stared with hate at Mu Chen and said, “You lecher, you better watch out. I will definitely not let you off!”

Hearing her shouting the word lecher again, Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan and the rest couldn’t help looking at Mu Chen with suspicion.

The corner of Mu Chen’s lips trembled. He was feeling sorrowful, as if a hero had died.

When Wu Yingying finished her words, she turned around and left, dragging the scarlet-red crescent blade. Seeing as she had stopped, Deng Tong and the rest felt relieved. They made a cup towards Mu Chen, before chasing after her.

When Mu Chen saw the situation, he felt relieved, as if a heavy load had been taken off of him. He then turned around and saw Wen Qingxuan’s ridiculing gaze.

“Luo Li, looking at Wu Yingying’s expression, it seems that she had suffered quite a bit of grievance. Perhaps the matter to this is not as simple as this.”

Seeing as Wen Qingxuan was adding oil the fire, Mu Chen stared with hate towards her.

Luo Li smiled as her expression calmed down and looked at Mu Chen with understanding, “If it’s not convenient for you to say it, then don’t.”

Mu Chen dryly smiled. Although Mu Chen appeared this way, why did he feel that if he didn’t say it, he would be doomed…?

“Didn’t I say it before, Wu Yingying was the first person I encountered in the Spiritual Road…” Mu Chen shrugged his shoulders and explained what had happened before in one go. Naturally, he simplified the story and only said that he had ruthlessly taught Wu Yingying a lesson… After all, back then, when Mu Chen was punishing Wu Yingying, he didn’t have too much of a pure attitude.

“That simple?”

Wen Qingxuan smiled, “Then why does she look as if she had seen a heartless rat that she would not let go the moment she saw you.”

Mu Chen cast his mouth aside, “You’re not my wife, why should I bother explaining to you?”

Wen Qingxuan frowned and coldly smiled, “Looks like she did not beat you enough!”

“Okay, okay.” Luo Li helplessly shook her head and glanced at Mu Chen with slight annoyance, before continuing, “Anyhow, you better watch out. Looks like that Wu Yingying will definitely not let you off so easily. This is something that you have started, so I will not help you.”

Mu Chen nodded his head repeatedly.

“Tsk.” Wen Qingxuan pouted her rosy lips. Fooled by that loathsome man again.


Just when Mu Chen felt at ease in his heart, the Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth rippled. Thereafter, everyone could see light runes that began to spread out from around the colossal Divine Wood Mountain that looked like a huge Spiritual Array and shrouded them.

When that colossal ancient Spiritual Array had appeared, Mu Chen’s hands immediately grasped and a wooden plaque appeared. Currently, the Divine Wood Quota was contantly emitting warmth.

Ommmm! Ommmm!

Dark-green light surged from the Divine Wood Quota that turned into a light ball and spread out.

At the same time, five light balls had also appeared in the direction of the Academy Alliance, Saint Spiritual Academy, Xua Tiandou, Wu Yingying and the Four Seas Spiritual Academies. Thereafter, six light pillars shot out towards the surrounding Spiritual Array of the Divine Wood Mountain.


The Spiritual Energy between the heavens and earth boiled as countless people looked at this scene with excitement. They knew that the ancient remnant that was hidden within the Spiritual Array had shown signs of opening!

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