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Chapter 506 - Divine Wood Mountain

Divine Wood Mountain, it was a place that, even back in ancient times, was a powerful force, even within the Great Thousand World. Even in the current situation of the Great Thousand World, it was a huge power that no one could underestimate.

Therefore, everyone partaking in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament was attracted by the inheritance from the remnants.

Every other remnant was too inferior compared to a remnant of such a level.

Thus, when Mu Chen and his group arrived at this region, they were awed by the majestic appearance as there were countless streaks of light rushing over from many different directions that their lines-of-sight covered. The sonic booms caused by their speeds were endless.

Mu Chen and his group stood on a mountain peak. They bitterly smiled as they inhaled a deep breath from the scene before them.

From this scale before him, there were probably tens of thousands of team that came here.

This was a frightful amount of people. Although all the teams that participated in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament was not gathered here, it was at least a considerable amount of people…

From the looks of this scale, the few hundreds of teams that Mu Chen’s group encountered in the Divine Wood Palace was incomparable.

“This is what we call a spectacle.”

Mu Chen looked at the earth-shattering amount of lights, he could not help inhaling a mouthful of air.

“In this Shattered Continent, the Divine Wood Palace could be considered one of the pinnacle remnants.” Wen Qingxuan nodded her head in acknowledgement.

“One of them?” Mu Chen’s brows twitched as he could tell that there was a hidden message in Wen Qingxuan’s words.

“Could it be that you thought that in this vast continent, the Divine Wood Palace was unequaled? The vastness of the Shattered Continent is not something that you can imagine. Generally speaking, this Shattered Continent was just an edge of it. Furthermore, even on this edge, the Wooden Divine Palace was not unrivaled. There are still other powers that could be compared to it,” said Wen Qingxuan.

“Since the Divine Wood Palace had left behind it's inheritance, it goes the same for other pinnacle forces. Naturally, there were inheritances from those forces left behind. However, compared to those hidden forces, the Divine Wood Palace was easier to discover.”

Mu Chen’s face was grave. This Remnant Continent was simple too frightening. Just a corner of it could rival the Northern Heavens Continent. It really was worthy of being one of the biggest continents in the Great Thousand World.

“How did the Remnant Continent shatter?” Xu Huang could not resist questioning.

“It was said that it was because of a fearsome war that affected the entire Great Thousand World. No, it could not be considered as a war, it should be an apocalypse… In that battle, there were many pinnacle forces in the Great Thousand World that fell along with countless pinnacle existences…” Rare graveness appeared in Wen Qingxuan’s pupils as she continued, “I have no idea what happened in that primordial time. All I know is that in that apocalypse, the Great Thousand World was nearly destroyed…”

Xu Huang and the rest had their faces paled. The Great Thousand World was nearly destroyed? Isn’t that a little too exaggerating?

Mu Chen’s face changed as well. However, he recalled the Foreign Fiend Tribe that the White Dragon Sovereign had spoken of back then. Those things were not lifeforms of the Great Thousand World. No one knew their origins, as they invaded without any restraints, attacking the Great Thousand World. At the same time, they also seized control of the Lower Planes in the Great Thousand World. Everywhere they went, they brought forth annihilation of all life.

Whereas the White Dragon Sovereign was a survivor of such planes and escaped from the Great Thousand World.

He wondered if that so-called “apocalypse” had anything to do with those mysterious Foreign Fiend Tribes.

“Let’s move. Up ahead of us should be where the Divine Wood Mountain resides. Let’s go and take a look. There are actually so many powerful figures that came this time around.” Mu Chen shook his head as he shook the thoughts off. No matter what those creatures were, it had nothing to do with the current him. Furthermore, he did not have the qualification to stop those things as the current him was still too weak. He still had to work hard to protect the things that he wanted to protect, not to mention about saving the world…

He took the lead and moved, turning into a streak of light as he merged into that astronomical streak of light and sped off towards the distant.

Dozen of minutes later, Mu Chen’s figure gradually slowed before landing onto a huge tree that was hundreds of feet in height. His gaze was focused up ahead. On those layers of mountain ranges, there was a gigantic green mountain that quietly stood, as if it was an ancient dormant huge beast. It was emitting the scent of primordial that gave others a sensation of returning back to the ancient times.

“So this is the Divine Wood Mountain…”

Mu Chen focused on the enormous mountain. The mountain was way too huge. Standing there, they felt as if they were ants. That mountain seemed to be emitting vigorous life force. The greenry made it look as if it would never wither.

“But something about this doesn’t seem right…” Mu Chen narrowed both his eyes. Although the huge mountain stood before him, he felt as if he could never touch it.

“If there isn’t any special means, no one can enter into the Divine Wood Mountain. Even if you can see it, you can never approach it.” Wen Qingxuan lightly said from the side.

Mu Chen’s gaze closely stared at the ancient mountain and instantly narrowed his eyes as he vaguely felt that around the ancient mountain, it seemed to be veiled. However, there were also ripples that could make the hearts of others grow cold. That’s… the ripple of a Spiritual Array.

“This Divine Wood Mountain should be covered with a rather fearsome Spiritual Array.” Mu Chen slowly said.

“Oh?” Wen Qingxuan’s brows twitched. She was not a Spiritual Array Master. Thus, she had no way to sense the ripples that belonged to Spiritual Arrays.

“This ancient Spiritual Array is rather terrifying… Not even Sovereign experts could easily intrude. However, under the elapse of time, there is some damage to it. Otherwise, it would be impossible for me to sense it.” Mu Chen smiled.

“Seems like you really are a Spiritual Array Master.” Wen Qingxuan’s phoenix-like eyes narrowed. The corner of her eyes were extremely charming. The instant she narrowed her eyes, it would emit an alluring feeling to it. This woman definitely possessed the capability of becoming a calamity. However, Mu Chen did not have any other thoughts as there was already a calamity that rested in his heart…

Mu Chen did not acknowledge nor deny and only smiled. He was actually very appreciative of Wen Qingxuan’s behaviour and style. Such as her actions yesterday that brought him the Spiritual Array Diagram with a huge amount of points yesterday. That action of hers was rather charismatic. She was well-aware how she could benefit the most from their cooperation.

Although it seemed that she had paid quite a bit of price, it managed to make Mu Chen owe her a favor. Just this point alone, Mu Chen had no way of denying it.

It was best to become partners with such a person. Likewise, if such a person became his enemy, it would be extremely terrifying. So much so that even Mu Chen did not wish to have her as his enemy.

What this girl possessed was not simply her devastating beauty or temperament.

In the time that they spent talking, there were constant sonic booms that resounded up in the sky as countless streaks of light flew over. Thereafter, those streaks of light turned into human figures as they landed in the surrounding mountains. In less than an hour, the huge trees were gradually filled with people.

Generally speaking, all those that managed to reach here at this timing possessed some capability. Furthermore, Mu Chen could tell that in terms of teams, those teams experienced a huge amount of strengthening compared to when the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had began.

Clearly, in such a short amount of time, the strength of many teams were rapidly enhancing.

In that ocean-like amount of teams, Mu Chen could vaguely sense concealed, but clear sharpness and dangerous ripples. Without saying, many powerful teams had also appeared.

“It would require all Six Divine Wood Quotas in order to unlock this Divine Wood Mountain before us…” Luo Li swept her charming eyes around as she continued, “The Divine Quotas should be the key to this Divine Wood Mountain.”

Mu Chen slightly nodded his head. With a grasp of his hand, the greenish wooden plaque appeared in his hand. He rubbed his palms on the plaque. He clearly knew that there was a Lesser Divine Art in the wooden plaque. Did that mean that the other five that had obtained the Divine Plaques had also obtained a kind of Lesser Divine Art?

If that was the case, then he would have to be cautious when dealing with those fellows. Mu Chen was well-aware of the might of a Divine Art. Even if he had already gone through the Human Body Disaster, he would still suffer grave injuries if he were to be hit by a Divine Art.


Just when Mu Chen was submerged with thoughts in his heart, his eyes suddenly focused and looked into the distance. There was a blood streak of light that shot towards their direction and turned into ten figures that fell onto the mountain peak. From the familiar ripples, Mu Chen could instantly recognise that it was Xue Tiandou and his party.

“Those fellows really are eyeing the Divine Wood Mountain.” A chill flashed within Mu Chen’s eyes as he looked at them.

When Mu Chen noticed Xue Tiandou and his party, the other party had likewise sensed their presence. Chilling gazes were being exchanged from both parties.


Not long after Xue Tiandou and his team appeared, another sonic boom resounded. Everyone directed their lines-of-sight over and saw a huge amount of people coming at their direction, before landing on the huge trees. The three that was leading that huge group was the three leaders of the Academy Alliance that they had encountered yesterday.

“Haha, it seems that the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament is finally getting interesting. However, how could we, the Saint Spiritual Academy, miss out on the fun?”

Among the endless racket, a laughter resounded. Shortly after, frightening levels of Spiritual Energy spread out from far away and ten human figures flew over and attracting many gazes at the same time.

“Saint Spiritual Academy…”

Mu Chen narrowed both his eyes and looked ahead. Those fellows really did show up.

It seems that the Divine Wood Mountain remnant really was filled with experts at this point of time.

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