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Chapter 496 - Two Beauties

“Wen Qingxuan?”

When this name rang into Mu Chen’s ears, even he felt his heart growing slightly colder. Ever since the start of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, her name had been akin to thunder piercing his eyes. That’s due to the number one place of the Top 16 rankings of the tournament had been occupied by this group from the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy ever since it started. Even with many other strong groups doing their best to catch up, they were still unable to surpass them.

Wanting to lay claim to the number one place of this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament rankings, where the experts were as numerous as the clouds in the sky, wasn’t an easy task to accomplish. This was even especially so when this group was entirely composed of such pretty and exquisite-looking beautiful girls. For them, the difficulty to accomplish such a task would even be intensified.

Therefore, being able to continuously occupy the number one place showed that Wen Qingxuan’s group definitely possessed rather frightening strength.

Whoever dared to underestimate and neglect those girls who appeared even more beautiful than flowers might have to pay an exceedingly high price.

Mu Chen focused his gaze on Wen Qingxuan. Although he was shocked in awe of the appearance and temperament of the girl before him, he felt even more of an ambiguous vigilance against her. Not knowing Wen Qingxuan, and with the latter suddenly knocking on their doorsteps, he felt that this wasn’t much of a good matter.

The strength of the group currently present before them might be the strongest group they’ve encountered since the start of the tournament. If they were to truly start a fight, even Mu Chen, who had just broken through, would not dare to guarantee themselves a victory against this group. 

“So it’s Captain Wen Qingxuan. I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time.”

As those thoughts revolved within his mind, a faint smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face as he cupped his hands toward her.

Quietly standing by Mu Chen’s side, Luo Li shot a somewhat strange look towards Wen Qingxuan. Although she had seen her before, they couldn’t be said to be anymore than aquantancances. Initially, while in the Spiritual Road, Luo Li’s mind was only set on dealing with Ji Xuan, which resulted in her not having the heart and mind to form connections.

Looking towards Wen Qingxuan, the latter suddenly panned her head over, causing two similarly beautiful and soul-stirring eyes, yet possessing entire different temperaments, to cross gazes.

These two young girls were both exceedingly outstanding, appearing as if the intelligence of the world had condensed into their bodies. They merely stood there, not saying a single word. Yet, a unique atmosphere started to extend and envelope, causing the people at the side to be unable to interrupt their staredown. Naturally, there was also no one that was willing to break this graceful challenge.

As their beautiful eyes crossed gazes, it appeared as if something scorching-hot seemed to gush from the depths of Wen Qingxuan’s eyes, causing Luo Li to become slightly startled. Getting a strange feeling from it, she subsequently panned her gaze away.

Brimming with smiling intent, Wen Qingxuan took light and graceful steps forward, walking towards Mu Chen, as her alluring figure caused other people to be unable to stop following her every move with their eyes. Bringing about a delicate fragrance, she drew closer towards Mu Chen and Luo Li. As she did so, Mu Chen was finally able to clearly see this alluring beauty.

Faced against Wen Qingxuan, even Mu Chen had to sigh in admiration towards her. Just based on her exquisiteness and degree of beauty, Wen Qingxuan was not one bit inferior to Luo Li, merely that her temperament was entirely different from Luo Li. Luo Li was like the lotus resting quietly within the mountain valley, making the troubles and worries within people’s hearts to gradually turn peaceful upon seeing her. Compared to her, Wen Qingxuan had a noble and arrogant air radiating from her, something like a phoenix that was soaring over the clouds would possess. It was extremely hard to find the softness and gentleness ordinary girls would have from her. Accentuating her slender and graceful figure, the tight-fitting golden battle armor on her body gave people a unique feeling of her being a goddess of war.

“Luo Li, we meet again.”

Standing before the two, Wen Qingxuan’s eyes were currently resting on Luo Li’s figure. Extending her slender and jade-like little hand, she said with a smile, “I’ve yet to thank you for what happened at the end of the Spiritual Road. If not for you obstructing Ji Xuan, I might not have been able to obtain the championship.”

With a faint smile, Luo Li shook her head as she extended her hand to give a gentle handshake to Wen Qingxuan. She didn’t have a cold and indifferent temperament, merely that she loved to be in a quiet and calm environment. The girl before her, Wen Qingxuan, could be the most outstanding girl of similar age that Luo Li had seen over the past few years. When girls as outstanding as the two met, there would mostly likely be two extremely different outcomes. One would be the rise of some hostility, while the other was them becoming somewhat emotional. This was similar to the so-called “mutual understanding and respect between men.”

Therefore, Luo Li did not reject Wen Qingxuan when faced with the latter’s friendly action.

“I’ve some grudge and grievances with Ji Xuan. Since Mu Chen was no longer in the Spiritual Road then, that’s why I personally took action. You’re very strong, and have relied on yourself to obtain the Spiritual Crown. I didn’t give any help to you,” replied Luo Li in a soft voice.

“If you had attempted to take the Spiritual Crown, then, I might not have been able to contend against you,” replied Wen Qingxuan with a smile as her beautiful eyes wandered about.

Choosing to reply, Luo Li only gave a smile back in response.

Looking at the two girls from the side, Mu Chen could not help rubbing his nose. For some unknown reason, he could faintly discern himself feeling unnecessary… furthermore, he could feel that the gaze Wen Qingxuan sent towards Luo Li wasn’t quite right…

Behind him, Xu Huang and the other two exchanged glances with each other. Under the envelopment of the atmosphere coming from the two girls, They didn’t even dare to utter a single word.

“Captain Wen Qingxuan. Could it be that you and your group didn’t rush here for us?” said Mu Chen with a soft cough. If it was a male who dared to get so close to Luo Li like that, his face would have already flipped and turned black. However, with the opposite party being such an enchanting girl, the only thing he could do was to endure. 

Only at this moment did Wen Qingxuan turn her gaze to look towards Mu Chen. Her pair of noble and arrogant phoenix-like eyes started to size him up, giving off what seemed to be the flavor of an examination. In the next instant, a shade of ridicule curled from the corner of her red lips as she said, “Captain Mu Chen, I’m here to make a deal with you.” 

“What deal?” asked Mu Chen in slight startlement.

With a clench of her jade-like hand, an Academy Plaque appeared within Wen Qingxuan’s hand. Present on the surface of the Academy Plaque was a number nearing 8000, the number of points this plaque possessed. Although they knew about this, Xu Huang and the other two still sucked in a breath of cold air, while their hearts and minds were filled with shock. After exhausting themselves for so long, the number of points they had was actually not even half of what Wen Qingxuan possessed. These girls were too terrifying.

“Captain Mu Chen, I’ll give all of these points to you. Furthermore, I’ll guarantee your admission into the final match. However, the condition is that you allow Luo Li to join my group. What do you say?” Grasping her Academy Plaque in her hand, a smile surfaced at the corner of Wen Qingxuan’s mouth as she gave her reply.

Hearing those words, Xu Huang and the other two instantly gawked as they vacantly looked at Wen Qingxuan. Clearly, they did not understand the meaning of what she had said. She wants to use those points to exchange for Luo Li?

Mu Chen and Luo Li had also gawked at those words. However, frowns quickly started to slowly appear on Mu Chen’s forehead as he thought, This Wen Qingxuan’s actually aiming for Luo Li?

A frown also appeared on Luo Li’s forehead. Looking towards Wen Qingxuan, she said in a somewhat displeased manner, “Captain Wen Qingxuan, what is this about?”

Not replying to Luo Li, Wen Qingxuan continued to grin as she looked towards Mu Chen.

Staring straight at Wen Qingxuan, Mu Chen’s gaze turned dull as he slowly replied, “I don’t know exactly what you want to do; however… Captain Wen Qingxuan, let’s not talk about a mere 8000 points, even if you use yourself to exchange for Luo Li, I would feel that it’s not worth it in the slightest.”

Although he knew that the girl before him wasn’t benevolent or virtuous, her strength was on a level that caused even him to feel danger. However, Mu Chen could not permit her to act that brazenly and wilfully here. Therefore, he no longer remained courteous with his reply.


Upon hearing Mu Chen’s reply, the four similarly alluring and beautiful girls standing behind Wen Qingxuan instantly roared with their sweet voices.

As for Xu Huang and the other two, they quietly stuck out their thumbs. Faced against a girl like Wen Qingxuan, Mu Chen might be the only person that would treat her like that.

“Oh really?”

A grin still hung on Wen Qingxuan’s absolutely beautiful face, with the only change being the slight jump in those pair of phoenix-like eyes. Clearly, it was also extremely rare for her to bump into anyone that dared to speak to her in such a manner. Although she didn’t have the thought to compare herself to Luo Li, the tone present in Mu Chen’s reply, which sounded as if she was absolutely unable to be compared to Luo Li, was something that she wasn’t too fond of. After all, there’s always some pride and arrogance in every girl’s heart. What’s more, a girl like her, who was always the centre of attention wherever she went…

Upon hearing Wen Qingxuan’s reply, spiritual light sparkled from the hands of the four girls behind her, especially from the twins, with unique fluctuations starting to radiate from them.

Wen Qingxuan wasn’t the only strong person with this group. Even her four other group members weren’t people that were easy to deal with. If each of them were to go their separate ways, every one of them would be able to take charge of a group by themselves.

Sensing that the atmosphere had turned into something that wasn’t quite right, Xu Huang and the other two quietly revolved their Spiritual Energies. Although they knew that the group before them possessed terrifying strength, if it was needed for them to take action, they would go all-out without any restraint.

Luo Li’s forehead started to knit up, since she clearly didn’t expect that the situation, which was originally somewhat friendly, would turn into this in an instant. Nevertheless, without speaking a single word, she slowly tightened her grip on her Luo God Sword as her lovable face grew slightly frosty. As long as Wen Qingxuan and her group took action, she would not hesitate one bit to take action herself.

Although she had quite a good impression towards Wen Qingxuan, it was nothing compared to her relationship with Mu Chen.

The minute action of Luo Li tightening her grip on the Luo God Sword was noticed by Wen Qingxuan, leading to her gently puckering her little red mouth. Sending a sweet smile towards Mu Chen, she said, “What I’ve said just now was a joke. You won’t be offended by it, right?”

Sensing the change in attitude from her tone, Mu Chen could only nod his head while remaining silent.

Seeing Mu Chen nod his head, Wen Qingxuan gave a light laugh, with her voice growing increasingly gentle and soul-rapturing. “However… I do take mind in the words you’ve said earlier. Could the renowned Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road allow me to experience the ability you possess that made Luo Li stay by your side?”


At the very instant when her gentle voice rang out, frightening Spiritual Energy erupted from her body, like a volcano. With a clench of her jade-like hands, an exceedingly gorgeous golden-coloured spear surfaced within. With a whoosh, the spear tip was thrust straight towards Mu Chen.

At this instant, the atmosphere froze up.

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