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Chapter 497 - The Blood Calamity and The Champion


Boundless Spiritual Energy spontaneously erupted from Wen Qingxuan as she held a long golden pike in her hands. This pike was exceedingly gorgeous, and seemed to be formed from plumes of golden feathers. At the tip of the pike was a phoenix spreading it's wings, with it's wings forming the incomparably sharp edge of the blade. If one were to listen carefully, one could almost hear the resonating cry of the phoenix.

Despite bringing out her pike, a smile remained on Wen Qingxuan’s beautiful face. However, a faint threatening atmosphere emanated from her eyes.

Lifting her pike, she levelled it and pointed it right at Mu Chen. The boundless, agitated Spiritual Energy immediately targeted Mu Chen, and it's suppressive force was so extreme, it was to the extent that even the Xu Huang trio behind Mu Chen broke out in cold sweat and were unable to move a muscle.

Mu Chen stared at the golden pike in front of him, and in the depths of his eyes, a chilling intent was surging.

“Captain Wen Qingxuan, don’t push it too far!” Luo Li roared in response to Wen Qingxuan’s provocation, unsheathing her Luo God Sword. A frightening Sword Aura erupted from her sword.

Slightly panning her head, Wen Qingxuan looked towards Mu Chen as the smile present on her face appeared coquettish and soul-stirring, yet possessed a concealed element of indifference and coldness. “Captain Mu Chen, if you really want to take action, our group might be invincible. Since you don’t possess the strength to stand on the same level as us, I believe that you should understand that what I’ve said isn’t a request, but a threat!”

Staring right back at Wen Qingxuan, black lightning started to sparkle as it slowly surfaced on his body. Wrinkling his forehead, he said, “Captain Wen Qingxuan. I know that your group is indeed extremely strong. However, I also have to tell you that I don’t see you being truly capable of devouring us!”


Just as Mu Chen’s voice that was gradually turning cold rang out, black lightning light furiously erupted from his body. As black bolts of lightning crazily arced and danced on the surface of his body, a frightening energy shock wave rippled, causing signs of warping and distortion to appear in the surrounding space.

“Oh really?”

Looking at Mu Chen, with his entire body clad in a black lightning light, Wen Qingxuan slightly raised her phoenix-like eyes, while giving a light tug to her little red lips. In the next instant, a cold arc appeared at the corner of her mouth as a shiver shook through her jade-like hands. Like a golden bolt of lightning, space was shattered apart as the golden war spear in her hands was explosively thrust towards Mu Chen’s chest. 


A dragon’s roar resounded as Mu Chen’s body appeared to instantly turn illusionary. 


The golden war spear was thrust straight towards Mu Chen’s chest. However, it was unable to draw the slightest bit of blood as the figure before it had started to slowly dissipate away.

“A shadow remnant? What quick speed.”

With her spear landing on air, no feelings of shock were felt by Wen Qingxuan. With a sweet smile and a shift of her exquisite figure, she transformed into a beam of light, rushing straight across the horizon. The long spear in her hand was explosively thrust out, causing a golden spear shadow to shoot out, heading towards a certain place at lightning speed.


Astonishing gales swept from the space as Mu Chen’s figure appeared in a flash. A fist clade in black lightning light heavily smashed against the shadow spear, causing lightning to gush out as Mu Chen’s body was sent retreating back a dozen steps. Wen Qingxuan’s attack was exceedingly powerful! Although he had relied on his tyrannical fleshly body to block it, piercing pain had already started to radiate from his fist.

Seeing this spectacle, Luo Li’s lovable face turned completely cold, with surging Sword Intent sweeping out as she prepared to take action at any moment. 


However, just as she was about to do so, suddenly, the two exceedingly cute twins clapped their hands together to form a hand seal. In the next instant, rays of brilliance that appeared in the shape of runes shot out from their little hands. Drastically increasing in size as they did, they transformed into a radiant prison, immediately enveloping over Luo Li.

Mysterious runes sparkled within the prison as they fluctuate about. Appearing akin to being alive, they slowly squirmed about as strange energies radiated from them.

Seeing this, a frosty expression appeared on Luo Li’s face as incomparably fierce sword light hid the skies and covered the earth as it swept out, smashing right against the rune prison. Crackling sounds instantly erupted within the prison as minute cracks started to appear and extend. 

Noticing these changes, the lovable faces of the twins slightly changed. Even experts of Spiritual Energy Disaster would not be able to extricate themselves from this rune prison of theirs. However, both of them had never imagined that signs of it collapsing would appear so quickly in the face of Luo Li’s attack.

Only at this moment did Xu Huang and the other two regain their senses, since the changes happening to the situation before their eyes had happened too quickly. Who would have guessed that the exceedingly amicable showing by Wen Qingxuan a moment ago would change into a confrontation of swords and daggers within a short span of a few minutes? What caused them to feel incomparable shock was that this Wen Qingxuan truly appeared to not be a sociable person. Although she was elegant, beautiful and not one bit inferior to Luo Li, she truly had a completely different temperament, compared to the latter.

Thinking about this, the trio quietly sighed in their hearts, yet quickly revolving their Spiritual Energies to full power. After exchanging glances, the trio immediately rushed towards the remaining two girls of Wen Qingxuan’s group that have yet to take action. Since they had started to fight for some unknown reason, they wouldn’t stand aside and watch the fight taking place without doing anything. 

The remaining two girls of Wen Qingxuan were both also bright and soul-stirring beauties, with one of them possessing a head full of long golden hair, giving off an exceedingly dazzling sight. As for the other, she appeared to be weak, frail and exceedingly quiet and refined. Yet, Xu Huang and the other two did not dare to underestimate her one single bit due to her appearance. After all, the group before them truly held the first place in the rankings…


Seeing the trio taking an offensive stance and rushing over, fear and dread were absent from the face of the golden-haired girl as she gave a cold snort. With a clench of her hand, a giant axe of exaggerated proportions appeared within, seemingly dwarfing her exquisite figure. Shooting out in the next instant, astonishing gales howled as they followed the giant axe as it furiously chopped down towards the trio.

As for the weak and frail-looking girl, she retrieved an emerald-green jade umbrella. With a shake, incomparably rampant Spiritual Energy instanted gushed out, instantly condensing into the shape of a hurricane. As it took form, it transformed yet again into a giant python that sat in the sky, launching attacks right towards the incoming trio.

“Captain Mu Chen, I know that you aren’t as simple as you appear to be. However, I believe that you don’t have the capability to obstruct me in whatever I want to do. Therefore, why is there a need to put up a useless struggle? If you let Luo Li go, I can guarantee that your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy group will enter the final match.” 

“I’ve long heard of the great name of the Spiritual Road Champion, Captain Wen Qingxuan. Since I’ve the opportunity to meet you today, please advise me.”

Looking at the dazzlingly beautiful young girl dressed in golden battle armor with a golden war spear in her hand, causing her to appear just like a goddess of war, a faint smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face. In the next instant, his expression turned ice-cold as black lightning light crazily sparkled on the surface of his body. Having summoned forth the might of his Lightning God’s Physique till it’s maximum limit, four lightning runes rapidly appeared on his chest. Frightening energy fluctuations started to slowly radiate from him, shaking the surrounding space to the point of ripples starting to appear.

After breaking through his Human Body Disaster, Mu Chen’s fleshly body had clearly become more tyrannical.

Staring at Wen Qingxuan, he gave a furious stomp, causing the air beneath his feet to explode apart. With a whoosh, he appeared right before Wen Qingxuan.

Wen Qingxuan’s eyes brimmed with interest as she looked towards Mu Chen. Grasping her golden war spear, her golden battle armor-encased figure appeared voluptuous and exquisite. She was clearly slightly interested in this Blood Calamity that was similarly famous within the Spiritual Road as her. Being the man that could make a person like Luo Li fall into love with, he should have some ability, right?

Appearing in a flash, Mu Chen’s expression appeared exceedingly cold. Giving a hug to the air before him, astonishing ominous energies abruptly erupted from him, rushing towards the dome of the skies. Everyone within a hundred kilometre radius from him was able to clearly sense them.

As the ominous energies blanketed the region, a black-coloured demonic pillar rushed towards the skies.

Looking at the astonishing ominous energies brought forth by the appearance of the black-coloured demonic pillar, the bright and beautiful eyes of Wen Qingxuan slightly narrowed.

“Captain Wen Qingxuan, would you like to try receiving a move from me?”

As his loud roar resounded, his hands fiercely came together to hug the gigantic demonic pillar. While ominous energies surged and swept out like tidal waves, black lightning crazily sparkled across his body. In the next instant, hugging the demonic pillar, he gave it a furious wave, casting its shadow across the region, while howls seemed the ring out from the Spiritual Energy present in the world.

At this instant, a scarlet-red shadow had gushed out once again from Mu Chen’s eyes. Clearly, this was due to the ominous energies from the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, which was being controlled by him.

After entering the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, Mu Chen had yet to use the Great Meru Demonic Pillar. However, from the looks of it, faced against a truly dangerous opponent like Wen Qingxuan, he finally chose not to keep it hidden. Upon taking action, he had unleashed his true killing move.

Bang! Bang!

The air continued to be blasted away, with the mountain peak below being shaken to the point of collapsing apart.

Raising her slender, snow-white neck, Wen Qingxuan looked towards the incoming Great Meru Demonic Pillar as it brought along it’s ominous energies towards her. Her phoenix-like eyes contracted, while a sliver of astonishment that was exceedingly rare to appear flashed across her face. This Mu Chen’s actually able to reach such a degree of strength with his cultivation realm of Human Body Disaster?

“What can it change if I receive one move from you?!”

Although Wen Qingxuan was a girl, the arrogance in her was stronger than anyone. She would not yield and admit defeat to anyone! She was just like the phoenix soaring across the nine heavens, always raising her head up high in haughtiness. In this universe, it seemed that there was no one that could let this girl, who appeared just like the spirit of the heavens and earth to yield.

With an alluring laugh, one that was similarly brimming with haughtiness, her jade-like hands tightly gripped her golden war spear. As vast and boundless golden light swept out, they appeared just like the unfurling of a phoenix’s wings, presenting an exceedingly spectacular scene.

“Heavenly Shadow Phoenix!”

A lovable roar rang out as Wen Qingxuan turned into a beam of golden light, rushing across the horizon. As golden light radiated from her entire body, she appeared to have transformed into an incomparably gigantic golden phoenix, sending astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations flooding across the entire region.

Flapping its wings, the golden phoenix pierced through the heavens, smashing heavily against the gigantic demonic pillar in the next instant without the slightest bit of hesitation.


At the instant of the collision, the weather seemed to have changed.

The Blood Calamity and the final Champion of the Spiritual Road had started a genuine confrontation.

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