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Chapter 495 - Wen Qingxuan

As Luo Li’s slender body appeared right by Mu Chen’s side, the Sword Aura that blotted the skies rapidly converged together, before completely entering her body. However, the mountain peak that was sliced into two showed exactly how fierce the previous wave of Sword Aura was.

“Luo Li has also come out!”

Xu Huang and the other two were in joy as they looked towards Luo Li, before finally breathing a sigh of relief as another heavy weight was taken off their shoulders.

Mu Chen’s gaze was similarly filled with shock as he looked towards the slender and elegant young girl. Naturally, he was able to sense the faint Spiritual Energy pressure radiating from Luo Li’s body. The sensation of this pressure was clearly much more powerful than before.

“You’ve passed your Spiritual Energy Disaster?” asked Mu Chen in astonishment.

With a sweet smile, Luo Li gently nodded her head.

Seeing her reply, Mu Chen immediately turned speechless, before feeling slightly depressed. It seemed that Luo Li was always present above his head. Although one’s Spiritual Energy cultivation didn’t represent one’s true combat prowess, every time he broke through and assumed that he would be on equal grounds, the latter would similarly break through herself, thereby tossing him behind yet again. 

“Looks like it isn’t that easy for you to surpass me.”

Seeing the slightly depressed Mu Chen, a witty shadow unconsciously flashed within her clear and transparent beautiful eyes. In the next instant, she raised her snow-white chin towards him with slight satisfaction. She, who was always quiet like a lotus would only show an attitude that ordinary young girls would possess in front of Mu Chen.

Rolling his eyes unhappily at her, Mu Chen said, “Don’t provoke me. If not, even if you’ve passed your Spiritual Energy Disaster, I’m still able to smack your butt.”

A deep reddish shade surfaced across Luo Li’s face and ears as she heard his words, before a slight shadow of embarrassment surfaced within her eyes as she replied, “Pervert.”

If it were other people that said such frivolous words to her, she might have long sent her sword thrusting out. However, faced against Mu Chen, she could only embarrassedly stare towards him, her bearing appearing exceedingly alluring and soul-moving.


Seeing the two lovebirds flirting with each other, Chen Xi could not help becoming enraged. The flames of fury burning in his eyes had grown even denser. With a sneer, he roared, “Mu Chen, do you really not plan to hand over the Divine Wood Plaque?”

Panning his head across to sweep his gaze towards Chen Xi, Mu Chen gave a clench of his hand, causing the Divine Wood Plaque to appear within. Waving it around, he replied, “Are you talking about this?”

Spotting the Divine Wood Plaque in Mu Chen’s hand, a flash instantly gushed from Chen Xi’s eyes. Greedily licking his lips, he said, “Hand it over and I’ll not give you any trouble! You are not worthy to have it!”

Hearing that, Mu Chen only gave a smile back in return. Shaking his head, he replied in a soft voice. “Rejected.”


Flames of fury instantly gushed from Chen Xi’s face. Clearly, he had also discovered that Mu Chen was playing with him. In the next instant, he said with a sinister and deceitful tone. “Mu Chen, I’ll advise you to not be mistaken about yourself! Although you come from one of the five Great Academies, it is our Academy Alliance that has the say in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament! If you really do provoke us, I’ll guarantee that you won’t even have the chance to retire from the tournament!”

“Academy Alliance?” Mu Chen slightly raised his eyebrows as he asked, “What the hell is that…?”

As he said those words, he shook his head as his gaze slowly started to grow cold. “Since you guys don’t want to leave by yourselves, then all of you shall stay.”

“Take action together and finish all of them!”

Chen Xi was endlessly maddened by Mu Chen’s attitude. Does this fellow truly think that he will be able to defeat over 30 of us by himself and his group?

As his roar rang out, his hands abruptly came together to form a seal. In the next instant, powerful Spiritual Energy swept out like a storm, unexpectedly forming a gigantic stone tablet before him. Sparkling with dazzling rays of brilliance, mysterious patterns covered the entirety of its surface. At the same time, unique fluctuations started to radiate from it.

Behind Chen Xi, the dozen experts present there had also fiercely roared in succession, sending boundless Spiritual Energies gushing out. Transforming into beams of light, they shot straight into the stone tablet.

Humm! Humm!

As boundless Spiritual Energy poured into it, the the radiant stone tablet drastically increased in size, instantly growing to a gigantic height of a thousand metres. As it’s giant shadow came enveloping over, the entire mountain was covered in it. Instantly,  exceedingly overbearing Spiritual Energy fluctuations rippled, causing the entire region to appear even darker and gloomier.

“Let me see what qualifications you have to keep us here!”

“Heaven Suppressing Divine Tablet!”

Chen Xi’s face turned slightly pale as he did his utmost to control the stone tablet that had everyone’s Spiritual Energy condensed within. Locking his frosty gaze towards Mu Chen and Luo Li, a cold roar rang out from him, before the radiant stone tablet brought along its gigantic shadow as it pressed down towards Mu Chen’s group at lightning speed.

Raising her beautiful face, Luo Li looked towards the radiant stone tablet, before saying, “That person does have some ability. He’s actually able condense other people’s Spiritual Energies into his own attack. Looks like the Divine Art that he had learnt is slightly mysterious.”

As her voice rang out, with the Luo God Sword in her hand, Luo Li gracefully strode forward. With a shiver of her hand, sword light in the form of a silvery river abruptly rushed to the skies from the Luo God Sword. Condensing together, it transformed into what seemed like a gigantic glowing shadow of a sword. Instantly, incomparably fierce Sword Intent radiated out, wreaking havoc across the region, before punching the mountain peak below it full of holes.

“Luo God Shadow Sword.”

Luo Li gave a tap with her slender snow-white hand in the space before her, causing the gigantic glowing sword shadow to howl. In the next instant, shooting across the horizon at lightning speed, it appeared right before the radiant stone tablet, smashing against it in a fierce head-on collision.


Astonishing Spiritual Energy fluctuations swept out across the skies as the tip of the sword pierced straight into the bottom of the stone tablet. Astonishing fluctuations erupted from the two that were crazily trying to corrode each other apart.

Raising his head to look towards the spectacle in the skies, Mu Chen gave a faint smile, before giving a heavy stomp. Cracks instantly extended from the ground below him as his figure shot into the sky. Quickly, he appeared beneath the sword shadow at lightning speed, before sending a punch rumbling out.


The light of black lightning encased his fist as claps of thunder were faintly heard ringing out. Traces of warping and distortion could even be faintly discerned from the surrounding space. After successfully passing through his Human Body Disaster, the power he could muster had reached a somewhat frightening level.


With his black lightning-encased fist, Mu Chen’s punch fiercely smashed towards the sword shadow. The frightening power behind his punch instantly gush like a flood, causing the sword shadow give a long cry. Relying on the power gushing into it, the sword shadow pierced straight through the stone tablet with a whoosh.


Piercing through the stone tablet, the sword shadow rushed across the horizon, while cracks started to rapidly extend and proliferate across the stone tablet. Finally, it exploded into glowing dots that blotted the skies with a bang.


As the stone tablet exploded, the faces of the dozen experts instantly turned white while blood spurted from their mouths. Being the lead, Chen Xi bore the brunt, with the  Spiritual Energy within his body exploding apart, sending him shooting back miserably across a few hundred metres while spewing blood out. Instantly, the Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from him grew weak. Clearly, he had suffered some really serious injuries.

He stabilised his sorry looking figure as an expression full of shock and terror gushed from his eyes. He was simply unable to believe that their combination attack was actually destroyed by Mu Chen and Luo Li!

The duo of the young boy and girl before his eyes were unexpectedly that strong?

That’s why there wasn't the slightest bit of dread present on their faces, even when they were faced against his lineup! They had simply not placed the entire lineup in their eyes!

“Let’s go!”

Wiping away the bloodstains at the corners of his mouth, Chen Xi clenched his teeth, immediately making the decisive judgement to flee. The current situation had already progressed to a stage that none of them could regain control of. From the looks of it, they had truly underestimated the combat strength of Mu Chen’s group by far too much. In that group, those three members were insufficient to raise any dread in them. However, Mu Chen and Luo Li, especially that Luo Li, were exceedingly frightening. 

According the Chen Xi’s estimates, with Mu Chen’s and Luo Li’s strength, they might be able to rival the various big bosses of their Academy Alliance… 

“Mu Chen, you're formidable! However, don't be too satisfied about it! Next time, our Academy Alliance will come knocking on your doors! At that time, I’m afraid that you’ll no longer have the chance to struggle anymore!” 

An indifferent expression appeared on Mu Chen’s face as he observed Chen Xi fleeing away, not taking any action to stop this from happening.

“Why did you let them run away?” Xu Huang and the other two felt slightly confused. If Mu Chen really wanted to take action, he could clearly force Chen Xi and his crowd to stay behind.

Not replying to them, Mu Chen turned his head around while an exceedingly serious expression appeared on his face as he looked towards a mountain peak in the distance.

Panning her head across, Luo Li cast her beautiful eyes similarly towards the same direction, before saying in a soft voice. “That’s because there’s still some unwelcome guests here.Compared to those fellows before, those fellows aren’t considered as anything…”

Upon hearing that, the faces of Xu Huang and the other two instantly changed, before casting their terrified gazes out to size up their surroundings. There’s still a stronger group covetly eyeing l us?

Seriously looking into the distance, a roar encased with powerful Spiritual Energy resounded across the region like a clap of thunder. “The few of you have seen enough and should reveal yourselves, right?”

Mu Chen could faintly discern a powerful pressure coming from that direction. This was the first time he had felt that since he had entered the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

Clearly, a truly formidable figure seemed to be staring at them.

Under the attentive gaze of Mu Chen, rays of brilliance suddenly sparkled from the distance. As the rays of brilliance shot over, they appeared in the nearby sky within a few breaths. Immediately, Xu Huang and the others shot their nervous gazes over, before immediately gawking the sight they saw.

As the rays of brilliance dissipated away, five exquisite and alluring figures slowly appeared in the skies.

The five girls all possessed outstanding figures, especially the one standing at the front. The golden battle armor covering her body accentuated her graceful and slender figure, while her slender, snow-white neck appeared akin to the nape of a swan. Her long black hair flowed down her golden battle skirt, with her slender long legs below appearing so dazzling, they caused people to be unable shift their gazes from them.

Xu Huang and the other two slightly gawked as they looked towards this girl, being unable to control their eyes from lighting up. This was the first time they had seen a girl of similar age that was able to rival Luo Li in appearance and temperament.

“Haha. You’re truly worthy of the renowned Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road. This is the first time we’ve met. I’m Wen Qingxuan.”

Dressed in the golden armor, the absolutely gorgeous girl that appeared as beautiful as a goddess of war looked towards Mu Chen, before slightly parting her lips to give a faint smile as she introduced herself.

“Wen Qingxuan?”

As this name rang in their ears, the shock and amazement in the eyes of Xu Huang and the other two instantly disappeared completely. An expression that was overwhelmed with shock crept up their faces. The girl before them was actually the Captain of the group that had towered over the first place on the competition point rankings, Wen Qingxuan?

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