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Chapter 494 - Out


Boundless glowing Spiritual Energy rays smashed against the mountain cave, instantly causing the entire mountain peak to intensely shake. Gigantic fissures immediately extended across the entire mountain peak as giant rocks tumbled down, finally shattering into bits and pieces as they smashed against the ground.


Upon seeing this, the faces of Xu Huang and the other two instantly turned cold as their gazes grew malevolent. The long spears in their hands immediately danced about, bringing about intense killing intent as they sent erraric all-out attacks straight towards the five Human Body Disaster experts. Not a single bit of defensive intent was present in their “kamikaze” attacks, causing the faces of the five to change as they hastily retreated back, not daring to risk their lives to contend against the trio.

However, although they didn’t dare to risk their lives to contend with the trio, relying on their advantage in numbers, they were finally able to suppress and keep the trio under control. With this, the trio was unable to extricate themselves to protect the mountain cave.

Chen Xi indifferently looked towards the mountain cave that he had attacked. As giant rocks continued to fall down and shatter apart, creating clouds of dust that spread out, the giant rock that sealed the cave was rapidly collapsing apart, before finally splitting into pieces in the end. 

Seeing the mountain cave finally being opened, Chen Xi gave another point at the space before him, sending yet another ray of Spiritual Energy sweeping out. Travelling at lightning speed, it smashed straight into the open mountain cave.


Rampant Spiritual Energy wreaked havoc within the mountain cave, causing massive sounds to ring out from within. Chen Xi’s move was exceedingly vicious. If there was truly someone that was attempting to breakthrough, the person within would suffer serious injuries in response to such shock. At that time, the person within would fail in their breakthrough, while similarly suffering unimaginably serious injuries from the backlash of this failure as well.  

“Go. Toss out all of the people inside for me.” said Chen Xi with a faint smile as he waved his hand.

Immediately after saying this, three figures shot out yet again from behind, with the Spiritual Energy fluctuations rippling from them having reached the realm of Human Body Disaster.

The three figures shot towards the interior of the mountain cave at lightning speed, before disappearing within. However, not a single bit of commotion appeared after this.

Seeing this, the face of Chen Xi slightly changed as he watched with a dark look at the jet-black interior of the mountain cave. Unexpectedly, there were no movements detected ever since he had sent the three people in the cave. Furthermore, there wasn't any sign of them coming out. From the looks of it, they had all been dealt with at the instant they had entered the mountain cave.

Such an unforeseen outcome caused Chen Xi to feel slightly shocked; after all, he had yet to feel any Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from the mountain cave. Clearly, before they could even take action, those three people had already been dealt with. Wanting to deal with three experts of Human Body Disaster in such a short instant wasn’t a task that could be easily accomplished.

“Hmph! Do the people from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy only know how to hide and show their tails?” sneered Chen Xi with a cold and fierce gaze in his eyes.

From the looks of it, his earlier destruction didn’t yield much effect as the person cultivating within had successfully broke through long before hand.

Bang! Bang!

As Chen Xi’s voice rang out, suddenly, three dark figures flew out from the mountain cave, before tumbling and descending down like thrown balls, forming three giant holes in the ground. As everyone looked over, everyone’s faces instantly contorted as all of them saw the three figures lying within, drenched in blood. The trio was the three Human Body Disaster experts that had rushed into the mountain just moments ago. However, at this very moment, no one exactly knew if they were alive or dead.

Looking at the three figures lying in the the holes on the ground, Chen Xi tightly clenched his teeth, his gaze turning cold and dark as he stared towards the jet-black cave before him. Suddenly, rustling sounds rang out as footsteps were heard coming from within.

As the footsteps gradually grew closer, a figure slowly broke through the darkness. Finally, he appeared in the sunlight, appearing in the presence of all of the gazes shooting over from the surroundings.

Upon being able to clearly see the figure, everyone was in shock.

That’s because what they saw was a figure covered in thick layers of dried-up blood, causing people to feel shock and astonishment upon him appearing in their sights.

Standing before the mountain cave, not a single shred of emotion was present in the blood-covered figure’s eyes as he looked towards Chen Xi and the other groups hovering in the skies. With a slight shiver of his body, the layers of dried-up blood started to crack, before completely splitting apart. As the pieces fell to the ground, Mu Chen appeared once again before everyone.

At this moment, his upper body was completely bare, revealing his ramrod straight body. There were no iron-like lumps of muscles present on his body, with him appearing slightly skinny and frail. However, despite having a body that appeared slightly skinny and frail, one could faintly discern the heart-palpitating feeling of frightening power radiating from him.

In the air, upon seeing Mu Chen, who had successfully come out of his cultivation, ecstasy immediately erupted from the hearts of Xu Huang and the other two, with them taking a breath of relief, as if a heavy weight was lifted from their shoulders. At the very least, Mu Chen’s alright…

Standing under the rays from the sun, the sunlight illuminated Mu Chen’s figure, causing his body to sparkle with faint rays of brilliance, appearing as if he was made of jade. As his black hair swayed and gently fluttered in the breeze, his eyes appeared as abstruse as the dark night skies.

“Wa, he’s quite handsome.”

On the mountain peak in the distance, the eyes of the two lovable and cute twins opened wide and instantly lit up as they noticed the youth standing ramrod-straight under the sunlight.

“He is the Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road, Mu Chen?” Slight amazement was present in the eyes of Wen Qingxuan as she looked towards the figure standing under the sunlight. From the looks of it, he truly appeared to be quite good-looking. The only thing that wasn’t known was how capable he was. His cultivation realm of Human Body Disaster wasn’t considered to be all too strong. Clearly, she was able to see through Mu Chen’s current realm of cultivation with a single look.

However, regardless of her preliminary view, Wen Qingxuan wasn’t stupid. If the Mu Chen before her eyes only possessed strength on the level of Human Body Disaster, he would not be able to walk all the way till this stage. Furthermore, there was the first-hand proof that those three Human Body Disaster experts that rushed into his cave weren’t able to put up much of a resistance before being knocked out and tossed out like garbage by him. 

“Could it be that there’s no one from your spiritual academies that taught you that disturbing other people’s training isn’t a considerate action?” Raising his head, Mu Chen looked towards the dark-eyed Chen Xi and the others before saying with a faint smile.

Staring back at Mu Chen, Chen Xi sneered before replying, “So you’re the Captain of this group, Mu Chen?”

Hearing that, Mu Chen smiled and nodded his head.

“Hand over the Divine Wood Quota of the Divine Wood Palace and I’ll let you and your group leave,” said Chen Xi in a slow manner as he extended his palm out.

With a smile, Mu Chen shook his head. Looking straight into Chen Xi’s eyes, which had turned cold and dark, he replied, “Hand your points over to me and I’ll only knock you all out.”


Hearing those words, sweet laughing sounds immediately rang out from the pair of cute twin young girls standing on top of a distant mountain peak.

“Stupid death-seeking idiot!” The corner of Chen Xi’s mouth twitched as flames of fury gushed from his eyes. Is this Mu Chen a dumb idiot? He had over 15 experts of Human Body Disaster behind him, with he himself being of Spiritual Energy Disaster. As for the rest, all of them were of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. With such a lineup, even experts of Spiritual Energy Disaster would turn around and run away in the face of them. However, this Mu Chen had actually dared to recklessly challenge all of them?

“Everyone take action! Grab him and cripple him!” roared Chen Xi sinisterly.


Hearing that, the experts standing beside him instantly roared in reply, before shooting gazes of ill intent towards Mu Chen. In the next instant, their figures shot out. As boundless Spiritual Energy swept from them, the Spiritual Energy of the world flared up as a dozen rays of earth-shattering Spiritual Energy rushed towards Mu Chen.

However, faced with such astonishing attacks heading his way, Mu Chen still remained standing right outside of the mountain cave, with not the slightest bit of movement detected from him.

Bang! Bang!

The powerful attacks came enveloping over, violently smashing against his body. Instantly, Spiritual Energies wreaked havoc, causing the entire mountain to appear as if it was collapsing.

“Ha! This person’s so stupid! He doesn’t even try to dodge!” The voices of the twins instantly rang out in shock.

Seeing this, Wen Qingxuan faintly raised her eyes to look towards the place where the Spiritual Energies were wreaking havoc in. However, at this moment, her gaze started to slightly freeze.

“You’re looking to die!”

Noticing the cloud of smoke and dust rising and sweeping out, a sinister smile rose from the corner of Chen Xi’s mouth. Faced against such a barrage of attacks, even experts of Spiritual Energy Disaster would not dare to meet it head-on. Yet, this Mu Chen was truly stupid to the point of doing so. Could he be that stupid? This is truly amusing.

However, his mocking laughter didn’t continue on, because once the cloud of dust had dissipated away, a thin, half-naked figure still quietly stood at the same spot as before. 

Seeing this, the smile on Chen Xi’s face started to slowly freeze up.

Xu Huang and the other two took a deep breath of relief as they wiped away their sweat-filled foreheads.

Patting away the inexistant dust on his body, Mu Chen lowered his head to take a look, before nodding his head in satisfaction. After passing his Human Body Disaster, his fleshly body was already that tyrannically powerful. In the previous barrage of attacks, he had not summoned forth any Spiritual Energy to defend against them, having completely depended on his physique as defense.

Before he had passed through his Human Body Disaster, he would definitely not be that brazen. However, as of now, he was entirely different from before.

“From the looks of it, you do not approve of my suggestion, huh?” Looking towards Chen Xi, Mu Chen gave a faint smile as he spoke out. Yet, there was not a slightest trace of warmth present in that smile. “Since that’s the case, I’ve no choice but to take action.”

“Take action and deal with him now!”

Chen Xi roared with a dark shadow present in his eyes, while his expression grew much more solemn. So it turned out that the reason why Mu Chen’s able to defeat Zhen Qing and his group was due to him possessing some ability. However, with his extraordinary lineup present, once all of them took action, he did not believe that Mu Chen would be able to create any waves at all. 


However, just as his cold roar rang out, astonishing sword cries suddenly erupted from the mountain peak behind Mu Chen. In the next instant, a ray of Sword Aura abruptly rushed towards the clouds. As the Sword Aura swept out, even the mountain peak was sliced into two, as if it was as soft as tofu, with the two sliced halves appearing as smooth as glass.

As the Sword Aura wreaked havoc across the region, a beam of light shot out, before landing by Mu Chen’s side. As the brilliance dissipated away, it revealed an absolutely beautiful young girl within.

This young girl held a longsword in her hand, with her long hair shining with a silvery luster, while her glass-like eyes appeared so beautiful it caused people to become intoxicated just by looking at her.

Luo Li had also successfully come out from her isolated cultivation.

At the mountain peak in the distance, soul-stirring splendor surfaced in the eyes of Wen Qingxuan, who had always maintained her languid manner. Looking at the familiar beautiful figure in the distance, an alluring arc slowly curled up at the corner of her mouth. 

Luo Li, I finally get to see you again.

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