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Chapter 493 - Attack

Mountain peaks quietly towered over a desolated mountain range as the entire stretch of the world appeared to be in state of silent desolation, with the only sounds present being the gales billowing and wreaking havoc across the entire region.

Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang quietly sat on one of the mountain peaks present there. From time-to-time, their gazes would look towards the two mountain caves that were still tightly shut, before giving helpless smiles in response. If the time was added up, the period of time which Mu Chen and Luo Li had closed up seemed to have already lasted for close to 20 whole days.

If Mu Chen and Luo Li were truly attempting their Human Body Disaster and Spiritual Energy Disaster respectively, wouldn’t that mean that they had been persisting for close to 20 days already?

Just the thought of this point was enough to send shivers crawling over the bodies of the trio. Having experienced the pain and suffering one had to endure when one was breaking through their Human Body Disaster, they knew it felt akin to one’s body being burn into ashes, something that would truly cause dread and terror in people’s hearts. Their Human Body Disasters had only lasted for five to six days, with them narrowly avoiding defeat in their attempts.

However, as of now, Mu Chen and Luo Li had already persisted for 20 days.

If during all this time, they were under the frightening pain and agony of being burnt alive, exactly how frightening was their endurance and willpower?

Thinking about this, the hearts of Xu Huang and the other two palpitated as they gave a sigh, whilst some unconcealable respect gushed from within them. When ordinary people saw Mu Chen and Luo Li, they would only see their impressive strength. However, who would know exactly how much they would need to pay to obtain such strength? In this universe, strength didn’t fall from the sky.

“Our ranking seems to have dropped to the 14th place…”

Zhao Qingshan took out his Academy Plaque to take a look. After being in isolated cultivation for such a long period of time, with no increase in the points they possessed, other groups had already caught up to them. As of now, they were about to be kicked of the Top 16.

“It’s alright if we drop from it,” said Xu Huang with a smile as he shook his head. “It’s still too early for us to contest for the Top 16. If we stay on the rankings, other people will pay attention to our whereabouts. At that time, the feeling of being stared at all the time wouldn't be good at all.”

Hearing that, Mu Fengyang nodded his head in reply. As of now, the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament was just gradually ramping up. There was no need to put too much importance towards the number of points they had. Previously, Mu Chen had also said that points weren’t important in this phase of the tournament. What’s more important was their strength; after all, without adequate strength, snatching away too many points would only result in serving those points to other people on a silver platter.

“Let’s wait for Mu Chen and Luo Li to smoothly come out from their breakthroughs. Then, we can head out to find the true remnant of the Divine Wood Palace. At that time, our group would absolutely not be inferior to any other group!” A scorching-hot gaze shot out from Xu Huang’s eyes. Previously, following behind Mu Chen, they had only rushed into a remnant of the Divine Wood Palace’s branch, before breaking through their Human Body Disasters. Such a rate of progress could simply be classified as incredible. Just the benefits they had obtained in this branch remnant was already so gigantic. How would the remnant of the genuine Divine Wood Palace be any less extravagant? Maybe, at that time, they might even be able to rush and attempt their Spiritual Energy Disasters.

Furthermore, if they were to succeed in their breakthroughs, their group would finally be able to truly reach their strongest state. At that time, they would have absolute confidence and challenge any group participating in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament!

Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang fiercely nodded their heads in agreement, their eyes similarly brimming with the anticipation towards the remnant of the genuine Divine Wood Palace. It’s said that presently, there was the existence of a genuine inheritance from the Ancient Antiquity. If they were able to obtain it, it would have an extremely great benefit for their future accomplishments.

Naturally, though, although the Divine Wood Palace was exceedingly enticing, all of them knew that the three of them didn’t have the capability to contest for it… It was only due to Mu Chen and Luo Li’s lead that they were to able to possess such confidence in pushing forward with this plan. After all, just the remnant of a branch of the Divine Wood Palace had them contending against powerful groups with people the likes of Xia Hou and Zhen Qing. At that time, the groups they would encounter in the remnant of the genuine Divine Wood Palace would naturally be even stronger than the previous two groups.


As Xu Huang and the other two were having a chat, a shiver suddenly shook through their minds as they raised their heads to look towards the distant horizon. Suddenly, urgent whooshing sounds rang from that locatiob, with numerous tyrannical Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from there, too. Clearly, there were quite a few people rushing over from there.

As the trio exchanged glances, the expressions on their faces changed as they abruptly stood up. With a clench of their hands, three long spears radiating with fierce energy fluctuations appeared in a flash as they vigilantly stared towards the direction where the whooshing sounds were coming from. From the looks of the sounds ringing from there, it seemed like all of them were rushing towards their location. Xu Huang and the other two weren't that stupid to believe that those people rushing into such a deserted region were taking a stroll. After all, with them being in the Top 16, their location was clearly broadcasted on all of the Academy Plaques. Speaking of which, they appeared just like fat succulent sheep. If all of those fellows were rushing towards them…

Dark shadows surfaced within the eyes of Xu Huang and the other two. As of now, Mu Chen and Luo Li were still in their isolation cultivation and could not be disturbed, so they would have to protect those two till they came out.

“Prepare to take action. Even if we have to risk our lives, we cannot let them interfere and disturb Mu Chen and Luo Li,” said Xu Huang in a solemn voice, with his gaze turning frosty.

Hearing that, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang both nodded their heads as their gazes morphed into the likes of fierce wolves.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Under the vigilant gazes of Xu Huang and the other two, flashes of light sparkled in the distant horizon as beams of light streaked across, quickly heading towards the mountain peak the trio were on. From the looks of it, there were 30 people at the very least, appearing to constitute 6 to 7 groups.

Furthermore, Xu Huang and the other two could sense that everyone present in those groups were fierce and of elite caliber, their gazes we're swift and fierce, while powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations gushing out of their bodies. At the very least, half of the 30 people had passed their Human Body Disaster.

As the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament ramps up, due to the countless large and small remnants present on this shattered continent, the strength of quite a few groups had clearly risen drastically as a result. Perhaps, at the very beginning, a group possessing a member of Human Body Disaster would already be considered as a pretty good group. However, after a month since the start, things had gradually started to change.

The cultivation realm of Human Body Disaster was no longer sufficient to command respect in people. That’s because there were even more people that were relying of the various kinds of benefits they'd gotten in the Shattered Continent to start to obtain breakthroughs in their cultivation.

Solemn expressions appeared on the faces of Xu Huang and the other two, since the 6 to 7 groups heading towards them gave them immense pressure. From the looks of their movements, those 6 to 7 groups seemed to be working together and not working individually. This caused them to feel slightly overwhelmed with shock, at what time during this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament did such a formation actually appear from?

Other than the groups from their own academies, the groups participating in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament were largely antagonistic to one another. Wanting to come together to collaborate wasn’t an easy thing to accomplish, just like the collaboration between Xia Hou and Zhen Qing. Although they were in an alliance, both of them had their own reserved thoughts and plans, and were utilising each other for their personal benefits and had restrained their strength. This made it hard for the both of them to bring forth their greatest combat capabilities. 

However, this mysterious crowd of groups was actually collaborating with a rather high level of perfection. Although they didn’t dare to say that the crowd was even more perfect in working together than their own group, the trio were able to see that this was a genuine alliance of groups.

Exactly where did these fellows pop out from? From the looks of it, it seems that none of the groups are from any elite Spiritual Academies.

While Xu Huang and the other two were reeling in shock, the crowd of groups had already appeared in the skies above the mountain peak they were on. Among them, a figure slowly walked out. It was a youth dressed in black robes, with a sinister gaze present on his face. His thin lips looked just like the edges of a knife, causing people to feel his ill-intent with a single look.

Looking towards Xu Huang and the other two standing on the mountain peak, wrinkles appeared on his forehead as he said with an indifferent tone. “Are you the group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy? Is your Captain, Mu Chen?”

“Who are you? What are you all planning to do?” roared Xu Huang in a deep voice. 

“I’m Chen Xi. As for what we’re here for…” A mocking smile surfaced at the corner of the black-robed youth’s mouth as he replied. “We naturally have a fancy for the points you have… what’s more, there’s also the Divine Quota from the Divine Wood Palace, which should belong to Zhen Qing.”

Suddenly, he turned his gaze to look at the two tightly shut mountain caves. Raising his forehead, he said, “So it turns out that he’s in isolated training… making a hasty last-ditch effort. This is truly interesting.”

“I’m afraid that you won’t be able to snatch the things in our hands!” growled Xu Huang with a sneer. At this moment, he clearly wanted to obtain more time for Mu Chen and Luo Li.

“Even Mu Chen doesn’t have the qualifications to say such words to me. As for you three fellows who have just passed through your Human Body Disasters, who do you think you are? The Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s merely like that,” said Chen Xi with an indifferent smile. Not being a person that would do a sloppy job, he didn’t say too much useless banter. With a casual wave of his hand, he gave his command. “Capture them, before smashing those mountain caves for me.”


Five figures instantly roared in reply behind him, before shooting forward, and immediately rushed straight towards Xu Huang and the other two. These five people had all passed their Human Body Disasters.

“Let’s duke it out!”

Fierce expressions appeared on the faces of Xu Huang and the other two as they tightly clenched their long spears. Faced against such a tyrannical formation, they didn’t have any intent of retreating. With low roars, the trio rushed forward, heading straight towards the incoming five people. Boundless Spiritual Energy instantly erupted from them, obstructing the five from gaining any ground.

Bang! Bang!

Boundless Spiritual Energy swept out. Although they were in a three-against-five match up, relying on their viciousness, their opponents were unable to gain so much as an inch in their advance.

While a huge battle erupted there, five exquisite figures surfaced on the top of a mountain peak located a distance away. Those five figures merely shot a look towards the direction where the battle was taking place, with no signs of wanting to take any action.

“Captain, the Captain of that Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy group seems to be in isolated cultivation. How will they be able to defend against so many people with just 3 members?” asked one of the two lovable twins in a sweet voice as they scanned the location with their beautiful eyes.

Slightly lifting her head up, Wen Qingxuan showed her slender and snow-white neck, which appeared akin to the grace shown by a swan. With a sweet smile, she replied, “There’s no need to care about that, since that’s their business. Furthermore, I feel that the renowned Blood Calamity of the Spiritual Road should not be so easily dealt with, even when encountering such trouble. Let’s wait here and see, for the time being.”

As she gave her reply, Chen Xi was looking indifferently towards Xu Huang and the other two that were giving their all to obstruct the advance of the five people. Sweeping his gaze towards the two tightly shut mountain caves, he gave a flick of his finger towards the space. Instantly, fierce Spiritual Energy transformed into a ray of light, shooting out before fiercely smashing against one of the mountain caves. At the same time, a cold roar resounded akin to a clap of thunder.

“Mu Chen, come out!”

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