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Chapter 487 - Lotus of the Luo God Sword


Mu Chen was sent hurtling like a giant stone by the fist of the Divine Wood Guard. Heavily impacting the ground, the ground caved and collapsed, sending fissures extending in all directions. He created a hundred-plus metre long gorge in the ground, before finally being able to miserably stabilize himself.


Blood spurted out from Mu Chen’s mouth as his face turned paled. He had suffered quite a thorough blow from that punch. If not for him cultivating the Lightning God’s Physique, he might not be able to keep his little life.

Luo Li’s beautiful face changed due to the scene before her. With a shift of her body, she appeared beside Mu Chen. Noticing the injuries that he had suffered, which weren’t light, she said in haste, “Are you alright? Why didn’t you evade?!”

Although the Divine Wood Guard’s attack was powerful, if Mu Chen wanted to evade, such an attack would clearly not be able to successfully land on him.

“Tsk, tsk. Looks like’s your conditions getting worse and worse,” said Zhen Qing in a mocking tone as he grinned towards the injured Mu Chen.

Wiping away the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth, Mu Chen raised his head, sending back a smile towards Zhen Qing. The smile he sent back also contained the presence of ridicule. With a laugh, he said, “Didn’t I explain to you the meaning of losing oneself in joy? Now, would you please try to activate this Divine Wood Guard once more?”

Hearing those words, Zhen Qing’s face instantly sunk as he rapidly changed his hand seal. However, his expression completely sunk down in the next moment, since he found out that he was unexpectedly unable to have any result in his activation of the Divine Wood Guard. It stood there, right in the middle of the giant hall, not having the slightest bit of response to his control.

“Bastard! What have you done to my Divine Wood Guard?!” roared Zhen Qing fiercely as his eyelids rapidly twitched.

Giving an indifferent laugh, Mu Chen replied, “Nothing much. I’ve simply just sealed the symbol you’ve used the control the Divine Wood Guard, that’s all.”

Hearing those words from Mu Chen, Zhen Qing hastily turned his gaze towards the Divine Wood Guard. Indeed, black rays of light had surfaced on the tree leaf rune present on the forehead of the Divine Wood Guard. As those black rays of light weaved and intertwined with each other, they appeared to have formed some kind of seal that was actually able to completely seal up the tree leaf rune. As such, it had also severed the control Zhen Qing had over the Divine Wood Guard.

At this moment, Zhen Qing’s expression turned exceedingly ugly. He never imagined in his wildest dreams that Mu Chen’s sight would be that astute and sharp, being able to spot and identify the tree leaf rune he was using to control the Divine Wood Guard. Furthermore, this fellow actually knew how to create a seal. Zhen Qing was able to sense that the sealing energies used by Mu Chen were exceedingly strange and mysterious, being able to completely sever his seal from the Divine Wood Guard and even his connection to his rune.

As of now, this Divine Wood Guard seemed to have completely no relationship with him.

His greatest trump card had actually been dealt with in such an obscure and unclear fashion!

Zhen Qing was so mad, he started to shake and shiver, while anger and fury rose from his heart. From the looks of it, he appeared to be unable to wait to tear Mu Chen into shreds.

Observing this scene, while being trapped in the vines, Tang Mei’er, Zhou Yuan, Xu Huang and the rest breathed a huge sigh of relief. The greatest card Zhen Qing and his group could rely on was that Divine Wood Guard. As of now, with it being dealt with by Mu Chen, the combat strength of Zhen Qing and his group had now drastically decreased.

At this moment, Luo Li finally understood why Mu Chen would risk so much to take a head-on blow by the Divine Wood Guard and not evade it. Nevertheless, she still shot an unhappy glare towards Mu Chen while saying, “You always know how to mess around.”

With a smile, Mu Chen extended his hand and grabbed onto Luo Li’s tender and white hands, his face still appeared slightly pale. True, he had suffered quite the serious injury from the great battle with Xia Hou earlier, along with the intense fight with the Divine Wood Guard. Therefore, his current state was clearly rather bad, something he felt slightly helpless about. Although he had quite a few other cards up his sleeves, his cultivation was only at the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. Regardless of him possessing a combat prowess that far exceeded the outer appearance of his strength, as this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament continued on, the opponents they would encounter would become increasingly powerful. Furthermore, as of now, they had already been placed within the Top 16 on the ranking list. Upon leaving this remnant, their location would be exposed. At that time, they would encounter quite a few people wanting to contest them for the points they held.

When that happened, there would be more intense fights than the ones they had just experienced.

Therefore, with his cultivation realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, it had clearly started to become increasingly difficult for him. After all, he couldn’t just expend all of his energy like now every single time he bumped into an expert of Spiritual Energy Disaster. If that happened, it would be sooner or later that such an opportunity would be grasped by those opponents covetously eyeing them.

“Looks like I have to make a breakthrough.”

Mu Chem muttered, tightly clenching his fists. Not only Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang needed to make a breakthrough, even he needed to increase his strength. If not, would them saying that they would enter the final match be just an empty dream?

Luo Li lightly grasped Mu Chen’s hand, before raising her lovable face, At this moment, however, raising her lovable head, a chill surfaced in her eyes as she looked towards the furious Zhen Qing, before saying in a soft voice, “There’s no need for you to participate in the upcoming fight. I’ll deal with them.”

Hearing her words, Mu Chen immediately made a slight gasp. Although they had already dealt with the Divine Wood Guard, their opponents were of a greater number than them. Furthermore, Zhen Qing himself wasn’t someone easy to deal with, being no weaker than Xia Hou. Added with his group members, many of which had passed their Human Body Disaster, their line-up wasn’t weak. Yet, Luo Li wanted to deal with all of them by herself. “Its best that we do it together, Don’t you know that it’ll hurt me to see you get the slightest bit of injury?” replied Mu Chen with a bitter laugh.

“I just love you too dearly,” replied Luo Li with a grin, a faint pinkish blush appearing on her exquisite and procelainsque face. Clearly, with her gentle and quiet demeanor, it was still extremely rare for her to say such words to Mu Chen.

“Who’s the one always causing trouble? This is your punishment.”

Extending her hand, Luo Li gently rubbed Mu Chen’s face. With a faint smile, she gave a lovely blink of her bright and clear eyes, before saying, “Be obedient. I’ll protect you.”

Faced against the current Luo Li, who had suddenly radiated with an aura of regality, Mu Chen couldn’t help turning his nose. Feeling a wee bit of weakness, he could only shrug in helplessness while replying, “ Be careful.” 

Gently nodding, Luo Li replied with a faint smile. “Relax. I’ll be very quick.”

Hearing her words, Mu Chen gave a grin. At this moment, although Luo Li haD yet to become the Queen of the Luo God Clan, she seemed to have already started to reveal an aura of regality. It was merely that she didn’t quite like to show herself in the limelight while she was beside him. However, in this current situation, where Mu Chen has gotten injured time-after-time, it seemed that the future Queen of the Luo God Clan had gotten somewhat angry, causing her to no longer conceal herself anymore.

Standing up, Luo Li grasped her Luo God Sword. At this moment, her exquisite face, which had just shown a smile towards Mu Chen, was now covered with frost as she shot a chilling gaze towards Zhen Qing.

“Haha. What’s the matter? Do you want to deal with all of us by yourself?” In his moment of rage, Zhen Qing coldly snorted as he looked towards Luo Li.

Choosing not to reply, Luo Li continued grasping her Luo God Sword as she slowly raised it up.

Humm. Humm.

The Luo God Sword vibrated and hummed, while astonishingly fierce Sword Intent radiated from it. This Sword Intent that radiated from it appeared as if it wanted to pierce through the heavens and the earth.

Sensing this Sword Intent, Zhen Qing’s expression turned slightly cold as he turned his gaze around. Looking towards the remaining four members of the group from the Saint Spiritual Academy, he spoke out in a deep voice. “Take action with us and defeat her. That way, you guys can also take your revenge. At that time, we’ll split the points and the treasures of this place equally with you guys. How’s that?”

Although Xia Hou was not seriously injured with his life or death unknown, the remaining four members of the Saint Spiritual Academy group we're still quite powerful. At this moment, being able to pull them over to his side would be beneficial to deal with Luo Li. 

Hearing Zhen Qing’s words, the eyes of the four instantly sparkled, before clenching their teeth. Although they were extremely shocked by the performance of Mu Chen, at this very moment, the latter’s condition was extremely poor. As long as they could collaborate and deal with Luo Li, they could take whatever revenge they wanted.


With a shift of their bodies, the four immediately appeared behind Luo Li, forming an encirclement with Zhen Qing’s group. In the next instant, boundless Spiritual Energies gushed from them, creating an extremely powerful Spiritual Energy pressure on her.

“Hmph. Even if you have the aid of your Divine Artifact, I don’t believe that you’ll be able to defeat that many by yourself!”

Zhen Qing sneered. They had a total of nine people on their side, with at least half having passed their Human Body Disaster. Added with him, who had passed his Spiritual Energy Disaster, how would Luo Li be able to defeat all of them by herself?

Shooting an indifferent look back at him, Luo Li still did not give any reply. On the contrary, she started to slowly close her eyes. As this happened, bloodline patterns started to seep out from the hand in which she held the Luo God Sword. As those bloodlines flowed down onto her Luo God Sword, they formed a blood-red sword rune.


Suddenly, a frightening wave of Sword Aura erupted from the Luo God Sword. As it did so, it gave off a feeling as if a frightening beast was starting to slowly wake up from it’s seal.

“Take action!”

Sensing the Sword Aura radiating out, Zhen Qing’s face contorted as he decisively roared.


As his roar rang out, the nine people took action seemingly at the same time. Attacks filled with boundless Spiritual Energies swept out, hiding the skies and covering the earth as they enveloped over Luo Li. 

With her eyes still tightly shut, a shiver shook through the hand grasping onto the Luo God Sword. In the next instant, frightening Sword Aura swept out, enveloping around her body akin to a hurricane. Upon coming into contact with the Sword Aura hurricane, those incoming attacks were instantly shattered into nihility with overbearing force.

As the blood-red sword rune on her Luo God Sword grew increasingly radiant, a sliver of paleness appeared on the exquisite face of Luo Li.

Humm! Humm!

A low and rapid hum rang out from the Luo God Sword. Suddenly, in the next instant, Luo Li’s eyes sprung open. With a wave of her hand, the Sword Aura shot out. Akin to a dragon leaving its den, it left radiant sword scars in the space around its path.

As the rays of sword scars intertwined with each other, Sword Aura instantly burst forth from them. As rays of brilliance sparkled out, a gigantic Sword Lotus, approximately a hundred metres wide, rapidly took form before Luo Li.

This Sword Lotus appeared exceedingly beautiful. Yet, under its beauty, it contained energies that seemed to be able to destroy anything in its path.

The Luo God Sword shook, before the Sword Lotus rose into the air. In the next instant, dazzling rays of brilliance radiated throughout every corner of the giant hall.

As the rays of brilliance radiated out, Luo Li’s sweet-sounding voice rang indifferently around akin to a quiet spring gushing from the mountain top.

“The bright and clear heart of the Sword, Lotus of the Luo God Sword!”

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