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Chapter 486 - Join Hands

The gigantic Wooden Divine Guard towered over the interior of the giant hall, sending out waves of powerful pressure radiating out.This cause all the Spiritual Energy within the giant hall slow signs of freezing and turning sluggish. This Wooden Divine Guard possessed an extremely powerful level of might.

“Hahaha, weren’t you so strong just now, Mu Chen? Want to go for another round with my Wooden Divine Guard?”

Zhen Qing cackled as he watched on. With the Wooden Divine Guard on his side, he could finally relax. No matter how many more tricks Mu Chen had up his sleeves, there was absolutely no way he could turn the tables around.

Furrowing his eyebrows, Mu Chen stared at the Wooden Divine Guard. This latter’s gigantic body appeared to be made of weathered wood, with rays of brilliance sparkling out of glowing patterns on the surface. The powerful energies radiating out from it caused prickling pain sensations to be felt on his skin. This was the response his body had in the face of danger. Clearly, this Wooden Divine Guard possessed a frightening level of power that even his Four Rune Lightning Physique wasn’t able to endure. 

The Wooden Divine Guard before him might possess strength that was comparable to someone that have passed their Spiritual Energy Disaster...Furthermore, according to what Zhen Qing had said, this still wasn’t its full strength…

The situation now had indeed become even more nasty than before.

“Next up, all of you can go and die.” said Zhen Qing as he grinned towards Mu Chen and Luo Li, his face brimming with a sinister shade. In the next instant, with a change of his hand seal, the tree leaf rune on the forehead of the Wooden Divine Guard started to sparkled before the latter’s gigantic body started to shoot forwards. Bringing forth a frightening level of power, its giant fist hurtled straight towards the two.

With a shift of his body, a dragon shade seemed to surface at Mu Chen’s feet. In a flash, he retreated back, with Luo Li similarly retreating back at rapid speeds.


The fist of the Wooden Divine Guard struck the ground, causing intense vibrations to rock through the entire giant hall. Gigantic fissures extended out across the ground akin to gigantic snakes, showing off its heart palpitating destructive power.


With its fist striking air, the glowing rune on its forehead sparkled once more. Instantly, its gigantic frame shot out immediately, appearing right before Mu Chen in a flash. Clearly, not only did it possess astonishing might, it also possessed a rather quick speed.


The Wooden Divine Guard sent yet another fist rumbling out, causing the air before it to completely explode apart.

Seeing this, Mu Chen’s expression changed slightly. With a fierce shake of the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear in his hand, an ominous aura swept out as it transformed into a gigantic demonic dragon. Bringing forth surging ominous qi, it smashed head on against the Wooden Divine Guard.


Energy shockwaves swept out like a hurricane, with the ground below Mu Chen’s feet immediately collapsing apart. At this instant, Mu Chen’s body was sent flying backwards. Transforming back into a long spear, the Devouring Dragon Demonic Spear landed back into his hand, while his sleeves were torn into shreds. As he did so, a sliver of blood dripped down from the corner of his mouth. Clearly, he had suffered some damage from the head on collision with the Wooden Divine Guard. 

The Wooden Divine Guard’s gigantic figure rushed straight towards Mu Chen once again, its weathered wood fist enveloping over him like a shadow.


However, before the Wooden Divine Guard could attack Mu Chen once again, a beautiful figure shot abruptly before him. In the next instant, an incomparably fierce Sword Aura current howled out, heading straight towards the head of the Wooden Divine Guard.

Sensing the incoming fierce Sword Aura current, the Wooden Divine Guard suddenly came to a halt. Extending its gigantic palm out, it blocked itself against the Sword Aura current sweeping over, which left a deep fissure on its wither wood palm. Although it indeed possessed an extremely strong defense, Luo Li’s Luo Shen Sword clearly wasn’t something that could be easily defended against.

If Luo Li’s cultivation realm was higher, she would be able to activate the truly power of this Divine Weapon of the Luo God Clan. At that time, a single slash from it would be able to chop of the giant hand of this Wooden Divine Guard.

Mu Chen took this opportunity to retreat back. However, wrinkles started to form on his forehead, as the defense of this Wooden Divine Guard was exceedingly strong. When faced against his and Luo Li’s earlier attacks, it had always met them head on with its own. However, this time, it had chose to defend against her attack. This might be due to the dread Zhen Qing had towards the Luo Shen Sword. However, this might not be the entire reason.

As his eyes sparkled, Mu Chen could not help but to rest his gaze on the tree leaf like rune present on the forehead of the Wooden Divine Guard. In the next instant, his shot a look from the corner of his eye towards Zhen Qing. It seemed that every single time the hand seal of that fellow changes, the tree leaf on its forehead would sparkle and light up…

That tree leaf rune was precisely the thing that Zhen Qing and his group had snatched away from them.

From the looks of it, it seems that this tree leaf rune just so happened to be able to allow for the control of this Wooden Divine guard. That’s why Zhen Qing didn’t attempt to snatch away the Immortal Divine Tree and rush straight towards that unassuming tree leaf rune…

Fluttering down, Luo Li descended by Mu Chen’s side. Shooting a look at him, she spoke out, “Are you alright?”

Mu Chen replied a slight shake of his head. Fortunately, he had cultivated his Lightning God’s Physique to a Four Rune Lightning Physique. If not, the fist sent out from the Wooden Divine Guard would cause serious injuries towards any ordinary person who had passed their Fleshly Body Tribulation.

“Haha. Looks like the two of you are unable to create any waves today.” looking towards Mu Chen and Luo, who were forced to retreat in succession by the Wooden Divine Guard, Zhen Qing could not help but to laugh out.

Hearing those words, a chilling glow flashed faintly across Luo Li’s eyes. Gripping her Luo Shen Sword tightly, she spoke out with a voice tinged with chilling intent. “Isn’t it too early to be happy? Do you truly believe that I won’t be able to chop of the head of this block of wood?” 

A sliver of fury flashed across the exquisite face of the young girl. Having fought all out against Xia Hou earlier, Mu Chen’s condition was naturally not good. The previous head on collision with the Wooden Divine Guard should have caused even more injuries for him. This caused her to feel her heart ache slightly, while also causing killing intent to gush out from within.

As her voice rang out, astonishing sword cries erupted out from her Luo Shen Sword while glowing lines seemed to extend all over the body of the sword. In the next instant, an incomparable feeling of sharpness radiated out quietly, causing even the surrounding space to tremble slightly.

Sensing the sharp and fierce sword intent radiating out, Zhen Qing’s expression changed slightly, before giving a cold snort. Indeed, that Divine Sword’s formidable. If Luo Li had passed her Spiritual Energy Tribulation then, she might truly be able to be a threat towards the Wooden Divine Guard. However, it’s a pity that wasn’t the case…

“You’re truly looking to die.”

With a sneer, Zhen Qing changed his hand seal, only for the Wooden Divine Guard to shoot out yet again, displaying its terrifying attack once more. 

However, this time, as Zhen Qing was moving the Wooden Divine Guard, Mu Chen was able to clearly see that the tree leaf rune on its forehead had sparkled once again.

With a chilling expression on her beautiful face, Luo Li started to undo the seal on the Luo Shen Sword in an attempt to destroy this Wooden Divine Guard.

“Wait.” said Mu Chen as he extended his hand to grab onto her. Although Luo Li’s move was extremely powerful, it would lead to a gargantuan consumption of her strength upon displaying it. In this current situation, if they were to expend great effort to destroy this Wooden Divine Guard, that would allow for Zhen Qing and his group to have any easier time dealing with their exhausted selves. If that happens, the situation then would be even more dire.

“You just need to help reduce the impact of the Wooden Divine Guard’s attack. Leave the rest to me.” said Mu Chen said in a soft voice.

Hearing that, Luo Li shot a doubtful look at Mu Chen, clearly not to sure what the latter was planning on doing. However, due to her trust in him, after a slight moment of hesitation, she nodded her head and replied, “Be careful. If you’re injured again, I’ll immediately take action.”

Her voice sounded resolute and decisive. Clearly, there wasn’t too much leeway for discussion.

Seeing that, Mu Chen laughed out. Being unable to stop himself, he extended his hand to touch the exquisite face of the young girl before him while saying with a smile. “I know. My Luo Li’s the Queen Luo of the Spiritual Road. Overbearing as ever…”

Seeing that Mu Chen still had the heart to tease her in such a situation, Luo Li could not help but to shoot an unhappy glare at him. Yet, her glare appeared as soft and gentle as the streams flowing in spring.

“You two still have the heart to flirt now, huh!” with a sinister smile, Zhen Qing changed his hand seal, sending the gigantic figure of the Wooden Divine Guard to cast its shadow over Mu Chen and Luo Li as it shot towards them. While that happened, frightening energies swept out from it like a storm.

Bang! Bang!

As a storm whipped up within the giant hall, akin to a god of destruction, the Wooden Divine Guard wreaked havoc everywhere it went. Compared to it, Mu Chen and Luo Li appeared like flies trapped in a corner, displaying various kinds of miraculous movement techniques to continuously evade its attacks. At the same time, attacks erupted out from them, leaving scar after scar on the body of the Wooden Divine Guard.

Tang Mei’er and the rest watched with bated breath at the intense battle taking place within the giant hall, their eyes brimming with worry.

Zhen Qing sneered as he observed the scene before him, not being impatient at all. On the contrary, he appeared exceedingly calm and leisurely. Regardless of what move Mu Chen and Luo Li employed, they were humans and would become tired and exhausted. Comparatively, the Wooden Divine Guard wouldn’t, and would be able to complete his orders perfectly, which was to completely destroy and kill Mu Chen and Luo Li…

Furthermore, Mu Chen and Luo Li clearly weren’t able to compete with the Wooden Divine Guard on the consumption of energy. Once they’ve completely depleted their Spiritual Energies, he would be able to easily get rid of them with a single finger of his.

Now, he only had the treat this as a game, with the ending being grasped in his hands.


All of a sudden, the giant fist came enveloping over Mu Chen. However, before it could come into contact with him, a beautiful figure appeared right before him. Rays of Sword Aura currents gushed out, completely defending against the terrifying fist winds.

At the instant when Luo Li had defended against the incoming attack, Mu Chen’s figure had abruptly shot out. As a dragon shade surfaced beneath his feet, it started to coil up. As it extended out, it appeared to pierce through space, with Mu Chen’s figure rushing straight towards the head of the Wooden Divine Guard akin to a spectre.


However, at the instant when Mu Chen’s figure had shot out, it seemed as though the Wooden Divine Guard had also sensed it. Instantly open its giant mouth open akin to giving a roar, a frightening Spiritual Energy shockwave exploded out from within like a beam, instantly shrouding over Mu Chen.


As the beam struck Mu Chen’s body, a shiver shook through him as black rays of light blossomed out from his body. In the next instant, a gigantic black pagoda appeared in a flash, protecting his body within it.


A metallic sound rang out within the giant hall akin to a bell.

As the black glowing pagoda dissipated away, Mu Chen’s figure appeared right before the forehead of the Wooden Divine Guard. With a clench of his hand, a piece of black paper surfaced on his palm, while mysterious energies started to flow out from it.


Seemingly discovering some kind of threat towards itself, the Wooden Divine Guard immediately ignored the attacks coming from Luo Li. Like the peak of a mountain, its giant fist howled out, bringing along frightening power as it exploded the air apart, causing even the surrounding space to wrap and distort slightly.

As the shadow of the fist came enveloping over, Mu Chen show not the slightest bit of wanting to retreat. On the contrary, under the shock cries of Tang Mei’er and the rest, he continued with his rush.

“You’re looking to die!”

Zhen Qing sneered malevolently.


Finally, the giant fist smashed heavily on Mu Chen’s body. As the frightening energy shockwave blossomed out, the latter’s body shot out like a cannonball. Finally, striking against a giant pillar, it caused giant fissures to appear on its surface.

Nevertheless, at the instant when the Wooden Divine Guard had struck Mu Chen, his palm had lightly patted on the rune sparkling with light on its forehead.

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