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Chapter 488 - Take Away

Humm Humm!

The radiant Sword Lotus rose from Luo Li’s front before hovering in the air, its penetrating rays of brilliance lighting every single corner of the giant hall.

However, those rays of brilliance didn’t give people a feeling of warmth. On the contrary, it caused thick feelings of chilling intent to fill the bodies of everyone. At this moment, everyone could sense an extremely frightening and fierce Sword Intent present within those rays of brilliance, appearing as they were able to shatter the skies and rend the earth. 

Observing this spectacle unfolding before him, Mu Chen’s expression also turned slightly cold. Even could feel his body turning cold in the presence of the Sword Intent present within the Sword Lotus.

At this moment, the faces of Zhen Qing and his groups appeared exceedingly solemn, with their gazes appearing to be overwhelmed with shock. That’s because they could feel a thick flavor of death from the beautiful Sword Lotus hovering above them. 

Without any plan to give them any chance to warm up, Luo Li had immediately unleashed her true killing move upon taking action!

Faced against their contorted expressions, Luo Li’s beautiful face still appeared ice cold as she extended her slender finger out to give a light tap in the space before her.


The Sword Lotus trembled once again, before started to slowly unfurl its petals. In the next instant, Sword Aura that blotted the skies swept out, only for ten Sword Lotus petals to abruptly shoot out explosively. Appearing exceedingly beautiful, irresistible sharpness brimmed under their beauty.

Swish Swish!

As the lotus petals shot through space, faint scars appeared as the surrounding space was sliced apart by them.

Dark and bottomless sword fissures were slashed on the ground below by the Sword Aura gushing out.

Akin to ten divine swords streaking out, the ten beautiful Sword Lotus petals rushed straight towards Zhen Qing and the other nine guys.

Seeing the incoming Sword Lotus Petals, the eyes of Zhen Qing and the nine guys instantly contracted. Before the attacks had arrived before them, their skin had already started to feeling piercing pain. It was hard to imagine exactly how frightening the Sword Intent contained with those petals was.

“Use all your strength!” roared Zhen Qing.


With an explosive roar, boundless Spiritual Energy gushed out from his body like a tidal wave, with the other nine summoning forth all of their Spiritual Energies in fear, not hesitating one single bit to execute their strongest and most powerful moves. At this moment, if they were to hold back any single bit, they would undoubtedly be killed. That Sword Lotus was too frightening!

“Wooden Divine Spear!”

“Fist of the Holy Light!”

Fierce roars rang out in succession as surging Spiritual Energies rushed forth, followed by astonishingly mighty attacks.

With a solemn expression on his face, boundless Spiritual Energy swept out abruptly as he sent a pat out. As rays of brilliance sparkled out, it transformed into what seemed like a deep greenish pine like giant hand. Glowing patterns covered its entirety, with this Spiritual Energy surging around it like a sea, giving people an extremely intense feeling of pressure. Clearly, he had also used his genuine killing move too.

“Heavenly Pine Divine Palm!”


Under everyone’s attentive gaze, mighty attacks swept out, smashing head on against the incoming lotus petals in an instant.

Faced against those incoming attacks, Luo Li’s clear and beautiful eyes still appeared cool and calm, with merely a sliver of a chilling glow surfacing within them. In the next instant, extending her slender finger out, she gave a gentle tap out, with space before her appearing to split apart.

Swish Swish!

As the attacks from both sides collided, contrary to people’s expectations, no astonishing eruptions took place. Although it appeared weak and frail, the beautiful lotus petals appeared akin to the edges of a divine sword, being indescribably sharp. As the petals shot by, the boundless Spiritual Energy attacks hurtling towards them were instantly sliced apart!

Their attacks were simply unable to provide even the slightest obstruction against the Sword Lotus petals.

At this moment, the members of the two groups were completely overwhelmed with shock, while indescribable fear gushed out from their hearts. Never did they expected that this killing move from Luo Li would actually be that strong to the point that their full strength was still unable to allow for them to put up one bit of resistance.


While they were overwhelmed with shock, the lotus petals had already shot through space, nearing their bodies with a whoosh.

As chilling air enveloped over them, their faces were blanketed with a deathly pale shade as they hastily attempted to escape. However, it was evidently too late, as the flower petals had shot over at lightning speeds, bringing along with its sword like incisive sharpness.

Instantly, blood spurted out in every direction.

Nine figures instantly turned stiff as blood gushed out from their arms. Nine arms shot towards the sky, their severed locations appearing as smooth as glass.


Shrill shrieks of misery rang out as the nine figures landed down, crying out from the pain of their severed limbs, while their powerful Spiritual Energies rapidly dropped and declined. Blood continued to flow out from their severed stumps. Clearly, the fierce Sword Intent had penetrated through their bodies. Regardless of how they activated their Spiritual Energies, they were unable to get rid of it.

Hearing those miserable shrieks, not a single sign of waver was present on Luo Li’s face. Looking before her, she noticed that the Sword Lotus Petal present there did not achieve her desired effect, as it was being temporarily obstructed by Zhen Qing’s attack. All in all, Zhen Qing had passed through his Spiritual Energy Disaster. Therefore, he was indeed much stronger than the other nine people.

Nevertheless, although Zhen Qing was able to temporarily obstruct one Sword Lotus petal, he had clearly expended all of his strength doing so. At this moment, there were even droplets of sweat flowing out of his forehead. The frightening Sword Intent present in the lotus had pierced his body to the point of causing his Spiritual Energy to show signs of instability.

“Damn it!”

Zhen Qing growled between his clenched teeth. As those miserable shrieks entered his ears, a shiver shook through his heart and mind. Never did he imagine that Luo Li’s attack would actually be that terrifying. Such an attack might even be no inferior than the attack Mu Chen used to strike down Xia Hou. Merely, Mu Chen’s attack was a focused single target attack, whist Luo Li’s attack was able to deal with multiple opponents.

“Indeed, you’re worthy of being one that had passed his Spiritual Energy Disaster.”

Said Luo Li in an indifferent tone as she shot a look at Zhen Qing below with her beautiful eyes. In the next moment, the Luo God Sword grasped in her hand shook.

Humm Humm!

Sword cries rang out, before the Sword Lotus petals that had disabled those nine people shot back towards her. In the next instant, they shot back out at lightning speeds, shooting straight at Xia Hou in an encirclement formation.

Such a spectacle instantly caused Zhen Qing’s soul to leave his body in fright. Just blocking a single petal from the Sword Lotus was already that demanding to him. Now, with there were nine more incoming! Although the energies within those nine incoming petals had been substantially consumed due to their attacks on the nine people, it was more than sufficient to slice him to death!


Clenching his teeth, Zhen Qing smashed his palm fiercely on the ground, sending blackish green Spiritual Energy to sweep out, before unexpectedly pouring into the giant hall.


At this instant, the surrounding giant pillars started to shake and squirm, before vines hid the skies and covered the earth as they shot out from within. As they did so, they formed layer after layer around Zhen Qing’s body like a protective shield.

Bang! Bang!

Shooting out ferociously, the Sword Lotus Petals smashed into the layers of vines, sending them collapsing apart while shooting wooden splinters in all directions.

“Since I’m unable to get them, you guys will to! I’ll never leave the treasures here for you!” roared Zhen Qing with a contorted expression displayed on his face. From the looks of it, he had completely lost all of his methods to deal with Luo Li’s powerful attack. Therefore, the treasures present in this remnant would never end up in his hands.


A malevolent shade flashed within Zhen Qing’s eyes. With a fierce change of his hand seal, numerous blackish green rays of brilliance shot out from him, shoot straight towards the towering giant pillars within the giant hall.


All of a sudden, ancient tree like symbols appeared on the surface of the giant pillars. Appearing exceeding radiant, those tree like symbols seemed to be alive, as incomparably berserk Spiritual Energy fluctuations swept out from them. In the next instant, fissures started to appear on their surface, before rapidly extending out.


The tree like symbols grew increasingly radiantly. In the next instant, those giant pillars that were propping up the giant hall finally exploded completely apart.

Frightening Spiritual Energy shockwaves wreaked havoc within the giant hall akin to a hurricane. At this moment, the vines that had trapped Tang Mei’er, Zhou Yuan and the rest were smashed into bits. However, upon them extricating themselves, all of them were sent spewing out mouthfuls of blood as their bodies were swept up by the berserk hurricane present.

As this went on, the giant hall appeared to have entered a state of collapse as the surrounding space warped and distorted, As spatial fissures were torn open by the shockwaves radiating out, they proceeded to devour the bodies of Tang Mei’er and the rest.

It seemed like Zhen Qing had activated the self destruct function of this giant hall.

“Haha! All of you are about to banished from here! Remember this, this matter isn’t over! Next time, I’ll repay this debt back with your blood!” growled Zhen Qing malevolently. The situation when seemed to be fully in his control had turned out into this due to the interference of Mu Chen and Luo Li. How could he not be angry and furious?

With a fierce laugh, he waved his sleeve, sending vines shooting out. As they wrapped around his four other teammates, his figure shot backwards, retreating into a spatial fissure. As for Xia Hou and his group, Zhen Qing clearly didn’t have any mood to take any care about this them.

Being slightly shocked by the unexpected change of events that had happened before his eyes, Mu Chen shot forwards, moving by Luo Li’s side. At this moment, Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang had extricated themselves from the hurricane, rushing over as soon as they did.

“What should we do? It seems like this place is about to collapse.” asked Xu Huang in an urgent manner.

Hearing that, wrinkles formed on Mu Chen’s forehead as he turned his gaze towards the Wooden Divine Guard within the giant hall that had been sealed by him. Clearly, that Wooden Divine Guard was the true treasure of this giant hall.

Having spent quite a bit of effort in here, he absolutely would not come off this empty-handedly!

“Bring it away!”

Mu Chen made a decisive verdict as he roared out in reply. Shooting forwards, he appeared before the Wooden Divine Guard. Grabbing onto it, he attempted to keep it into his storage bracelet, but discovered he was unable to succeed.


Mu Chen cursed in response. Looking towards the rapidly expanding spatial fissures around him, he gave a stomp, immediately activating his Lightning God’s Physique. In the next instant, he grabbed hold of the Wooden Divine Guard’s giant arm. From the looks of it, it appeared as though he wanted to take it away!


The weight of this Wooden Divine Guard rivaled a mountain peak. Even with him activating his Lightning God’s Physique, Mu Chen was viciously pressed down by its weigh, causing beads of sweat to surface on his forehead.


Seeing this, Luo Li, Xu Huang and the rest rapidly shot over. Extending their hands to grab hold onto the Wooden Divine Guard, they revolved their Spiritual Energy and assisted Mu Chen in hoisting the gigantic Wooden Divine Guard up.

“Let’s go! Be careful!”

As the five of them held onto the Wooden Divine Guard, Mu Chen sent a grin towards the other four before taking the lead to head towards a spatial fissure.


The five rushed along with the Wooden Divine Guard in tow.  Eyeing the berserk Spiritual Energy fluctuations wreaking havoc in the giant hall, they rushed into a spatial fissure, rapidly disappearing from everyone’s sight.

Bang! Bang!

As Mu Chen and his group disappeared within a spatial fissure, the giant hall finally reached its limits, completely collapsing apart. As the Spiritual Energy hurricane wreaked havoc in all directions, the giant hall completely disappeared into thin air...

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