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Chapter 466 - Tang Mei'er

Numerous groups had converged on the verdant mountain range, forming a stretch of black across the region. Nevertheless, although there were quite a few of them present, there wasn't any group that dared to recklessly enter the strange and gloomy dark forest before them.

Firstly, all of them were taking precautions towards this unknown region. Secondly, the groups that had converged over here were too strong. Of the five Great Academies, there were even four of them present here. At this moment, making oneself stand out clearly wasn't a smart move.

At the same time, Mu Chen brought Luo Li and the rest towards a place that was neither far away or near the dark forest, while casting an indifferent gaze sweeping out from time-to-time towards the groups from the other three Great Spiritual Academies.

At this moment, amongst all the various groups that had converged over here, the group from the Saint Spiritual Academy that was led by Xia Hou was clearly the strongest. Furthermore, this group was also ranked in the Top 16, being placed at a not low rank of 7th place, with 2000 points under their belt. Speaking of this, they absolutely qualified to be ranked as a fat sheep. However, with their strength, there naturally wasn't many powerful groups present in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament that would be able to treat them as a fat sheep.

The stifling and suffocating atmosphere was still maintained in this region. However, there wasn't overly many gazes shooting over towards the Saint Spiritual Academy's Xia Hou.

Mu Chen continued to coldly observe the situation.

Under the multitude of attentive gazes that were faintly discernible, a faint smile surfaced at the corner of Xia Hou's mouth. As of now, with four of the five Great Spiritual Academies being gathered here, it was clear that his Saint Spiritual Academy still held the most weight and authority. Although there were quite a few groups present in this region, there should not be many groups that would dare to contend against them.

"Haha. Everyone really has some order going on here. Was it said that the ancient remnant is in the depths of this forest? The various treasures present in this fragmented Shattered Continent has no owners. Being able to obtain them would depend on one's own luck and ability. Therefore, they won't just become the sole possession of someone. There isn't any exception, despite how powerful or strong they are." All of a sudden, as a smile surfaced at the corner of Xia Hou's mouth, a sweet-sounding and alluring sound of laughter rang out all at once. As everyone turned to look over, they all saw the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy's Tang Mei'er giving of a sweet, gentle laugh, her long and narrow phoenix-like eyes appearing moist, giving off a flirtatious intent that caused people's hearts to jump. 

This girl was truly outstanding.

A faint word of appreciation rang out within Mu Chen's heart. Upon hearing about Tang Mei'er's name, Mu Chen thought back about Tang Qian'er. Nevertheless, there should not be any bloodline relationship between the two; after all, he knew Tang Qian'er ever since he was small, yet he had never heard of her having an Elder Sister even once.

As Tang Mei'er's alluring voice rang out, it caused quite a few people to secretly raise their eyebrows . From her words, the so-called "powerful group" she was talking about should be the group from the Saint Spiritual Academy, right?From the looks of it, the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy had some guarded feelings against the Saint Spiritual Academy.

Thinking about this, this could be true. Within the five Great Academies, other than the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, which had growner weaker for the past few years, each of the rest possessed their only merits. Thus, it wasn't that easy for the Saint Spiritual Academy to place themselves over the others.

"Do you think that what I've said is true, Captain Zhou Yuan?" said Tang Mei'er as she grinned towards the group from the Martial Spiritual Academy.

"Haha. What Captain Mei'er said is true. The ancient remnants on this Shattered Continent aren't the sole possession of anyone. This Broken Mountain Pole in my hands won't agree to anyone who wants to devour all of them for their own." Hearing her words, the burly-built Zhou Yuan gave a hearty chuckle, before giving a crisp reply.

Hearing his reply, the numerous groups present exchanged glances with one another. They had also understood that Tang Mei'er and Zhou Yuan seemed to be warning the Saint Spiritual Academy to not attempt to take sole possession over this remnant.

"Are the few of you over there the group from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?" Suddenly,Tang Mei'er raised her seductively beautiful eyes and rested her gaze on Mu Chen and his group. Sweeping her gaze around, she spoke out with a sweet smile, "May I know exactly who is the Captain of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy group?" 

Her beautiful eyes rested mostly on the figure of Luo Li, which caused some shock to appear within herself. Being a girl and a person of outstanding talent, Tang Mei'er was naturally able to sense how extraordinary Luo Li was. This was a sense that was privy only to girls. Nevertheless, Luo Li was currently standing behind Mu Chen, resulting in her looking at him. Yet, the latter's outward strength appeared to be only of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. This caused even Tang Mei'er to feel somewhat at a loss as to exactly what situation was present in this Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy group.

"Haha. I'm Mu Chen, and I'm the Captain of this group. Please advise, Captain Mei'er." While Tang Mei'er was in doubt, Mu Chen gave a faint smile and made his reply.

"Oh?" Shock appeared in Tang Mei'er's beautiful eyes as she looked towards Mu Chen. A Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase can actually become a Captain?

"You are Mu Chen?" However, Tang Mei'er seemed to have thought about something as her beautiful eyes quickly sprung wide open as she stared at him in astonishment.

Mu Chen instantly gawked at the way she had gasped out in astonishment.  Did this Tang Mei'er recognise me? This truly was the first time that he had seen her.

"Do you know me, Captain Mei'er?" Feeling doubtful, Mu Chen asked.

"Hehe. That's right. What's more it's a household name to me." A shadow of amusement surfaced within Tang Mei'er's long and willowy eyes. As she playfully started to size Mu Chen up, she replied, "My younger sister really misses you. Over the past two years, I've heard this name too many times already." 

Mu Chen instantly gawked once more. All of a sudden, a thought flashed within his mind, before he spoke out towards Tang Mei'er, "Does Captain Mei'er know Elder Sister Qian'er?"

Within the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy, the only people that Mu Chen would recognise might only be Tang Qian'er and Hong Ling. After hearing those words from Tang Mei'er, it was clear that the only possibility would be Tang Qian'er.

"Looks like you still have some conscience to not let my younger sister worry in vain for you," replied Tang Mei'er with a smile. 

Mu Chen shot an awkward look at Luo Li, only to notice that the latter seemed to not have any frustration displayed on her. On the contrary, she sent a smile back at him, one that appeared beautifully sweet. However, this rarely seen sweet and beautiful smile caused Mu Chen's heart to tremble.

Although he thought of giving an explanation about this matter, it wasn't the right thing to do in the current situation he was in. With so many people in the surroundings, and clearly not having any means to explain the relationship between him and Tang Qian'er to Tang Mei'er, he could only give a helpless smile.

Nevertheless, some suspicions rose within his heart. Could it really be that Tang Qian'er and Tang Mei'er are sisters? I've never heard of this before…

"That lass Qian'er has often praised that you're one of those talents that are a rarity in the heavens and of no equal on earth. However, from what I can see, you don't seem to have much of any outstanding areas. Nevertheless, being able to become Captain of your group with your cultivation realm at Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, you should possess some abilities to match with that, right?" A judging gaze shot out from Tang Mei'er beautiful eyes towards Mu Chen as she smiled and spoke to him.

Her words were somewhat straightforward, barely deviating from bluntly saying that he was too weak. However, despite that, Mu Chen only gave a smile in return, not choosing to give too much of an explanation. To him, strength was something that could only be judged during a fight, not by how one could say it.

"Hehe. Nevertheless, looks like your breath of mind isn't bad." An alluring smile appeared on Tang Mei'er's lips as she spoke out coquettishly. "May I know if Captain Mu Chen has any objections to my earlier statement?"

With a smile, Mu Chen shook his head. Shooting a glance towards Xia Hou and his group, he replied, "What Captain Tang Mei'er said is extremely true. The treasures of the universe belong to those who are fated for them. Everyone has a shot at them, and anyone who tries to dominate all for themselves might be causing pain and suffering for themselves."

Mu Chen didn't conceal any hidden meanings in his words, with the anti-Saint Spiritual Academy intent being exceedingly thick. He didn't have a single bit of any favorable impression towards this Spiritual Academy. From the very beginning, when he was in the Spiritual Road, that Ji Xuan was able to scheme against him by relying on the strength of the Saint Spiritual Academy. Therefore, Mu Chen didn't have any good feelings towards the group from the Saint Spiritual Academy.

Faint sounds of clamoring rang out from the numerous groups present in the region, as they could tell that the groups from three of the Great Academies were taking precautions against the group from the Saint Spiritual Academy. From the looks of it, even though the group from the Saint Spiritual Academy was strong and powerful, they were not able to fight in a one-to-three situation.

A few Captains exchanged glances with each other and clicked their tongues as they thought, This Tang Mei'er's really not an easy person to deal with. With just a few short statements from her, she was able to garner support and suppress the arrogance of the Saint Spiritual Academy.

As clamoring noises rang out from the numerous groups in the surroundings, the faces of the Saint Spiritual Academy turned dark. One member even sent a chilling glare at Mu Chen, before speaking with a sneer, "A mere Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase still dares to blast his voice here. In our Saint Spiritual Academy, people who are at your strength don't even have to qualifications to participate in the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

Although the groups from the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy was weaker than the Saint Spiritual Academy by a bit, due to the tyrannical strength of Tang Mei'er and Zhou Yuan, the members from the latter group did not send their rebuke straight back, despite the fury and anger in their hearts. However compared to those two, Mu Chen was completely different. No one knew exactly why such a group would be sent to participate in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament. Of the five people in his group, the only one whose strength was worth noting would be the girl's. As for the others, they were simply not even worth a look.

Therefore, amongst the three groups in opposition with then, it was the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that clearly possessed no threat at all. Therefore, the group member that spoke out didn't give a single care about the face of Mu Chen.

"What did you say?!" Seeing that fellow scolding Mu Chen, the faces of Xu Huang and the other two sank as they roared out in fury.

Hearing those roars towards him, the group member from the Saint Spiritual Academy shot a smirk towards the trio, being too lazy to bother about talking back to them. Contempt and disdain filled his eyes as he thought,  What qualifications do mere Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phases have to hoot at us?

On the contrary, Mu Chen only gave a smile as he waved his hand, stopping the furious Xu Huang and the other two in their tracks.

"I don't approve very much about what Captain Mu Chen had said."

At this moment, the indifferent-looking Xia Hou, who had not said a single word since he arrived, finally gave a faint smile and slowly opened his mouth.

"Oh? Please advise, Captain Xia Hou," replied Mu Chen with a faint smile. He knew that the Saint Spiritual Academy would definitely do something in this current situation. If not, wouldn't that show that he was scared of the other three Great Academies present here?

As of now, in this current situation, if the persimmons were ripe for the picking, Mu Chen and his group were clearly the weakest.

"The treasures of the world don't belong to those fated for them, but for the strong…"

Crossing his slender fingers together, Xia Hou slightly raised his eyelids, before saying, "If one doesn't possess sufficient strength, those so-called 'treasures' would only result in attracting a catastrophe for oneself. Therefore, I had to advice some people that if they don't possess that level of strength, they should not be blind and participate to avoid losing their little lives. It's not worth it at all when then happens. Captain Mu Chen, do think that what I said makes sense?"

At this moment, the entire region turned silent as numerous groups held their breaths, as they could faintly sense the sensation of daggers being drawn from the surrounding atmosphere.

Staring straight at Xia Hou, a radiant smile surfaced on Mu Chen's face. Slowly nodding his head, he replied, "What Captain Xia Hou said is correct."

A similar smile surfaced on Xia Hou's face as he gently nodded his head and said, "Since Captain Mu Chen agrees with me… I'll have to invite you to take your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy group and leave here, as I believe that you don't have the qualifications to stay here."

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