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Chapter 465 - Four Academies Gather


Shooting across the skies, the rays of light brought about vast and boundless Spiritual Energies that flooded over the entire region, causing the faces of everyone present to change, with their eyes filling up with dread and fear. Indeed, this Saint Spiritual Academy was truly worthy of being the Spiritual Academy that had obtained the most outstanding results in the multiple past Great Spiritual Academy Tournaments.

Mu Chen darkly  looked at the multiple streaks of light shooting over, while beside him, Luo Li had tightly clenched her longsword. Xu Huang and the other two also had solemn expressions on their faces as they prepared themselves. There was some discontent between the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and the Saint Spiritual Academy. Therefore, they had no choice but to be more cautious and vigilant. 

Under everyone's nervous attention, the streak of lights came to a hover in the skies above this region. As the rays of light started to slowly dissipate away, five figures appeared within everyone's sight.

These five people were dressed in white robes, with each and every one appearing tall and straight. Unconcealable arrogance radiated from them, while the gazes shooting from them possessed an attitude of looking down on everyone present. 

Present within the centre of the group was an ordinary-looking male with an indifferent expression on face. From his looks, he didn't seem outstanding. Yet, the hands that extended out of his sleeve were exceedingly eye-catching. Those hands appeared rather slender and exceedingly white, to the point of seemingly sparkling with a jade-like luster, something that appeared extremely mysterious.

Among the five people, he stood right in the front, with the other four standing one step behind him. This minute detail made those sharp and astute people know that this seemingly ordinary-looking male was the Captain of this Saint Spiritual Academy group.

"It's not Ji Xuan…"

Looking at the five people that had appeared in the skies, some of the darkness on Mu Chen's face dissipated away. Nevertheless, he still locked his cold gaze onto them, with a large portion of his focus converging on the body of the youth with jade-like hands. At this moment, Mu Chen could sense extremely tyrannical Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating from the latter's back.

Those fluctuations were even stronger than those from Mo Xingtian!

"An expert of Spiritual Energy Disaster?"

Mu Chen's eyes slightly narrowed. Truly worthy of the academy that had the hope of obtaining the position of Academy Head, Saint Spiritual Academy. Their foundation was actually that strong. An expert of Spiritual Energy Disaster… this was the strongest expert that Mu Chen had seen amongst all the groups he had encountered ever since stepping into the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

Furthermore, other than this Captain that passed his Spiritual Energy Disaster, of the other four members of this Saint Spiritual Academy group, there were actually three of them that had passed their Human Body Disaster! The weakest person was even stronger than Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, most likely having failed passing through his Human Body Disaster. Yet, his strength was already much stronger than any ordinary Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase.

In this group, the Captain had passed his Spiritual Energy Disaster, with three members having passed their Human Body Disaster and the last one having failed his Human Body Disaster…

Looking from the surface, this line-up seemed to instantly suppress Mu Chen's group beneath it.

At this moment, Mu Chen had already felt how tyrannical this group from the Saint Spiritual Academy was, with Xu Huang and the other two having also sensed that, causing their faces to turn solemn. These opponents were truly strong and powerful. If not for Mu Chen and Luo Li, their group simply wouldn't be able to endure even the first wave of attacks from this group.

Compared to their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the Saint Spiritual Academy truly had the leading edge. Although their Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy had been established since a long time ago, their disparity, when compared with the Saint Spiritual Academy, was stretched far and wide just from this comparison.

"That's one of the four Holy Sons of the Saint Spiritual Academy, Xia Hou. It's said that he has already passed his Spiritual Energy Disaster, and possesses extremely tyrannical strength… Sigh. Such a formidable group has come here. This really is troublesome," said Lin Zhou with a sigh. With the appearance of this group from the Saint Spiritual Academy, the groups in the surroundings were shocked to the point of not daring to mess around. Clearly, all of them knew that they absolutely possessed no qualifications to contest with that group for the ancient remnant.

"Xia Hou, huh…" Mu Chen muttered as he nodded his head.

"From what I've heard about the Saint Spiritual Academy, of the four Holy Sons, this Xia Hou had crossed hands with Ji Xuan before. Naturally, the former Holy Son ousted by Ji Xuan doesn't count," said Lin Zhou.

"Oh?" Mu Chen slightly raised his eyebrows while asking, "Who won?"

"There's no victor or loser… However, at that time, Ji Xuan had just entered the Saint Spiritual Academy for no more than half a year. That fellow truly is a mostrous talent. In the short span of half a year, he was able to let one of the Holy Sons, Xia Hou to be unable to do anything to him. In my opinion, among the four Holy Sons, I'm afraid that the strongest one should be Ji Xuan. However, the other three Holy Sons seem to dislike such words," replied Lin Zhou.

Hearing Lin Zhou's reply, Mu Chen nodded his head. Indeed, Ji Xuan possessed talent that surpassed others. Added with the Baptism he got from the Spiritual Road, his progress in his cultivation would exceed others. Therefore, being able to not suffer defeat in a confrontation with that Xia Hou after entering the Saint Spiritual Academy for a short span of half a year didn't cause much shock or astonishment in Mu Chen.

In the air, upon their arrival, the Saint Spiritual Academy group didn't make any other action, only casting their gazes towards the dark original forest before them. However, they could clearly sense the strangeness of this forest before them, leading to them not immediately taking action for a moment.

With them not making their move, the other groups in the surroundings naturally didn't dare to make any reckless moved. Therefore, the atmosphere of this region started to stifle and turn suffocating.

Nevertheless, this suffocating atmosphere didn't last for long, before being broken by whooshing sounds coming from behind. At the same time, a sweet laughing voice resounded over from the distance.

"Keke. Looks like there truly is news about a remnant over here. The people from the Saint Spiritual Academy's actually here, too."

The sweet laughter was filled with flirtatious notes, being sweet to the point of causing people's hearts to jump. In the next instant, quite a few people raised their heads, only to see rays of light streaking over from the distance. As they descended on a mountain peak in the vicinity, slender and graceful figures surfaced from within.

"Its a group from the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy!"

Some people exclaimed in surprise, while the eyes of quite a few people slightly lit up. The Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy was a rather unique existence within the numerous Spiritual Academies present in the Great Thousand Worlds, since the entire academy was composed of lovable young girls. Such a scene would cause countless male students to uncontrollably drool. Unfortunately, the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy absolutely didn't accept any male students. Regardless of how high your talent was, none of that was considered if you were a male. Therefore, only those Spiritual Academies that were under the pretext of a cultural exchange would be able to temporarily stay in the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy and enjoy the miraculous feeling of living amongst the myriad of flowers present there.

At this moment, Mu Chen had also shot a curious gaze over while thinking in his heart, Could this Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy group be the one led by Wen Qingxuan…?

He shot his gaze over, only to see five lovable young girls standing tall on the mountain peak akin to a lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying the breeze. In the middle of their ranks was a girl dressed in a red gown. Possessing a tall and slender physique, snow-white complexion and slender legs, with a willowy waist, her chest appeared exceedingly voluptuous. Concealed under her gown, their voluptuousness appeared as if they could break through her dress, causing the hearts of quite a few people to rapidly thump.

This girl was exceedingly beautiful, with a pair of long and narrow eyes that appeared akin to that of a fox spirit's, brimming with an unconcealable air of flirtatious intent.

"That doesn't seem like Wen Qingxuan." Although Mu Chen had not seen Wen Qingxuan before, he was able to sense that the girl before him was too coquettish-looking, and would naturally not be the type of person that could obtain the Spiritual Crown amongst the crowds of powers. Furthermore, although she was very strong, she had yet to genuinely reach the realm of Spiritual Energy Disaster. According to Mu Chen's guess, this girl that was dressed in a red grown possessed strength one notch higher than Mo Xingtian. From the looks of it, she should have already passed through her Spiritual Energy Disaster, but had clearly failed her first attempt…

"Haha. She's the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy's Tang Mei'er… its said that she's also an extremely outstanding girl within the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy. Although her fame and reputation isn't as great as Wen Qingxuan's, she has her own merits." Lin Zhou's eyes had similarly lit up as he looked towards this alluring and soul-stirring girl, while speaking with a smile.

Hearing that, Mu Chen nodded his head, yet a sigh rang within his heart. This group from the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy was unexpectedly even stronger than his group in its entirety. Other than Tang Mei'er, they had also two other group members that had passed their Human Body Disaster.

"Even the group from the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy has arrived. Looks like it's going to be real lively here…" said Lin Zhou as he unblinkingly stared at Tang Mei'er.

Flinging his mouth, Mu Chen was about to say something, before his gaze slightly changed as he said, "Not only the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy… the people from the Martial Spiritual Academy has also come over."

Raising his head, he looked towards another direction, where Spiritual Energy fluctuations were similarly appearing from. In the next moment, rays of light shot over as a loud laughing voice resounded across the region. "Haha! It really is lively here. There's actually four of the five Great Academies here. Are we planning to have a decisive battle before the finale?"


Five glowing shadows came shooting over, landing on a giant tree that towered over the land. Appearing from within were five youths dressed in black robes, of which one of them appeared exceedingly eye-catching. That was a rather burly and strongly-built male, with the muscles across his body appearibg as if they were cast from metal. Hoisted over his shoulder was a jet-black metal pole, while his eyes appeared as if they were filled with provocative fighting intent.

"That's the Martial Spiritual Academy's Zhou Yuan… That fellow's a mad demon in love with fighting…" Noticing the metal pole and the ape-like burly-built male whose shoulder the pole rested on, Lin Zhou quietly spoke out. "By no means do you want to provoke this mad man. Once you're set in his sights, he will chase you and beat you till the point where you won't be able to move an inch…"

Hearing that, Mu Chen gave a laugh. Staring at that Zhou Yuan, Mu Chen noticed that the latter's cultivation realm seemed to be at the same level as that Tang Mei'er.

Yet another group that possessed astonishing strength.

Feeling helpless, Mu Chen shrugged his shoulders. He never imagined that this remnant would actually attract groups from four of the five Great Academies over. If the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy that he had sent flying away earlier was counted, it truly would be the gathering of the five Academies…

"Looks like this time… this remnant's not something good to search and enjoy."

Lin Zhou spoke out, while giving a bitter laugh. Originally, they could've been the first people here. Yet, after being obstructed for quite a long time, the information they were first privy to wasn't worth a single cent now. As news about this place circulated around, God-knows how many more groups would rush over here. Furthermore, there were still the groups from four of the Great Spiritual Academies present here, without a single one being easy to deal with.

Not mentioning the Saint Spiritual Academy, both the Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy and the Martial Spiritual Academy were also vicious figureheads. As for the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that Mu Chen's group had come from, although it appeared to be the weakest amongst the four Great Spiritual Academies present here, Lin Zhou knew that the youth by the name of Mu Chen was absolutely an abnormality. After all, this was the first time that he had seen someone of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase being able beat and smash Human Body Disaster experts into such tumultuous states…

As of now, with the four groups gathered here, it seemed that there would be a good upcoming show to watch.

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