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Chapter 467 - Qualifications

"…Don't have the qualifications to stay here…"

When that statement rang out from Xia Hou's mouth with indifference, the entire region instantly turned silent, with the eyelids of quite a few groups slightly twitching in response. Who would have guess that this seemingly placid Xia Hou would be that fierce upon opening his mouth, to the point of not giving any bit of face?

With this statement, he had completely tore away the face of Mu Chen and his group.

At this moment, a few experts started exchanging glances. From the looks of it, Xia Hou had started his counterattack against the actions of Tang Mei'er uniting the Martial Spiritual Academy and the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. After all, in the current situation, three of the Great Academies were clearly suppressing the prestige of his group. Faced with such a situation, if Xia Hou didn't do something to regain his superiority, it would inevitably weaken the fame and prestige of the Saint Spiritual Academy. Therefore, he needed to make such a move.

Although the cultivation of Tang Mei'er and Zhou Yuan weren't on par with him, both of them were rather formidable, since they had touched the cusp of their Spiritual Energy Disaster, albeit their failure to pass through it. Nevertheless, their strength far surpassed that of ordinary Human Body Disaster experts. If the two of them were to collaborate and take action together, they would be able to create some obstruction for him. 

Compared to Tang Mei'er and Zhou Yuan, Mu Chen clearly appeared to pose not a single advantage for himself. With his cultivation at Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, he didn't even possess the qualifications to reach the lowest level for their group. Therefore, of these three people, if he needed to pick the most suitable one to be the sacrificial lamb, Mu Chen would clearly be the best choice.

At this moment, the expression on Mu Chen's handsome face was still one of calm and tranquility. Clearly, he didn't feel any bit of fury or anger at Xia Hou's statement. On the contrary, an arc of a smile started to appear at the corner of his mouth.

"Haha, Captain Xia Hou. The way you find your sacrificial lamb truly is great," said Tang Mei'er with an alluring laugh, one which contained tones of mockery and ridiculement. With her level of intellect, how could she not spot the schemes of Xia Hou? Although she didn't have any relationship with the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, due to Mu Chen's relation with Tang Qian'er, it was impossible for her to close an eye towards Xia Hou's action.

Hearing her words, Xia Hou only gave a faint smile, before shooting a glance at Mu Chen and said, "When did the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy need an all-female Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy to protect its honor and dignity?"

The mouths of every group around cracked open upon hearing those words as they thought, This Xia Hou is really harsh.

"You're made a mistake, Captain Xia Hou. This is just something that naturally appears to people with good relations with others," replied Mu Chen with a faint smile. "However, I also have something to tell Captain Xia Hou."

Staring at Xia Hou, a chilling luster started to slowly condense within his black pupils as he continued saying, "I feel that you don't have to qualifications to say that we lack the qualifications."

As Mu Chen sprouted those words, a tremble shook through the hearts of quite a few groups, with even Tang Mei'er and Zhou Yuan shooting astonished gazes towards Mu Chen. Clearly, none of them had imagined that the latter would actually dare to face against Xia Hou in such a straight-up fashion. Nevertheless, this also caused them to slightly wrinkle their foreheads. Although they disliked the arrogance shown by the Saint Spiritual Academy, truthfully speaking, both of them still possessed extreme dread towards Xia Hou and his group within their hearts. Therefore, they didn't go all-out and tore at the faces of the Saint Spiritual Academy by showing some restraint in their words. However, such an action by Mu Chen seemed slightly too reckless and hot-headed.

After all, the disparity in the strength of their groups was too great, when compared to Xia Hou's. Once they infuriated Xia Hou, he might cause them to pay a miserably great price today.

On the contrary to everyone else, Xu Huang and the other two heaved their chests out while viciously staring towards Xia Hou and his group. Although they were clear on how strong and powerful the other party was, they similarly had Mu Chen and Luo Li on their side. The combat prowess of these two people were absolutely off the charts. Furthermore, the three of them had a deep understanding of Mu Chen, being that the latter would not do any reckless actions due to him getting hot-headed. From the looks of it, since he didn't plan on giving much face to Xia Hou and his group, it clearly meant that he had the capability of handling the other party when they get angry.

Xia Hou coldly stared at Mu Chen for a long while, before a mocking smile curled up from the corner of his mouth. Not giving any reply, he gently gave a wave of his hand.

Behind his back, two youths with faces brimming with ice-cold expressions slowly stepped out, while boundless Spiritual Energy flaring out from their bodies. These two people's cultivation was of Human Body Disaster. If placed in the groups of other Spiritual Academies, they would already be Captain-level figures. However, within their Saint Spiritual Academy groups, they could only be Ordinary-level members.

The two sent a chilling glare towards Mu Chen and his group. Similarly, without saying a single word, with a move of their bodies, Spiritual Energies surged out from them as they instantly transformed into two glowing figures. Shooting out, two long blades appeared in their hands, before both of them sent a slash out.


The two gigantic hundred-metre long blade lights swept out, splitting apart the air, while two bottomless blade scars appeared in the ground below. Upon taking action, the two people had sent such a fierce move, clearly planning to teach a good lesson to Mu Chen and his group.

Letting his hands slightly hang down, not a single fluctuation was present within Mu Chen's eyes as he looked towards the blade lights hurtling over. At this moment, the Spiritual Energy radiating from his body still appeared calm, with him showing not the slightest bit of intent to dodge or to defend.


At the instant when the blade lights arrived, reaching a foot away from Mu Chen's body, Luo Li took a dainty step out. Using the Luo Shen Sword in her hand to draw a sword flower and sending it out, she blocked those two blade lights by violently chopping them down like a barrier.


As the blade lights and the Sword Aura collided, the gazes that had converged from the surrounding region had fiercely contracted, with even the faces of those Human Body Disaster experts from the Saint Spiritual Academy slightly changing.

Holding a sword in her hand, Luo Li stood before Mu Chen, her exquisite-looking figure not moving a single inch. The combined attack from the two was unexpectedly unable to deal any damage to her. 

"Yi. Quite formidable." Tang Mei'er's beautiful eyes lit up. That's why Mu Chen was so calm! He has such a formidable person within his group, and her strength might not be any weaker than our own.

However, if she's that formidable, why did she allow Mu Chen to be the Captain?

"Return a favor with a favor."

A faint chilling intent flashed across Luo Li's clear eyes, before suddenly shooting out in the next instant, with the sword tightly clenched in her hands as she sent a straight slash.

There weren't any bells and whistles attached to her sword slash, yet the Sword Aura radiating from it was sharp and fierce to an extreme limit. Appearing like a silvery river streaking across the horizon, splitting even the skies into two halves as the light of the Sword Aura rushed towards the two Human Body Disaster experts from the Saint Spiritual Academy at lightning speed.

This sword slash caused the faces of the two to greatly change. Not daring to show one bit of neglect, Spiritual Energies erupted from their bodies without any restraint as they gripped their long blades and furiously slashed out.

"Sea Breaking Divine Blade!"

"Mountain Cleaving Blade!"

Furious roars rang out as the two blade lights flared akin to scorching suns, radiating eye-dazzling brilliance, causing quite a few people to squint their eyes.


Like bolts of lightning, the Sword Aura's light shot over, without hesitating one bit to slash down on the two blade lights. In the next instant, clear metallic sounds resounded across the horizon.

Astonishing gales wreaked havoc as they spread out.

Clarity quickly returned to the skies as everyone casted their gazes back, only to see the young girl slowly sheathing the longsword in her hand, concealing the exceedingly fierce and sharp sword light. As for the two Human Body Disaster experts before her, their faces had turned ashen at this moment, while heart-palpitating fear appeared within their eyes.

Both of them vacantly looked at the long blades within their hands. Unexpectedly, a glossy scar had appeared on the surface of those two long blades, which were almost on par with High Grade Spiritual Weapons, before they split into two.

Under her sword, their collaboration had miserably failed, with their Spirit Blades even being sliced in half.

The countless groups in the surroundings were completely dumbfounded as they looked at the graceful and elegant girl. All of them were completely unable to picture her and her stunningly beautiful appearance with the swift and fierce attack that she had made earlier.


Both Tang Mei'er and Zhou Yuan gave their own praise. Although Luo Li's cultivation hasmd yet to reach the realm of Spiritual Energy Disaster, she might not be far from it. The two of them never imagined that the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy would actually have such a formidable Freshman in their ranks, something which truly shocked and astonished people.

At this moment, the indifferent face of Xia Hou finally started to slowly turn dark. He never imagined that this beautiful young girl standing by Mu Chen's side would actually possess such strength. That's why Mu Chen dared to provoke and challenge them. It was due to this kind of card up his sleeves?

"Such a good method by Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy to actually hide their strongest person and let a useless fellow obscure everyone's sight, before obtaining the result of catching people off-guard."

Waving his hand, Xia Hou called his two members back, before coldly staring towards Luo Li. At this moment, faint rays of brilliance started to condense around her white jade-like palms. This time, he had thrown away quite a large amount of his face. Therefore, he needed to personally take action. 

"However, I really want to ask for advice as to exactly how much capability your Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy possesses!"

A chilling glint flashed in Xia Hou's eyes as he took a step forward, while frightening Spiritual Energy swept out from his body like a hurricane. Under the degree and density of the Spiritual Energy radiating from him, even the entire region showed some change, far surpassing anything that those Human Body Disaster experts could do.

Spiritual Energy Disaster was a qualitative change in one's Spiritual Energy. When one passed through this tribulation, the degree and density of one's Spiritual Energy would far surpass those that have only passed their Human Body Disaster.


Xia Hou explosively shot out, with his figure turning spectre-like, appearing in the air right before Luo Li in a flash. Curling his fingers to form a claw-like shape, a jade-like luster coated his fingertips as extremely sharp sensations started to radiate from them.

"Star Picking Jade Hand!"

With a low roar, Xia Hou's bone-white hand appeared to unexpectedly pierce through space, violently reaching towards Luo Li at an indescribable speed.

Faced against such an attack, not a single shadow of fear or fright appeared within Luo Li's bright gem-like eyes. Instead, the jade-like hand that was clenching her longsword started to slightly relax.

Sensing Luo Li becoming completely relaxed, a frown appeared on Xia Hou's face. Clearly, such an action by her had raised some doubt in him. Nevertheless, faced against his attack, he didn't believe that the young girl before him would truly dare to accept his strike just like that.


Just as Xia Hou's attack was about to land on Luo Li, the corner of his eyes suddenly twitch as a whooshing sound that erupted like a clap of thunder sharply rang out, while a frightening gale instantly enveloped him. 

Sensing the ferocity and fierceness of the gale, the face of Xia Hou slightly changed as he replied with a palm patting out, directly smashing against the fierce gale.


As his jade-white palm smashed against the gale, Xia Hou saw a black long spear seemingly sparkling with lightning arcs before him. At the end of the spear was a youth who was currently sending a faint smile towards him, one that contained endless chilling intent.

That was… Mu Chen?!

Xia Hou's pupils abruptly contracted.

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