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Chapter 464 - Ruins


When the words "share the information" entered his ears, the fierce gaze coming from Mu Chen disappeared in the air almost instantly, being replaced by a gentle smile that surfaced on his handsome face. With a laugh, he said, "Captain Lin Zhou's really magnanimous. Mu Chen thanks you for this."

Seeing Mu Chen cup his hands towards him, Lin Zhou could not help twitching his mouth and cry, yet no tears would fall. The fellow before him was simply more frightening than Qiu Beihai and the others.

Mu Chen waved his hands to his group members, gathering them around. Even Luo Li with her flushed lovable face had come over. Nevertheless, her watery eyes, which still contained some shades of embarrassment and the blush on her exquisite-looking face caused Lin Zhou and his group to turn dazed for a moment, before they hastily looked away. 

"Captain Lin Zhou, please tell the information that you know for everyone to know. If it's truly worth its value, I think that we might be able to collaborate. This should not be a bad thing for you guys." A serious expression appeared on Mu Chen's face. He knew that just relying on threats would result in them not getting much of an advantage. Only in a situation of mutual benefit would it allow Lin Zhou and his group to withdraw the thoughts of betrayal from their hearts.

Lin Zhou shot a somewhat strange look at Mu Chen. There were a lot of people that wanted to withhold this information for themselves. People like Mu Chen, who would openly announce it, was of the rarity. However, Mu Chen's words had caused Lin Zhou to feel slightly at ease. From the looks of it, the latter should not be the type of person that would turn hostile upon getting the information.

"This information was obtained by us at our transmission descent point…" With a bitter laugh, Lin Zhou started to explain. "At that time, when crossing hands with other groups, we had shattered a mountain apart. At that moment, a jade slip flew out from within, with the information recorded on it having something to do with an ancient ruin."

Now, the faces of Mu Chen and his group were filled with dumbfound shock and astonishment as they thought, This is also possible? Isn't the luck of these fellows too good?

"There's some directions indicated on the jade slip. As for those ruins, it should be located in the northwestern direction."

"What's inside those ruins?" asked Mu Chen while in deep thought.

"We're not quite sure," replied Lin Zhou helplessly while shaking his head, before saying, "That's the only information recorded in the jade slip. I'm afraid that you would have to head inside those ruins to get more detailed information like that."

"Furthermore… as of now, we aren't the only ones who know of those ruins. According to the information that we've gathered, there might be some groups that have already discovered the ruins. Amongst them, there are some extremely formidable groups…" said Lin Zhou as he wrinkled his forehead. "It seems… that one group from the Saint Spiritual Academy is also rushing there." 

Hearing that, Mu Chen's eyes instantly narrowed, while his gaze became much more fierce. "Which group from the Saint Spiritual Academy?"

If it was the group led by Ji Xuan, wouldn't they be bumping into each other in advance?

Shaking his head once again, Lin Zhou said, "In any case, all of the four groups from the Saint Spiritual Academy are extremely strong and powerful. Meeting any of them would be a misfortune. Naturally, from the looks of it, the group led by that Ji Xuan seems to be the most formidable. If we are to bump into him this time, I'm afraid that we won't get much done in the ruins."

Giving a faint smile, Mu Chen replied, "We'll know when we bump into him."

Lin Zhou knew that the youth before him were similarly not your average mill of a student. Nodding his head, he carefully spoke out. "About this, Captain Mu Chen. Are you planning to collaborate with us and head to the ruins? If that's the case, how should we split the spoils of war?"

"We'll care for each other and enter the ruins. As for what happens after that, it will depend on each person's ability on who would be able to obtain the spoils. Do all we can to maintain the same side and deal with any troubles together, with no one getting jealous of one another. Is that alright?" replied Mu Chen with a smile. Lin Zhou's group wasn't considered weak. If they were to collaborate, they would be quite a bit stronger as a whole.

Exchanging glances with his group, Lin Zhou deeply pondered awhile, before nodding his head. This seemed to be good, as it could avoid misunderstandings when the treasures were distributed unevenly then.

"Then, should we make our move?" Lin Zhou said pressingly. They had originally planned to head quickly towards those ruins. It's just that due to the news about the ruins being exposed, which led to them being obstructed and not able to extricate themselves, they ended up in this current situation.

"Before heading off, it's best that we swipe your name off this list. Won't anyone be asking for trouble by fervently climbing up there for no reason?" With a smile, Mu Chen replied with a shrug. "We were able to find you guys by relying on this…" 

Lin Zhou and his group started to blush, before replying with awkwardness. "That's not a problem, now. We're already off that list."

Hearing that, Mu Chen was surprised, instantly taking out his Academy Plaque to take a look. Indeed, he discovered that Lin Zhou and his group had disappeared from the names on the Top 16.

"As of now, there's a lot of movement in the Top 16. Due to us not getting any points for this period of time, we've slowly been pushed down," said Lin Zhou.

Hearing that, Mu Chen nodded his head. Following the elapsing time, the movements in the Top 16 would gradually stabilised. However, when that happened, the groups that were still able to remain in the Top 16 would truly be the formidable ones.

"Let's make our move," said Mu Chen as he stood up.

Without any hesitation, Lin Zhou and his group slightly organised themselves, before the two groups shot to the skies at the same time. Transforming into ten rays of light, they shot towards the northwestern direction.

In the Spiritual Energy-encased ray of light, Mu Chen looked towards the distance, with a shadow of deep thought appearing in his eyes. Half a year ago, he had obtained the "Great Solar Undying Body". Although it was extremely powerful, after doing some research and study on it, he discovered that it had an extremely strict requirement for its cultivation. Not only would one need to be extremely talented, one would also need three Heavenly Treasures as an auxiliary support to be able to successfully cultivate that Sovereign Celestial Body.

Mu Chen had previously searched for those three Heavenly Treasures. However, he wasn't able to find even one trace about them. He had even consulted Dean Tai Cang, with the latter only able to shake his head in helplessness. That's because those three Heavenly Treasures were too precious and hard to find.

Of those three, one was the "Nine Suns Divine Lingzhi". It's said to be an item of extreme Yang that was extremely scarce within the entire universe. It radiated with limitless rays of light, with a Divin Fire being contained within the Divine Lingzi. Even Sovereign Realm experts did not dare to recklessly consume it. However, if one was to refine and use it to temper one's Spiritual Energy, one would possess Spiritual Energy that possessed the power of the sun, something which was extremely overbearing and tyrannical.

Such a miraculous treasure that could change the attribute of one's Spiritual Energy was something that would shake even the hearts of Sovereign Realm experts. Therefore, once it appears, it would lead to a snatching contest between various Sovereign Realm experts for this exceedingly precious treasure.

The second treasure was the "Void Great Solar Fruit". Born in the void, it absorbed the strength of the sun present in the universe. A mature Void Great Sun Fruit would appear akin to a scorching sun within the region it was in. Even after burning for a thousand years, its brilliance would never dim. As long as one refined it, one would have a chance to cultivate a "Great Solar Body". This was ranked 95th place in the rankings of the top 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies. Although it was at the rear, there was no one that doubted its strength.

The third treasure was the "Undying Divine Leaf". This item was more mysterious than the other two, as its said to be a leaf from the Udying Divine Tree. This divine tree was a plant, yet it possessed intelligence that wasn't inferior to a human. It could even be considered as a type of living spirit. A mature Undying Divine Tree was something that even a Sovereign realm expert didn't dare to recklessly approach, what's more if they had any intention to obtain the essence-filled leaves on its branches.

Even after going out to gather information, Mu Chen was unable to get any news about these three treasures. Even Dean Tai Cang wasn't able to answer his question, with the only thing he could tell Mu Chen being that those treasures were extremely hard to find in the outside world. However, if one possessed enough luck, one might be able to obtain some information about them within the ruins present in this Shattered Continent.


Mu Chen gently exhaled, before flinging his mouth in helplessness. This "Great Solar Undying Body" truly is something that ordinary people can't afford to enjoy. Wanting to collect those three treasures was easier said than done. However, such a demanding requirement caused Mu Chen to have growing anticipation towards the "Great Solar Undying Body".

If he was able to successfully cultivate it, it would have a gigantic benefit in the promotion of his strength in the future.

As of now, although Mu Chen was still quite a distance away from the realm of Sovereigns, he still had to plan ahead for the future to avoid him being unable to cultivate the "Great Solar Undying Body" upon his promotion into the Sovereign Realm. At that time, it would truly worry the living hell out of him.

"I hope that I'll be able to obtain some clues about three treasures in these ruins…"

Mu Chen muttered. Flinging his head back, he stopped thinking about it anymore, and increased his speed as he shot towards the northwestern direction.


The location of the ruins was extremely remote. When Mu Chen and the groups got close to the region, they had already spent the greater half of the day's time travelling. As the sun set, it cast dusky-red rays of brilliance that enveloped the world.

Mu Chen and two groups gradually slowed their speed as they neared the region, with their gazes all pointing towards their front.

Before them was a dark primary forest, with dense undergrowth spewing out from within. This primary forest wasn't teemimg with life. Instead, it gave people a strange gloomy feeling, with its dark colour causing people to feel extremely uncomfortable.

Narrowing his eyes, Mu Chen looked towards the region before him. Wrinkling his forehead, he said, "Looks like the location of this ruins has already been exposed."

Hearing that, Lin Zhou and the rest followed his gaze and look over. Indeed, there were already groups of figures present in the air above the region. Furthermore, whooshing sounds continuously rang out from the distance. This caused them to give a sigh in helplessness. If not for them being obstructed and held back for so long, they might have already been able to search this place. However, as of now, it had attracted more and more groups to it. Wanting a piece of the pie now would get more and more difficult.

Sensing the arrival of Mu Chen and the two groups, shadows of caution and vigilance surfaced in the eyes of the few groups present in this region.


However, just at this moment, their gazes suddenly shifted as they looked solemnly towards the northwards direction. At this moment, extremely boundless Spiritual Energy fluctuations were sweeping out from there. If one was to look closely, one could seemingly see that the skies over there were flooded by the boundless Spiritual Energies, while multiple rays of light were shooting over at lightning speeds.

"It's the group from the Saint Spiritual Academy!"

Some people exclaimed, with their voices brimming with dread.

When Mu Chen heard the exclamation, his expression dulled down as he shifted his cold gaze towards the mentioned direction. 

Could the group from the Saint Spiritual Academy be Ji Xuan?

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