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Chapter 463 - Intel

The various groups in this region that were originally eyeing the Desolation Spiritual Academy group covetously could now only stare mutely as Mu Chen and his group brought them and left into the distance. Nevertheless, despite that, none of them could muster any heart to go forward and contend. What a joke! Even the group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy was dealt with that easily. How would their groups dare to go up and issue a challenge?

Therefore, faced with the two groups leaving into the distance, they could only stare at each other, before heaving a sigh in helplessness.

Mu Chen brought along the Desolation Spiritual Academy group far away to evade those covetously eyeing groups. Once he discovered that there wasn't anyone chasing them, he take a breath of relief. Looks like him defeating Qiu Beihai and Shen Jun early had resulted in no small amount of shock in the hearts of those groups. If not, it would truly be extremely difficult for him to bring this Desolation Spiritual Academy group away that easily under the attention of so many groups.

Exchanging glances with Luo Li, Mu Chen descended on a remote mountain peak. Seeing this, Lin Zhou could only give a helpless sigh, before bringing his group members and descending.

"You guys take a rest first."

Landing on the mountain peak, Mu Chen sent a faint smile towards the pale-looking Lin Zhou and his group before speaking out.

Hearing those words, Lin Zhou and his group immediately gawked. Clearly, they had not imagined that Mu Chen would actually let them rest and recover; after all, they would be able to put up some resistance upon recovering their strength.

"I believe that Brother Lin Zhou should not be the type that would destroy the bridge after crossing the river, right?"

Mu Chen said while sending a smile towards Lin Zhou. Patting the gigantic rock beside him with his hand, he gave a flick of his finger. With a crack, the rock instantly turned into powder, fluttering about in the air. Patting away the dust on his hand, the smile on his face turned bright and radiant.

Exchanging glances with his group members, Lin Zhou gave a dry laugh. From the looks of it, all of them could feel the threat present within Mu Chen's words.

Silently cursing in their hearts, they could only sit down and close their eyes without delay to recover the Spiritual Energy they had consumed.

Only after seeing Lin Zhou and his group closing their eyes to cultivate did Luo Li approach Mu Chen. Casting her bright and beautiful eyes towards the latter, she softly spoke out, "What are you trying to do?"

If Mu Chen wanted to snatch the points from them, he clearly didn't have to go through that much trouble.

At this moment, Xu Huang and the other two had also looked over and stared at Mu Chen.

"To us, the most important thing now isn't points," replied Mu Chen with a faint smile. "Did you remember what the Dean said? The place we're in right now is a fragment of the Shattered Continent. On this fragment, there are many ancient treasures, as well as inheritances. If we're lucky, we might be able to obtain some of them, which would definitely increase our strength by leaps and bounds."

"Don't just look at how fierce the competition for the Top 16 is. Other than them, there is also a small amount of groups that are genuinely strong and powerful. As for the rest, they simply don't have to qualifications to stand till the very end."

"Those formidable groups have not completely revealed themselves. That's because they aren't anxious to snatch points. Instead, they are looking for remnants across the entire continent, letting their groups become even stronger. As for those groups that are going about snatching points, they would pay the price for that in the end. Without sufficient strength, regardless of how many points you have, you'll just be feeding other people in the very end." 

"Strength and power are still the greatest factors in the rankings in the very end."

Expressions of deep thought appeared on the faces of Xu Huang and the other two, before they fiercely nodded their heads. What Mu Chen said was correct. If one didn't possess sufficient strength, even if they were able to obtain the first place in the point rankings, so what? At that time, they would merely be a fat sheep in the eyes of everyone. Those few groups that have bid their time and concealed their strength would be able to easily defeat them. When that happens, their points would still be snatched away.

"Truthfully speaking, there's still quite a disparity in strength of our group when compared to those elite groups," said Mu Chen slowly as he looked towards Xu Huang and the others.

Hearing that, Xu Huang and the other two scratched their heads. Yet, all of them did not refute his words. After all, that was indeed the reality. In their group, the only ones that were truly able to compare with those experts in the elite groups were Mu Chen and Luo Li. As for them three, speaking bluntly, there was a possibility that they would drag the group down.

"Therefore, I hope that we can increase the strength of our group. At the very least, I want for you to pass through your Human Body Disaster," said Mu Chen in a serious tone.

Hearing that, Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang all gave a bitter laugh. Human Body Disaster, huh. Thinking about it would bring about fear in them. If one didn't have any external aid and help when attempting to pass through this tribulation, none of them had much confidence in succeeding.

"So you wish to search for remnants to increase the strength of our group?" Shooting a glance towards Lin Zhou and his group, who were in closed-eye meditation, Luo Li spoke out, "You want to obtain the information about the remnants of the Ancient Antiquity from them?"

Mu Chen nodded his head in response. Looking at Lin Zhou, he smiled and said, "I truly don't know if the luck of those fellows is good or bad. Within a day's worth of time in here, they were actually able to obtain information with regards to the remnants from the Ancient Antiquity present here. However, in the end, news about this was divulged out. The critical element was that they were in the Top 16, which caused their location to be revealed. Therefore, it had attracted so many groups to covetously eye them."

At this moment, Luo Li could not help covering her mouth and softly laugh. Her clear and bell-like laughter caused Xu Huang and the other two to cast sympathetic gazes towards Lin Zhou and his group. This group of fellows is indeed pitiful.

"However, will they tell us about that information? That thing should be very important, right? The less people know about it, the better it is." Xu Huang said.

"I believe that if we're sufficiently sincere, coupled with the fact that we've saved them, that Captain Lin Zhou isn't the type that would show ingratitude to a friend," said Mu Chen with a grin. "I've always been very kind to friends. However, if he's the type that would destroy the bridge after crossing it, I won't let him off that easily. Although, according to the rules, the points of a group can only be deducted by half in one day, If we were to 'guard their corpses', we only have to stand guard for a few days to drain them all clean. It's good enough to let them be eliminated."

Hearing that, Xu Huang and the other two were completely dumbfounded. Looking towards the gentle smile present on Mu Chen's face, the three of them could not help shivering. Isn't that too vicious?

Luo Li casted her beautiful eyes towards the cultivating Lin Zhou, with the latter's eyelids seemingly twitching slightly at this moment. Seeing that, she gave a laugh and shook her head, not choosing to say any words.

Not caring about the dumbfounded and stupified Xu Huang and the other two, Mu Chen continued to speak in a lazy fashion. "Now's the time to rest. Let's wait for Captain Lin Zhou and his group to recover, before having a friendly exchange with them."

Exchanging glances with each other, Xu Huang and the other two could only sit down and wait for Lin Zhou and his group to wake up.

Bringing about a wift of fragrance, Luo Li took gentle steps forward and took a seat beside Mu Chen. An amused expression surfaced in her beautiful eyes as she shot a glare at him, while saying in a soft voice, "You bad boy. You don't have to scare people to death."

Shooting a cheeky smile towards her, Mu Chen looked towards Lin Zhou, whose body appeared to be slightly trembling. Moving near to Luo Li, he gave a helpless sigh and replied, "There's no choice. Being a Captain, I have to take the entire group into consideration. After all, what happens in the future can't always depend on the two of us. I have to find a way to let Xu Huang and the other two increase their strength. Naturally, the remnants from the Ancient Antiquity would bring a massive benefit to use. I believe that those elite groups are searching the entire continent for those remnants. Therefore, I don't want to fall behind." 

Complaining bitterly, he said, "Being a Captain truly isn't easy."

Raising her eye towards Mu Chen, Luo Li shot an ambiguous smile towards him before saying, "

Unknowingly, Mu Chen had quietly seized Luo Li's waist in his evil grasp, causing her to slightly freeze up. Looking towards the ambiguous smile on Luo Li's face, he gave a grin, yet he didn't withdraw his face. Instead, he placed his palm on the young girl's waist, with such slenderness causing him to feel reluctant to part.

Seeing that this fellow's skin was that thick, a pinkish shade surfaced on her lovable face as she shot an embarrassed glare at him. Nevertheless, after slightly hesitating, she rested her face gently on his shoulder. As her lovable nose rubbed against Mu Chen's neck, her breath was akin to the fragrance of flowers, giving off an exceedingly alluring sight.

Seeing the intimacy between the two, Xu Huang and the other two turned their heads away by their own initiative as their faces became filled with envy.

"Luo Li, we've been in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy for close to two years already, right?" Tightly grabbing the little waste of the young girl, Mu Chen spoke out in a soft voice.

Luo Li gently nodded. Seemingly able to guess what it was about, her clear and bright eyes grew slightly dim.

"Perhaps, there's not much time left for me." replied Luo Li slowly.

Raising his head, Mu Chen deeply exhaled, as feelings of disappointment and frustration surfaced within his heart. He knew that there truly was not much time left for Luo Li to spend with him. Being able to leave the Luo God Clan for close to two years of time might be already the greatest compromise her grandfather could make. Once the time was up, she had to return to the Luo God Clan and receive the responsibilities that she should hold, which was to become the next Queen of the clan.

At that time, she would need to hold the heavy responsibility of the lives of the millions of citizens of their Luo God Clan.

He truly didn't know how a girl like her would be able to endure such a heavy responsibility. Just thinking about it caused Mu Chen to feel pain in his heart. However, despite that, as of now, he was too weak, and was simply unable to provide any help for her…

"Luo Li, regardless of what happens in the future, you definitely have to remember to wait for me. Wait for me to head to the Luo God Clan. At that time, I'll squash anyone who bullies you to death!" Lowering his head to look towards the soul-stirring face beside him, Mu Chen spoke out in a soft voice.

Luo Li blushed as a smile surfaced on her face, while her eyes were turning slightly red. She looked towards the handsome and resolute face of the youth beside her. When I'm in the Luo God Clan, I'll have some support, at the very least. However, you'll be alone, traversing the vast Great Thousand Worlds. Wanting to walk on the path of experts, how much hard work and effort will you have to pay?


However, she did not speak the words in her heart, she only chose to gently look towards Mu Chen and slightly nodded her head, just like a little wife.

With a smile, Mu Chen lowered his head, looking straight towards Luo Li's slightly opened eyes, before planting a peck on her lovable lips.

A pinkish shade appeared on Luo Li's beautiful face. Nevertheless, due to her not knowing how long she could still remain by Mu Chen's side, Luo Li, who was usually too shy to be too intimate with him in front of others, slightly closed her eyes, giving in to his philandering.


However, Mu Chen's enjoyment didn't last for long, as a dry cough broke the atmosphere. This caused Luo Li to instantly regain her senses. With her face turning beet-red, she shoved Mu Chen away and fled away in embarrassment.

Feeling a great sense of disappointment, Mu Chen instantly turned his head around viciously, looking straight towards the just awakened Lin Zhou, who was now awkwardly looking back at him. At this moment, the glare shooting out from Mu Chen's eyes was so fierce to the point of wanting to crush the latter's body into a thousand pieces.

Seeing that glare shooting straight at himself, Lin Zhou's scalp instantly turned numb. Thinking back to the words those devils had said earlier, he hastily raised his hand and spoke out.

"Captain Mu Chen, we're willing to share the information."

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