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Chapter 462 - Tiger's Den


Blood-coloured cracks continued to spread throughout the surface of the blood demon shadow sword. Within the short span of a dozen breaths, they had already covered the entirety of the gigantic shadow sword.

Furthermore, due to the sparkling of the incomparably black bolts of lightning, the sea of blood at the back of the blood demon shadow sword had surged and flared while it evaporated away. At this moment, the bloody aura that had perfused the entire region started to rapidly dissipate away. 

"This is your final card?"

Looking towards the deathly-pale Qiu Beihai with an indifferent gaze, Mu Chen shook his head in disappointment while saying, "Compared to Ji Xuan, you're truly too far behind."

Suddenly, he clenched his hand, only for the gigantic Lightning God's Hand to give a furious clench. As black bolts of lightning crazily arced and danced on the surface of the palm, it grabbed the blood demon shadow sword within it. In the next instant, the black lightning exploded, and with a gigantic bang, the blood demon shadow sword was completely crushed by the giant black lightning hand.


As the blood demon shadow sword was crushed, Qiu Beihai's face instantly contorted as he spurted a mouthful of blood out, while the Spiritual Energy fluctuations around his body rapidly declined. Clearly, he had suffered serious injuries.

The hearts of the various groups in the surroundings slightly trembled as their gazes grew solemn as they took in the scene before them. No one there imagined that the collaboration between two experts that passed their Human Body Disaster would still suffer such a miserable defeat by the hands of Mu Chen.

"How is this Mu Chen this formidable? He's clearly only at the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase! However, from the looks of his combat prowess, I'm afraid that he might be be comparable to those experts that have passed their Spiritual Energy Disaster…"

"Truly frightening."

"I reckon that this Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy group is finished."

"Looks like the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is really going to have a meteoric rise in this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament."

Soft whispers of discussion rang out, with unconcealable shock and astonishment present in those voices.

They had originally expected a fierce battle between the two great Spiritual Academies. However, who would have expected that such a scene would happen? As of now, that Mu Chen had clearly not unleashed his true strength yet. However, even with that, his attack was more than sufficient to sort out that Qui Beihai and that Shen Jun.

Mu Chen shot a glance towards Qiu Beihai and his bloodstained lips. At this moment, the latter shot a gloomy gaze back, with an uncontainable feeling of dread and terror surfacing within his heart. In the next instant, he furiously turned around and crazily fled away. He already knew that he did not have any chance of victory anymore. 


Upon noticing this, the faces of the three group members from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy that were being suppressed by Xu Huang and the other two instantly contorted as confusion filled their hearts and minds. Due to this, the stalemate was broken by Xu Huang and the other two as boundless palm winds pierced through their defenses. Smashing against their chests, they were sent flying back while spurting blood.

Looking towards the fleeing figure of Qiu Beihai, Mu Chen gave a flick of his finger, sending a ray of light shooting across the horizon at lightning speed.


Qiu Bei hai's miserable shriek rang out from the distance as blood flowed out from his hands. His remaining fingers had all been chopped off. Nevertheless, despite being overwhelmed with soul-shocking dread and terror, he did not give any care about his chopped-off digits, opting to hastily flee away like a dog with its tail between its legs.

Mu Chen didn't give chase, as he knew that Qiu Beihai could not only be considered as disabled, his combative spirit had been completely broken, with his heart being filled with the scars of terror. Furthermore, he had tossed his group members aside and fled on his own. Even if he was to return, this group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy would no longer treat him as their Captain. When this matter gets circulated around, he would even suffer the contempt and disdain from all of the students of the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy.

Such an ending was even more cruel than being killed.

Nevertheless, Mu Chen didn't have any pity for Qiu Beihai. Within the Spiritual Road, the latter had clearly participated in the schemes of Ji Xuan. Furthermore, after forcing Mu Chen to get expelled from the Spiritual Road, he had actually dared to encircle Luo Li. This was something that Mu Chen couldn't endure. Therefore, the latter ending up in such a state was something he could only blame himself for. 


While Qiu Beihai was fleeing away, Sword Aura pervaded through the air not far away as a shadow sword sliced apart rays of Spiritual Energies, before finally resting right in front of the chests of the Group Captain of the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy. The swift and fierce Sword Aura caused the latter's body to tremble as he hastily raised his hands in the air while saying with a hoarse, bitter laugh, "I surrender. Please show mercy."

Shooting a glare at him with her beautiful eyes, Luo Li didn't say anything. Instead, she only extended her slender, jade-like hand.

Seeing this, the Captain of the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy gave a bitter and pained smile before giving a sigh, while cursing and swearing at Qiu Beihai's entire family in his heart. That bastard! If I'd known that he had provoked such a formidable opponent, I wouldn't have collaborated with him! The current situation wasn't good for his group. As with the saying of trying to lure a chicken only to end up with losing the lure, they now had to hand over their hard-earned points without getting any in return.

With a clench of his hand, his Academy Plaque appeared, before he obediently handed it to Luo Li.

Receiving the Academy Plaque, Luo Li turned around and shot towards Mu Chen. Taking it over, he shot a look at it, before saying out with a smile "Quite juicy."

There was actually over 700 points displayed on the Academy Plaque of this Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy group, which was about the same as their group. From the looks of it, these fellows had spent quite a bit of time snatching those points from other groups. Therefore, without the slightest bit of politeness, Mu Chen transferred half of the points over to his Academy Plaque. Due to this, the number of points his group had broke past the thousand mark, reaching over 1100 points.

"It's a pity. If we're able to snatch the points of the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy group, we would have been able to enter the Top 16," said Luo Li as she shot a look towards the direction which Qiu Beihai had fled to. Such an Academy Plaque was only held by the Captain, and was the only one that could be snatched by others to transfer the points. Those in the group members hands were used as a source of information.

Therefore, with Qiu Beihai fleeing away, they had no way to snatch his points. "Now's not the time to enter the Top 16," replied Mu Chen as he shook his head. If they were promoted into the Top 16, they would attract the attention of other groups. Although this was something that Mu Chen wasn't afraid of, there would be quite a bit of trouble that would come then. At this moment, the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament had just started. Mu Chen felt that revealing himself wasn't a very smart thing to do.

The reason why Wen Qingxuan, Ji Xuan and the rest dared to do such a thing was not only due to them possessing strength above the masses, but also due to their group members being the elite amongst the elite. Compared to them, Mu Chen's group was clearly much weaker. Therefore, revealing themselves wouldn't be good for them.

Being calm and intelligent, Luo Li immediately understood Mu Chen's decision in an instant, nodding her head in approval. If Shen Cangsheng and Li Xuantong were placed in their group, they would be able to remove much of the dread and fear that might come with entering the top 16. However, it was a pity, because if they were to distribute the students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy that way, the strength of the second group would be too weak.

With a flick of his finger, Mu Chen sent the Academy Plaque back to the Captain of the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy before saying with a grin, "Thank you very much."

Hearing his words, the face of the Captain twitched a few times. Looking at his points on the Academy Plaque, which have been deduced by half, he felt as if his heart was starting to bleed from the pain. Those were points that they had tolled and worked painstakingly hard to obtain. However, at this moment, half of them have been snatched away.  This really was like the saying, robbers will always be robbed.

Ignoring that Captain, Mu Chen turned his gaze towards the combat zone not far from him, where the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy was.

The two groups that were originally surrounding the Desolation Spiritual Academy clearly had discovered the changes that had happened on the other side, causing the faces of all their members to turn ugly, especially when noticing Mu Chen's gaze shooting over. This caused their hearts to start jumping in fear. The two Captains clenched their teeth, before raising their hands and stopping their respective groups.

Seeing that, the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy breathed a sigh of relief.

With a wave of his hand, Mu Chen brought Luo Li and the others as they shot over. Staring at the two groups, he spoke out with a faint smile. "Did you two groups also collaborated with Qiu Beihai?"

"Haha, what are you saying, Brother. We've never collaborated with him. That was just a mutual benefit. However, since he had scrammed off now, we naturally don't have a single bit of relation with him." Hearing Mu Chen's question, the two Captains instantly gave a dry laugh, before replying. They had seen how miserable the outcome was for the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy. Thus, they naturally didn't dare to make an enemy out of the powerful group before them.

With a smile, Mu Chen nodded his head and said, "Since its the case, would it be inconvenient for you to let us pass?"

Hearing his words, the hearts of the two groups instantly turned cold as they thought, Indeed, this Mu Chen has his sights on the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy.

Exchanging glances, all of them could see the unwillingness brimming in each other's eyes. After suppressing the Desolation Spiritual Academy after much difficulty to such a state, the information was almost about to enter their hands. However, an obstruction had suddenly appeared, one that was so fierce and ferocious, even defeating the entire group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy… 


Making a helpless sigh, they could only shake their heads and move aside. Mu Chen not dealing with them or taking half of their points away could already be considered as a much better outcome than what the group from the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy had gone through.

Giving no care about them, Mu Chen slowly walked forward, shooting a look at the Desolation Spiritual Academy. Having clearly experienced a great long battle, the faces of the latter were all somewhat pale, showing their enormous consumption of strength. However, the strength of this group was truly extremely strong, as them being no less stronger than Qiu Beihai's group. There were two experts who had passed their Human Body Disaster in this group, with the other three members being of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. With such strength, it was no wonder why they were able to endure for one whole day in the Top 16.

As Mu Chen was sizing up the group from the Desolation Spiritual Academy, a somewhat burly youth stood up from the latter. With a shift of his gaze, he cupped his hands towards Mu Chen and said, "This Brother, I'm Lin Zhou of the Desolation Spiritual Academy, the Captain of this group."

"Haha. So it's Captain Lin Zhou."

With a grin, Mu Chen cupped his hands and said, "I'm Mu Chen, the Captain of this group."

Seeing Mu Chen's smile, Lin Zhou gave a dry laugh before saying, "Thank you very much for helping us escape, Captain Mu Chen. Our Desolation Spiritual Academy will remember this favor. If you have anything you need help with in the future, please do say so. However, we bid farewell to you all today."

After finishing his statement, he gathered his group in a bid to quickly retreat.

However, before they could turn around, they saw that Luo Li had brought Xu Huang and the other two to block their path of retreat, causing a shiver to run down their bodies.

"Captain Lin Zhou, we've just met today, and have yet to have a proper conversation. Why not leave with us first? Look at all the tigers staring covetously at you in the surroundings. If you leave like that, I'm afraid that nothing good will end for you." Walking forward, Mu Chen gave an intimate pat on Lin Zhou's shoulder and spoke out with a gentle smile. Are you joking? We've been painstakingly chasing you guys for an entire day, and have even crossed hands with the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy. How can I let you run away that easily?

Lin Zhou's expression turned stiff as he looked towards Mu Chen, before finally giving a bitter laugh. Previously, he had seen how formidable Mu Chen was. The group from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy possessed strength that was comparable to his group. However, they had ended up in such a miserable state in the end. Therefore, let's not talk about their current state, where their energy consumption was that massive. Even if they were in their best state, they would not dare to take action against Mu Chen.

As he and his four other group members looked at each other, all of them became dejected and crestfallen. They never imagined that they would end up in a tiger's den after escaping from a pack of wolves. What luck they have.

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