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Chapter 461 - Lightning God's Hand


Boundless amounts of fierce Sword Aura perfused across the horizon, transforming into currents flowing through the air. As they flooded out, the longsword in Luo Li's hand slightly vibrated, caused currents of Sword Aura to gush out from the tip of the sword. In the next instant, they howled towards the five figures covered in boundless Spiritual Energy.

Facing against such swift and fierce Sword Aura, the faces of the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy were violently twitching. Not daring to show the slightest bit of neglect, they revolved the Spiritual Energy within their bodies to their maximum degree. Unleashing various powerful Divine Arts, causing rays of light to shoot out, smashing straight-on against the Sword Aura currents.


As the attacks of both parties collided, white light flashed out as the Sword Aura currents sliced through the Spiritual Energy rays in an instant.

The faces of the five-man group from the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy instantly contorted, as clearly, they never expected that their offensive would be that weak and meager in front of the incoming Sword Aura.

This Sword Aura could not be contended head-on.

Displaying their movement techniques, the five people tried to retreat. However, just as they were about to do so, intense fluctuations suddenly radiated behind their backs. Turning around to take a look, ugly expressions appeared on their faces as they saw that the Sword Aura had flooded over from behind them. With a bang, it enveloped over like a storm, completely sweeping them within.

Faced against the incomparably sharp Sword Aura, the Spiritual Energies that surrounded their bodies rapidly collapsed and shattered apart. Other than the Group Captain, the other four members of the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy group were instantly covered in wounds. As blood started flowing out, they appeared to become totally bloodsoaked, while a wave of Sword Aura heavily struck them on their bodies.


Blood spurted out from their mouths as four figures were instantly sent flying miserably away, instantly suffering serious injuries before landing on the ground.

The Sword Aura across the horizon came to a slight stop.

As of now, there was only the Captain of the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy, with his robes torn and tattered, left before Luo Li. At this moment, his face was drained of colour, his eyes overwhelmed with shock as he looked towards the longsword-wielding young girl standing not far away from him, her beautiful face tranquil and devoid of any emotion. Never in his wildest dreams was he able to understand why Luo Li would be that strong, even though both of them were people who had passed their Human Body Disaster.

That's why she dared to deal with their entire group by herself.

At this moment, a smile filled with bitterness hung at the mouth of the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy Group Captain, since they had truly kicked an iron wall this time.

Raising her bright and beautiful eyes, Luo Li gave an indifferent glance at him, before striding forward with her longsword in her hand. Upon spotting this, the Captain of the Great Cauldron Spiritual Academy immediately took a step back, his fighting spirit now completely absent.

Upon seeing this scene, the various groups present within the surroundings of this region all quietly clicked their tongues, with their gazes towards her being filled with shock and astonishment. Being such a beauty, none of them had imagined that she would possess such astonishing strength to match. In her hands, an opponent of the same cultivation level as her was simply unable to offer much of a resistance.

"Why are there so many formidable girls in this Great Spiritual Academy Competition? As of now, the First Place has been taken by that Myriad Phoenix Spiritual Academy's Wen Qingxuan. Now, there's yet another fierce girl appearing…"

"I wonder, exactly who would be more formidable if she was to bump into Wen Qingxuan?"


A few groups exchanged glances as they quietly muttered about.


At this moment, Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang had taken action and obstructed the other three members of the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy group. Although all of them were similarly in the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, Xu Huang and the other two were able to obtain some superiority. Clearly, their foundation was more firm and strong than the trio from the Azure Heavens Spiritual Academy. Xu Huan and the other two weren't just simple students of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. In the past, they were the peak influential figures there, merely that the brilliance caused by Mu Chen's unexpected rise had masked them over. However, there wasn't anyone that wouldn't admit their outstanding talent.

There was always some stifling feelings within their hearts, which grew even thicker, especially after seeing the astonishing power that both Mu Chen and Luo Li possessed. The three of them were Seniors, and yet, they were now being far surpassed by Mu Chen and Luo Li. Despite that, they weren't able to let this stifling feeling out. Therefore, the could only vent it out on the their three opponents. Launching crazy attacks one after another, they suppressed the trio, suffocating them and causing them to only be barely able to resist their assault.

At the other combat zone, Qiu Beihai turned hurriedly around to observe the situation around him, which caused his face to turn completely ashen. Giving a death-stare towards the indifferent-looking Mu Chen before him, he clenched his teeth and said, "Mu Chen, you…"


Not giving him any chance to spout any nonsense, a tremble shook through the Devouring Demonic Dragon Spear in his hands as an astonishing ominous aura erupted from it. In the next instant, a hundred metre-long ray of brilliance erupted from the spear, splitting apart the horizon and shrouding over Qiu Beihai at lightning speed.

Rapidly retreating back, torrential rays of sword light erupted from the scarlet-red sword in Qiu Beihai's hand, blocking him from the spear shadows raining down on him. However, as metallic sounds rang out, he was smashed back dozens of steps in a miserable fashion. In the next instant, feelings of anger, fury and unwillingness gushed out from his eyes. From the beginning till the end of the Spiritual Road, he had been suppressed by Mu Chen. If not for him subordinating himself under Ji Xuan, he might have long been killed by Mu Chen within there.

Subsequently, Mu Chen was expelled from the Spiritual Road due to Ji Xuan's schemes, something that gave great satisfaction to Qiu Beihai. Thinking back about then, he had assumed that the former would no longer be dreadful, even if he was to bump into the former in the future. After all, with him possessing the Baptism from the Spiritual Road, he had exceeded Mu Chen's cultivation by a large margin. Indeed, upon bumping into each other again, the former's cultivation realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase caused him to be wildly happy. His chance had come! As long as he could defeat Mu Chen here, the shadow that had formed within his heart would be banished. Therefore, he definitely wanted to squash Mu Chen beneath his feet!

However… the changes to the current situation had clearly exceeded his expectations.

With his mere cultivation realm being at Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, the combat prowess that Mu Chen possessed had shocked and astonished people. Even under the collaboration and encirclement of two people who passed their Human Body Disaster, he was able to suppress one of them with his terrifying attack and forced Qiu Bei Hai himself into such a miserable position!

How can he be that powerful? Could it be that I, Qiu Beihai, will only become the stepping stone of Mu Chen?

Ruthless intent gushed out from the eyes of Qiu Behai. Staring viciously at Mu Chen, he gave a fierce cry. "Mu Chen! I'll make sure you suffer defeat by my hands today!"

As his cry rang out, blood suddenly surfaced from the finger tips of Qiu Beihai. The blood appeared exceedingly bright and radiant, while a considerably strong bloody smell perfused into the surroundings, which contained powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations.

Chi! Chi!

Qiu Beihai's fingers started do a strange and weird dance, with each finger bringing along a line of bright and radiant blood. These lines of blood rapidly converged together in the space before him, and in the next instant, one could faintly discern them transforming into a bloody shadow sword approximately a foot long. As this sword shadow appeared, a bloodthirsty fluctuation radiated from it, causing it to appear rather strange and weird. 

Mu Chen slightly narrowed his eyes as he took in the scene before him. Nonetheless, he did not take action to prevent this, with a look of indifference continuing to radiate from his eyes, letting Qiu Beihai unleash his most powerful attack. That's because he didn't want to only defeat Qiu Beihai, but to completely crush the latter's self-confidence. He wanted to plant an invincible shadow straight in Qiu Beihai's heart!

Just an ordinary death wouldn't satisfy Mu Chen.


Bloodthirsty fluctuations that blotted the skies erupted from the bloody shadow sword, causing even this stretch of the sky to turn scarlet-red.

"Blood Sea Sword Demonic Art, Blood Demon's Sword!"

Qiu Beihai's complexion grew increasingly pale, yet the ruthless shadow within his eyes grew increasingly heavy. Before him, the blood-like shadow sword expanded to a gigantic size of a hundred metres, with what seemed like blood circulating and flowing on its surface. The bloody smell and bloodthirsty fluctuations radiating off of it caused the faces of everyone present to change countenance. At this instant,forming the hand seal for the Sword Art, Qiu Beihai gave a fierce roar as he poured all of his Spiritual Energy without the slightest restraint into the bloody shadow sword.


Bloodthirsty Sword Aura rushed towards the skies, splitting the clouds tens of thousands of metres in the air.


With a whoosh, the bloody shadow sword rushed up into the skies at an extremely quick speed. One could merely see a blood-red line shoot up into the air, before suddenly rushing down. In an instant, a surge of bloody light swept across the region as a sea of blood that blotted the skies condensed behind the bloody shadow sword, hiding the skies and covering the earth as it shot towards Mu Chen.

Its speed had almost reached unfathomable levels.

As the sea of blood gushed out, there was nothing that could block it.

"Hehe." Locking his ruthless gaze on Mu Chen, chilling laughter suddenly rang out from Qiu Beihai. This attack of his was more that sufficient to cause serious injuries even to experts of Human Body Disaster. He did not believe that Mu Chen could escape from this attack of his!

"Die for me!"

As Qiu Beihai roared, Mu Chen raised his head. Looking towards the surging sea of blood that was rapidly expanding in size within his gaze, he slowly clenched his fists tightly. Four lightning runes started to condense on his chest as black lightning started to crazily arc and dance on his body.


Deep peals of thunder rang out from within his body, before resounding across the region.

Mu Chen slowly extended his right hand, with countless bolts of black lightning seemingly being born and destroyed within his palm, appearing akin to a world of lightning and thunder. At this moment, a jet-black shadow could be faintly discerned as it gradually spread out within his hand, appearing abstruse and mysterious.

Flipping his palm up, he gave a gentle pat towards the incoming bloody shadow sword.

"Lightning God's Hand."

A low voice rang out from Mu Chen's heart, and in the next instant, flashes of lightning and peals of thunder furiously rang out from his black pupils.


Black bolts of lightning shot out furiously from within Mu Chen's body as lightning started to form within the region, unexpectedly forming an incomparably jet-black giant hand approximately a hundred metres large in front of him. Black bolts of lightning crazily danced and arced across the surface of the giant hand, before condensing together, seemingly transforming into ancient runes.

Such wildness caused it to appear just like the hand of the god of lightning.

This Lightning God's Hand was an overbearing ability that could only be displayed when one had cultivated his Lightning God's Physique into a Quadra Rune Lightning Physique, something that Mu Chen was unable to do in the past. However, as of now, he was sufficiently able to do so.


With a pat of his palm, the jet-black Lightning God's Hand brought about peals of thunder as it howled across the horizon. Finally, under the shocked and astonished gazes in the surroundings, it smashed head-on against the blood demon shadow sword! 


An astonishingly loud sound rang out as frightening fluctuations transformed directly into hurricanes, crazily sweeping out across the horizon.

At this moment, Qiu Beihai's pale face completely lost all of its colour.

That's because he had actually seen dense cracks appearing on the surface of the blood-red shadow sword in that terrifying collision… 

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