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Chapter 455 – The Continent of Ruins

The rays of brilliance radiating from the transmission Spiritual Array filled the eyes of Mu Chen and the others, even causing the sensation of dizziness due to the transmission. Nevertheless, it was fortunate that this bout of dizziness didn’t last too long, before they felt the spatial fluctuations around them starting to gradually turn stable, while the dazzling rays of brilliance before them rapidly dissipated away.

The transmission was about to end.

Obviously not newbies without a shred of experience, Mu Chen and the other four instantly revolved their Spiritual Energies to protect their bodies. In this foreign battlefield, they needed to maintain their vigilance. If they were to fail to such an easily covered issue, they would truly lose too much face.

As Mu Chen and the other four got themselves ready, the rays of brilliance before their eyes completely dissipated away. As their vision turned bright once again, a foreign world appeared right before their eyes.

Before them was a world that filled their eyes, with vast lands stretching endlessly across the horizon. Nevertheless, the world was covered in unfathomably deep chasms. These chasms didn’t appear to be formed by nature, but by some kind of frightening war, which had smashed the world up like that.

This entire world had turned into a scene of desolation, with the air giving off a scent of the ancient antiquity, making everything clearly appear old and ancient.

This is the Continent of Ruins? It is also the battlefield of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament!

Mu Chen swept his gaze far and wide, before quickly retracting back. At this moment, they seemed to have appeared on the top of a giant cliff tens of thousands of metres high. This giant cliff appeared like a large mountain. Furthermore, they weren’t the only ones on top of it…

As Mu Chen and the other four swept their gazes out, they noticed pillars of light continuously descending from the skies onto the giant cliff. As the pillars of light dissipated, group after group appeared in the air. In the short span of time that didn’t exceed a few minutes, the entire giant cliff was unexpectedly filled with hundreds of groups.

Without prior consultation, the members of each group that instantly appeared leaned closer to one another, before casting vigilant and guarded gazes as they sized up their surroundings, while vast and boundless Spiritual Energies rose around their bodies. Spiritual Weapons brimming with Spiritual Energies even appeared in the hands of some people as they started to protect their groups.

Although there was not a single trace of indication where a group would appear, there were already close to a thousand people on this giant cliff, yet no clamoring sounds could clearly be heard ringing out. Instead, a strange silence was present as gazes swept by each other, all of them brimming with caution, as well as hostility.

“Looks like Shen Cangsheng’s group has split up with us.” Moving close to Mu Chen, Luo Li spoke in a soft voice, since she did not notice the figures of Shen Cangsheng and the other four in their vicinity.

Mu Chen gently nodded his head in reply. With a clench of his hand, the Academy Plaque sparkling with gem-like rays of brilliance appeared within. At this moment, a number “10” had surfaced on it. This should be the basic points that they get for this Great Spiritual Academy Tournament.

“When every group enters the battlefield, they will get 10 points,” said Mu Chen as he sent a smile towards Luo Li and the other three.

“What should we do now?” asked Xu Huang as he looked towards Mu Chen, as the latter was now the Captain. Clearly, they should listen to the command and decision of their Captain.

“Do we need to leave this place? With so many groups converged here, I’m afraid that it’ll not remain peaceful,” asked Zhao Qingshan in a low voice. He could faintly discern the gradually rising tension in the atmosphere on this giant cliff. Quite a few people were shooting hostile gazes as they continued to size up other people. In here, other than the groups of their own Spiritual Academy, every other group out there was their enemy. That’s because only by obtaining the points from their enemies would they be able to distinguish themselves from everyone here.

Mu Chen surveyed his surroundings. He could also see the greed rising within the eyes of some of the groups. In the next moment, with a faint smile, he said, “No need to get impatient. In such a place, the big fish will eat the small fish, while the small fish will eat the dirt. This is how the rules are. If you want to increase your points, you can only snatch it from other groups, and we’re not exempted from that. As for here, it’s quite a good place to start.”

“You plan to take action?!” exclaimed Mu Fengyang in astonishment. Clearly, he didn’t expect for Mu Chen to take action so quickly.

“We’re the only group here from the five Great Academies,” said Luo Li in a soft voice. As her limpid, beautiful eyes swept across the groups present here, she said, “There are a number of groups that come from some large Spiritual Academies, with those groups possessing quite good strength. As for the others, they’re insufficient to warrant any concern. Nevertheless, we have to be careful on the off-chance that some other groups might secretly collaborate to deal with us.”

“According to a usual situation, our chances of victory are extremely high.”

Mu Chen smiled, nodding his head in agreement. Looking at the tense atmosphere present, he could see some of the more stronger groups already unable to control their impatience. Their greedy gazes had already started to deviate towards those weaker groups. Clearly, the taut atmosphere here was quickly about to shatter apart, and when that happens…

The cruel and vicious massacres of the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament will be completely on its way.

Mu Chen took in a deep breath of air, seemingly being able to smell the scent of blood that was perfused into the air. At this moment, a cold and fierce glint had started to gradually awaken in those black pupils of his. The originally handsome face of the youth had an additional shade of asterism. Compared to his gentle nature in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, the current him had clearly turned somewhat different from the him of then.

Beside him, Xu Huang and the other two could also sense this faint change in Mu Chen, causing a faint shock to shake their hearts.

Looking at Mu Chen’s face with her beautiful eyes, Luo Li gave a smile. At this moment, the current Mu Chen gave her extremely familiar feelings, since the latter always had such an appearance while in the Spiritual Road, being as cold and sharp as a knife’s edge. It was merely him being in the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy which had suppressed this incisive edge of Mu Chen. However, at this very instant, the youth which had caused the Bloody Calamity in the Spiritual Road and started to completely release the things that he had suppressed…

“What are you all doing?!”

Just as Mu Chen and the other four were coldly observing the gradual transformation of the surrounding atmosphere, all of a sudden, a furious roar rang out not too far away from them.

Every single gaze instantly turned around towards its source, only to see a group having faces of shock and anger as they looked towards a group that had surrounded them. Sneers were present on the faces of the latter five, their eyes filled with greed as they stared at the former five. Clearly this group had already started to take action.

“Hehe. What’s the matter? Hand over your Academy Plaque obediently, alright? It can only be your unlucky day to meet us, the “Barbarian Spiritual Academy.” At the front of the group, a youth gave his reply with a sneer as boundless Spiritual Energy radiated from him. Unexpectedly, his strength was in the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase.

“In your dreams!” Ashen expressions appeared on the faces of the group surrounded by the “Barbarian Spiritual Academy” as they fiercely shouted back in reply.


With a sneer, the group from the Barbarian Spiritual Academy didn’t continue spouting any useless words. Looking at the group before them, whose Captain hadn’t even reached the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, they were simply a free gift of points. Letting them go would truly be something that the heavens wouldn’t tolerate.


Boundless Spiritual Energies erupted out as the group from the Barbarian Spiritual Academy rushed forward. Ferocious attacks gushed out like a flood, drowning the unlucky group within their onslaught.

As Spiritual Energies erupted out, tremors shook the hearts of all the groups present on the giant cliff. In the next instant, the greed within their eyes gushed out, before the taut atmosphere was seemingly shattered apart as hundreds of Spiritual Energies furiously erupted out, churning and surging as they rushed towards the heavens, making an absolute mess in the skies.

Bang! Bang!

Chaotic battles erupted all around, as groups rushed forward like ferocious tigers. Not rushing against those seemingly thorny groups, they chose to head towards those Spiritual Academy groups that were somewhat easy to deal with, without any prior consideration.

Compared to the rest of the groups, Mu Chen and the other four stood by the sidelines, his gaze appearing indifferent as he looked towards the chaotic battlefield before him. Faint flashes of light sparkled in his eyes as he slowly swept his gaze out like a hunter. However, despite doing so, he did not choose to take action and join in the shocking snatching of points that was ongoing now.

“We’re not going to take action?”

“Snatching will waste too much time,” replied Mu Chen with a faint smile. “Wait a bit more. The cleansing hasn’t ended yet.”

“Oh?” The eyes of Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang narrowed, before they smacked their lips in excitement, turning their gazes without prior agreement towards those groups that were mowing down others with irresistible force in this region. With regards to the rest, these groups appeared rather tyrannical, with the Spiritual Energy fluctuations coming off some of the group Captains to be even being stronger than others.

Nevertheless, Xu Huang and the other two weren’t afraid of them. In their group, Luo Li had already passed her Human Body Disaster, with Mu Chen being even more terrifying. Although his cultivation was at the realm of Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase, which was the same as them, the combat prowess and capabilities he possessed would cause even experts who had passed their Human Body Disaster to pale in front of him.

Mu Chen maintained a calm and tranquil expression as his group didn’t move a single inch. This was clearly in extreme disharmony with the exceedingly chaotic fights happening all around. Perhaps, due to the other groups being able to sense how thorny his group was, there was unexpectedly no groups that casted their greedy gazes towards Mu Chen’s group.

Naturally, Mu Chen knew that this was just temporary. When this first wave of cleansing has ended, even if no one took action against them, he would take action against others. In the Great Spiritual Academy Tournament, other than the group from his academy, everyone else was an enemy.

As the combat zone rapidly shrunk, group after group was badly beaten and bruised before being tossed out, half of the points on their Academy Plaques being violently snatched away by the victors. Everyone that was tossed out appeared exceedingly miserable, their faces appearing ashen as they looked with incomparable rage and fury towards those powerful groups that were tyrannically rushing around.

“The strongest six groups should come from large Spiritual Academies, with two of them actually coming from the same academy. They’ve been collaborated with each other to deal with the other groups. Of these six groups, their Captains possess strength greater than Heavenly Completion Stage Late Phase. However, they have yet to pass their Human Body Disasters. There’s a possibility that they have attempted to do so, but had failed in the end.”

Luo Li’s beautiful eyes were similiarly cast towards the exceedingly chaotic combat zone before her. Among the groups present there, there were six groups that appeared the most dazzling of them all. They should be considered as the strongest groups there, with quite a few groups suffering defeat in their hands, the points being violently snatched away. Within these six groups, the two groups coming from the same academy were the strongest amongst them, even causing extreme dread in the other four groups towards them.

Xu Huang, Zhao Qingshan and Mu Fengyang cast their excited gazes towards Mu Chen as they rubbed their hands together.

“Since they’re the strongest, we’ll go find them first. Since the small fishes have eaten, it’s time for us to eat them!”

Giving a lazy stretch, Mu Chen took a slow step out. As he did so, cautious and vigilant gazes immediately shot over from within the exceedingly chaotic combat zone.

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